KashTree Review – A Scam Or A Legit Way To Earn $500?

Name: KashTree


Price: Free to join

Owners: Unknown

Best For: No One

SUMMARY: ​KashTree is a get paid to site that claims that you can make $500.00 today by leveraging your social media accounts.

Welcome to the KashTree Review!

Are you excited about the KashTree opportunity?

I know making $500.00 per day is exciting and all, but is this program being honest or are they outright scamming people?

If you arrived at this post because you want to know if KashTree is legit or not, then you have come to the right place.

Today, I have decided to review the KashTree make money online opportunity to help you make a more informed decision.

What Is KashTree?

As mentioned earlier, KashTree is a get paid to site, which means you are paid to complete a small task without putting in much efforts.

First off, I should forewarn you that KashTree is a scam, and you should also understand that making money online doesn’t work this way.

Get paid to sites like Swagbucks is indeed legit, and yes you can make money with them but, unfortunately, KashTree is doing nothing but playing with people’s emotions.

I honestly think they get a kick out of scamming people because, truth is I have written many reviews similar to this program, and they all turned out to be a big disappointment to many people.

Anyhow, the programs that are usually advertised as get-rich-quick schemes are the same programs that drive a lot of attention. Why?

Because people are looking for fast and easy money; plain and simple.

Have you ever heard the saying, if it’s too good to be true, then most likely it’s not true? Well, in the case of KashTree, it’s no different.

Either way, at first sight, I can see why you would believe that the site is legit. The website itself doesn’t look half bad, and it does have a decent amount of information on it. With that said, let’s find out how this program truly works.

KashTree Is It Legit Or A Scam

How Does KashTree Work?

This opportunity works just like Clout Pay or Paid 4 Clout.

Have you joined those programs?

If so, you’ll understand that this won’t work at all.

Anyhow, KashTree claims all you have to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1: Join KashTree

Although KashTree is free, I wouldn’t recommend joining this site.

Whoever owns this program, reproduces these sites like crazy. All they do is change the domain name and now and then they will add a few extra features that the last scam didn’t have.

Step 2: Share And Earn

When you share your referral link, and someone clicks on the link, you’re supposed to earn money.

However, with KashTree, you do not want to share your link with anyone. All this will do is hurt your reputation.

Step 3: Get Paid

KashTree claims that once you have shared your link, completed your task wall activities, or submitted a YouTube video, then you can earn money. The problem is it won’t work out as they promise, and I’ll explain that shortly.

By the way, I don’t suggest that you upload a video of yourself.

Can You Make Money With KashTree?

No, no, and no! I know someone will ask how to cash out on KashTree? Just let them know you can’t.

I’m sorry I have to deliver the news to you like this, but you can not make money with KashTree, and if you could, you certainly wouldn’t make the amount that they are claiming.

Here is what will happen.

After you have spent all of your efforts inviting many people to the program, you’ll see your earnings increase on your KashTree dashboard.

However, when it comes time to cash out, the people who created this site usually has several tactics that they use, and unfortunately, you won’t get paid.

Tactic #1. KashTree Login Won’t Work

They either lock your account out completely. Just as they have done with Clout Pay members.

Therefore, when your account is locked, you may find that you’re not able to reset your password. So, since you’re not going to be able to log back into your account, you also will not have access to your payout.

Tactic #2. Fraudulent

Another tactic that they use is, they’ll tell you that they found fraudulent activities performed on your account. Therefore, they are not able to pay you. It’s an excuse because they didn’t plan on paying you in the first place.

Is KashTree A Scam?

​Yes, plain and simple, this program is a scam.

By the way, people who have recently signed up to the program will tell you that they have gotten paid or are getting paid soon, but the truth is they have not and will not get paid.

Besides, KashTree is a very clever scam.

No one has ever gotten paid from this site, nor have they ever been paid from the previous scams that they have floating on the internet.

So, is KashTree legit?

5 Red Flags For The KashTree Scam

#1. It’s Mathematically Incorrect

On the home page, it makes you believe that you can make $500.00 today.

Then on the About page, it states that they have 300k members, and those members have been paid $44million.

Let’s do the math ===> 44,000,000/300,000 = 146.666666

With that said, it appears that if each of those 300k members was ever paid anything they all only earned $146.66 each.

Therefore, that is a red flag. The payout doesn’t even match what they claim they’ll pay you today.

#2. Referral Payout Discrepancy

There is a referral payout discrepancy.

One portion of the homepage states that you will earn $15.00 for every friend you invite.

While if you scroll down on that same page to the getting started section, it states that they will pay you $10.00 for every friend you invite.

Okay, so which one is it, $15.00 or $10.00?

Red flag …all affiliate programs or networks always know what they will pay you before you even join.

KashTree Referral Amount Is Questionable

#3. Testimonials From Happy Members

The happy members on KashTree are the same happy members you’ll find on Cashog and Cashooga

Not only are they the same members but, for all the sites that the happy members are featured on, they have earned the same amount on each platform, which is odd. They should be rich by now.

#4. Business Existence Is Wrong

According to the KashTree website, they have been in business since 2015, which is concerning because, according to whois this site has only been active since Aug 11, 2019, which at the time of this review would only be 9 days old.

Therefore, the site is new.

Also on their terms and condition page, it was last updated on Apr 4, 2019. If you ever run a blog, you would understand how this works. Those dates can be manually entered and changed whenever the blog owner pleases.

Either way, it’s a red flag that you should be aware of.

KashTree Has Been Activate For 9 Days

​Resource: WhoIs

#5. Generous Payouts

To complete the KashTree wall tasks, you led to believe that you can make $30.00 per tasks.

I’m not sure how they can pay its members this much money because there are legit and very popular get paid to sites such as Swagbucks or MyPoints that don’t even come close to paying you this amount, but they do pay real money, and they’ve been around since 2008.

Either way, KashTree is certainly dishonest, and it’s a red flag.


  • ​Nothing is right about this site


  • ​Everything is terrible because it is a scam

​Are There Ways To Make $500.00 Per day?

Yes making $500.00 per day is legit, and for this to happen, you’ll want to become familiar with CPA marketing or Affiliate marketing.

Both are lucrative, and it’s undoubtedly possible of earning this amount of money with hard work, lots of learning, time, and patience.

With that said, there is no other way to make this amount of money unless you get a well-paying job or learn how making money online really works.

Even if you were to get approved for one of the highest paying survey sites such as One Opinion​, you certainly ​will not make $500 per day by completing surveys or small tasks.

Earn $500 Today KashTree

​My Final Opinion Of KashTree

I don’t recommend you sign up to KashTree. It is a scam.

Here is what could happen if you ignore all the red flags.

These sites are made to collect everyone’s data.

Once they have collected your name and email address or whatever other information they request. The site owner can then go and sell your information to third parties, and make millions.

The only people that will make money from KashTree are the owners.

Either way, I suggest you not to join this site. If you want to make a part or full-time income online, I recommend you checking out my #1 program that will help you do that. It’s legit and has been around for well over 14 years.

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