“My Lead Gen Secret Review” Quality Leads Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to the My Lead Gen Secret Review!

Are you struggling to get your offer in front of a targeted audience?

Tired of not making no money at all?

Do you need an online business where you can start promoting affiliate products, immediately?

As all the Gurus say, “the money is in the list.”

Well, today, in this review, you’ll learn from an updated ex-member’s experience.

When I initially reviewed this program, I was indeed excited. MLGS doesn’t require much work, and yes you can see results with it.

I’ve tested the program for 6 months. Spent a total of $270 and earned a whooping $70.00 back.

I don’t recommend this program for many reasons. I’ll go into further details below.

Program Website: www.myleadgensecret.com

Price: $30 one time set up fee + $30.00 per month

(additional upgrade fee of $29.95 one time for a master email swipe.)

Owners: Jim Harmon

Best For: It’s supposed to be for Anyone

SUMMARY: ​My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) is supposed to be a lead generation system, giving you 100 to 200 daily leads.

This program is making waves across the internet, like no other.

If you don’t know anything about paying for leads, it usually puts a massive dent in your pocket.

Especially, for ​targeted leads.

And if you’re new to marketing, paid ads is another option but, a huge learning curve.

Plus you’ll need a decent budget to get started.

However, once you have the skills to get the job done, you’re golden.

My Lead Gen Secret Review Quality Leads Is It Legit Or A Scam

What Is My Lead Gen Secret?

Without getting eyeballs on your offer, you won’t make any sales.

No sales, equals no money.

According to Jim Harmon he’s created this program to help the little guys out.

I came across this system several times, and I finally decided to take a look further.

After initially hearing about the program, I immediately thought about Instant Email Empire or Copy My Email, which are two programs that I don’t recommend.

The difference with MLGS is, that the creator shows his face. The cost is also nowhere near what the other two programs wants you to pay.

On top of that, from what I’ve experienced the support team at MLGS are responsive and very helpful.

So, what exactly is it?

It’s a Can-Spam emailing marketing platform, where you will receive 100 leads per day.

Once you receive your leads, you can email your leads once every 24 hours.

(At no extra charge, they can be emailed directly from the MLGS mailer.)

By the end of each month, you should have acquired 3000 leads.

Isn’t that insane?

My Lead Gen Secret Review Quality Leads Is It Legit Or A Scam-1

Here is how the equation looks.

100 leads per day x 30 days in a month = 3000 leads for the month.

Indeed, I agree, it’s insane and something that I’ve never heard of.

Anyhow, with Google Adwords, and Facebook ads increasing by the day, you’re competing with the big time spenders, just to get one lead.

And to get that one lead, it could cost you what seems like a fortune for some.

So, if this isn’t groundbreaking news!

Then you should know firsthand that paying for fresh hot leads isn’t as easy as you thought. Plus, it’s not cheap.

Regardless, My Lead Gen Secret is supposed to be a cost-effective way for you to gain high quality leads for your business, blog, MLM, networking marketing company.

Hence, I have to disagree with the high-quality leads.

So, How Does It Work​?

You probably get the idea all ready.

Receive 100 leads per day, and every 24 hours you’ll revive new batch.

Once you get your first referral, you’re leads will increase to 200 per day.

  •  Select the Amount of Leads you’d like to email
  •  Add your affiliate products to the email
  •  Don’t forget to select the “Perfect Timing” option.
  • Sit back and wait for the results

The leads you receive are supposed to be permission-based-leads. So according to Jim this is completely legal and GDPR compliance.

Is it really?

Now, I am no lawyer or GDPR expert but, in my opinion, this system is not fully GDPR compliance.

At least not for you, and I’ll explain here shortly.

Is My Lead Gen Secret GDPR Compliance?

As I mentioned previously I’m no GDPR expert but, I was reading this article called GDPR Sales. It talks about how you can find new customers WITHOUT breaking the law.

Purchasing a lead list happens to be an issue that the author addresses and from what I understand from the author’s article, I can’t confidentially say that MLGS is GDPR compliance.

Meaning, that the list may be in compliance for MLGS, because, they are the one’s who collected the leads.

Even when you use the MLGS mailer, this could still keep you in compliance.

See the image below, “it states you can use OUR Can- Spam Compliant mailing platform.”

You Can Use Their Can Spam Mailer, My Lead Gen Secret Review

Now, let’s think over this the moment you download the leads. Upload them  to another email marketing platform, are you still in compliance?

