Is Paid Viewpoint A Scam?

Is Paid Viewpoint A Scam? 👀

When I first came across this somewhat hideous site.

I must admit...🙄

…..I thought it was a scam.

I mean…for a huge company the site does look skeptical.

I personally think the owners of Paid Viewpoint should consider an entire overhaul.

Anyhow after using Paid View Point  for over a year now. I’m here to tell you that this site isn’t a scam after all.

In fact, it happens to be one of my favorite survey sites.

In this review, I’ll show you proof that PaidViewPoint sign up is worth it because…well….it’s a legit site. But first, let me tell you how this online survey site works.

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Is Paid Viewpoint A Scam

So, What Is Paid Viewpoint?

​As I mentioned earlier, it’s a survey site but not just any survey site.

I’ll explain what I mean…..

Have you ever joined a survey site?

And ALL you get is a response like this. 👉“Sorry you didn’t qualify for that survey”👈

Then on top of that…. the survey site has the nerve to waste your time and does even give you a dime.

Well…yeah… doesn’t do that.

Instead, Paid Viewpoint will kindly display the image below

PaidViewPoint And No Surveys

It’s very rare for Paid Viewpoint to deny you access to a survey.

As you can see in the image above.

Paid Viewpoint does display a sign that says ” We’re sorry, but the survey is stopped.”

Usually when you see that message. It’s because they had a timed survey going on. 👉So if you see that message it means the survey has expired.

But no worries, in the last year, I’ve seen that message maybe three times. So not to often.

You’ll also notice in the image that does reward you $0.10.

Not much but, hey it’s better than nothing.

Don’t get it twisted….😌

On top of the $0.10….

They’ll offer you an additional survey. And sometimes that additional survey could be a lot larger.

Like the one below. 

Timed Survey On Paid View Point

It’s one of the reasons why I enjoy using this site.

You can participate in almost all the surveys, except for the expired timed surveys.

So if you sign up for their emails, you’ll always know when the next survey is available.

By the way, this brings me to my next point.

Paid Viewpoint will never send you mail directly to your home.

They will only send you an email or a text message.

Keep in mind they can only do what you give them permission to do.

Either way, with the majority of the paid survey sites…👉 there’s always a pre-qualification survey. 

Then and only then, if you qualify for the pre-qualified survey, that’s the only time you can move forward.

And if you don’t qualify for the pre-qualified survey, your denied access to the survey, which means they wasted your time. 

Can You Make Money Off Of Paid Viewpoint?

Quick answer is, “Yes and I’ll show you.”

But first I must mention….this site doesn’t pay a fortune but it does really pay. 

I also noticed people will sign up to this survey site…and won’t complete a single survey.

And, if they do complete a paidviewpoint survey.

They forget about and immediately move on to sites like

Then they’ll wonder why this site doesn’t work.

Either way I get it, swagbucks has cool offers like, if you were to sign up to chime and set up a direct deposit you could get $150 cashback…who would pass up that deal.

Besides, I like swagbucks too.

It’s another favorite on my list of surveys.

But the difference between those two platforms is, Paid Viewpoint pays through:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Walmart Gift Card

Proof That Paid View Point Does Allow You To Make Money

Okay so as you can see in the image above. I have a balance owed to me in the amount of $59.74. And, yes that’s a cash reward. Not points or a gift card but, real cash.

I personally like to have my money deposited into my PayPal account. If you deposit the money into PayPal it can be left on PayPal or sent straight to your bank account.

Paid ViewPoint Has Tight Security

Before, your money is released to your account. Paid Viewpoint makes you go through a security process.

First, you must verify your phone number.

PaidViewPoint Is Legitimate

Warning: I have never tried depositing my money onto an Amazon or Walmart gift card. So, I can not explain how that works. I have always deposited my paidviewpoint money to my PayPal account.

Is Paid ViewPoint A Scam?

Nope, I believe we went over this in the beginner of the post. Paid Viewpoint is legitimate. I’ve shown you proof with the images above. If you need more proof keep reading.

​As mentioned earlier, t​heir definitely not a scam.

For one, before you can cash out. They verify your identity by your cell phone number. ​


Because they need to make sure you’re real.

This is how they protect your earnings.

If you’re concerned about them having access to your cell phone number.

Don’t worry…

No one is going to call you and start asking questions. Nor are they going to harass you.

So, what​’s gonna happen​?

