Is Kids Earn Cash A Scam? 8 Reasons Why It Might Be

Welcome to the Kids Earn Cash Review!

Name: Kids Earn Cash


Price:  $0

Owners:  Unknown

Best For:  No One

SUMMARY: This is a fake platform that allows kids and adults to earn extra money by sharing an influencer link. 

Curious about making $500.00 today? Does that sound right to you? Better yet, have you joined this program and can’t seem to withdraw your money?

If any of the above sounds like you, then you’ll want to read this entire review.

Kids Earn Cash Overview

I came across this system when some random twitter user promoted this offer to me.

Just by the name alone, I thought this had to be a scam.

Furthermore, being the mother that I am, I thought to myself, since when can kids get paid to make money online especially, if you’re under 16, and more importantly, it’s not an online paid survey site.

Above all, with all the kids that are using cellular phones and mingling on social media today, I knew this had to be some trap to get information out of a lot of people, including minors.

Of course, I can’t just assume things, so I checked it out for myself.

Anyhow, the website name itself, made me automatically think that this was an opportunity for children, literally. In fact, a kid was the one who sent me the offer. I told him that I would check it out and evaluate it.

Regardless, I know for sure if my kids came across this system, I would have immediately looked into it.

What kind of world we live in today, this is starting to get ridiculous, maybe even scary. Keep your scam antennas activated!

Kids Earn Cash Today

What Is Kids Earn Cash?

When I first looked at the website, it looked impressive. Indeed, it doesn’t look fraudulent or anything like that.

After going over the site, there was a limited time offer with a $25.00 sign up bonus, and something didn’t sit right. It’s not unusual to receive a sign-up bonus. However, it is rare to get a $25.00 bonus.

The average sign-up reward is typically between $0 – $10.

Anyhow, it all sounded familiar to past systems, that I have joined and tried, with no results.

By the way, I’ve done a review on thejobpaid and thejobpyament which Kids Earn Cash system seems to be similar to, and recently, I received a message from one of my readers who put his hard time and work into “the job payment”, and unfortunately was not able to withdraw his money.

Regardless, today, I will go over what I’ve discovered with Kids Earn Cash, and it doesn’t look good.

Nevertheless, the idea behind this website is you can join for free; then you’ll receive a $25.00 sign up bonus.

Earn 500 today

How Does Kids Earn Cash Work?

Well, truth is this won’t work, and I’ll let you know why it won’t work in the next few paragraphs.

Once you sign up, you’ll immediately get access to what the Kids Earn Cash, calls an influencer link.

Usually, this so-called influencer link is considered a referral link or affiliate link but, I guess, they have renamed the unique link to influencer link. No big deal, that doesn’t make it a scam.

After you share your influencer link with your friends and family members on social media or wherever you can share the link too, you’re supposed to earn $10 per person that signs up.

The best part is Kids Earn Cash claims you can cash out your earrings via PayPal, Cash App, Western Union, mailed checks and so on.

Oh did I mention, not only can you get paid by having others sign up to this platform but, you can get paid if someone were to click on the link that you share, which would earn you an additional $2.00 per click.

Furthermore, if you were to make and upload a YouTube video, talking about how Kids Earn Cash has helped you make money and why you love them. They claim you will earn $50.00.

Do yourself, a favor. Don’t embarrass yourself like this! So, far the Kids Earn Cash seems generous with their money. However, I wouldn’t upload a video to YouTube boasting and bragging about this platform. It’s not real!

Besides, the owners are probably sitting back laughing at all the people who have taken this seriously, and I’m here to save you from the embarrassment. Above all, I don’t find it to be a joke so, this is why it’s crucial for you to keep reading.

On top of this, they have online paid survey offers within the account, which is supposed to be an additional way for you to earn income.

I checked out the online surveys, and they are third-party companies, which I can’t confirm are legit. If you are looking for legit online surveys check out Paid Viewpoint or Swagbucks, they’re companies I use and recommend.

Welcome Affiliate Bots

A Kid Shared His Link To Me

After having a kid promote this platform to me, I find it vital for you to know the reasons why this system is not worth your time. So, please continue reading.

Real Influencer Accounts Send Confirmation After You’ve Joined

1. Not to mention I had trouble signing up at first but, when I did get access to the platform. I never received an email after signing up to this program. If the program was a real influencer program that was planning on paying you, usually, you’ll receive confirmation thanking you for joining the program.

Kids Are Encouraged To Join

2. This tweet that I found on Twitter, it says money has no age to earn and encourages children to start making money today, with their program. First of all, with the PayPal user agreement states, you must be 18 years old or the age of majority within your state, which is usually 18 or 19. Don’t believe me, read the PayPal user agreement for yourself.

