The Commission League Review: Will This Work As A Beginner?

Name: The Commission League


Price: $997

Owners: Mike Balmaceda

Best For: Intermediate to Experienced Marketers

SUMMARY: The Commission League is an affiliate marketing training course that will teach you how to promote Clickbank products to an influencer email list. The course claims you can make $200 to $1k per day, even as a beginner while working only 20 minutes per day.

Is The Commission League Recommended? Yes and No!

No, because, in my opinion, there were too many unrealistic claims. 

Plus, the tactics that they are teaching, I can’t confidently say they will work for a beginner. 

Yes, because, for an experienced marketer this could work.

Welcome to The Commission League Review!

According to The Commission League (TLC), if you were to watch their free webinar. 

You’ll learn how 4 people used a 3 step system which has made them more money than most people make with their 9 to 5 jobs.

So, if you hate your 9 to 5 job, this review could be for you.

To be transparent, I didn’t purchase this product. Instead, I attended their webinar.

​​I kept receiving this program through my email from unknown marketers.

So, I’m sure if you’re receiving unknown emails from The Commission League you’re wondering the same thing I was wondering.

Is this program legit or just another scam?

Today, in this review you’ll learn what the 3 step system is, how does it work, and if it is a scam? 

What Is The Commission League?

Even if you never had success online, The Commission League is supposed to allow you to quit your day job and work only 20 minutes per day, while earning passive income.

Imagine only working 20 minutes a day, with the potential of earning $200 per day to $1k per day. I’ll admit that it does sound enticing, but, what is this all about.

The Commission League is a product created by Mike Balmaceda. Moreover, Mike is a co-founder of Six Figure Success Academy. So, this isn’t his first product.

What Is The Commission League

How Does The Commission League Work?

From what I got from the presentation, this product is targeted to new people online, that is strapped for time, and needs to earn extra money. Or would like to quit their day job.

According to The Commission League, they confidently boast that you can work 20 minutes per day, and still make money online.

  • Even if you have no experience
  • No Product to sell
  • Even if you failed before in the past
  • Don’t have an audience, Facebook, or Google
  • Plus, you don’t have to drive your own traffic

If you were to purchase the course, it would teach you how to get your offer in front of a targeted market, by using their free landing page, which is what TLC referred to as a sandwich page.

A sandwich page, squeeze page, landing page, capture page, and bridge page are all the same. 

Simple Sandwhich Page With The Commission League

Either way, a landing page is where your audience would be presented with a video or some catchy headline.

Then If the person visiting your landing page is interested. They would enter their name and email address into your opt-in form.

With having said that, TLC knows that you’ll need a way to continue emailing the interested parties that you just captured.

So, they have provided a free email autoresponder with this program.

An autoresponder is a software that holds all the emails that you captured from your landing page.

Furthermore, it’ll allow you to continue contacting the list of people that have opted into your landing page because they have given you permission to email them immediately and in the future.

Anyhow, Mike has teamed up with three other people John, Justin, and Steven. Together they have made over $30 million online.

So, with their proclaimed expertise they will teach you to do the same within this course.

Is The Commission League A Scam Or Legit?

After all, The Commission League isn’t a scam.

According to Mike, he states that there are Gurus online, who are taking people’s money and washing people up.

In other words, using their skills, knowledge, and power to take advantage of an online beginner.

Mike also promises you!

That this would not happen to you, if you were to join The Commission League program because they aren’t like the other guys. 

What’s Behind The Scene

You’ll learn what the best topics are to make a huge earning potential.

The topics that they say would help you earn a huge income with is:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

The idea is to learn how to promote products people want, or is looking for.

In other words, the products that you learn to promote should help others solve a problem.

Therefore, you’ll be taught how to promote a Clickbank product to solve people’s problems, by using this 20 minute work day system.

By the way, Clickbank is a free affiliate network, and you could actually join without signing up to any program.

Anyhow, all the above topics, are also known as niches, which have a huge income potential.

However, there is also a lot of competition in these niches, which will require you to learn different skills, and stand out from the crowd.

To solve this problem, Mike mentions that instead of doing things that doesn’t work.

They’ll teach you one thing that has been proven to work time and time again, which is email marketing.

According to Mike email marketing has a 3800% ROI.

When you’re taught email marketing through this program, TLC has decided to take a different approach, which makes no sense to me.

You’ll be taught how to reach out to influencers who have a huge email list. An influencer is almost like an internet celebrity.

Once you find the influencer who has a massive email list. Then, you’ll ask them if you can send your offer to their list.

In return, you’re encouraged to offer the influencer a small fee such as $50.

I’m not sure how many influencers will agree with a beginner, and no reputation, emailing their list. Especially, not for $50.

Can you imagine asking Tai Lopez to email his followers?

I’m sure if he allowed this type of business transaction he would charge way more than $50.00. 

What Has Made Mike And The Team Millions?

According to Mike, there are 11 products that they made over 10k per in one week.

How did they do this, Mike states it’s by using the Burn protocol.

The B.U.R.N protocol has made these gentlemen millions of dollars.

B = Best selling product

Pick the best-selling product from Clickbank Marketplace, and Mike shows you how to go about doing that.

The reason why you’re picking the best-selling product, is because you’ll have a higher potential of making a commission.

