If you are serious about building an online business. You'll want to read this 'honest Wealthy Affiliate review.'

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: Starter Member (free), Premium Membership ($49/mth or $359/year)

Who Is This Best For: Affiliate Marketers, Beginners, Anyone wanting to Create an online business…




You’re probably viewing this page because you’re wondering what Wealthy Affiliate is? Also, how does it work and how it can benefit you?

If you’re serious about building an online business, you’ll want to read this ‘Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.'” Completely



My Online Adventure

When I first started online, I struggled. I had no idea what to do. How to do it? Or even where to start.? Actually! I had no idea what I even got myself into…I was just pure clueless!

The crazy part is, I didn’t even know; what I didn’t even know! If that makes any sense. However, it’s the truth! To make a long story, short. I tried program, after program and lost a lot of money, never making a dime back. In fact, I lost so, much money it’s almost embarrassing to admit. I ended up getting really frustrated with this internet marketing thing and started looking on YouTube for legit ways to make money online for beginners, that’s when I came across Wealthy Affiliate. Before, coming across this video, I had never heard of them.



THE HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: IS IT A SCAM? No They Teach You How To Help Others, And Build A Successful Business



I Didn’t Join Right Away

After coming across the WA platform, I decided that I wouldn’t join right away. I told myself, I would wait a little bit because I didn’t want to be bamboozled again. So, I thought about it for a while, soaking in all of my thoughts. Then I came to a conclusion and decided to risk my chances. What is the worst that could happen? It is FREE to sign up. Even better there is no credit card needed.

At any rate, after joining, I was instantly welcomed by the community. I then instantly began to feel like I was part of a community. A community where everyone is on the same page. Honestly, I can’t even really explain it but, I still had my scam antennas up and held my grounds.



Wealthy Affiliate What Is It?

They have been in business and still going strong since 2005. Anyhow Wealthy Affiliate is an endless online affiliate marketing university, that will teach you everything from affiliate marketing. To internet marketing, building websites, driving traffic, and then monetizing your site. You’ll also learn to turn any idea into a profitable online business.



THE HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: IS IT A SCAM? No So Come Build A Lucrative Business From Scratch



1.4 Million Members In The Community 

The shocking part when I joined Wealthy Affiliate was, it was one of the friendliest communities that I have ever been involved with. Everyone was so helpful right from the beginning.

Step-By-Step Training and Support That Cares:

If you have ever wondered. How to start an online business and did not know how. I certainly understand the position you’re in, I also know how it feels to struggle online with no sense of direction.

Living paycheck to paycheck was another specialty of mines. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform has a wealth of education.

And, I do mean a tremendous amount of information! That will help you succeed in your online adventures.

You’ll never feel like you’re getting nowhere. Because there is action based step-by-step training. Most importantly, support that cares for your success.

You, Will, Learn The 4 Step Process 

Step 1: Choose a Niche

This can be anything that you are interested in. No, seriously

  • What is your passion?
  • Do you have a hobby?
  • Maybe, you want to learn about something
  • Does anything interest you?

THE HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: IS IT A SCAM? What's Your Niche We Will Figure It Out Together

There are thousands of opportunities and ideas that you can tap into to build a successful online business.

Whether it is related to fishing, dogs, cats, books, games, gardening, golf, weight loss, cars, or making money online, it doesn’t matter!

Look! I don’t mean to sound like a broken record. However, picking a niche is probably one of the hardest parts for entrepreneurs to accomplish. When they first start online.

Trust me I know! I had one of the hardest times getting this accomplished. So, don’t let your niche stop you.

The significant part is if you have no clue on what to choose. Wealthy affiliate members can give you ideas.

Step 2: Build a Website

Why do we build websites? A website is a foundation for any business. It’s like owning virtual real estate.

