What Is Cashload.net? A Scam Or Have They Paid You?


Website: www.cashload.net

Price: Free to join

Owners: No one knows

Best For: Only the Owner will benefit from this site

SUMMARY: CashLoad.net is a website that claims you can earn money by putting your social media accounts to use. They pay you for clicks, referrals, completing tasks, and submitting a YouTube testimonial video.

Is Cashload.net recommended? Not at all!

Welcome to the Cashload.net Review!

Today, I came across a site called Cashload.net. It’s being promoted on Instagram.

So, if you arrived at this post wondering if you should give this opportunity a try or stay far away from it, then this review is for you.

Welcome to the Cashload.net Review!

Today, I came across a site called Cashload.net. It’s being promoted on Instagram.

So, if you arrived at this post wondering if you should give this opportunity a try or stay far away from it, then this review is for you.

​What Is Cashload.net?

According to Cashload.net, you can start earning thousands just by joining this program and putting your social media accounts to use.

Technically speaking, Cashload.net calls themselves an influencer marketing platform.

Therefore, what they mean by this is that they connect influencers, like yourself, to big brand named advertisers like Target, Epic Games, Amazon, Apple, and many more.

If you were to share your referral link on social media or anywhere possible, then you would be driving traffic to the Cashload.net website.

Consequently, this is supposed to give the above-branded companies more exposure.

Either way, Cashload.net claims to have well-known companies paying them, and since they’re being paid well. They then can pay you well too.

Anyhow, when I first arrived on the homepage of Cashload.net, I thought maybe it could be a legit website but, after joining the program, I later discovered that it was not.

Cashload.net Scam Review

How Does Cashload Work?

As I mentioned earlier, according to Cashload, they are being paid very well from advertisers.

So, well!

That they are now happy to pay you for doing small tasks, referring your friends, and family members.

However, there is a catch!

What Cashload wants you to believe is far from the truth.

Cashload.net hasn’t paid anyone! They aren’t as caring as you think.

If you were to go to YouTube type in the keywords “Cashload.net Real Or Fake”.

Click on a video that someone has recorded and read the comments.

You’ll eventually come across people who have tried the program, waited on their payment but never received it.

Furthermore, Cashload.net works like many of my previous reviews.

Please go check them out KashTree.co, Paid 4 Clout, and Clout Bucks.

They have also never paid any of their members.

You see, this is what they are hiding.

If you were to join Cashload, you’re supposed to enter your name, password, country, and pick a username.

After you have done this, you’ll get access to the dashboard.

Since you have entered all of those details, Cashload, now can store your information within their database – this is how those opt-in forms work when there used for wrong reasons.

Anyhow, they assume that most people are using the same details that they would use with personal accounts.

Therefore, this website is built on the purpose of collecting as much information as they can.

From as many people as they can.

Once they have collected your information, there are several things they can do with it.

Moreover, they can sell your information to third party vendors. Those third party vendors can then send you money-making opportunities or sell your information again.

It all depends.

They can also use your information for hacking purposes.

Again it all depends on what mission Cashload.net has in mind.

Either way, it is imperative that you do not share your referral link with other people. It’s even more VITAL that you don’t join this program.

Also, if you have shared your referral link, don’t feel bad.

It wasn’t intentional, was it?

Well, I hope not!

Because most people don’t understand how making money online works.

Share this post, and it’ll do all the explaining for you.

Is Cashload A Scam?


Although their website looks sleek and professional.

The site owner is knowingly scamming people. Before, you or anyone joins, they already knew they had no plans of paying any commissions, which is sad but true.

I would stay far away from this platform. The most significant part that makes them a scam is they have not paid anyone.

Cashload.net Is A Scam

Cashload Scam Exposed….

#1. Having Withdrawal Problems

Again, as I mentioned earlier, it has been reported that many members worked hard to earn money on this platform.

However, when it came time to cash out their hard-earned money, they didn’t get paid at all.