Remember the leads never subscribed to “You“. They subscribed to Jim.

In fact, I truly believe that the leads don’t know the reason why you’re emailing them. Every time, I emailed a lead personally, they never responded.

This seems to be a common problem

Leads From The Mailer Seem To Not Respond To MLGS Members Emails

Anyhow we are told the lead requested information, and according to MLGS this is 100% legal.

Regardless, within MLGS mailer you send an email to a lead, the problem is there is no option to unsubscribe from the email list, which according to this article can violate the rules of consent under GDPR.

The leads will come with the following:

  • The date the lead opted in
  • First and last name
  • Address
  • IP Address
  • Country
  • Email Address

I do not think you will build the life of your dreams with this program. It has many concerns, and could lead to instability.

My Lead Gen Secret Review Quality Leads Is It Legit Or A Scam-2

What Millionaires Aren’t Telling You?

We all know that after searching for make money online opportunities, you’ve probably run into people like Frank Kern,​ Tai Lopez, Neil Patel, or Russell Brunson, the guy who created Clickfunnels.

They’re driving the fancy cars, private boats, and even living in the masons.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but what they rarely expose, is how they’re making money.

If they did, expose it their status would disappear.

So, according to Jim, he has helped many of the “Guru’s” in this industry. Therefore, he knows exactly what they do and what they aren’t doing.

They use the funnel method.

The same approach, I mentioned earlier, where you build a sales funnel, attract as many people as you can, and then promote products to them.

They also split the cost of acquiring leads to their funnel, which why they call it permission based leads.

High Quality Leads, Yeah Right?

First and foremost, their proclaimed high-quality leads, are misleading.

When MLGS is referring to high quality leads. Are they considering the country the leads come from? Or are they referring to the actually quality of the lead?

According to MLGS, these leads are the same leads that millionaires use. So, one would think that the leads are very motivated buyers.

MLGS Claims They Have The Same Types Of Leads That Millionaire Marketers Use

I have to disagree about the quality of the leadswithin My Lead Gen Secret Emailing System.

The leads aren’t millionaire marketer leads for sure.

In fact, the leads aren’t very responsive or motivated at all.

If we are referring to the country the leads come from, then indeed they are considered high quality.

About 97% of them come from the US, and the other 3% come from UK, Australia, and Canada.

​Pin Me Please! 😀

100 Leads My Lead Gen Secret Review

What Offers Are The Leads Interested In?

​I’ve had many people ask what products, services, or niches work with these leads.

After testing the service, it seems that the best option for these leads are the business opportunity offers.

However, according to support, they claim that members have converted offers in the following niches.

  • Weight loss
  • Diet and fitness
  • Plus, many more.

If you’re unsure about your offer,  MLGS has a support line that you can contact. An agent will give you advice based off other members campaigns.

How Can You Email Them?

​Here is a major discrepancy when it comes to how and what you can do with your leads.

On the sales page you’ll learn that you can upload the leads into your own email marketing system, as you can see with the message below.

Upload MLGS Leads To Your Own Mail Delivery System

News Flash!

You can not upload these leads to your own autoresponder.

Aweber has banned the leads from being uploaded to their system. They also have been known to shut down your entire account if they find the MLGS affiliate link within your emails.

MailChimp doesn’t agree with affiliate marketing. So, it may not come as a surprise when they don’t agree with MLGS offer being sent out their their platform.

GetResponse, is a pretty lenient email platform but, they do not agree with uploading the MLGS leads either.

I have sent a few links through my GetResponse account and nothing happened but, this does not mean your account is not at risk.

Also, I later found out that many marketers are not using popular email platforms, they are using self-hosted autoresponders.

I tested out a self-hosted autoresponder for myself because, I wanted to know how it works.

A self-hosted autoresponder is the only way to email thousands of leads. It’s also a huge learning curve. Plus a ton of work.

Even with a self-hosted autoresponder you’re running a risk of getting your domain name blacklisted, banned, or shutdown.

As you can see in the image below I  have a list of 153,975 leads that came from the MLGS program.

Uploaded Leads From My Lead Gen Secret

Before uploading the leads into my self-hosted autoresponder, they were sent to a cleaning services called Klean13.

During the cleaning services all the bad emails were taken out.

When I uploaded the leads, they were run through another service which checks for blacklisted emails, and so on.

