Paid 4 Clout Review {Legit Or Another Scam?}

Name: Paid 4 Clout

Price: Free

Owners: It’s believed to be the same owners of Clout and

Best For: No One

SUMMARY: ​Paid 4 Clout is a company that claims to pay you $10 to $15 for every friend you refer. Furthermore, just for signing up they claim to give you a $25.00 bonus.

Welcome to the Paid 4 Clout Review!

Are you wondering if Paid 4 Clout is legit or a scam?

If so, I applaud you for researching this company before taking the big leap.

In this review, I’ll give you all the details that you need to know about this money-making opportunity. Stay tuned!

Paid 4 Clout Logo

What Is Paid 4 Clout?

Paid 4 Clout is a GPT site that claims to pay you for completing effortless tasks.

Therefore, they claim to have existed in the internet marketing industry for a while, which I find strange because the site is only two days old.

Anyhow, if they claim to be the #1 influencer network, then so be it.

Fun facts to know they boast about having earned over 44 million dollars with a staggering 300,000 million members, for a site to be two days old, these are amazing stats.

Plus, their even more proud to have been seen in Forbes and on Fox news. I couldn’t find the proof to back this statement up. Anyhow, this is how to get featured on Forbes.

Either way, the minimum age to join this platform is 13.

How Does It Work?

I know that making $500.00 per day sounds like a dream, but it’s simply not true.

Anyhow, I found a YouTuber that seems to be truthful about her Paid 4 Clout journey. So follow her, she is updating her experience as a member.

I’ll be straightforward with you. Paid 4 Clout isn’t going to work.

However, for those of you who don’t believe that this site doesn’t work, let me go into further details for you.

Anyhow, Paid 4 Clout works just like Clout Pay, Kids Earn Cash, Cashooga, and Clout Bucks. They are all the same company and probably owned and operated by the same owner, which is a shame. 

Paid 4 Clout Dasboard All The Same

Is Paid 4 Clout A Scam?

In short, this is not a legit site, and yes, in my opinion, it’s a scam.

Therefore, it will appear as your revenue is increasing. Plus, Paid 4 Clout will allow you to think that you’re going to get paid, but you won’t.

The minute you ask for a cash-out, it’ll give you a message saying your payment is on its way. It’ll even provide you with a date. Once that payment date passes, then you’ll suddenly realize you just got scammed.

Don’t feel bad though; it happens I’ve even fallen for scams before. By the way, you’re better off trying out Swagbucks. They pay you to complete the task as well.

8 Red Flags That You Need To Know

1. Rehashed Program

By now you should understand that this is a repeated program of Clout Pay, and if you were a member of Clout Pay, you should know that this program has the same rules, same dashboard, and the same task methods. All they did was change the website name.

2. ​Trouble Receiving ​Money

If you haven’t reached the stage of cashing out your money for Clout Pay, then this may come as a surprise. The reason why you’re having problems cashing out your money is that Clout Pay is a scam, and so is this program.

Therefore, the account will indeed let you submit the cash-out option. However, the money will never arrive in your bank account.

500 Per Day dream With Paid 4 Clout Is Is Legit Or A Scam

3. Testimonies Are The Same

The statements on Clout Pay are also the same people on Paid 4 Clout. These people have also earned the same amount of money on both platforms. Go figure!

4. Contact Address Doesn’t Exist

On the Paid 4 Clout website they claim if you have any questions you can click the “Paid 4 Clout Contact Us” page to get in touch with them. Or you can send them mail to an address that doesn’t exist.

By the way, the contact address is Attention: Customer Service, Paid 4 Clout, PTY, Melbourne, Australia. I’m not sure how you would send them mail, without a zip code. Either way, this is not legit.

I also discovered another address, which is 197 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000, Australia, this is a legit address. It just may not be the correct address for Paid 4 Clout.

5. Post A YouTube Video

Okay, honestly, it’s sad when I see people fall for this part.