Now, if you worked hard on something, and didn’t receive your promised pay. Would you have thought it was a scam?

I know I would have!

I almost thought the same thing, while testing out a program called My Lead Gen Secret, because, literally, all I did was sent out emails every single day.

I thought there was no way this is real until I received a payment from them.

However, with Cashload.net, I’m sorry; they aren’t going to pay you.

#2. Let’s Take A Look At Their Stats

According to Cashload, they’ve been in business for over 3 years, with 233k members, and paid out 9.7 million dollars.

Firstly, this domain name has not been active for 3 years.

It has been active for six months.

I also discovered that the domain name might have been changed. Because, on their terms and conditions page, it mentions a site named Cashload.co, which is now an expired domain name.

So, there is a discrepancy with their timeline.

#3. No Privacy Policy

So for some, this may not be a huge red flag. A privacy policy page is something that is required on all websites. At the time of this writing, there was no privacy policy.

By the way, read what this blogging lawyer has to say on this subject matter.

#4. The Payout Is Too Generous

Okay, this is the cold hard truth.

You will never be able to make money.

I mean real money, without spending money!

It’s a known fact.

Therefore, whenever a free opportunity sounds like you can potentially make a part-time income.

It’s a lie!

For example, according to Cashload, they are offering people $2.00 for each click and $20 for each person that signs up.

Furthermore, if you were to complete the wall task, you’re supposed to earn $20.00.

Submit a YouTube video and earn $50.00.

Once you reach the $150.00 threshold, you’ll cash out.

However, as they say, “Houston we have a problem.”

They are no legitimate sites that I’ve come across yet, that will pay you this amount. Not even Swagbucks will pay you this amount.

Also, if you were to join a legitimate, affiliate network, they may pay you to say $20.00 for each person that joins.

However, they won’t come back and pay you $2.00 per click.

It doesn’t work that way. They will only pay you one or the other, and before you commit to promoting the offer, you’ll know what the affiliate network has agreed to pay you.

#5. Your Information Is Not Safe

I’ve already mentioned this earlier, but I thought I might run it by you again. Especially if you are one of those people that skim read, and missed all the vital information before landing here.

Your information is at risk!

There’s no way to tell precisely what they’re doing with your information, but here are some ideas.

They can resell your information to third party vendors, or they can use it for hacking purposes. Who knows I’m not the owner so I couldn’t pinpoint it.

#6 Business Address Isn’t Theirs

According to the bottom of the page, Cashload.net headquarters, is located at 176 Westmore, Mondaile Street, Vicotiran 887 NYC.

I do not believe this address to be Cashload’s.

Furthermore, I typed the address into my GPS and it doesn’t even exist. After typing the address in my GPS, I realized that a full address wasn’t disclosed. This is indeed not their business address.

Cashload.net Address Is Fake

​It’s ​Time To Build A Profitable Website


  • ​After reviewing this site, I couldn’t find anything worth mentioning


  • ​Everything is terrible.
  • ​You won’t get paid
  • ​It’s a scam.
  • ​Your infor​mation can be at risk.

Cashload.net 25.00 Sign Up Make 20 Per Referral OR Get Scammed

​My Final Opinion Of Cashload.net

Okay, after reading all the above you should have a better understanding of how this program works.

It’s a scam, and the site is used for the owner’s benefits, and not yours.

I’ve tried to make it as clear as possible that Cashload.net won’t work because it’s not legit. It’s a waste of time.

If you want to make money with a legit get paid to site. Then I would suggest Swagbucks, which are popular sites, and many people enjoy using them.

More importantly, they will pay you, after you have met their threshold.

However, if you were trying to make a long term income, then I suggest you learn how affiliate marketing works, and I recommend this program for that.

Affiliate marketing is a legit business model. It’s the same thing I do and enjoy. The training that I recommend offers their first 10 lessons for free.

You don’t need a credit card. So, there is no risk. Check them out and see if it’s for you.

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