The point is, when I started out with the list of leads, I had about 318k valid leads.

Comparing the image above and the image below, as you can see about half of the leads are definitely bogus.

Half Of The MLGS Leads Are Gone

​ ​I also sent out a blast email to all 153,974 leads. That email contained the MLGS program itself, and My Online Startup.

Shockingly there wasn’t any sales but, many clicks.

It still amazes me how I achieved a very high click through rate according to MLGS dashboard with not even one sale.

Not only that, My Online Startup at the time was a free program to join. No credit card was needed.

Is My Lead Gen Secret A Scam?

I can’t say it’s a scam, you will get 100 leads per day. And, after making your first sale, your leads will increase to 200 daily leads.

I can also admit that MLGS does pay you immediately after you have met their $30.00 threshold. I’ve actually received a payment from them myself.

Payments are received via PayPal, Bitcoin, or Mailed Check.

I’ve noticed that many marketers prefer to receive a mailed check for the fear of losing their PayPal account. So, I have no clue on what the deal is there

Either way, there are several successful members within this platform making money with the system but, it could be that their selling to many beginners.

Another concern I would like to mention is that. When I did send out the 153,975 emails. As I mentioned earlier, one of the offers I sent out was MOS (My Online Startup).

According to my MLGS dashboard I received several clicks to the offer. But, according to MOS and Clickbank, I received none. I contacted both Clickbank and MOS, they both asked me if the email list was legit.

​My Lead Gen Secret Scam The FAQ’s For MLGS ​& Concerns

Can a complete newbie do this?

​I would say yes and no. First off, I don’t recommend this program to a beginner.

A complete newbie can do this, if you send emails from the mailer everyday.

It requires little to no work.

You might get a few sign-ups, and make a commission here and there.

You’ll also notice that your sign-up’s will cancel within the first 30 to 60 days, which means you won’t receive recurring commissions.

At first, I thought MLGS was newbie friendly but, now I can’t agree.

If you’re trying to make a decent income out of this method, you’ll need to recruit outside people.

Many of the members who promote this program all over the web, already know how to market.

Marketing is not taught within this platform.

Also, if you can remember, Jim said that these are the same types of leads that many millionaire marketers are using.

If that is the case, then the leads would be truly high-quality.

Also, shouldn’t the leads convert with more ease?

Either way, recruiting other people into a lead system wasn’t part of the deal.

The deal was, you’ll get 100 high-quality leads that millionaire marketers use daily. You also wasn’t supposed to be stripped of your hard-earned money, and it wasn’t supposed to take more than 20 minutes per day.

Most members have to recruit other members or leads to make this system work. Meaning, they are putting in more than 20 minutes of work per day.

In fact, many of them are promoting on Facebook and YouTube almost all day.

That was not part of ​the deal.​ Either way, I wouldn’t recommend this to a beginner.

Are the referrals Real people?

I’ve seen many people say the leads are real. While others have quietly said that these leads are nothing but bots, which one is the truth?

Unfortunately, I can’t confirm.

One thing I can’t wrap my head around is, I’ve emailed the leads personally and asked them if they were real people.

That email immediately, sent alarms.

After sending out that email, my click through rate and open rate went through the roof.

I thought for sure, I would get some sort of action then.

Needless, to say none of the leads responded to that email.

However, after requesting to cancel my account I mysteriously received a personal email from one of my leads and she claimed to enjoy the program. ​​

I removed the customer name for privacy reasons.

I sent my referral an email back, letting her know that I had bonuses and a private Facebook group to help her succeed with the program.

Strangely she never responded again. This scenario happened every time, I asked to cancel my account.

My Lead Gen Secret Review Customer Response

Do you have to invest in anything else?

After trying many programs​, I’ve learned that the best way to sustain long term success is invest in your own website. The reason being is if a company shuts down so, will your paycheck.

And if you own your website, you could move in a different direction a lot easier.

If you want to start a website. I recommend this community. It will teach you marketing, and how to make money with your website.

You’ll also get the support that you need and best of all you’ll learn to make money the stable way.

So, in short No, you don’t have to invest in anything else.

You could literally just use the MLGS mailer.

However, as mentioned earlier, the people who are seeing a huge success with this program are doing more than just emailing the list with the MLGS mailer.

Meaning they are investing in other tools.

Such as the self-hosted autorepsonder, and buying solo ads.

