Weekly Hour Job Review – $3000 Per Month Or Another Scam?

Name: Weekly Hour Job


Price: Free

Owners: No One Knows

Best For: No One

SUMMARY:​ Weekly Hour Job claims to be a work from home job website, where you can do small tasks such as data entry and earn cash.

Welcome to the Weekly Hour Job Review!

Are you thinking about applying to the Weekly Hour Job opportunity?

Well, in this review you’ll learn what Weekly Hour Job is and if it’s a scam. 

​What Is Weekly Hour Job?

First off Weekly Hour Job claims that you can earn money from the comfort of your home by completing simple data entry jobs and tasks. In fact, they claim to have about 15,435 vacancies open.

If you visit the official website, the website itself doesn’t appear to be a scam but, if you were to study over the entire website, you’d soon notice that the site doesn’t look like a typical job site.

What Is Weekly Hour Job

Is Weekly Hour Job Legit Or A Scam?

I’m not the one to quickly call any company a scam but, when it promises you money and never delivers that money, it’s a scam.

Either way, if you can’t or couldn’t tell that Weekly Hour Job is a scam, I’ll help you figure it out.

Anyhow, most times, you wouldn’t know a scam until it comes time to receive your paycheck. By the time your payday rolls around, you’ll realize that you won’t get paid and a lot of your time has been wasted.

So, I’ll go over some things that you should look out for, that way in the future you have a better knowledge on how to avoid these online scammers, and it could save you lots of wasted time.

Can You Make $3k With Weekly Hour Job?

I don’t mean to sound like a repeating cycle but, many people will read or hear that this a scam and still believe that they’ll get paid from it.

So, I have to stress this point; although, WHJ claims you can make $100 to $500 per day or $3000 per month don’t fall for it.

You won’t get paid with this company; it’s a scam. Therefore, in short, no, you won’t make $3000.00 with this company. In fact, you won’t even make a penny. 

What’s On The Inside Of Weekly Hour Job?

On the inside of Weekly Hour Job, you’ll quickly realize that the thousands of entry jobs that WHJ claimed they had available is very misleading.

There aren’t any data entry jobs available on the dashboard.

The only thing available to you is a referral link. A few FAQ’s and an account balance. See the image below for more clarification. 

There Are No Data Entry Jobs Inside Of Weekly Hour Job

Therefore, they are trying to mislead you in thinking that data entry jobs are available, which is incorrect.

They also are encouraging you to work 2 to 3 hours of your day, which will be a waste of time, and they claim if you were to share your referral link, it’s supposed to allow you to earn a 50% commission for every direct referral that you invite, which is fictitious.

The amount they are claiming you would earn is $5.00 per person. To make this amount for each referral, you’ll need to look into affiliate marketing.

Red Flags For The Weekly Hour Job Scam

​Still not convinced that this is indeed a scam. Then there are other reasons why I do not encourage you to join this program.

#1. Numbers Don’t Add Up

On the home page, the numbers don’t add up. Weekly Hour Job claims it’s members have earned $6,952,300, and they have paid out $6,108,952.

Do you see the difference here?

Let’s do the math===> $6,108,952 – $6,952,300 = -$843,348

With that said, it appears that almost a million dollars have not been paid out to their members, which is a huge red flag.

#2. Many Grammar Errors

Also, on the home page, it appears to be many grammatical errors.

Of course, people are human, and mistakes can be made but, as a professional employer, they would make sure that most grammatical errors aren’t present.

I use Grammarly to avoid as many grammatical errors as possible, and it probably would have been best for Weekly Hour Job to do the same.

#3. Legal Pages Missing

All legal pages on the Weekly Hour Job are missing.

It is a requirement by law to have at least a terms and conditions page, plus a privacy page. As a legitimate employer, they would have these pages listed on their website. Therefore, this is another red flag.

#4. Dishonest Job Posting

According to Weekly Hour Job, you can attract other referrals, which they call employees.

The problem here is, there is a difference between a referral and an employee. Either way, the point is this is not a job, nor is it an affiliate program. It’s a scam.

#5. Similar Scams

I’ve reviewed thejobpaid.com and thejobpayment.com, which were both scams. Anyhow, WHJ appears to be similar to those sites.

#6. Can’t Cash Out

The minimum payout is supposed to be $100.00. I knew it wouldn’t matter if I had $0 or $1000.00, either way, I tested it for the sake of this review. I accumulated $105.00 on my account and invited 10 people. Worry none, no one was actually invited to this scam.

I went through the process of requesting my payout and suddenly I get a message saying I can not cash out until I get 20 referrals, this is a tactic that Weekly Hour Job is using so that they keep you interested but, in the end you’ll discover it will be all for nothing.

  Cant Cash Out With Weekly Hour Job Can Not Withdraw Money On Weekly Hour Job


  • ​Nothing


  • ​Everything, it’s a scam

3k Per Month Weekly Hour Job Is It Legit

Conclusion of Weekly Hour Job

We have covered Weekly Hour Job in this review, and my final judgment is that WHJ site is a scam and should be avoided. I wouldn’t recommend you applying to this so-called job because it’s not legitimate, it’s a scam.

If you’re seeking ways to earn extra income by completing small tasks, I suggest you look into opportunities such as Clickworker, Amazon MTurk, or Swagbucks. They are legit.

Either way, if you want to earn money by referring people to programs or products, then I suggest you become familiar with affiliate marketing, which is the business model of referring people and earning commissions from it.

For the best training program of affiliate marketing, I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate; they are catered to beginners. Plus, their the #1 leading and most affordable in the affiliate marketing industry.

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