Clout Pay Review – {$500 Today Or A Scam?}

Name: Clout Pay

Website: or

Price: Free

Owners: It’s a mystery

Best For: No one

SUMMARY: Clout Pay is a site that claims to pay you money by becoming a social media influencer and referring others to the program.

Welcome to the Clout Pay Review!

It looks like you want to make money referring other people to Clout Pay. Did the $500.00 today, give you a rush?

I know $500.00 today or a day sounds fantastic right now.

However, this site isn’t worth your time, I have reason to believe it’s another clever scam.

In this review, you’ll find out why this company may be wasting your time.

So, keep reading.

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​What Is Clout Pay?

​In short, Clout Pay is a site that claims to have been around for a while.

On their official website, it states that they have been in business since 2015 and their YouTube channel has been active since 2008.

Anyhow, this site was created because there are so many people on social media today, and not getting paid for it.

Above all, Clout Pay has recognized this and took matters in their own hands.

So, they have created the site to make sure you get paid just like the big influencers. The best part is Clout Pay claims you can make unbelievable income such as $500.00 today, for doing a simple task.

Regardless, their primary goal is to help ordinary people change their lives by paying you to refer friends, family, or whomever that you can get to join in on this fiasco.

There is another site called Kids Earn Cash, and Clout Bucks who ha​ve the same idea, paying their members to become social media influencers, and that was a scam.

Do you think they are connected? If you were to ask me, I do.

By the way, there is a way to get paid to invite people to a social media a platform. It’s free to join, and not a scam but, does require a little more work, than what Clout Pay is claiming. ​

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Will You Get Paid 500 Today With Clout Pay

Is Clout Pay A Scam?

You probably already guessed it, I have reason to believe that Clout Pay is a scam. So, please share this post with others and save another victim from being scammed.

As mentioned earlier Clout Pay reminds me of the site called Kids Earn Cash, which is also not a legit site.

Refer as many friends, family members, or followers as you would like, but you’ll never receive any payment.

Sites like this collect people names and email addresses so that they can use it for their pleasure. I would suggest that you not put any personal information into this site.

Below I have provided an image and as you can see, I tried to log in using the FireFox browser and not the Chrome browser, because, in my opinion, FireFox is a very secure browser compared to Chrome.

Clout Pay Sign Up Form Does Not Seem Secure

Anyhow, FireFox will give you a login or password warning, whenever they can detect that website connection or sign up form is not secure.

According to FireFox, they have advised users if you come across a website that displays these types of messages to either contact the web administrator to ask them to make the site secure or to find a more secure version of the site.

Asking a web administrator to make their site more secure, is probably out of the window. Most serious website owners, which are collecting personal information, will ensure their site is safe.

Either way, FireFox, doesn’t recommend you to place your personal information into a site that displays, the username or password warning.

So, what does this mean to you? It’s a risk and insecure to proceed with Clout Pay. Therefore, if you attempt to use unsafe sites, never use the login credentials that you would use in everyday life.

How Does Clout Pay Work?

​Above all, by now, you should realize that this isn’t going to work.

I know some people are still going to want to know how it works so, here is what Clout Pay is suggesting you do.

To start earning $10 to $15 for every friend you refer. Clout Pay, claims that the steps are simple to complete, and here is what they suggest.

Step 1: Create Your Clout Pay Account

After you have created your account, you’ll immediately gain access to the community. Plus, you’ll receive a referral link so, that you can market it. By they way, I didn’t see not one member in this account.

So, what community are they referring too? I did, however, see the fake testimonies but, not a member at all.

Step 2: Share Your Referral Link & Start Earning Money

In this step, you’ll grab your link and start sharing the link everywhere. No need to share on Facebook, they have blocked the affiliate link. It also appears like WhatsApp can’t recognize the connection themselves, either.

Spamming people on social media with referral links is a sure way to get your social accounts bans. Attempt this at your own risk.

Step 3: You Get Paid

According to their site, you can receive payment via your PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash App, Mailed Check.

Here Is Where Clout Pay Becomes Clever

They also claim you’ll get paid if you first subscribe to their YouTube channel.

By the way, this will explain why Clout Pay YouTube channel has 19,000 + subscribers and only 8 YouTube videos.

Anyhow, after you have subscribed to their YouTube channel. Then they want you to upload a video of yourself, explaining why you like Clout Pay and how it has helped you.

​By the way the image below has a tag in it called “Pranks.” Do they think this is funny?

