Give Me Swagbucks – Put Swag In Your Pockets!

Name:​ Swagbucks

Website: www​

Price: ​Free to join

Owners: ​Owned & Operated by Prodege (digital provider service)

Best For:​ Anyone who likes to earn money + save money

SUMMARY:​ Swagbucks is one of the most popular​ get paid to sites (GPT’). You can earn money in many ways . Plus, you can save money with this platform or earn cash back.

I must admit when I first heard the name “Swagbucks”  I thought it was a joke.

Or even a scam?

So, if you’re wondering how this site can help you earn extra money or even save you money I’m going to go over all the details for you.​

Unlike, which is a scam. Swagbucks is not a scam.​ So, please don’t get the two confused.

Give Me Swagbucks! What is That?

It’s​ one of the Internets most popular​ GPT reward sites​, which allows you to earn points for every day things that you’re already doing for free.

​In return you can redeem ​your points, and exchange them for free gift cards, ​or cash.

Besides, every now and then, I know most people love freebies, and if you do, then you may enjoy this platform. Plus, Swagbucks is a site that has numerous of ways to earn.

​Swagbucks, Is It Safe?

Yes, Swagbucks is safe!

Swagbucks, parent company is Prodege LLC, which​ is a web media company.

They not only operate Swagbucks, but, they also operate MyPoints, ShopAtHome, InboxDollars, and many more reward sites.

​Anyhow, even though the site is safe, there’s been a few Swagbuck BBB complaints from members saying that they didn’t receive their SB on offers that they com​p​leted.

​Either way, most members are still happy with the platform because, Swagbucks holds an A+ with the Better Bue​aru Business.​

Therefore, customer support is great at responding and getting things resolved for its members. Besides that, their Trustpilolt rating is a 4 out of 5.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

​As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to earn with Swagbucks. Plus, a few ways you can save money and I’ll go over that here shortly.

#1. ​Searching Online

Whether you use a desktop or a mobile phone, I ​believe everyone searches online​, right?

Of course, you do.

You would’ve never arrived at this post if you didn’t search online.

​Therefore by using the S​wagbucks search engine, just like you would any other search engine. ​Such as:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Safari
  • Firefox will periodically reward you, just for using their search engine. This feature works the same with the Wow App​. In fact, sometimes, you can come across a deal where both app’s are working on your side. T​he image below shows you that if ​you shop online with Swagbucks, ​you’ll also earn money from Wow App. It’s win-win situation.

​#2. Watch Videos

​Watching the videos may be about one of the simplest task. ​SB rewards you for taking the time to view and rate ​videos listed on your playlist.

Feel free to give you honest opinion, because, your opinion about the video does​n’t count against you. ​Once you’ve completed that task you guessed it. You’ll earn S​wagbucks.


#3. Shopping and Earn

​Are you a fan of eBates​? Now known as Raukten.

If you’re not on that platform, you should check them out too.

By the way, MyPoints has this same feature, which will help you save money.

Anyhow, ​I know I love to shop and earn.

So, if you like to ​purchase things and earn while shopping, then this is an excellent way to shop, earn points, and save money. ​

It’s a win at the same time.

Now, You’re probably thinking, it’s cool to order online but, what if ​you need to return an item. No, worries! I have you covered. You’ll be able to return any item if you are not satisfied with it as usual.

Just contact the merchant you purchased the item from, and they will tell you how to proceed with your return. SB accounts then receive a credit back within 32 days from the time you make the return

​Tip: Each store you shop at has their own store’s terms and conditions. So, make sure to read the details, if you have never bought with the brand before.

Swagbucks Shop All Stores And Coupons Plus Save Money And Earn Points

#4. Earn by Swiping your Debit Card

Worry none, it’s safe to set up your debit or credit card. ​Therefore, every time you swipe your card at ​your local restaurant or you​ go out shopping you’ll have the potential to earn SB.

​Tip: Linking your debit card or credit card is not a requirement, it is your choice.

Another way to earn SB by shopping is​ to go to first before you purchase anything online. So, when you shop at your regular favorite stores, take advantage of it.

​There are over 140 name brands that you can choose from within your account.

To include Amazon, Walmart, and PayPal.

Anyhow, to earn your SB while shopping online, you’ll have to ​make your ​purchase at Swagbucks first.

A Swagbucks button is needed for this, to make things a lot easier.​


#5. Coupons

For all, you extreme couponers, or soon to be, here is another way to print coupons, use them, and earn gift cards at the same time.

​In fact, an increased cash back section for coupons has recently been added to the platform.