Paid 4 Clout wants you to upload a video telling the world how great they are, and truthfully, I’ll admit they are smart because, when I go to YouTube I see so many people already planning out what they are going to do with their money.

It’s funny but sad at the same time. I don’t get it, why chase these scams. They’re nothing but fast money dreams.

I’m not positive how much clearer I can be with you, this is a scam.

So, save yourself from the embarrassment don’t upload a YouTube video, please.

Does it make you curious why Paid 4 Clout channel subscribers are up to 81,140 people when they have no videos uploaded?

Oh, I take that back, they do have two videos uploaded, and one of them leads you to See, there is a connection.

Anyhow, I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner of the YouTube channel deletes the video. When these sites start getting scam heat, they tend to disappear.

For your convenience, I’ve attached the YouTube video to my blog, let’s see how long this will last.

6. Site Is 2 Days Old

If you go to a website called, you will find that the Paid 4 Clout website is only two days old. I thought they have been in this industry for quite some time, which there is truth to this, they have. The difference is, the name of the website changes, and people keep falling for the same scam.

7. Reset Password Isn’t Working Properly

I signed up to this program to investigate. Suddenly, I was locked out of the account. I took Paid 4 Clout’s advice and simply hit the “Forgot Password.” option. I received a link to reset my password, however, it doesn’t reset anything. So, with that said, I had to start an entirely new account.

8. Their Company Logo Is Downloadable

When I received an email from Paid 4 Clout. Their logo was downloadable. No legit, company is going to give you access to these things. 


  • ​Nothing


  • ​Everything

Already Joined Paid 4 Clout?

If you have already joined this program or any other scam, related to this website, there isn’t much you can do.

However, I to be on the safe side, I would suggest that you change your password to the email address that you used to sign up with especially if you use those same login credentials anywhere else. Who knows what else Paid 4 Clout can do with your information.

​Making $500 a day online is possible. However, you will never be able to do it with free methods such as Paid 4 Clout. The system isn’t built to work that way.

Anyhow, I would suggest that you start a blog, with a blog you can create multiple streams of income. Of course, you can do as you please but, if you want to truly change your financial situation, I recommend you check out a community this affiliate marketing training community, it’s place that will teach you how to build any business online. 

So, if you like to complete similar tasks and get paid for it, thankfully, there are legit ways to do this, but I must admit you won’t get paid a lot for completing these types of task.

They aren’t meant to make you a lot. If they were everybody would have quit their jobs.

Either way, here is what you can do:

Make Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate

My Final Opinion Of Paid 4 Clout

By now you’ve probably already guessed it. I don’t recommend this site. It’s not legit.

Of course, you’ll have people claiming that they have cashed out but, what they don’t tell you is that they are still waiting on their money. The money hasn’t hit their bank account yet.

When someone gets paid from Paid 4 Clout or even Clout Pay, then maybe I will change my view of the company. Until then, they are playing with people’s feelings and recruiting the masses because the truth is most people chase fast money. It’s a known fact.

Either way, if you’re tired of chasing shiny objects and want to make a legitimate income, in a legit way. I would suggest that you start a blog. A blog will allow you to earn residual long term income.

It takes work and a lot of learning. The best part is you will never have to chase these types of programs again. By the way, I fell for many of these scams before, and that is why I started this website. They don’t work, and they’re a waste of time.

Thankfully, I did come across a community that taught me how to make money online with affiliate marketing, and I’m sure you can do the same. All it takes is some drive and believing in yourself.

The bottom line is, I recommend this affiliate marketing training over any other program. The best part is, no credit card is needed, and you’ll get your first ten lessons for free.

Any questions or comments about Paid 4 Clout, please leave them below.

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    • Everyone has a different outlook on what success means to them. Some see success when they take action, while others don’t believe they hit success until they make tons of money. Either way, I agree with you. However, since you are commenting on Paid 4 Clout, I do want to make it clear that with this program there will never be success, even if you were to take action and get started. I’ve tested the program out and it does not send payment as promise. Thank you for you for commenting and have a great day ahead!


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