“Clout Bucks Review” {$25.00 Sign Up Bonus Or Scam?}

Name: Clout Bucks

Website: www.cloutbucks.com or www.cloutbucks.net

Price: Free

Owners: It’s a Mystery

SUMMARY: Clout Bucks claims to help you earn $500.00 today. All you have to do is invite your friends, family, and strangers to this program.

SUMMARY: Clout Bucks claims to help you earn $500.00 today. All you have to do is invite your friends, family, and strangers to this program.

Welcome to the Clout Bucks Review!

Recently, I wrote a review over Clout Pay, which seems to be going viral right now. So, to help you from being scammed once again.

Today, I will go over Clout Bucks, which is also another clever scam.

Whoever is behind all of these scams knows how to catch people’s attention because my traffic has instantly gone through the roof from so many visitors wishing to sign up for this scam.

So, please don’t be their next victim. Please read this review, so that you can make more informed decisions in the future.

By the way, did you know that Swagbucks and Survey Junkie allows you to earn points that can be redeemed into gift cards or cash. The best part is, they’re legit.

What Is Clout Bucks?

Just like Clout Pay, Clout Bucks is a platform, that claims to pay you to invite everyone on the planet to their platform.

Once you have asked these people you are supposed to be paid $10.00 for every person that signs up to the program but, is it true?


Clout Bucks Dash Board

Is Clout Bucks A Scam?

Anyhow, there are a lot of online scams. They come in many forms, and Clout Bucks is one of them.

Again, you’ll probably better off checking out Swagbucks or Survey Junkie​ because this program is the same as Clout Pay a scam.

They aren’t going to pay you anything, and If you need further confirmation that it is a scam, keep reading, and I will give you some reasons why it’s a scam.

After you read this review, you’ll be more informed on what to look out for as these scams continuously reproduce.

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Clout Bucks Scam Reasons

#1. Re-Hashed Program

When a program is rehashed, it means that they have or had another website with the same concept. Once people realize that it’s a scam, they dump the old site and then start a new one, to keep the scam going.

There are also times when they will keep all sites and keep it going until the FTC catches them.

The biggest problem with this is most people don’t report the scammers so; there are times when they are never caught.

If you ever want to report a scam, you can file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, which is a government website.

Anyhow, when the programs are rehashed, they may change the domain name and website look. In Clout Bucks case, the dashboard to Clout Pay and Clout Bucks are the same. So, nothing they have kept both sites.

Plus, Kids Earn Cash may also be another one of their sites. 


#2. The Website Is Only 33 Days Old As Of Today

If you visit a website named scamadviser.com, it will give you the age of the domain name.

Therefore, I looked up the age of the domain name for Clout Bucks, and it says it has only been active for 33 days.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that because everyone has to start somewhere. However, the problem is according to Clout Bucks “Why It Works” page, they claim that have been in business for over ten years.

Whoever is behind all of this probably has been doing this business model for ten years, but the website “Clout Bucks” has not been around for ten years. So, this is another reason why it’s a scam.


Clout Bucks Payment Proof

#3. If you visit Clout Bucks payment proof section and click on the images, you’ll find that two of the females are the same females on the Clout Pay payment proof part.

Could it be a coincidence that the two ladies earned the same amount from both platforms or it is an outright lie?

Either way, they both happened to get paid on the same day in the same amount. In other words, these are fake testimonies.


#4. Dashboard & Ways To Earn Are All The Same

If you signed up to both program Clout Pay and Clout Bucks, it probably rung a bell, that the dashboard is the same dashboard. If it didn’t, then, you should pay close attention to these little details.

Anyhow, the way you earn for both platforms is the same.

According to Clout Bucks, you’re supposed to earn $25.00 immediately when you sign up. Then you’ll find other ways to make money and here are the different ways.

  • Refer A Friend $10
  • Get Clicks $2
  • Download Apps $10
  • Complete Surveys $25
  • Create YouTube Videos $50

The point here is don’t believe everything you see. You’re not going to get paid this easily unless you hit the lottery or have inherited money.

Therefore, I understand that the Clout Bucks leader board looks enticing with their fake member income reports sitting at a million dollars but, the cold hard truth is, you will never make this much money without doing no work.


#5 Clout Bucks YouTube Channel

I have to give it to the person behind this scam; they are pretty smart.

Anyhow, Clout Bucks wants you to subscribe to their YouTube channel that only has four videos and 38,960 subscribers.

Why do you think they have so many subscribers and very few videos?

Well, because, this is approximately how many people fell for subscribing to their YouTube Channel when they signed up to the Clout Bucks program.

