Make Survey Money Review – 3 Things You Should Know

Name: Make Survey Money


Price: Free to join

Owners: Union Streets Enterprise, INC CEO & Founder Scott Brown

Best For: Extreme Survey Take

Summary: Make Survey Money is a site that claims you can earn cash by taking surveys.

Is Make Survey Money Recommended? No, I don’t recommend this site, and it’s not because it’s a survey site! It’s because it’s a site that I can’t fully trust, until further notice.

Anyhow, there are better ways to make money online. If you enjoy taking surveys, I mention reputable sites throughout this review that you can use.

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Welcome to the Make Survey Money review!

It’s time to take a more in-depth look at this survey site.

I keep getting spam emails from marketers using link rotators. So, I thought this review would be helpful, especially for those of you who are receiving the same email.

Either way, if you’ve come across this survey opportunity and need to know if Make Survey Money is worth your time. Then stay tuned because I have details that you need to know before you decide to join.

What Is Make Survey Money?

Make Survey Money is a site that claims if you have an opinion, then you’re hired. By the sounds of it, they’re trying to make it sound like you can make tons of money by taking surveys.

That’s far from the truth. They also make it seem like you may be presented with a job opportunity, which is misleading, in my opinion.

Surveys can only help you earn an extra income. What you need to realize is that they can’t replace your job. Overall, I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how the site works, I can’t imagine anyone earning much with this site.

Make Survey Money Review

During the sign up process, it was so frustrating. I almost felt like I was being scammed. Parts of the site didn’t work, and I kept getting redirected to third party websites.

Therefore, it caused me to dig a little deeper so that I could see who owned the site.

I discovered that the site is listed under a company named “Union Street Enterprises, Inc.” which has an A+ with the BBB.

The owner of Union Street Enterprises is, Scott Brown.

Who The Heck Is Scott Brown?

According to Scott’s Linkedin profile, he’s the founder and CEO of Make Survey Money and Real Surveys That Pays Cash. Both websites recruit people to perform market research studies.

Meaning, you can take surveys. Give your opinion, and his company will pay you for your time. Furthermore, Make Survey Money isn’t his only rodeo.

He’s also owned a company called HireSites, which he sold the company to LiveCareer in 2011.

Either way, Make Survey Money website launched in October 2015.

How Does Make Survey Money Work?

According to Make Survey Money, you can work in your pajamas. Set your own paycheck goals, and earn in multiple ways.

I’ll go over the many ways they claim you can earn shortly.

#1. Live Surveys

The Live Surveys is were all quick surveys are available to you. As you can see I’ve placed an image below, you’ll have surveys range from $0.39 up to $4.75. I’ve tried each level with no luck.

Anyhow, $4.75 is a pretty decent amount to make during a survey. The only survey site that I’ve come across thus far that has offered that amount of money for a completed study is One Opinion, which is a legit survey site.

Make Survey Money Live Surveys

#2. Daily Surveys

Daily Surveys is where you can take advantage of taking regular surveys. The surveys are updated every day.

However, when you take these surveys, you’ll be redirected to a third party company.

One concern is, my account balance never changed when I took the third party survey. I was supposed to earn $1.25 from Make Survey’s when I took the third party survey from My Thoughts Counts Router; that didn’t happen.

Instead, I was redirected to two more third party survey sites, which took about 15 minutes apiece. So, as you can imagine, I wasted hours, getting redirected several times.

To finally get a message that read, “Thanks for your interest, but, this survey has reached its quota.”

Disappointing, to say the least. Not even Swagbucks works this way.

Daily Surveys With Make Survey Money

#3. Survey Panels

Survey panels work the same way as the above. You’re encouraged to sign up to as many survey panels as possible to increase your earning potential.

All survey panels will redirect you to third party survey sites.

Is Make Survey Money A Scam?

All I can say is, that I certainly didn’t enjoy using the site.

I almost felt like I was being scammed.

What I mean by that is, when I joined Make Survey Money, I expected to see surveys available.

Once I saw surveys available, I also expected to take them, and either get disqualified or qualified.

However, it didn’t work out that way.

Instead, I was shown survey after survey, and for some reason, I couldn’t complete the surveys. Therefore, I couldn’t earn a dime.

If it’s a scam? That’s a different story. It’s one of those sites, that will take more time, to test out but, for now, it seems like Make Survey Money doesn’t host the surveys, and I can’t trust them.

​It’s 2019 Build A Website

​​It’s An Assets That You Should Own​

What I Didn’t Like?

The website itself looks great. However, from my experience, it seems like they have tricks up their sleeves.

After being redirected to third party after third party. It almost seemed like I was in a sales funnel, per se. Not only that there were some more concerns.

#1. It Seems Like A Trick

As mentioned earlier, this site does have more going on than what the average person can see.

In my opinion, Make Survey Money is not holding their end of the bargain.

I never signed up to be redirected to many other survey sites. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that either.

#2. Balance Always Showed $2.00

After spending hours of testing the site out. My account balance never showed any more than the $2.00 balance that I earned when I joined.

Therefore, I can’t recommend this site.

In my opinion, survey sites should be used for downtime, which I don’t have much of. So, Make Survey Money isn’t a site that I would waste time with.

You’re better offer trying out One OpinionSwagbucks, or even the Wow App. At least those sites are legit, and you could potentially earn a little money with them.

#3. Waste Of Time

Again, I’ve been using survey sites for years and never have I broke the bank with them.

However, this site is one survey site that I feel is a complete waste of time. Besides, there are better ways to earn money online.


  • Free


  • Too many offers
  • Redirected too many times
  • Some features in the account didn’t work
  • Not a reputable site
  • ​You’ll get tons of emails

What I Did Like?

Although, there wasn’t much that I enjoyed about this site. There was one thing that I did like.

#1. It’s Free

I can say since, Make Survey Money was no risk, there wasn’t a lose. Therefore, that is one thing I did like about the survey site. 

Can You Really Make Survey Money

Final Conclusion Of Make Survey Money

In this Make Survey Money review, I’ve provided a few pointers that you should be aware of before joining. Now what you do from here is totally up to you.

However, I shall leave you with this, if you want to make money by completing surveys, then why not try reputable sites that will pay you.

And for that, I recommend Swagbucks.

Making money with surveys isn’t a way to make tons of money.

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You’ll learn how to monetize the site. It’s beginner-friendly. Plus, it’s the same way that I learned to make consistent income online.

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