They’re also promoting the program on YouTube, forums, social media, or anywhere they can share their affiliate link.

Is there a community?

Not, at this time there is not a community. I asked support about a community and they claim they have one​ in the making​.

That question was also asked during May 2019. It is now March 2020, and no community has yet to be formed.

If you’re looking for a MLGS community, it’s best for you to search on Facebook. There are many groups that will support you.

Do you need to sign a contract​?

No, you will not be locked into a contract.

You can cancel at anytime.

Your monthly payment is $30.00 per month, and even after you cancel you can still ​remain an affiliate.

How Many Accounts Can You Have?

As odd as it sounds, you can have more than one account. I’ve had two different accounts with MLGS at the same time.

Is it hard?

No, you’re literally just copying and pasting emails and hitting send.

I’ve made 14 sales by literally just emailing the people on the list.

The problem is there is no value in doing this, all you’re doing is selling the same system over and over again. ​

Or you’re just selling products to people that might not even work.

By the way,​ none of my referrals from the MLGS list ever made a sale.

With having said that, I would have to say this system wouldn’t help a beginner.

Again, you might make a little money with the program but, you won’t learn the proper way to make money online, which isn’t good for your future success.

​These are cold leads.

So, if you dec​ide to give them a try it can take time before you see action.

Then again, just like many other members you may not see a sale at all.

My Lead Gen Secret Commissions

Is success guaranteed?

No, success can never be guaranteed with any online business. As mentioned before there are many members who didn’t receive a dime.

Another thing, I’d mention is many of the members in this program have been online for awhile and never made a dime. So, they like the idea of making money with MLGS.

As I mentioned earlier, this system isn’t difficult and you may see your first commissions.

The one’s making good income within the program, are marketers who have experience, and previous following.

​Do the customers open up the emails?

From my experience, according to my stats, they do open up the emails but,  I also noticed a few things.

When a lead joined my down-line ​from the My Lead Gen Secre​t mailer list.

I would immediately invite them to a private Facebook group, plus offer support and bonuses.

All​ ​the leads that I reached out to with my personal invitation never responded to me.

I’m not sure what to think about that.

By the way, I’ve seen many members report this same issue ​but most will keep it hush-hush.

They’ll tell you to keep promoting and testing.

Well, I’ve tested for 6 months, 2 different accounts, and the results are still the same.

There are just too many unanswered questions that I can not piece together at the moment.

Either way, t​hey do open the emails.

MLGS Update Stats

​ 100 fresh new leads every day, is it true?

Yes, every 24 hours you get fre​sh new leads. These leads can also be downloaded to an excel spreadsheet or whatever platform you choose to use.

I’ve also noticed that none of my leads were repeat. So each lead had a different name, email address, and location.


  • Cost is affordable.
  • ​The Leads Information is from (USA, UK, Canada, Australia)

  • ​It’s Not A Scam
  • ​Jim Is Real​​​​
  • Support is good


  • ​No Training
  • ​New Company
  • Not Sure How Long The System Itself Will Last.

My Lead Gen Secret Review Quality Leads Is It Legit Or A Scam-3

Who Should & Shouldn’t Join?

Personally, I don’t recommend this program.

​These are cold leads, so they don’t know who you are.

Meaning it still can take time to convert. Plus, at this time I can’t even confirm is the people are real.

Anyhow, you shouldn’t join if you’re not looking for an online business opportunity.

You also may not want to join if you don’t want your offer in front of more people eyeballs.

Another reason, you shouldn’t join is, if you’re looking for long term success.

If you’re looking for a quick way to make money online. Or you just want to see your first dollar, MLGS may be for you.

Either way, acquiring leads can be costly.

So the leads can’t be given out for free.

According to Jim, for a limited time, you’ll be able to get in on this opportunity for $30.00 a month.

Is it worth it? I would have to say no.

On the other hand, if you were to ask me why did I stay so long.

It’s simple I spent at least a thousand dollars on solo ads and paid traffic with no results whatsoever.

With My Lead Gen Secret I spent a fraction of the cost and seen results very quickly but, not enough for me to justify keeping the program.

There are some things that I can’t wrap my head around, and I’ve mentioned many of my concerns throughout this review. So, at the end of the day, I still don’t recommend it.

My Lead Gen Secret Compensation Plan

The best part about the MLGS system is if you don’t have an offer to promote you can promote the system itself.

