Is Legit? Make $200 Or Leave Empty Handed?

Hello there, and welcome to the Review!

Have you come across the opportunity?

Are you curious if you can actually get paid $200 instantly to your PayPal account?

If you’re reading this review, I’m sure you want to know if is legit? Or a big waste of time.

In my opinion, from the looks of it’s a complete waste of time waster. It reminds me of sites like Clout PayKashTreePaid 4 Clout, CashOG, Clout Bucks, Easy Cash Jobs, and the list could go on.

Recently, as I was writing a review over PayPal Money Adder, I came across this opportunity.

So, today, I will reveal the truth about

Name: MoneyFree


Price: Free

Owners: Maybe a hacker (who knows)

Best For: No One

Summary: is a scam that claims you get paid $200 instantly to your PayPal account.

Is Recommended? No, it’s a scam.

What Is

The question here should really be what is not.

It’s not a legit way to make money online.

According to them, it is…

…they claim they’re not like any other program, because, you don’t even have to set up an account.

No username or password is required for this program!

As a result, many people will try this out.

I know what you think this is your lucky day!

But it’s not! isn’t as simple as they claim to be.

What Is

How Does Work?

Again, this system will not work.

As you can see in the image below, is leading people to believe that they are making an insane amount of money with this simple link sharing method.

Fake Payouts This Will Not Work

So, they advise you to share your referral link, which is provided right on their website.

I wouldn’t advise you to share this link anywhere.

They claim you can share this link on Facebook, Twitter, or Google plus.

Here’s What Happens When You Share Referral Link?

Firstly, when I tried sharing the link on Facebook, I get a message that looks like the one below. Facebook Message Blocked

Therefore, Facebook has blocked the link because its users have reported this link as being suspicious. So, you can’t even share the link on Facebook.

Secondly, I attempt to share the link on Twitter and noticed that Twitter hasn’t blocked the connection.

So, instead of sharing the link on Twitter I decided to look up, and it was no surprise that this program is being shared every day in someone’s tweet.

The more interesting part is that many of the people who are sharing the link, have a sickening message to go along with their tweet. Is A Scam

So, not only do we have a scam on our hands, we also have a perverted thinker.

Lastly, sharing the link on Google plus is not even possible for the consumer.

Google Plus, does not exist any longer.

So, I’m not sure why they would even add this option to the offer.

Is Legit?

Although, this site is ranking on page one of the Google search engine.

I have to say that this site is not legit.

By the way, it baffles me, that Google will allow a site like this to rank so high within the search engine when Google’s mission is to make sure that all users have the best experience ever.

I’m not sure how a scam website such as would be useful for anyone.

How Can You Cashout on

Simple answer here!

You can’t.

As a consequence, there’s no reason even to ask when will you get paid because you won’t.

It’s all lies.

So, since you can’t cash out or receive your money, there should be no further reason not to believe that this isn’t a scam.

Want To Build A Website? Scam Truth Revealed

Now that you know a little bit about, here’s how you can further determine that this opportunity isn’t legit.

Get Paid But No Registration Required

Okay, so after being online for a little over a year.

I have never come across an opportunity where you can earn money without having to register an account.

Typically, with sites that intend to pay you. It’s a requirement to at least enter an username, email address, and password.

I mean, how else will they know who to pay?

Without having a registered account, has no way to track who to pay, and you have no way to track how much you’ve earned.

Either way, claims to have honored your request because they know most people don’t like to register for accounts.

Instead, they would rather just jump on the next thing smoking and make some money.

So, instead of harassing people for account information, will only request your PayPal email address when it comes time to make a payment to you.

Regardless, of what they want you to believe I wouldn’t give out your PayPal email address, this could be an attempt to hack your account.

Sharing Your Referral Link Is Useless

Then you’re probably thinking well, once you share the referral link, it would track everything.

Well, not really!

I shared the link, and it didn’t track every referral. My balance only increased once.

I also pasted the referral link back into Google’s browser, and I get a message that says “Ooops Sorry! You already used this referral link. Limit Once Per Person!!!”

After attempting to revisit the site, I get a prompt for me to download a FREE DocToPDF File Converter.

Do Not Download The Free DocToPDF File Converter It May Not Be Safe

By the way, I wouldn’t download anything from this site. It could be a way to start tracking your computer.

Why Would Anyone Give Out Free Money?

Simple answer here!

They aren’t giving out free money.

Indeed, some sites allow you to earn free money. Such as Swagbucks, but even then you’ll need to register an account and complete tasks. Despite, Swagbucks allowing you to make money, you still wouldn’t earn $10 for every 100 visits.

Furthermore, even admits that they aren’t giving out free money.

What they say is, they’ll pay you half the income that they receive from advertisements.

Meaning, the more traffic the site receives, the more money that they will make. Not you, but for them.

They Won’t Respond To Their Users

According to the FAQ’s page, they claim to always respond to their users within 24 hours.

Well, that is a lie!

They can’t respond to you because they don’t even have a legit contact us page.

Their contact us page goes to a suspicious site. I’ve tried to contact them three times, and each time, I was redirected to different locations. Reviews & Complaints

Luckily for you, I did find real users other than myself, who have come forth, and admitted that they’ve either wasted their time or felt scammed.

So, let’s take a look at a few.

This person said that they weren’t even able to cash out after they have reached the $25.00. In fact, has also blocked their account. Reviews And Complaints

Source: TrustPolit

Another person said that she felt like she has done dirty work, twice and got nothing in return. You can read her full complaint here.


  • Nothing it’s a scam


  • It’s a scam
  • It won’t pay you.
  • It could be more riskier than you think

Learn How To Not Get 200 Free PayPal Money Instantly

My Final Opinion Of

After all, I’m sure you can understand by now why I think is a scam. There is evidence that you won’t get paid and it’s a complete waste of time. Besides, it’s a ridiculous claim, to earn $200 for doing absolutely nothing. Who does that?

Either way, if you’re looking for a legit way to make money online, I would suggest that you read my review about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a community that teaches a complete beginner on how to start making money online.

If you want to express your experience with please do so in the comment area below.

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