Wow App Review – Is It Legit Or Another Scam?

Name: Wow App


Price:  Free

Owners:  President and CEO Thomas Knobel

Best For:  Anyone who likes to earn free money doing little tasks.

SUMMARY: Wow App is an app that is intended for people who like to do good, share, and you want to make a difference in the world. Plus, you’ll earn coins for doing so.

Welcome to the Wow App Review!

I assume you’re reading this article because you’ve heard about the Wow App.

Therefore, you want to know what this App is all about? More importantly, is it a scam?

Great news because I have been a member of Wow App for a little while now. Therefore I’ve tested the App out myself. 

In this review, I’ll lay out all the details for you.

​What Is Wow App and Should You Join?

Wow App is a free mobile app that can be downloaded on both IOS devices, Android, PC, and MAC. The App was launched in 2015 by Thomas Knobel, which now has over 1 million users.

Anyhow, to make this message as clear as I can. 

Thomas,, the creator, had a brilliant idea of creating wowism in the world. He calls it his new economic sharing. 

Therefore, the money that Wow App earns from ad revenue; at least 70% of that is shared with you, the community members. 

By the way, it’s free to join this App, and if you want access you can join here. If you decide to join, it’s your choice. 

The idea behind this App is to complete the little task. Almost like you would with Swagbucks or MyPoints.

However, with Wow App, you won’t only be helping yourself out financially, but, you’ll also have the opportunity of helping others out as well. 

So, let me explain in further detail. 

Why You Need Wow App

​How Will You Be Helping Others Out?

Since Wow App has decided to share at least 70% of its Ad revenue with you, you’ll earn what they call Wow Coins.

After making a certain number of Wow Coins, you can cash out your money within 60 days. There are ​​seven ways to cash out your money.

Anyhow, when you cash out your money, you’ll be given an option to cash out and keep all the money to yourself. 

Or you can decide to cash out a portion and give back some of that free money you earned from Wow App and do good by giving back to the world.

How Does Giving Back​ With Your Wow App Work?

Remember the money that you earned with Wow App is free. They are sharing th​is free money with you.

Therefore, you can do good by donating a small percentage of your earnings to one of the 2000 charities that are available on your Wow App. 

These charities are for different causes, and they’re located in over 110 countries. 

Do You Have To Donate Your Earnings?

​So, some of you may be wondering if you have to donate your earnings and the answer is no. You don’t have to donate your profits at all. If you choose to keep all your earnings, then no problem. 

However, to make things clear, a Wow donation starts at 10 Wows, which is $0.10. Therefore, if you would like to do good and donate to one of the important causes, then it doesn’t take much. 

Can You Make Money With Wow App?

​Yes, you can make money with Wow App. There are many ways to earn, and I’ll go over that shortly.

The way the Wow App works is for every 100 coins that you earn, it equals $1.00. 

For example: 100 Wows = $1.00

Although Wow App allows you to make money,  you won’t get rich. 

However, it will allow you to earn extra money.

Listed below are the different ways you can start making money, and although Wow app only list 9 methods. I’ve added 2 other proven methods that you can use to earn coins with Wow App.

9 Ways To Earn On Wow App

#1. Build A Network

So, how can you build a network, if you’re not an affiliate marketer or a YouTuber, nor do you have an email list? Great question!

If you can grow your Wow network, you’ll earn more. Therefore, the bigger your network, the bigger your payouts. 

By the way, Wow app allows you to earn up to 8 levels deep. 

Not only will you earn from your activities, but you’ll also gain from your friend’s actions. Everyone does good in the Wow App by sharing their profits. 

Most people that join Wow can’t invite too many people.

So, to increase your chances, here are some ideas. 

  • Share your link on all social media platforms.
  • Make YouTube Video​’s.
  • Start a Blog, and I recommend this community.
  • Share your link with family, friends, or your Gmail contacts.

The bottom line is to share your personal page to as many people as you can. 

Another important note is that the people in your network must be active. You’ll also have to understand that not everyone that joins you will be active.

Therefore, the idea is to get people to join that are willing to use the App. 

#2. Make Your Profile Public

When you download the Wow App, you’ll have to verify your phone number but worry none. Your number won’t be displayed to the public.

