Easy Cash Job Review Best – Work From Home Opp Or Not?

Name: Easy Cash Job

Website: www.easycashjob.com

Price: Free

Owners: The creator is not known

Best For: No one

SUMMARY: Easy Cash Job is a company that claims they offer the public the best way to work from home during your free time.

Is Easy Cash Job Recommended? No​! However, I do recommend you share this post. So, that everyone is aware this is a scam.

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Welcome to the Easy Cash Job Review!

In this review, we will discover what Easy Cash Job has to offer as a work from home opportunity. From the looks it, it appears to be a complete waste of time. Maybe even a scam.

Anyhow, let’s dive in and see if it’s the best and easiest company to work for from home or is it a complete scam?

​What Is Easy Cash Job?

According to Easy Cash Job, it’s one of the best companies that you can join to get an easy work from home job while earning money during your free time.

The site itself doesn’t appear to be as legitimate as Swagbucks.

You’ll automatically assume that the website is a site that hosts a list of work from home job opportunities.

They do claim to work with some of the highest valued advertising companies.

I can only assume they are referring to advertising companies such as Google Adsense, or Mediavine. My immediate concern is that Easy Cash Job doesn’t go into details on what companies they work with.

At any rate, the site looks suspicious, and I’ll go over my findings here shortly.

Easy Cash Job Review

How Does Easy Cash Job Work?

According to their homepage, you’ll join the company for free.

I joined the company, and I wasn’t surprised to discover that this site is nothing but a scam but, for the sake of this review, I’ll go into further details on how and why this site won’t work.

Step 1: Join for free

I wouldn’t enter any of your information on this site but, if you were to join the company, it appears that you’ll automatically earn $5.00 just by simply signing up.

Step 2: Do some work

Since the site is named Easy Cash Job, one may automatically assume that work from home job is available so that you can earn money.

However, it works a bit different.

Rather than earning money for a job, you’ll make money in two different ways.

The first way is by clicking ads. The ads payout at a high cost per click, which is almost unheard-of, especially with a site that isn’t reputable.

Here is what you will earn for each click. View the image below to discover the earning potential.

Click Ads And Earn With Easy Cash Job

The second way to earn money I’ll explain in the next step.be

Step 3: Refer your friends

You’ll get access to a referral link.

Therefore, they claim you can share your referral link and get paid cash.

Okay! So, that sounds simple enough. However, will it work?

The short answer is no! No, it won’t work at all.

Either way, if you were to copy, paste, and share your referral link on social media or by email.

You’re supposed to earn $1.00 for each unique visitor that registers an account.

Then the cycle repeats.

Therefore your referrals will repeat the same steps that you just took.

Easy money indeed, but I can confidently say this is a scam. It almost reminds me of the same scam sites called thejobpaid.comKashtree, and thejobpayment.com.

They keep changing the domain name. One week it’ll be called Clout Pay, the next week, they will call the same scam Paid 4 Clout.

So, How Do We Know Easy Cash Job Is A Scam?

Now you may be curious about how we know that Easy Cash Job is a scam.

Look I was scammed in the past, joined many programs, and tried many of these fast and easy ways to make money online. I got tired of trying out programs that didn’t work and finally joined a community called Wealthy Affiliate.

Ever since then, I’ve learned how to review companies, by doing in-depth research just like your doing now, which by the way if you were to continue to research before joining any program.

It can help you avoid many scams online.

However, hopefully, you don’t have to keep researching ways to make money online because I hope that you’ll find a legitimate opportunity that will help you earn a full-time income online.

At any rate, the reason I am so confident that Easy Cash Job is a scam is that Easy Cash Job site doesn’t have enough information regarding the opportunity.

It also doesn’t have many details about the company itself. Sure, they could be a private employer or a way to earn extra cash, but, the odds are against them.

If you were to read the “about section,” you’ll notice that there are only 61 words.