Swagbucks Coupons Click, Print, and Save

#6. Surveys

Unlike Paid Viewpoint, where you qualify for every survey, Swagbucks surveys are a hit and miss. Therefore, you’ll answer surveys and if you qualify for the survey you’ll earn points. Each survey offers a different reward amount. Plus, no one survey will be exact.

Either way, at least most people will qualify to join Swagbucks because, with One Opinon, that has higher rewards, not everyone will qualify.

#7. Discover Deals

With Swagbucks you can earn by finding different deals, trial offers, and so much more. For example, at the time of this writing, Swagbucks is offering Hulu at the price of $5.99 + 3500 SB ​as long as you don’t cancel your account before 8 days, from the time you joined Hulu.

Discover Deals At Swagbucks

​#8. Play Games

If you like to play games, check out Swagbucks and see if your favorite game is available. If it is take advantage of earning points while playing.

#9.​ Complete Job Task

​Figure Eight is where you will complete job task. Each job task will earn you an allotted amounted determined by the Swagbucks platform. Anyhow, if you ever used Clickworker, then this feature will be familiar to you.

Swagbucks Job Task Figure Eight

​#11. Refer Your Friends

You can invite 10 people by email and earn 300 SB points + 10% of their lifetime earnings. If you run out of email invites, you’ll still have the ability to earn referral points by sharing Swagbucks with others. ​However, sharing your invite link on Facebook is not recommended.

Either way, this is one of the ways to make the most money on Swagbucks. Unless, you’re able to complete many surveys, and watch dozens of videos. ​Referring many people is the fastest and best way to earn cash.

#12. Mobile App

​If you’re always on the go, then download the Swagbucks mobile app, which is available on Android and iPhone. You’ll never miss an opportunity.


  • ​Free who does not love free
  • ​There is no catch, no upsells, and this is not a scam
  • ​Many Ways To Earn
  • Doesn’t take long to sign up
  • Gift cards from well-known brands
  • ​Helps save money


  • ​You won’t qualify for all surveys
  • ​Your ​​referral link in your SB account cannot be shared on Facebook
  • ​You won’t get rich

​How Much Money Can You Make Using Swagbucks?

Okay so, this might be a Debby downer but, you’re not​ going to get rich with this opportunity.

However, if you understand that this will help you earn extra income, then Swagbucks may be for you.

The only thing I don’t like about Swagbucks, is it’s low pay and sometimes, it can consume your day. There are so many ways to earn on the platform, that you can get distracted from more important things.

​Either way, this is the same for any and all survey sites, so, the low pay shouldn’t come as a surprise.

​Anyhow, the points vary. When you cash out for either a gift card or cash, Swagbucks will let you know what you qualify for.

Tip: All Sb points expire two years from the date they are issued. If you earn points on 12/25/2019. ​They will expire on 12/25/2021. Also, accounts that aren’t logged into for six months are deemed inactive and will be void and nulled.

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Put Swag In Your Pockets With Swagbucks

My Final Opinion ​Of Swagbucks

I enjoy using Swagbucks myself. However, I don’t advise you to trade your day job for this opportunity. It’s not one of those get rich quick schemes, where you’ll be able to make ends meet but, feel free to join and try it out.

​Therefore, if used properly, Swagbucks can be very beneficial and help you earn extra money. Plus, if you were to download the Swag button, you’ll get notifications of saving opportunities. So why not join? It’ll save you money on things you planned on buying anyways.

​It’s that simply just another legit way to put some swag into your pockets.

However, if you’re looking to seriously change your financial status,. Then I recommend you check out this program, which teaches ​beginners to make money online.

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  1. woow this is a really good article about Swagbucks. I do Swagbucks for years and you know what? There are some information in this article that I just know now for the first time about Swagbucks.
    Thank you so much for this great review.

    • Hi Ray, I was the same way, did Swagbucks for a little while but, never really paid attention to what the true benefits were until recently. So, I thought I share the wealth of information with everyone because, it can be beneficial. I am glad you enjoyed the review. Thank you for stopping by! Have an awesome day! ?

  2. Heh, interesting name this Swagbucks has. I mean it’s understandable why they go with this route. Google is so huge and strong that you truly have to separate yourself to make somekind of a system for users to return to them.

    Good to know they are not scamming. Will check it out!

    • Hi, Yes Swagbucks does have an interesting name to go by! They can be beneficial if you do a lot of researching online.I encourage you to check them out…thank you, for stopping by, Alex! ?

  3. Wow! I have heard of Swagbucks but just have never looked into them. I am going to have to go sign up just because! Thanks for this great information!

    • Hi Eden, yes, I’d give Swagbucks a try. You might find some great discounts with them.I know I like using them. Thank you for stopping by! ?