U = Updated frequently

The product material, software, and so on must be updated frequently. If a product is outdated, and doesn’t keep up with the trend.

Then you’re potential of selling the product decreases because, most people like to stick with the trend.

Regardless, outdated information, wouldn’t benefit your customers anyhow.

R = Recurring commission

You’ll want to promote a product that offers recurring commissions.

It’s less work you’ll have to do when you receive recurring commissions. Instead of a one time payments.

N = New products or hot offers (people currently looking for it)

Mike and the team, encourages you to choose new or hot offers on the market. The newer the product, the easier it is for you to make a sell.

​What Did I Like?

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank is legit

I did like the fact that they are teaching affiliate marketing. On the other hand, some products on Clickbank can be questionable. Therefore, you’ll have to test and experiment to see which products are worth promoting and which ones are not.

60 Day Money Back Refund

Clickbank usually offers a 60-day money back. 

High Commissions

If you decide to join this program, you could earn $600 commissions, whi​ch I thought was good.

Many Bonuses

According to Mike, you would get many bonuses with the program. Plus 24 hour support, whihc is always great to have when your first started out online.

​What Didn’t I Like?

Unrealistic Expectations

They claim you can work 20 minutes per day and earn high income. As a beginner, it won’t happen like that. Even as an expert, you’ll still need to work more than 20 minutes a day.

Think over this, if you were to work 20 minutes a day. Do you think you could create an income?

The training course itself, could take hours before, you even get a chance to promote anything.

The only system that I’ve ever tested out, that has allowed its members to earn money, with ​​minimum work, and they do use email marketing is My Lead Gen Secret.

Even then, you wouldn’t earn as much as this program is claiming, without learning how to properly market​.

Denying Methods That Actually Work

There are many methods that Mike claims doesn’t work and they are a waste of time. Such blogging, YouTube, Social Media, Paid advertising and so on.

These methods do work. I know from experience that Blogging still works today. Blogging is the way, I learned to make consistent income online.

All major companies, Such as Google, Apple, and many others have a blog today.

If it didn’t work, why do you think they continue to waste their time, and money? In fact, Google, still allows people to start a blog with Blogger, that should be proof that blogging is still alive.

Also, if you would like to read the facts about YouTube click here. ​​

Hits You With Pain Points

Mike uses a lot of pain points. I believe this is why the program is targeted towards beginners, with no time to spare.

Beginners lack the knowledge of how money works online. Plus, most beginners who are interested in affiliate marketing claim they have no time.

Therefore, this audience is perfect for Mike to target.

He goes on to say that 85% of people aren’t happy with their day job.

I did a little digging and found that Mike is right, but, at the same time. 

I also found an article where they say 85% of the people do like their job. I think it depends on the person and their job.

Steep Price ​For Some

For some $997.00 plus any other tools that you may need to invest in could be steep​.

Therefore, this opportunity could be a higher risk than a program that doesn’t cost a fraction of the cost.

If you’re in that situation and want to try to make money with email marketing without any experience, then you’re better off with My Lead Gen Secret.

And even then it’s still tough to tell if MLGS will be a long term business. At least the risk isn’t as high.

The best and most sustainable way to see long term success online is by one of the methods that Mike doesn’t recommend and that is blogging.

Plus, YouTube still works as well.

They Claim A Traffic Multiplier Is Free

What does this mean? Usually, when a product says the traffic is free. It’s a clear sign to pay close attention – because no traffic will ever magically appear to your landing page.

​What Do You Get With The Commission League?

You’ll receive a $5985 value from TLC, which they ​claim to give you a $3k discount the day of the webinar.

  • Pillar #1: Commission League Blueprint
  • Pillar #2: How To Find 1k Opportunities
  • Pillar #3: How To Find Profitable Products
  • Pillar #4: Push-Button Influencer Solutions
  • Pillar #5: Done-For-You Setup From Us

You’ll also receive:

  • Done for you landing pages
  • Free autoresponder
  • 1000 High Quality Leads
  • Traffic Multiplier system which is included.
  • 50 email swipes that 7 figure earners have written
  • Private Facebook Group

Either way, it’s a one time fee. So, I can’t say the program is terrible. You will get many bonuses and features for $997.00.

Can You Make 200 To 1K Per Day With The Commission League

My Final Opinion Of The Commission League

In this review you learned what to expect with The Commission League. What you decide to do from here is your choice.

Anyhow, I don’t recommend the program to a beginner. Unless, you accept the responsibility of taking risk.

Meaning, if you can’t afford the program, I wouldn’t move forward ​because, there is a risk, as with any other business.

​There are too many negatives over positives. To take a risk it needs to make sense, and in this case, I can’t make enough sense out of it, if you’re a beginner.

If you are looking for a long term income online, I would recommend you learn how to promote the best-selling Clickbank products, and this is where I learned.

​P.S. I didn’t Think Making Money Online Was Possible

​If you’re interested in making money online, it’s not easy but, ​certainly possible. Thankfully, I found a training program that ​was free to start, no credited card was needed and I learned​ the truth of how things worked.​

​Click this link, and you’ll be introduced to ​a training ​that gives the average person, even a beginner with no knowledge an increased chance of success at launching and profiting with an online business.

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