Clout Pay Could It Be A Prank

Warning: Please do not embarrass yourself like that, this is not real.

I would not be uploading videos vouching for this scam. They are probably sitting back, having a complete field day when people complete this task.

Break Down Of Clout Pay Earnings

​Uploading a YouTube video for $50.00 and referring friends for $10 isn’t the only way you get paid.

According to the Clout Pay dashboard, you’ll get paid by:

  • Completing Wall Task $30.00
  • Getting Clicks To Your Links $2.00
  • Download Apps $10.00
  • Finishing Surveys $25.00

By the way, completing wall task and completing surveys are the same offers. Plus, when you sign up the email address that you’ll receive a welcome message from is Sendgrind.

Sendgrind is a company that many marketers are known to join so that they can start sending spam emails or scam products from, not all, but most are scam emails. If you read through the comments on this sendgrind review, you’ll confirm that.

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Clout Pay Scam Reasons

​I tried to contact support with no response. My Clout account manager name is Kimberly. So, I contacted her, and she never accepted my invitation, and I’m still waiting on a response, which I never expected her to respond.

I’ve also sent out their no reply email, and according to Gmail and the SendGrind, the email doesn’t even exist. Even if a business has a no-reply email set up, you wouldn’t receive this message.

Furthermore, I tried cashing out and supposedly before you can cash out, you must complete, twenty clicks, refer five people, and complete 5 Tasks.

Once you have completed all those tasks, you’ll then learn that the payout won’t be received.

Clout Pay No Reply Email Address Found

Clout Pay Ridiculous Income Claims

​Never, ever in history will you be paid much money for free, and no work.

Think about it like this;

You can’t go to your job and not do any work at all, and expect to be paid a check when payday comes, can you?

No, you’ll get fired, or you won’t receive any pay, simple as that.

Same way with business.

Yes, you could decide to do not work but will you get paid?

No, you’ll still need to put in work to receive payment.

Can you earn money without paying taxes?

No, once you have made over a certain amount you owe the IRS.

Even with online survey sites, you’ll owe taxes beyond a specific dollar amount; this is the reason why you will never be able to make much money with survey sites.

So, do you still think you can earn $500.00 today with Clout Pay, without doing ​practically ​nothing?

I certainly hope you have a different outlook now because, no, you won’t be paid as they are claiming you will.

Of course, your dashboard will display the $500.00 but, you will never receive the $500.00 and if you do, show me proof that it hit your bank account.

Either way, my account with Clout Pay is displaying $37.00, and I did absolutely nothing for it.

So, why would I try to detour you from this?

​Truth is, I could make money with my website, inviting you and many others to Clout Pay.

Especially if it were real but, it’s not. I’m trying to help you avoid wasting your time on these scams, not help you to them.

Anyhow, all I did was clicked here and there to review the site and earned money immediately.

This should be a red flag that it’s not legit. The point is this isn’t real, and you’re wasting your time.

Clout Pay Earnings

Clout Pay Complaints

Regardless, of all the reasons why I deemed this program a scam.

Take in consideration what others had to say about Clout Pay.

I found over 67 Clout Pay complaints and reviews were members are highly upset that they have been scammed, and I don’t blame them.

Most of the complaints were due to the members waiting for their money and never receiving it.

Alternatives To Clout Pay

​The best part about this experience is, there are alternatives to Clout Pay that will pay you real money.

​#1. Online Paid Survey Site

As mentioned earlier, survey sites don’t pay out much, but since you’re looking for an easy way to earn money, you may want to read about this online paid survey site.

​Earn money by watching videos, answering surveys, and much more.  Right now, Swagbucks is offering a $​5 sign-up bonus​.

#2. Start A Blog

If you’re looking for long term successful income, that can help you potentially achieve financial success.

I would suggest you start a blog and learn how to make money ​from it.​ Starting a blog is not a get rich scheme, though. It is a way to achieve financial success.

I would like to offer you an invitation to the same affiliate marketing training ​community that I learned from. The training works, no joke!

Are you interested? If so, you can join me in this community of 1.4 million entrepreneurs​.

​#3. Shop & Earn

​If you like to shop and earn check out ​Dosh App, It’s free and legit. If you would like to read more about the Dosh Cash Back Review, feel free to do so here.