  4. I have been using Swagbucks for over 5 years now and it is one of my top 10 programs. It helps you save and make money in so many ways. It is great for mothers, fathers, students, and just anyone who wants to make some extra cash each month. You did a great job of describing this site. Thanks for the info!

    • Oh Wow! I recently learned that Swagbucks existed since 2008. So, 5 years is a long time. I am glad that you are enjoying the program. I am too, might I add! Thank you for stopping by, Melissa! ?

  5. This is awesome, I have tried swagbucks before but never put my all into it. Your post is inspiring and I will go back into swagbucks its really great for side money and gift cards. Thanks for this info

    • Hi, Jaye, You’re Welcome and No, Worries! I was the same way, until I decided to really check out what Swagbucks was offering. And, when I did really dive deep into the program. I had to wonder why I never knew about this sooner. I could have been making extra cash or gift cards this entire time. Yes, please do go and check out Swagbucks. They have a lot to offer. Thank you for stopping by! ?

  6. This really is an interesting way to make some extra spending “bucks.” What have you got to lose? Most of us are doing these things already so anything you can earn is cake! Thanks for getting this info out there, Kisha. And I would love to know other legitimate task apps you’re aware of?

    • You’re Welcome! Lately, there has been many Task based Apps coming out that rewards you in some form or fashion. Another task based app that I know of is called “Google Opinion Rewards”. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

      You’ll answer surveys and earn Google Play credits. The surveys are like 2 to 3 minutes long. I personally have never answered a survey that was longer than 3 minutes & I have been using Google Opinion for over 2 years now.
      With this app you won’t make a lot but, hey just for answering a short survey it can be worth it. The surveys are simple. They ask things like were you just at such and such location. How would you rate their services? Then you answer.

      Anyways, after answering the survey, Google Opinion will reward you anywhere from $0.10 to $1.00 in Google Play credit per survey. The surveys are sent randomly. You’ll see surveys every so often. Now, you’re probably wondering what you will do with this Google Play money.

      You, can take the credit and purchase anything from the Google Play store. In Google Play store you’ll have the option of purchasing: Magazines, Books, Music, Movies & TV, Games, or any other App, that Google Play store offers.
      When, I first came across Google Opinion I didn’t think it would be worth it because, I do not buy apps, music or movies from the google play store. But, as time went by I gave it a try and love it. I started using the Google Opinion Money to buy books. Anything that you buy from Google Play Store will remain on your smart device.

      However, if you take some of the Google Play credit & purchase rentals or movies from YouTube, then you can stream those on your Television. The movies on YouTube can be anything, from old to the New Releases.
      I look at it like this, you won’t make much but, I’m on my phone at least once a day and why pull out your credit card when all you must do is download a certain app, do simple task like answer a 3-minute or less survey and earn credits to pay for those things.

      In the last two years, I earned $251.12. Not much, but, that just means I received $251.12 of free movies and books. My entire family including my kids have the Google Opinion Rewards on our phones. So, no telling how much we made combined. When, I come across other ways, I will update all my readers.

      Thank you for stopping by, Joseph! Have an awesome day!?

  7. I heard about Swagbucks a while ago but thought that it took too much effort for not much in return. I didn’t know that there were Chrome extensions and that you get paid for everyday searches and browsing the internet. It sounds great for some change here and there without any extra effort. Thanks for this valuable insight!

    • Yes, Valerie Swagbucks is a search engine. You do not have to sit there and try and make it work. You’ll earn Swagbucks by doing searches. It’s a beneficial program, if you are constantly searching online. Of course, you still have the option of doing task, to earn extra swag bucks but, other than that you can just let your Swagbucks add up by doing searches. And, I myself constantly search online for personal and business use. Thanks for stopping by! ?

  8. I had heard about swagbucks but always wondered if it was legit. Now I know. You answered all the questions I had before so I know that you thought this out well before. Great post.

    • Hi Logan, yes I can definitely understand where you are coming from, especially with so many scams online and offline but, Swagbucks is indeed legit. Thank you! for stopping by.?

  9. Very nice! i am familiar with Swagbucks but never get involved with it. After reading your article i am definitely going to sign-up as you answered many of the queries. Very informative post.

    • Hi Sarah, I was the same way. Heard about Swagbucks but, didn’t pay too much attention. Then after really studying the platform. I found that it can be beneficial especially, if you are constantly performing searches on a daily bases. Your Swagbucks can really start to add up. I am glad that you did find the post informative. It really means a lot to hear your feedback. Thanks for stopping by! Have an Awesome day! ?


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