Yardi Matrix Rent Survey

Are you looking for a temporary position where you can work from home and have background noise? If you’ve answered yes then Yardi Matrix rent survey job may be for you.

What Is Yardi Matrix?

Yardi  Martix is a privately owned and operated company that has been around since 1984. They serve multi-family complexes, office spaces, storage properties and they pride themselves in customer satisfaction. In fact, they are the leader when it comes to property management technology. They believe in making their clients’ lives easier.

How Does The Rent Surveyor Work?

Every year, Yardi Matrix hires a handful of temporary people to pretend or pose as if they’re a renter. This is a semi-annual market survey that the company performs yearly.

In other words, this is not a permanent position, the position will last about 6 weeks or so.

However, if you do your job well, you might have the opportunity to continue your work assignment. To break this down even further, you would complete your 6 week assignment.

After completing your 6 week assignment the survey will close. If your one of the lucky ones, you may be called back within a couple of weeks to continue on. And the cycle repeats.

Anyhow, if you’re hired you won’t be an independent contractor. Instead you’ll be considered an employee of Partners Personnel on a temporary assignment.

Your job is to call apartment complexes and ask about their amenities. How much is the rent? Their haves and have nots. And anything else a potential renter may want to know before they decide to make a complex their final destination.

The Tools That You’ll Need To Perform Your Job

There’s no selling involved but, you are going to need a few tools.

After submitting your application and resume. You’ll need to pass an assessment. No worries, for you all horrible panicky test takers like myself, it’s open book.

  • An internet connection
  • Laptop or computer
  • A cell phone or home phone that has access to long distance
  • And direct deposit information

You can work in any location because, a noisy background is allowed. The best part is, there’s no background check or interview. All you must do is get pass the first process.

Is Yardi Matrix Legit?

Yes, they are a legitimate company. In fact, they’ve evolved over the last three decades. Not only does Yardi Matrix hire for the current temporary Rent Surveyor position but, they hire for several other positions, which some are remote or work from home. If you’re interested check them out here.

What Is Expected Of You?

As a team member you are expected to be accurate and thorough when making and completing calls. You are expected to complete at least 75 calls your first week.

Every week thereafter you’ll be required to complete 100 surveys. Completing a survey must be done between the hours of 9am and 6pm.

The best part is, you will not have to abide by a pre-determined schedule. Yup! That’s right you can just roll out of bed and clock in when you feel like it.

As long as you complete the required amount of surveys, and work between the hours of 9am and 6pm, then your good to go.

Don’t worry about the kiddos in the background because, Yardi Matrix doesn’t care, as long as your putting your best efforts into completing your assignment.

How Much Will You Be Compensated?

Okay so, Yardi Matrix might be conducting surveys but, we’re not talking about the survey companies such as SwagBucks, paidviewpoint or Branded Surveys.

We are talking about an actual employer that does surveys. It’s almost like mystery shopping, but, instead of shopping, you’ll be calling as a potential renter.

According to the Yardi Matrix website, surveyors are paid at least minimum wage according to your jurisdiction. You’ll receive $6 an hour and a piece rate of $0.50 for surveys marked as done.

Marking a survey as done has guidelines which will be explained if hired. If you would like more information on the Yardi Matrix Rent Survey compensation please visit their website.

In the end, I would consider this a side gig.

How To Apply For The Yardi Matrix Rent Surveyor Job?

If you would like to apply for this position I would dust your resume off and submit it ASAP.

The job will begin on January 3, 2023. This position may not last long. So hurry and get your resume in, for the Winter 2023 Survey.

To apply please visit their website, or you can send a current resume to sean.tilton@yardi.com.

Good luck!

Yardi Matrix Alternative

Yardi Matrix is a wonderful company, especially knowing that you can get hired, work and have all the background noise that you’d like.

In fact, they encourage you having background noise because it makes you seem more genuine when you’re posing as a renter.

But, let’s face it! It’s not a permanent position and we all have mouths to feed. Whether it’s just our own or many others. You can always check out their other remote positions which I have linked above.

With today’s economy having multiple streams of income is almost a must. Having a job is wonderful but, learning to be your own boss is even better.

If you would like to learn how to build a website, and make passive income from it, which we call blogging and affiliate marketing.

Then Check out this affiliate marketing training program. It’s not as simple as it seems but, it’s a method that works, if you learn how to proceed. You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate or enter your email and join, it’s free.

Check out Hotel Planner, they may be an alternative for you.

Final Conclusion About Yardi Matrix

The bottom line is, Yardi Matrix is a very legit company. They pay weekly, and payment is always on time. I personally like the fact, that you can clock in at anytime, while having background noise because, it makes life a lot easier.

Either way, I wish you success and all the best. What do you think about this company for all you survey lovers?

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