Even if you have an offer, you still can promote the system.

Either way, there is an unlimited earning potential, and here is how it works.

#1. Earn $5.00 per month for every member who purchases directly from your affiliate links.

#2. Receive $4.00 per month when your referral makes a membership sale.

Then it goes down for about 5 levels. (almost sounds like an MLM)

#3. You can also receive commissions on master swipe emails upgrades. This pays you up to 5 levels deep.

Here is what you can expect from that.

  • 1st level – $5.00
  • 2nd level – $4.00
  • 3rd level – $3.00
  • 4th level – $2.00
  • 5th level – $1.00

My Lead Gen Secret Review Quality Leads Is It Legit Or A Scam-4

After your commissions have accumulated to $30.00, then you can request payment through PayPal, Check Or Bitcoin.

By the way, you can also pay for your MLGS account with Bitcoin.

Anyhow, as mentioned earlier I said that they paid me within hours.

So, how can they pay you so quickly?

It’s simple; there isn’t a “get your money back option.”

The only way you can request a refund with this system is if you didn’t receive your 100 leads as promised.

Weekly Superstar Bonuses

So, what is the weekly superstar bonuses?

​It’s where you can win an unlimited number of $100.00 bonuses each week.

Simply refer 5 new confirmed memberships within 7 days, and you’ll get a bonus.

Pretty cool, right?

In other words, if you get 30 new sign-ups within a week times, you can earn a $600.00 bonus.

Again, it’s not as easy as they make it seem.

​My Lead Gen Secret Tools, Training + Support

​When I discovered the training videos, I must admit I was highly disappointed. I have no idea how the training video would help a newbie.

The training videos are about 10 minutes long.

I might as well say there is no useful training videos.

There’s two short video but not a solid training that you can follow.

Either way, I guess, that’s why you’re highly encouraged to get the master email swipe when you join​,​ because you ​won’t have to sit around wondering what you need to say to your leads.

I purchased the master email swipes and they seemed a little scammy. Okay, they were a lot scammy. I never felt comfortable placing my name at the end of the emails.

Now, that’s horrible!

They basically promised people riches by the next day wh​ich simply isn’t true, and not at all possible as a beginner. ​

My Lead Gen ​Secret ​Up-Sells​

The investment for this system is $30.00 for a one-time setup fee.

You’ll pay $30.00 per month until you decide to cancel your membership.

If you cancel your membership, you will not have to pay for the account setup again.

However, if you start a new account as I did, you will have to pay a new set-up fee because, i’s a new account.

A new account comes with new leads, and a new affiliate link.

Anyhow, the there are several up-sells $29.95 -Master Email Swipes.

If you choose not to invest in the master email swipes during the time you join.

Then you’ll be offered the master email swipes at $59.95 after you have logged into your account.

Jim himself wrote the emails.

Are they worth it?

In my opinion, no, they sound like a scam. Nothing I want my name attached too.

When I tested out the program, I used the 30-day Master Swipes and only 3 out of 30 emails converted for me.

Additional Traffic Source (Up-sells)

​I haven’t tried any of the sources below.

I have only tried My Lead Gen Secret. Anyhow, the additional traffic sources all optional.

By the way, not too many people within MLGS have used the below options either.

​Newspaper Alive

This is where you can get your website ​listed in over 30k + newspapers across America

  • ​Package one: $60.00/month for 200-250 Visitors
  • ​Package two:$125.00/month for 50 to 550 Visitors
  • ​Package three: $399.00/month for 1800 – 2200 Visitors

Organic Prospects

70 ​Prospects with an genuine interest level between 75-100% are delivered to you on a daily basis.

  • $30.00 one time set up fee
  • $29.95 per month

Twice Confirmed Traffic

TCT buys traffic and tests it for conversion rates. If they see it converts once. They test it again. Hence this is where the twice confirmed traffic gets its name.

  • $59.95 per month

​My Final Opinion Of My Lead Gen Secret

Above all, My Lead Gen Secret isn’t a scam due to the fact that you will get your daily leads. I did get paid real money straight to my PayPal account.

If I learned anything with MLGS, it taught me how buying leads works.

However, after testing the system for 6 months straight, I can’t recommend this program. My referrals, never responded to me.

They also never made money themselves. It’s just risky.

My Lead Gen Secret didn’t live up to their promises, and in many cases they were misleading.

I prefer to make money in a more stable and honest way.

