Referral Pay Review – Legit Or Will They Not Pay You?

​Name: Referral Pay


Price: Free to join

Owners: Who knows

Best For: No One

Summary: ​Referral Pay is the same scam that has been reproducing itself over and over again. It claims to be the #1 social media influencer site that pays you bucket loads of money.

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Hey ​friend, Welcome to the Referral Pay Review!

When you type in, you are redirected to is a website that was created on April 28, and then was established less than a month later on May 23. Either way, they are both the same sites.

So, today in this review, we’ll go over what Referral Pay real intention are when you join their program. 

​​What Is Referral Pay?

At first glance, Referral Pay appears to be a decent looking website. So, the idea of them not paying you or even scamming you doesn’t come to mind.

Anyhow, according to Referral Pay, they strive to be transparent with all of their members.

Therefore, the reason why Referral Pay can pay out massive amounts of money is that there is money generated from ad spend and sponsorship products, which they supposedly split with you. Almost, like a legitimate program called Wow App.

Either way, according to their FAQ’s page, they have documented on the Referral Pay website that Zindex is heir parent company which has been in business in 2005. When I Googled Zindex, I couldn’t find any such company.

Referral Pay Review Make 500 Per Day Or What

The Truth Of How Referral Pay Really Works?

Firstly, Referral Pay is not new to the internet. They have launched under different domain names. Such as KashTree, Paid 4 Clout, and CashOG, and they turned out to be scams.

Secondly, this site is a data collection website, which means the sole purpose is to collect all and as much personal information from its visitors.

Once enough information is collected. The website owner, can then sale all the names and email addresses to third parties, which by the way is a big business model.

Anyhow, once the information is sold to the third party company, the third party company will then spam your email inbox with scammy make online money products, or do whatever they choose is necessary to make money with your information.

Thirdly, Referral Pay claims that you will make bucket loads of money for completing simple tasks. It’s simply not true. Take Swagbucks for example; it’s one of the most popular GPT sites on the internet. It’s legit and pays real money.

However, it still takes work to make money on the platform, more work than expected, and less pay than what Referral Pay claims.

Furthermore, to make $500 per day, by doing nothing, is almost impossible. There is no other way to do this than to start your own online business, start a YouTube channel, create your own products, or become an affiliate marketer

You Need 2200 People To Make 500 Per Day

The bottom line is a Referral Pay, has no plans on paying any of its members. They have never paid anyone real money.

Plus, according to their website, you can earn $500 today or per day by inviting your friends.

Here’s the math If you were to invite a friend and get paid $10 per friend, then we would need 50 referrals. If you were paid $15 per friend then you would need to invite 33 people to make $500.00.

However, in the image above their calculator shows that you need to invite 2200 people per day to make $500.00. 

Is Referral Pay A Scam?

Yes, Referral Pay, is a scam, just like Weekly Hour Job. They will come up with every excuse in the world on why they can’t pay you your commissions.

Once, people have caught on to the Referral Pay scam; they will quickly launch a brand new scam website.

The one way I found as the best solution to avoid being scammed and losing money online is to start your own website from scratch and learn affiliate marketing, and for that, I recommend this community that teaches the average person with no prior experience how to be successful online.

​It’s 2019 It’s Time To Build A Website

​​It’s An Assets That You Should Own​


  • ​Nothing


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​What Should You Do With Referral Pay?

I’d say to avoid it with all cost. It’s a waste of time, and you won’t get anywhere by utilizing this service. Plus, not to mention your information is at risk.

If you’ve already signed up, unfortunately, there’s no proven way to delete your account ​. However, you may be able to go back into your account and change your data to fake information, then update the account. 

Plus, I wouldn’t share the referral link or upload a video of yourself on YouTube; it’ll save you and your reputation.

 Referral + Pay Can You Make 500 Per Day

​​My Final Opinion Of Referral Pay

If you have never encountered a situation like this; now after reading this Referral Pay review, you’re more aware that no matter how much a company claims they paid out, or how decent the website looks, it still can be a scam.

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