An actual employer would have a more detailed About section. Also, on the Easy Cash Job “about section” there are words that should be capitalized but aren’t.

Again, a legitimate employer would avoid minor mistakes like this.

Even if the site where a legitimate earn extra cash site, there would be more details.

So, is Easy Cash Job a scam? There is no doubt about it. Easy Cash Job is definitely a scam. If you need further convincing, let’s dive deeper.

Easy Cash Job Here’s The Truth

#1. No Work From Home Job Available

It’s no surprise that after I joined the program, there were no job openings available within this website.

The only option available was to click on 4 ad options, where Easy Cash Job claims to ad new ads every day.

Anyhow, according to Easy Cash Job, your responsibilities would be to click on the advertisements and refer other people so that you can earn money.

I must admit that the ads did have high paid per click earnings but, as I clicked each option, I never accumulated any profits at all.

Instead, I was redirected and instructed to install a site called “Vudu Search.”

Vudu Search is a malicious extension from Google Chrome. I wouldn’t download this extension, because it has been reported that people have had problems uninstalling it.

If you’ve encountered this pesty extension, and have previously downloaded it. You may be able to uninstall the program by following the instructions in the article that’s provided.

#2. Ways To Earn Makes No Sense

We’ve already discussed what your job responsibilities are if you wanted to earn any possible money with this site. With having said that, it makes no sense.

My thoughts are why someone would pay people to continuously click on ads and refer members to their site? What is the whole point?

Furthermore, what benefits are you going to get out of this?

If it were as easy as clicking ads and referring members to earn a paycheck, then I would assume many people would be doing this income model. Do you agree? I know I would.

Therefore, the reasoning I can come up with is that this site has no plans on paying anyone.

Instead, I believe they plan to increase their income by collecting other people’s information and selling it to third party companies, or they could be merely planning to hack your accounts.

If they were using third-party companies, they could sell your information to list brokers. After the third parties get their hands on the list that was built up by collection email address, names, and so on; they will then promote many other products to you.

In this case, most programs would be scammy and not worth your time. Some may even cause you to lose money. 

On the other hand, since Easy Cash Job asks for your birthday, there could be a more significant risk. By entering your name, email address, birth date, and choosing an username and password.

Easy Cash Job could take all of that information and use it for hacking purposes. Stay clear this is indeed a scam.

#3. The Payout Options Are Suspicious

I’ve also noticed that the payout options look suspicious.

Therefore, after referring other people and clicking on random ads. You may end up with an accumulated account balance, which I’m sure you’ll want to be paid for all of your efforts.

However, it’s highly unlikely that you will receive any payment from this website because, again, it’s a site with wicked plans.

Easy Cash Job Will Not Pay You

​It’s 2019 Build A Website

​​It’s An Assets That You Should Own​


  • ​There isn’t anything great about the site, besides it being free.


  • ​You won’t get paid.
  • ​The site redirects to a malicious Google Chrome extension.
  • ​It is a scam.

 Best Work From Opp Or Not Easy Cash Job Review

​My ​Conclusion Of Easy Cash Job

If you’re reading this review, I can only assume you’re in the process of looking for legitimate ways to earn money online.

Although Easy Cash Job, claims to be the best way to make money online. I can confidently say, they are far from it, and as you read the review, I’ve explained some great reasons why you should avoid this site at all cost.

With having said that, the best way to earn money online is by starting a website of your own, and for that, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. They are beginner-friendly, and their focus is on helping people create sustainable and long term incomes.

Either way, by joining them it would allow you to make money in many ways. Plus, your income would be more stable, and you could undoubtedly avoid scams like Easy Cash Job.

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    • Hi Liam,

      Reading reviews is the best thing to do before joining any program. There are a lot of scams online. Some will appear legit, while others won’t. So, the safest thing you can do to protect yourself, and data is to research.

      I had to learn the hard way myself. Anyhow, I’m just glad that you were able to come across this review.

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