Build my own website, use SEO, drive traffic to it, and make money.

It’s not as simple as it sounds, but a lot more stable than MLGS.

Either way, whatever you decide I wish you all the best.

Comments Or Questions

Do you have any experience with My Lead Gen Secret? What do you think about this system? Would you say it is worth it or not?

Have you ever paid for leads? Or purchased Ads did it work out well in the beginning? Did you have to spend a lot of money to acquire high-quality leads? Leave your comments below; I would love to hear from you.

22 thoughts on ““My Lead Gen Secret Review” Quality Leads Is It Legit Or A Scam?”

  1. Thank you for an honest and straightforward review of My Lead Gen Secret. I’m glad to hear that it is not a scam and is actually recommended, something that is all too rare. Interesting that they pay via Bitcoin. That there is no training is not a huge deal in my opinion, but I appreciate you pointing it out. Considering this a new company, I will definitely bookmark your site here and check back in a little while, just to be crystal clear that it’s legit. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad that you found the article of My Lead Gen Secret helpful. You’re right it’s not a huge deal that there isn’t a whole lot of training, however, there is a resource section that can help out if anyone needed further help.

      Anyhow, yes please do bookmark this article, who knows My Lead Gen Secret could turn out to be worth your time.  

  2. This is such a great topic as many are looking for good leads for their business, whether online or offline, including myself! I have been running offline businesses for years and you are right that getting quality leads is usually a hefty investment.  So your article was timely, informative, well-written and easy to read. Your coverage of the good and bad features and the overall conclusion are both pretty compelling.  Just wondering if you have signed up for this yourself given that it seems more cost effective than other paid options you have tried?  Also, it would be helpful to know if there a lock in period or can subscribers terminate at any time? Another question I have is how frequently the leads are re-cycled and whether there is a limit on the number of subscribers being accepted in the system? Logically, the more people have access to and use the same recycled leads for all types of products and services, the higher the chance of irritating them and resulting in unsubscribes? Thanks.

    • Hi June,

      I’m glad that this article came just in time. It’s always great to the experience of others. So, I’m glad that you took the time to comment today. Anyhow, you bring up some great questions.

      Yes, I did sign up to the program, myself, so, this is how I know you will be delivered 100 leads per day. Now, if you were to sign up and get a referral to the My Lead Gen Secret then you leads would increase to 200 per day.

      There is no, lock in period. You can cancel at any time. Therefore, your subscription is deducted every month in the amount of $30.00 per month. If you decide the program, isn’t for you, you can download your leads. Upload them into an excel spreadsheet. Then cancel your account.

      The leads are recycled every day, you’ll receive fresh new leads daily. I agree the subscribers can become upset if they are being promoted to constantly so, I can understand your concern.

      According to Jim the creator of the system, he says that he will limit the amount of people who can join. When will he make the cut off date, if ever? I’m not sure yet, he hasn’t announced that to the public or to the members.

      Well, I hope I’ve answered all your questions, if you not, let me know and I’ll be glad to assist further. Thank you, for stopping by!

  3. I have been searching for a good lead generator and I have come across My Lead Gen Secret. And you have give very useful details about this platform on your site.

    You have mentioned that My Lead Gen Secret besides US based leads, includes leads from UK, Australia, and Canada. Could there also be leads from other countries in the European Union?

    • Hi Henry,

      Finding leads is a tough skill to master. So, when I came across My Lead Gen Secret, I thought that I should share the opportunity with others before, they decide to increase the price; if they do.

      Anyhow, yes, I’ve noticed about 97% of my leads are US based. The other 5% comes from Canada, Australia, and the UK. So, to answer your question, no Europe is not involved with the leads due to GDPR compliance.

      I hope this helps.

  4. Such amazing information that is packed with great knowledge.  I can’t believe how much I just learned and am now going to get “My Lead Gen Secrets” started!

    I have a nutrition Blog would this program work for my site or should I just use it as a extra money making?

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for all your kind words! I am glad that you found this article helpful.

      Although, there permission-based leads, all expressed interest in the making money online niche. There has been reports that members are converting offers in other niches. Such as health and wellness. So, with that said, it’s safe to say that your nutrition blog could convert.

      When paying for any leads nothing is guaranteed. However, if you were ever thinking about running a paid ad, then this option is available. Besides, it could save you money and make you money as well. The My Lead Gen Secret as a very helpful support, if you’re still unsure, if your offer will convert, you’ll want to visit myleadgensecret.com.