Kids Are Encouraged To JoinKids Are Encouraged To Join

Besides, that if a kid did sign up and actually end up earning money with this, taxes are still owed. Furthermore, online money is not free money. I’m not a CPA nor an attorney so, I wouldn’t know how a minor would file taxes.

Bogus YouTube Testimony, Watch And Learn

3. On the front of the Kids Earn Cash website, there is a YouTuber testimony. The headlines of the video says “Making $11m on the Kids Earn Cash network”.

This guy Tanner Fawks goes as far as saying he has earned $1.8 million within 3 months. Please do watch his video he has put a lot of time into trying to organize his video, and you’ll notice that in the footage Tanner has recruited over 81 thousand people to this program.

You’ll also notice that during the footage Tanner was supposed to show you how he earned this amount of money but, he never did. In fact, the YouTube video was cut short.

You’ll also notice a message saying that the rest of the video will be released by March 31, 2019, in his course.

Well, it’s a whole month past March 31st. I couldn’t find anywhere on YouTube or the internet where the continuation exists.

Don’t Submit Your Resume. It’s A Waste Of Time

4. On the website, it states “Now Hiring” submit your resume. I tried sending a resume, and it never told me about the job openings. Nor did it allow me to provide the resume through attachment. The only way to submit a resume is to mail a resume, send it via email, or send it to their social media account. By the way, don’t send in your resume, this is not legit, and it’ll be a waste of time.

False Income Proofs

5. There is a proof of income page with fake testimonies and income proofs. Don’t fall for this. True, your account balance will reflect a decent amount of money but, when you try to cash out, you’re entire account will either be locked or the account will act like it’s frozen. Besides, you can’t attempt to cash out until you have made $150.00, which is 25 referrals. Either way, it goes you won’t be able to get your hard-earned funds.

Make Money Online With Wealthy AffiliateRequest Denied

You Must Be 18 To Get These Accounts

6. PayPalWestern UnionCash App, and Mailed checks all require you to be 18 years of age. If you’re not 18 years of age, then an adult will have to be involved in getting your money cashed for you.

Moreover, with the Cash App, I would be careful because, I’ve been scammed out of $100.00 the first time I’ve ever used the app. If you don’t know what the Cash App is here is a resource that goes into a little more details. 

Worry none, about any of this because, as I said earlier you’d be wasting your time with this program.

Sites Name Has Changed Many Times

7. This site has re-branded itself several times. You have to ask yourself why have they changed their name so many times. There is nothing wrong with changing your domain name, but, changing it over 6 times, can be concerning.

Here are the other website names that have the same look as Kids Earn Cash.


There Isn’t An Option To Select Forgot Password

8. All websites that are offering you different ways to earn money have an option for you to retrieve your username and or password, in the case that you have forgotten it. Well, with Kids Earn Cash this is not an option. It looks like you would have to start a whole new account. Kind of risky don’t you think?

No Forgot Password


  • Nothing


  • You won’t get your money
  • Many people are complaining about not receiving their payment. (BBB Reports)
  • Doesn’t look right!

Who is Kids Earn Cash For?

This program is for no one, not kids or adults. I don’t recommend it at all.

My Final Opinion Of Kids Earn Cash

Are you still interested in Kids Earn Cash? The bottom line is that this program doesn’t look right at all. I wouldn’t recommend it and definitely wouldn’t let my kids attempt to use it.

I hope by now, you are able to make a more informed decision. However, at the end of the day, it’s your decision. I would ask for you to do yourself a favor and avoid this program.

Furthermore, programs like this usually set up websites like this, to gather your name, email address, and sometimes, your home address, which is then sold to other companies.

Scams come in all sizes big and small. I’ve learned that over the last year but, thankfully, I’ve found a legit way to make money from home if you want to know how I can work from home Full-time, which is also beginner friendly, then check out this community, which teaches you how to build a website and make money from multiple streams of income.

Hence, it would be your own business, and then you wouldn’t have to search for ways to make money online.

Besides, I’ve tried several programs like this before, and all you’ll end up doing is wasting your precious time. On top of that whoever, you share the link too, will also end up falling into the same trap.

The main reason why most people fail to make money online; they all receive misleading information.

Luckily, I found a legit way to make money online. I was frustrated and tired of being scammed. I came across this community and learned so much, including how to avoid scams.

If you want to check out my #recommendation, it’s free to join, no credit card needed, nor do you need experience. Plus, you’ll get support from me.hem

Your Turn

Did you join this program? Did you have success with it? Feel free to chime in. I want to hear from you. Whatever you decide I wish you all the best!

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