If you’re still concerned about your number being displayed to the public, simply go over to your profile and set your number to private. 

Therefore, it’s safe to say that if you make your personal page public, anyone can join your network, without having access to your personal number. You’re probably wondering how making your profile public will help you, and I have the answer. 

Setting your profile to the public allows your personal page to be displayed on the Wow App website. Therefore, anyone who sees your page can join you automatically, which increases your network. 

The more active people you have in your network, the higher chances you have of increased earnings. 

#3. Instant Earn

You can instantly earn Wow coins by entertaining yourself. Watch videos, taking surveys, installing other apps, and many more options. 

#4. Shop Online

Do you ever shop online? If so, I suggest you take advantage of Wow App’s cashback offers. If you ever used Ebates or Dosh Cash App, then you’ll know how the shop online works.

Fishing For Extra Cash Take Surveys And Earn Money

#5. Play Games

Who doesn’t like to earn coins while playing games on their phone? If you like to play games on your phone, are you collecting coins for playing?

If not, check the Wow App and see if your game is available. If it is, then you can earn coins for playing games that you’re already playing for no money. 

#6. Make Phone Calls

Call anywhere in the world with the Wow app. 

According to Wow App, they have the best and lowest international rates available. 

The best part is for any reason you need a new number. The Wow App allows you to get a Wow number.

#7. Store Credit

The store credit works like the online shopping feature. If you choose to use the store credit, you’ll earn cashback from the store that Wow App features. 

#8. Smart Slide

At first, I thought the smart slide was annoying. 

However, after I learned that I earned coins just for keeping and sliding my screen, I’ve decided to keep it active for now. 

Therefore, you can earn easy coins by just having the smart slide activated on your phone. 

A smart slide is like a locked screen cover. It works with native apps, music, pass-codes, audio books, and many other programs that you may have installed on your device already.

#9. Smart Web

Smart Web is a free browser extension that allows you to earn coins just by searching the web. Almost like Qmee

#10. Chat & News

Do you like to chat with your friends? Or read the news on your phone? Either way, you can earn more coins by completing these simple tasks. 

#11. Computer Web

As mentioned earlier, you not only access this App from your mobile device, but, you can also access this App from your computer. 

Therefore, you can earn coins by checking your account directly from your desktop or laptop. Also, if you want to chat with friends or family, you’ll receive more by completing this task directly from your computer. 

Is A Wow App A Scam?

When you first join, the App it was a bit confusing but, after using it for a while, I learned how to use the App, and I’m sure if you’re a pro app user, you’ll be fine.

Anyhow, no, Wow App isn’t a scam. 

A few people may assume it’s a scam because it takes about 60 days to cash out your earnings, but, there is a reason for the delay. 

Wow App wants to make sure no one is cheating the system, this includes the ad networks, and it’s members. 

By the way, here is CEO Thomas Knobel explaining his new economy of sharing YouTube video.


  • ​Not a scam
  • ​A win-win ​earning potential

  • ​It’s free
  • The bigger your network, the more you make​​​​


  • ​Low pay so it won’t make you rich
  • ​It would help if you invited others to earn a decent amount
  • ​Takes time to learn the platform

How Much Can You Earn With Wow App?

Well, there is no set limit on how much you earn. However, there are many elements that you need to factor in. 

As with anything else, it all depends on you. It even depends on how long you spend on the App.

It depends on if you invite others to the App. 

Are the people you invite going to use the App? 

Therefore, predicting your earnings with Wow App will be difficult. I don’t know your capabilities, and you won’t know your network capabilities. 

Either way, it’s free, so there is no risk in giving it a try. 

​Who is Wow App For?

The Wow App is available to anyone in the world, but to join, you must receive a link through an existing member. I’m a current member. Therefore, if you want access ​you can join here.

Earn Free Coins With The Wow App

​My Final Opinion Of Wow App

After reading this entire review, you should have a better understanding of what the Wow App has to offer you. I’ll admit that it won’t make rich. However, if you’re seeking ways to earn extra income, this can be a great option to try. 

If you had other plans in mind; like making a real financial change, then I would recommend you to check out this community that’s catered to beginners. It’ll teach you how to build a website from scratch and make a full-time income online.

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