      In the bottom left hand corner there is a live chat support. They will advice you if your offer will convert or not based on another members experience with the nutrition niche.

      Either way, My Lead Gen Secret can be used as an extra income as well. You know as the say the money is in the list. I hope this helps.

  5. I’m really glad I found your article as I’m trying to make a decision on my lead acquisition strategy right now. I’ve read a number of reviews of other lead-gen companies and there is so much hype that it’s hard to see what is legit and what is garbage. Your review is nicely laid out and highlights the positives and negatives of My lead gen secret.

    I currently have 2 sites that I’m looking to promote – one in digital marketing and one in healthcare. It sounds like it could be a useful source of leads for the digital marketing site but do you think its got any potential for the healthcare field?

    • Hi David,
      I can definitely understand your concerns. I was the same way; I had no idea what to think about My Lead Gen Secret. It was indeed a lot of hype, and due to many scammers online, it is very hard to determine who is legit and who isn’t.

      One thing I can tell you by personal experience is you will get a fresh new batch of leads every single day. About 97% are from the USA and the other 3% are from Canada, UK, and Australia.

      On top of that their support is very helpful. I did ask them if they thought the health and nutrition niche could work with My Lead Gen Secret leads, and their response was yes, there are many members that promote health, wellness, and diet-related offers to the leads and the feedback that they are getting is extremely positive.

      So, in short, yes, the health niche is converting with the daily leads. I hope this helps.

  6. Hi, Kisha.
    Nice to see your website and thanks for the information on My Lead Gen Secret. Your review is so exhaustive and comprehensive.
    I was searching for such a system from last one year. I have an email bank with me containing 1000s of email, but they have not asked for any information. I have not used these email thinking that it will become spam.
    Do you get leads from India or Asian Region and what is the success rate?
    I will soon join this program as it looks genuine. Thanks for the Recommendation Kisha.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi Gaurav,

      Thank you for all of your kind words. I really appreciate it. The leads within My Lead Gen Secret are 97% from the USA with the remaining being from Canada, UK, and Australia.

      Anyhow, the success rate is very high. There are many members that are seeing results. Of course, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Above all, the open rates on the emails are fairly high compared to a typical autoresponder.

      My Lead Gen Secret offers an affordable sustainable lead generation service for marketers on all experience levels. Regardless, there are live chat account managers in the live chat platform working with members to help them achieve the success that you’re looking for from their leads.

      Above all according to the support that I have spoken with they’re in this for the long term. So, My Lead Gen Secret doesn’t plan on going away anytime soon. I hope this has helped

  7. La’Kisha, all of the comments here are very positive. Hmm…..I have been with MyLeadGenSecret for about 5 weeks, promoting it exclusively with the email swipes provided by the system. I did some posts in Facebook groups, which is where my ONLY 2 sales have come from.

    For me, though I had very high hopes (as seems to be the case with those posting here) it has not been a good experience at all, though I am nearly to the point of sending out 7,000 emails to these leads every day. Is it unreasonable to expect that there would be at least 1 sale from the thousands and thousands of emails that I have sent out on a daily basis over these 5 weeks??

    I am questioning the validity of this program and the quality of the leads.

    • Hi Terry,

      It’s great to hear from.

      Anyhow, I certainly apologize that you haven’t had a good experience with My Lead Gen Secret.
      It’s interesting to hear about other’s experience.

      I too would think by now; there would have been a sale. I mean almost 7000 leads is a lot.

      Regardless, I have been keeping a close eye on other members progress and I noticed that everyone seems to make a sell at different rates.

      I also notice that many of the members are making videos, writing articles, and sharing all over social media. So, when their making the sells, it’s coming from everywhere.

      I haven’t shared but, on this website, and within the MLGS system itself.

      So, that way I can keep track of where my sells come from.

      I know for myself; I have made 3 sells using MLGS. So, the leads are real but, now the quality of the leads,

      I would say they aren’t high quality as they were advertised.

      Anyhow, one of my sells were within 9 days and the other was on the 12th day.

      Two sells were with for the MLGS system itself. I used the MLGS affiliate swipes. By the way, email #8 converted for me. The one with this title “Have you lost that marketin’ feelin?”

      Then my 3rd sell happened shortly after; I also used the MLGS system.
      However, the third sale wasn’t for MLGS itself, it was for an MMO product on Clickbank.

