Cashog Review – Make $500 Today Or No Way?

Name: Cashog

Price: Free

Owners: It’s a mystery

Best For: No one 

SUMMARY: Cashog is a website that claims their a #1 influence network helping you leverage social media. In other words, they help you make money with social media, and not a little bit, but a lot of it.

Welcome to the Cashog Review!

Cashog is it another scam or a legit way to earn $500.00 per day?

I’m sure you’re not the only one wondering this, So, today I have decided to look further into this program.

Before I even dive into the investigation, I went to the website. The website itself automatically reminds me of all the previous scams, and it certainly sounds similar to Cashooga.

So, is it any different from Kids Earn Cash or Clout Bucks

What Is Cashog?

Cashog is a get paid to website that claims to allow you to earn hundreds of dollars per day just by doing merely nothing.

Your responsibilities would include referring other members, completing simple tasks like taking surveys, getting people to click your link, and posting a YouTube video giving Cashog a positive review. 

Cashog Earn $500 Per Day

How Does Cashog Work?

According to Cashog it’s simple.

They are also claiming to be generous with their funds because, Cashog claims that you can sign up and get paid $25.00, which is almost unheard-of when it comes to any survey site.

Either way, after you’ve signed up, you’ll share your referral link to other people. Invite them to become a member as well, and if they become a member, you’ll earn anywhere from $10 to $15 per person.

Also, if anyone were to click on your link and do nothing, you’ll earn $2.00.

Plus, you’ll have a more comfortable option of making cash by submitting your Cashog post to all the social media sites.

They would also love if you subscribed to their YouTube channel and uploaded a video of yourself, which I don’t recommend you doing, and I’ll explain why in a few sentences.

However, first I want to know if this makes you wonder if Cashog is a scam?

If you were to question me, I would say yes it’s a scam.

So that’s just one opinion but, as they say, everyone has one. So, keep reading, then maybe we will understand more about this program.

Is Cashog Legit Or A Scam?

In my opinion, I do not believe Cashog is a legitimate website, and I have listed many reasons below.

​So, I’m not sure how else to deliver the news, because to me it’s a scam.

Just like Clout Pay, Paid 4 Clout, Swag Pay, and so many others.

It’s no different from all the other scams that launch and relaunch.

I’ve written several reviews on websites like this, and they all appear to be run by the same person or people.

Here Is The Ugly Truth About Cashog

#1. Rehashed Site

It’s a rehashed site, meaning it’s the same old repeating scam from all previous sites. The only thing they have done is changed the website name and added a few fake testimonial videos.

#2. Testimonies Aren’t From Real Members

The testimonies that Cashog has on their website are not real members. The people that are giving the testimonies are people who were paid, and most of them you can find on sites like Fiverr.

Plus, those same people giving testimonies for Cashog, I​’ve seen them in previous reviews. 

​This guy has a 5 star rating on Fiverr, therefore he is a​ paid video spokesperson. He is also giving a testimony for Cashog. By the way, ​it’s part of his job.

​Here is his Fiverr profile. 

Cashog Testimony Is From Fiverr

#3. Terms & Conditions

So, the terms and conditions page is something most people never visit to read. I too was once guilty of doing this until I wised up and started reading everything. Anyhow, on the terms and conditions page, Cashog is honest.

They tell you on that page they are collectively operating Clout Pay, which is a program that even unto this day, I receive many complaints from members that didn’t get paid. The reason they didn’t get paid is that Clout Pay is a scam. They never had intentions of paying anyone.

#4. Payment Proof

As mentioned earlier, the company that Cashog is collectively operating never paid people, and I doubt they plain too. In fact, they locked many members out of their account when it came time to cash out their earnings. Therefore, I have no reason to believe the payment proof is legitimate.

Also, one of the images on the payment proof page has an email address, which I looked up and it came back as a non-existent email address. 

Cashog Email Address For Payment Proof Does Not Exist

Plus, the sender of the Cashog payout is located outside of the USA but, that’s not the point here.

What I’m trying to point out here is that I went to the site that is listed as the sender ⇒ 

Cashog Payment Proof Is Not Real

After following all the prompts on this site, it asked me if I wanted to get free money. There were three options $20, $50, or $100. Of course, I chose the $100, who wouldn’t.

After filling out all my information, the app started going through the process of scanning my information. It may have been a way to hack me who knows. The image below shows you where it states Hack status: online.

So, was it hacking me or what? I certainly wouldn’t want this to happen to you.

When the scanning was done, the app suddenly declared that I wasn’t human. Therefore, it wasn’t able to give me the $100 as promised.

I already knew that no one would provide you with $100 for free. For the sake of this review, I continued with the process.

When everything was done, I was then redirected to a survey site that I can’t say was legit either.

The bottom line is I wouldn’t trust their payment proof; it’s not real. 

Cashog Hack Statu Online Is It A ScamCashog Is A Scam

#5. Contact Address

The contact address on Cashog website is the exact address that is listed on all the other scam sites. Your better off avoiding this site altogether. There are plenty of safer and legit sites to earn easy money.


  • ​Nothing


  • ​It’s A Scam
  • ​Most likely won’t get paid

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Are There Legit Websites Like Cashog?

Although Cashog isn’t a legitimate website, there are ways to earn money by completing tasks. However, you won’t earn as much money as Cashog is claiming. Making $500.00 per day is possible, especially if you were to learn affiliate marketing.

The cold hard truth is, it’s not possible with survey sites, or get paid to sites. You must learn affiliate marketing to make this type of money, and to learn it I recommend this site.

With th​at said to complete small tasks and potentially earn easy money, you’ll need to visit sites like the following.

All the above sites are legit. Cashog is promoting nothing but a dream. Therefore, they know most people need more money but rather not put in any work to get the money that they need.

So, it’s easy for Cashog to drive traffic to their site, get you to sign up and use your information for whatever purposes they see suitable, from what I can tell, they have no boundaries of what they do with your information. So, I wouldn’t proceed with this company.

kickstart Your Earnings The Right Way But Not With Cashog

​My Final Opinion Of Cashog

After this review, you should have a better understanding of what Cashog is; therefore, by now, you probably have already concluded that I do not recommend this site. In my opinion, It’s a scam, and all it will do is waste your time and efforts.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a real way to make money online and potentially make $500 a day, I would sincerely suggest that you learn how to make money online, and for that, I recommend this affiliate marketing training community.

It teaches beginners how to build a website from scratch and make money from it. It’s where I started and how I learned to make money online. Besides, it’s free, and there is no risk.

Either way, I wish you all the best and thank you for reading my review about Cashog. Please do share this post with others. I need your help in keeping the internet safe.

Have you joined Cashog and did you get paid? Let me know in the comments below.

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