So, if you don’t own virtual real estate. You’re missing out. On so many opportunities. Your website is a vital asset. To your online and offline business. THE HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: IS IT A SCAM? Turn Your Passion Into A Thriving Business

Do you have doubts about building a website?

Not a techie?

Worry no longer! The website platform is so, ridiculously easy to use.

If I can do it, so can you!

The website you are viewing right now. I learned to build it within the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Before, I joined WA I didn’t have a website. Nor, did I know how to build one. I learned how to create a site within my very first week. So you can too!


Pick Any WordPress.org Theme


Step 3: Attract Visitors

What use is a website without “Visitors”?

I’ll answer that for you. It’s nothing! It’s just a whole bunch of articles that you have written. So nobody ever sees it.

It’s the same as if, McDonald’s did not get customers.

You’ll go out of business fast!

Don’t you want to stay in business, right!

Of course, you do!

So, you’ll need to learn how to attract visitors.

You’ll learn how to attract visitors for FREE...we focus on “FREE” first. Because there is a lot of it. A lot of free traffic, that is!

Take A Look At The Bird’s Eye View (SEO Process) From Keywords Then To Money


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Step 4: Earn Revenue

Here is the fun part. Most people including myself wants to know. How do you earn revenue? Easy! Your website is online. So you’ll promote affiliate products through affiliate programs.

How long will it take to earn some moo-lah?

I don’t know the answer to that. No one does! Not even the big brands knew when they would receive a return on investment.

All they knew. And believed was to keep at it. Eventually, you’ll see success.

Start Wealthy Affiliate Boot-Camp If You Don’t Have A Biche In Mind

In addition to promoting other affiliate products.

You Can Earn Consistent Revenue With Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program, Even As A Starter Member.



THE HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: IS IT A SCAM? No And Your Able To Earn With The Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

Plus You Can Earn Commissions From Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool Called “Jaaxy”


Jaaxy Commissions Wealthy Affiliate So Keep Reading THE HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: IS IT A SCAM?

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Everyone! It’s like a university for all levels. From beginners to expert entrepreneurs.

Can you operate Facebook or an email account? Then navigating through WA platform will be easy as pie! It does not take a rocket scientist to navigate through the system.

Do you Want to create an online business?

Maybe you just don’t know how or where to start. The internet is like an ocean so many offers and opportunities. The choice can be hard to just pick one.

Been there, done that! I completely understand.  WA is a great place to begin your online adventures. They’re highly recommended to any of my readers. There is no inventory to hold. No money to process. No shipping to handle.

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Already Operating an at Home Business?

WA is still the beez-kneez! The place to be…It doesn’t matter if you have twenty current online businesses or none.

Many current online business owners find themselves within the WA community. Wishing they would have started a long time ago.


The Community Is Combined Of Many Different Backgrounds

  • University Students
  • Individuals that are retired
  • Veterans / Disabled Veterans
  • Anyone who can work from the computer and has an internet connection
  • Passive Income Seekers
  • Residual Income Seekers
  • Baby Boomers about to Retire
  • Looking to fire their boss
  • Realtors
  • Local Business Owners That Need To Start A Website
  • Beginners
  • Successful Entrepreneurs
  • Stay at home moms or dads
  • Individuals looking for something to keep them busy
  • Overworked and underpaid individuals
  • Individuals who want to create a business but, have no idea where to start

As You Can See, Wealthy Affiliate Has A Variety Of Wonderful And Amazing People. 

The Only Missing Is You!


Who is Wealthy Affiliate Not For?

The following people may want to reconsider…

In my opinion, it is the best affiliate marketing educational community-based platform. Where all your tools are in one place, truth be told it’s just not for everyone.

Building an online business is indeed not a get-rich-scheme. So, this platform is not for everyone, especially, if you’re not willing to continually learn, put in hard work. Also, I do mean hard work. Dedicate your time then this is not for you!

If you want me or anyone else to predict when you’ll see commissions, this is probably not for you either.

No business owner, in history knew when they would make their first commissions.