Make Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate


  • ​Free


  • ​It’s Not Legit
  • ​You Will Not Be Paid
  • ​The Site Crashes Every Few Minutes
  • ​Support Doesn’t Respond

​Clout Pay Support

​According to their website, they have support but, as mentioned earlier support doesn’t respond.

You’ll also find if you click on their contact us page, it doesn’t lead to a contact page. It’ll display a message saying “Not Found.”

Additionally, the social media icons located at the bottom of their website page, none of them work.

So, you won’t even be able to get social with them. Anyhow, Facebook has blocked its URL.

​My Final Opinion Of Clout Pay

Overall, you now have a better understanding of what Clout Pay is and why I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Of course, what you do is your prerogative.

If you arrived on this review because you want to learn how you can make real money, I would suggest that you start a blog and learn how to earn that way.

Either way, I have discovered the perfect affiliate marketing community, that has taught many beginners successfully on how to monetize their websites. It is legit and my #1 recommendation, when it comes to making money online.

Read over my Wealthy Affiliate review, to find out more information.

Comments Or Questions?

Anyhow, have you received payment to your account from Clout Pay? What do you think are they legit or a scam? What was your experience as a member? Let me know good or bad, I would love to hear your side of the story.

4 thoughts on “Clout Pay Review – {$500 Today Or A Scam?}”

  1. I’m on there & i have seen actual members & the 25$ you do get, the 10$ for referring friends i received that, the 2$ for just clicking the link i received that & the 30$ or 25$ from the task wall i received that. I have 240$ & I’m making more i believe that’s where the 500$ comes from

    • Hi Faye,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I’m not sure if you are apart of the scam itself or if you’re an ordinary person who is trying to make money online. However, is a scam and will not pay you. Of course, you will see the money on the clout pay dashboard. But, will the money actually hit your bank account? The answer is “No”. It won’t.

      There is no company in history that will allow you to earn $500 per day without putting in real work. Plus, the fact that it’s free and allows you to make a generous income, should be another sign that it’s a scam.

      Anyhow, I’ve been working from home full-time online for over a year. I’ve also reviewed hundreds of home-based business programs and isn’t legit at all.

      You mentioned other members are getting paid. I see people say they are getting paid on their dashboard as well but, people online can be very misleading. No one who isn’t part of the scam got paid to their bank account. We live in a world of deceit. People lie all the time. Especially when it comes to money. I’m not here to knock anyone’s hustle. I understand everyone is trying to make money but, unfortunately, isn’t the way.

      I’ve also seen people say they quit their job, which I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do. If you’re like me, I have kids to feed and I care about other people’s situations. I’m not here to destroy anyone’s life by leading them to a scam.

      Regardless, I’m just here to expose the truth. isn’t legit.

      I also tried out the system myself and refuse to share the cloutpay referral link with other people. Why? Because it’s a scam. If it were that easy to make money online, everyone would have been using Cloutpay, including myself.

      Why? would I detour anyone from this program, when I could clearly lead them to it? I get about 1400 visitors a day on this post trying to join. I would have been cashed in but, I refuse to lead anyone to a scam.

      Either way, making $500.00 on the internet is possible but, it takes work. You also have to join a legit program which this definitely isn’t one. If you need further proof that this is a scam; scamguard is getting complaints about Cloutpay company. People aren’t receiving their money, and that isn’t a surprise because it’s not legit.

      Need more proof that it is a scam, then watch this YouTuber who actually got in contact with one of the people who claims to put out testimonies for the Cloutpay system.

      If you want to start a legit online business, I would recommend you check out training that will teach you how to make money online. Any business will always require some sort of investment but, the best part about my #1 recommendation is you can check it out for free and see if it is for you or not.

      I hope this message finds you well and more importantly has helped. I do wish you the best and continued success…Have an amazing day!

    • Did you get the payment not just see it I see I’m owed over $2,000 yet yet to see a dime I have turned over to PayPal the affiliate companies Wendy’s, McDonald’s etc and the state attorney General. How did you receive your payment. We’re going on a class action suit.

      • Hi Kellie,

        I’m not sure if Faye will respond but, I’ve had many people contact me saying they too have not received their payments. I apologize that Clout Pay didn’t hold their end of the bargain.

        Unfortunately this is not the first time they done this, there are several sites that appear to be owned by the same people that created Clout Pay.

        Anyhow, glad to hear that you are protecting your rights. You can also report scams to the Federal Trade Commission. They are a government site, and they do investigate scams. I wish you the best of luck and all the best.


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