      Anyhow, I spoke with support myself and ask them outright if the leads were real and they replied “Yes.” Of course, that doesn’t mean anything. But, so far, they do seem really helpful.

      I know you can contact MLGS and they will look into your account and help figure out what you need to do, going forward. Well, at least that’s what they did when I contacted live chat…

      Either way, I can definitely understand why you would question the validity of the system. I would feel the same why.

      When you send out your emails, are you clicking the perfect timing check box? I click that check box every time, I send out an email.

      I also add my name, email address, and contact information…to most of the emails, not all but, most…
      Either way, I hope this helps…let me know if you have any further questions or need help…I am happy to help as much as I can…

      By the way, this YouTube video helped me too

  8. MLGS is a scam. You can find out yourself by just doing this:
    1. get an affiliate link or link to one of your own websites where your visitors are tracked
    2. use a link shortener that tracks clicks (i.e. tiny.cc)
    3. insert link in your marketing e-mail and watch statistics

    Statistics in MLGS are totally bogus. According to them i should have had thousands of clicks on my links. In reality not a single one ever shows up either in your own webstats or link shortener stats.

    • Thank you, Patrick for sharing your experience with My Lead Gen Secret.

      I must agree with you, after testing the program for 6 months I do agree that the stats within the MLGS mailer are bogus. I’ve also sent out my affiliate link through email marketing and received the same results. Within MLGS dashboard, my stats read great but, after sending out several money opportunities, most were free.

      I had to come to the realization that something was off. I did ask support about it. And of course, they told me that the MLGS stats were correct. I sent a few programs that can be started for free. One in particular was My Online Startup and the other was Wealthy AffiliateThe Ultimate Wealthy Affiliate Review: {2020}.

      I asked the MOS staff why wasn’t my clicks showing up. The staff there was very helpful. They looked into my account and I was advised that they didn’t see any clicks on their end at all. They even asked me if the subscribers were real. I even sent out SwagbucksGive Me Swagbucks – Put Swag In Your Pockets! which is a totally free program and ended up with no results.

      Anyhow, I really appreciate your feedback. I’m sure your input will help many others make a more informed decision when it comes to this program.

  9. Tracking links aren’t supported if you use their mailer so use your raw links as Jim mentions in the training, otherwise you will have overlapping issues (ie. numbers not lining up)

    I’ve been using this service for many months, both with their mailer, and downloading/mailing the leads myself and the results have been consistently profitable. If anyone needs help using MLGS effectively I’ve personally found this Facebook group with over 3500 MLGS members extremely helpful https://www.facebook.com/groups/myleadgensecretsuccess/

    I’ve really gotten to know some of the people in the group and their assistance with the MLGS platform has been priceless.

    • Thank you, Taby for sharing your experience and Facebook resource. I’m also glad to hear that you are seeing profits with My Lead Gen Secret. Besides, the MLGS mailer are you using a self-hosted autoresponder or a regular email marketing system?

      I also made a sales with the MLGS mailer itself but, as I mentioned in the article there are some unexplained things going on. Either way, I’m happy for your success…

      • Most in the facebook group I mentioned are using the provided mailer since we have found it does have the highest delivery rates, but a good number of other people in the group have also been having success using MailWizz to contact their leads.

        Best of luck and do feel free to reach out to me on fb if you need any help 🙂

        • Thank you, for your response and kindness Taby. I really appreciate it. I will certainly keep you mind if I ever need to reach out to you. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  10. So you really emailed 150,000 + leads you received from the MLGS system and didn’t receive one sale? Not even one opt-in into your free start-up? That is super sketch…

    • Yes, I’ve emailed 150k several times and didn’t even receive one single opt-in. The offer I sent to the list was FREE to join program. There was no money needed to join. And, as a free member they could have made money if their referrals upgraded. The point is, even as a free offer my email subscribers did not budge.

      I’ve even sent free surveys to them that will allow anyone to make money just by answering simple questions. They wouldn’t have made much but, surveys usually convert very high because of the simple fact they are FREE. That didn’t even get a response either.

      So, to me the MLGS system is not 100% trust worthy. I can admit- you may make a little money…which I did… but, for me it’s not about how much money I can make. I prefer to help people avoid scams and not lose money that they don’t have too. I can’t say MLGS is a scam but, I can say that I don’t recommend them.


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