They went in knowing that one day. It would just happen. Regardless of how long it took.

Two Levels With Wealthy Affiliate 


 The First Option Is A Starter Membership: 

A Starter Membership is Absolutely Free.

When I first joined WA I was really impressed with the training platform. Usually, as a free member. You’ll have very limited access to parts of the program. Before you are required to pay an outrageous upgrade fee.

Which leaves you staring like a deer caught in headlights! Just clueless!

The starter membership does have limited access to training. However, you’ll be given enough information to actually get your website up and running. Before you ever have to think about upgrading.

You can remain on starter membership for life. If you would like. Although, most serious entrepreneurs end up upgrading. Because, they do find a lot of value within the community.

Even I began as a starter member. I do highly encourage you to start there too. Then you’ll be able to decide if it is for you.

Are you ready to meet me on the other side?

A Starter Member Will Have Access To The Following:


  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (10 Lessons)
  • Boot-camp Training for Affiliates (10 lessons)
  • Classrooms, Evolving daily (access to 2)


  • 2 Website platforms that you will not outgrow
  • 12 website Designs (Access to 12 Themes from WordPress)
  • WordPress Plugins (Access to 2)
  • SiteRubix.com Site Domains (Access to 2)
  • Hosting and Virus & Malware Protection


  • The Ultimate Writing Platform
  • Grammar & Spelling Checker
  • Templates for Efficiency

Keyword Tool(Read The Review Here)

  • You’ll get 30 Free searches for Keyword research from Jaaxy.com


A Community That Cares for your success

  • 24/7 chat for 7 days
  • Plus community support 24/7 (It seems like no sleeps in the community)

⇒ To Get The Most Advanced & Comprehensive Training In The Industry, Click here

The second Option Is Premium Membership:

The premium membership is optional. By no means do you have to upgrade to premium?

Premium is $49.00 per month.

The primary goal of Wealthy Affiliate is to see its members succeed. I want to see you succeed!

If you join premium within seven days from your starter membership. You’ll get a 61% discount off your first month.

So you’ll pay $19.00 for that first month. Which is a bargain like no other?

After the first month. The monthly membership will be $49.00 per month. There is no contract. So, it can be canceled at any time.

On the other hand, recently Wealthy Affiliate has implemented A New Payment Option, to allow people to start their business more budget friendly.

Here Is The New Payment Option 

THE HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: IS IT A SCAM? They Care About Their Members So Much They Have Implemented A New Payment Option To Help Their Members Stay Active

What Will You Get As A Premium Member?

Education features & benefits

  • Weekly live interactive classes
  • Over 300 Hours of Expert Education Replays
  • 50 lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • 70 lesson of Boot Camp Training for Affiliates
  • 1,000+ Training Modules
  • 12 Classrooms evolving daily
  • Create your own training also earn revenue
  • WA authority blog that can be seen on Google; (Every person that visits your WA blog from the outside of Wealthy, can potentially end up joining you. And when they do you’ll get the full referral credit for it) And, get this the blog within WA can be Ranked into Google… Isn’t that Crazy?) Check this post out, I show you where my WA blog was ranked into Google. 

Website Features & Benefits

  • 50 website platforms that you will not outgrow
  • 3000+ beautiful Website Designs (WordPress Themes)
  • 51,973+ website feature “add-ons”
  • All inclusive Domain Platform

Wealthy Affiliate Features Included So Keep Reading THE HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: IS IT A SCAM?


Exclusive Benefits

  • Birds of a feather flock together. Network with 1.2 Million Members Strong
  • Guaranteed Sitespeed
  • SiteHealth
  • Explode your website engagement with Comments
  • SiteFeedback
  • Advanced Website Training
  • Free SSL Certification (Web Encryption)



Hosting Features & Benefits

  • Managed Monitoring
  • Automated Monitoring
  • Site Support Average response is less than 5 minutes
  • Virus & Malware Protection
  • This could cost you $250-$300 per month

Siterubix Hosting Premium Features Included, Keep Reading THE HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: IS IT A SCAM?