Plus, if you were actually to watch the videos on their YouTube channel, you’ll see that their program was once called Viral Dollars. What does Viral Dollars have to do with Clout Bucks?

Viral Dollars has the same dashboard too. Regardless, as mentioned earlier, it’s a rehashed program, and this is a scam.

So, please do not upload a video of yourself, vouching for these people. You will end up embarrassing yourself in the end. They are probably sitting back rolling off of their couch, laughing at everyone that has completed this task.

Either way, no need to feel bad; this is why I put articles out like this to help you educate yourself more and learn what to avoid.

So, excellent work for reading this far into the review.


#6. You Must Be 99 Or Older

Here is the funny part but, then again, it’s not funny because, people are falling for this site. If you were to go and read the terms and conditions page, which let’s face it most of us don’t. Regardless, on their terms and conditions page, after digging through all the gibberish, it states, you must be 99 years or older to use the site. 


I guess this makes them feel better about themselves, because, they disclosed the requirements on their site, and you’re are advised to not use the site if you are under 99. which would include the majority of the people on the internet. 

Look you need to be 99 years or older to use their site. I think this is a joke! 

Clout Bucks You Need To Be 99 To Use The Site

How Does Clout Bucks Work?

By now, you probably already know that Clout Bucks won’t work. It’s just like all their other scamming sites.

They claim you can earn tons of money by completing various tasks, surveys, referring friends, and getting clicks; this is all false.

Here is what’s going to happen. You’re going to complete all these tasks, invite more victims to this scam, and get nothing in return.

Becoming successful on the internet takes work, hard work, time, and it doesn’t come this easy.

You know what they say fast money is never good money. Think over that.


  • Free


  • Rehashed Program
  • You Won’t Get Paid
  • A 99 Year Old Is Probably Not Looking For Something Like This So It Disqualifies Most People
  • It’s A Scam 
  • ​Many People Will Fail For This

Alternative To Clout Bucks

I can only assume you came here looking and hoping that Clout Bucks was legit. So, if you are looking for ways to earn money, that is legit.

I use a few online paid survey sites to earn extra money, and the one I like the most an online survey site, where you get a $1.00 to sign up and it’s the most legit easy online survey site to me.

Warning: Survey sites don’t pay out a lot, but it can put a little change in your pocket. Please go and read the review before joining; it’s called Paid Viewpoint.

​Do you like to watch video, take surveys, and earn money by completing different task. If so you can put some money in your pockets with Swagbucks.

On the other hand, if you like to shop and earn check out Dosh App.


My Final Opinion OF Clout Bucks

The bottom line is, you’re wasting your time chasing these shiny objects.

Scammers and Gurus know that most people do not want to work for their money. They would instead take the easy route, and this is part of the reason why these scams can keep going on.

I never realized how many people fall victim to these sad situations until I fell for one and started a website.

Either way, my website traffic right now, is off the charts from people chasing these false shiny objects. It cost them nothing to join, promises you false hopes, the luxury life, and gets you nothing in return.

Do you know the saying it takes money to make money? Well, that is sort of right.

To make money, you will invest somewhere, period. When you go to your job, you may need uniforms, gas, clothes or anything. Either way, you’ll never get rich off of free ways .

Anyhow, if you want to make a significant change in your financial situation, check out this affiliate marketing training. It’ll teach you how to make money from a blog. The difference is, it’s a legit online business, and it does require work.

So, only serious people need to join. Besides, it’s free to join and test it out. Who knows you may end up enjoying the experience.

Comments Or Questions?

What is it about Clout Bucks that you like? Do you think you will become rich overnight? Are you looking for quick ways to earn money? What has you here searching for this program? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts. So, chime in…

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2 thoughts on ““Clout Bucks Review” {$25.00 Sign Up Bonus Or Scam?}”

    • Hi,

      Thank you for stopping by, Acidic!

      I’m glad you found the Clout Bucks Review, eye opening. The issue here is there is so much deceitful information online that making anywhere near the amount that Clout Buck claims does require hard work.

      So, the programs that do allow you to make legit cash will only allow you to earn extra income. It won’t be as much as you can see in this review though. So, if you’re okay with that.

      Then you can earn easy money from a survey site called Paidviewpoint.com. You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account once you hit a $15 threshold.

      You also have GPT sites (Get Paid To) sites, where you can earn money by completing task. Swagbucks takes a little more work than Paidviewpoint.com.

      However, with Swagbucks there are different task for you to complete, and currently there is a $10 sign up bonus.

      For even more income, you can try out a site like UserTesting.com. They pay up $10 for each completed website testing. However, you must be approved before you can start earning.

      I hope this list was helpful. I wish you all the best and continued success…Have an amazing weekend!


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