More Details?

Did I mention that hosting is included? I know I did. You just finished reading it. Hosting is included, Who does that?

What happens if you don’t want to stay with Wealthy Affiliates hosting forever? Great question! Although, Wealthy Affiliate does have excellent hosting. Sure, you do always move to another hosting at any time.

Wealthy Affiliate is a way to get your business up and running in a more cost-effective way until you can transfer or decide to transfer to another provider. Moreover, you may never want to move, who knows.

For example, hosting with Bluehost would be $71.40 for 12 months at introductory pricing. Meaning, after 12 months your pricing for hosting would go up to $95.88. On the other hand, if you were to start hosting with SiteGround, your introductory pricing for 12 months would be $47.40 + a domain registration fee. After your 12-month introductory pricing is up, you’ll be charged $143.40 per year.

Anyhow, hosting is what makes your website visible on the internet. Having hosting alone packaged into the membership with Wealthy Affiliate will save you money.

No, other affiliate network offers affiliate marketing, hosting, SSL security, domain names available at their lowest prices in the industry, along with so many more different tools all in one package. I can assure you of this!

Keywords and Website Research

There are billions of keywords, available within Jaaxy with a click of a button. Simply put, if you want to beat your competition, you’ll need to understand what they are doing and what you need to do to get ahead of them. Keywords are the lifeline to your website. Without proper keyword research and usage, you may fail horribly.

Here take Jaaxy an exclusive powerful, fast, and efficient keyword tool for a test drive. It’s free to try it out and no credit or personal information needed.

Enter any keyword below and see what you come up with. 


Wanna Build A Free Website! Enter Your New Website Name Here

Are There Any Cons To Wealthy Affiliate?

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I did have cons and here is what I didn’t like.

1. It has so much information within the Wealthy Affiliate Community, that it was overwhelming for a complete newbie. With that being said, it could be a pro.

I guess it’s better to have; a lot of information. Than not have enough. I have paid thousands of dollars on affiliate programs. Including high ticket offers, that gave me too little information, which led me nowhere.

2. The community can be addictive. Everyone in the community is so encouraging and loves to help out, so much that eventually, you feel like your at home. It’s like having an internet family or friends.

3. The membership fees were a little pricey for me, so, I joined and paid the yearly price, to save money and so, that I also held myself accountable.

4. I am an introvert. So, I was nervous about mingling with so many people instead, I ended up fitting right in.

5. At first, I didn’t know before joining Wealthy Affiliate that I had to write articles (blog), anyhow, I followed the training and ended up loving to write.



THE HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: IS IT A SCAM? No So Join To Learn How To Make Money While You Relax

My Final Opinion On Wealthy Affiliate

This is not an opinion. It’s a fact. Upon starting, WA I was very skeptical and not sure if I should join. Because of all the money I spent and failing miserably before.

Today, I am no longer skeptical. After I signed up. There, were no up-sells or down-sells.  Although, there is an option of going to a Premium membership.

I also recommend them to you or anyone that is looking for a way to earn legit income online. You’ll get step by step training, plus a helping hand. I would love to help you get started so, that you can be on the road to success but, first you have to be willing to start, work hard, learn new things, and have patience.

This is not a get rich quick so that it will take time. I encourage you to join me on this journey and although there is a premium membership. It would be best if you started as a free member, so you can get a feel of the community before making your final decision.

Get Started Now With Your Free Membership


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Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price: Starter Member (free), Premium Membership ($49/mth or $359/year)

Who Is This Best For: Affiliate Marketers, Beginners, Anyone wanting to Create an online business…


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Free-Membership Start Now Because Wealthy Affiliate Is Not A Scam. THE HONEST WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW: IS IT A SCAM?