​They’ll send a message to your phone​.

You’ll then​ follow ​the steps​ in the message.

​It’s painless!

Either way, as you can see below, they are legit. Definitely not a scam.

I Requested To Cash Out My PaidViewPoint Money To PayPal

Honestly, this survey site is really one of the most easiest ways to earn extra change.

It took me almost a year and a half to earn $130.69.

The question is…❓

Could I have earned more?❓❓❓🤔

I believe I could have…

I really believe I could have, if I took paid viewpoint more serious. There were times, that I went months without logging in.

The times, I do login, I can make anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 a day. And honestly, I do absolutely nothing but answer a few questions that take no more than 10 minutes.

Most of the time the survey only take 1 to 2 minutes, max.

Of course, you can not replace your household income with this survey site. But, as you can see they really did deposit my money into my PayPal account.

PaidViewPoint Does Deposit The Money

If you need more verification. Paid Viewpoint also sends an email to you, confirming that you have cashed out your funds.

Email Verification That PaidView Point Sends You Once You Cash Out

What ever you do don’t get this survey platform confused with… survey site is a scam.

So, Here is what you need to sign up to Paid ViewPoint:

Step 1: Create Your Free Paid Viewpoint account.

Step 2: Fill out your demographics

Step 3: Verify your correct cell phone number

Step 4: Be on the look out for surveys and actually complete them.

Warning: By the way, Paid Viewpoint does verify your cell phone number​. So, make sure you ​have it handy when you sign up to the platform.

Also, if you expect to receive your ​earnings, all of your information has to be correct.

It’s not worth replacing your income but, it is worth it if you need side change.

I just cashed out my funds and paid extra towards my credit card bill.

So, is it worth it? Heck yeah, it’s worth it. Especially, if you have bills to pay.

You just need to get creative.

  • Do watch​ a monthly subscription with Netflix or Hulu?✔
  • Do you need extra gas money?✔
  • What about diapers or school supplies?✔
  • Maybe you could treat yourself to lunch!✔

​Either way, Paid Viewpoint is worth it because, it’s free and doesn’t require too much of your time. By the way, my points is and ebates now known as Rakuten is a pretty cool site too.

How to Earn More On Paid Viewpoint?

To get the most out of this account, you’ll want to make sure you set up your account notifications.

​Any notification that is sent to you, can be setup within the account notifications section.​ All notifications can be received either by: ​

  • Email
  • Text Message
  • Or A Phone Call

​Anyhow, the Paid Viewpoint clients​ typically seek out a certain amount ​of research answers from you the survey taker.

Once the desired number of responses ​is received. ​The survey money pool is then closed.

In other words, when you receive a notification via email, text, or call; hurry over and complete the survey. ​It only takes a few minutes.

​You’ll want to take full advantage of this because, the research client has a certain amount that they will pay​ to any participating Paid Viewpoint member.

Therefore, that pool of money is then divided up between all Paid Viewpoint respondents.​

How Much Can You Earn?

You certainly can’t earn a part time income but, you will earn more than you can on Google Opinion Rewards.

With that being said, the amount you receive from your surveys is based off of your trait score​. The higher your trait score the more you can earn.

My trait score has always been at 10,000 which is the max.

The way to keep your trait score up, is to always be honest on the surveys.

Don’t rush through them.

The surveys are given by Real companies that need Real opinions.

The more time you take with a survey, the more surveys Paid Viewpoint gives you. They will also increase the survey amount if you are taking your surveys seriously.

As I mentioned earlier, I truly believe that if I stayed focus and took every survey that Paid Viewpoint sent, I could have earned more than $130.69.

How Else Can You Earn With Paid Viewpoint?

​Complete All Surveys

Life happens, and you may not be able to complete all the surveys.

However, the more surveys you complete, the more potential earnings you will receive. I find myself completing​ a survey whenever I get downtime.

Refer Your Friends

You can refer your friends and or family members without any limitations. And, if they decide to join, it’s a win, win for the both of you.

Become A VIP Community Builder

Once you have 100+ active friends for at least 6 months on your referral list, you’ll have the opportunity to apply to become a VIP Community Builder.

Once you’re a VIP Community Builder you’ll be able to earn 20%. By the way, the 20% that you earn isn’t taken from your referrals; it’s your earnings from Paid Viewpoint for referring your friends and family.

By the way, when you refer someone to a program, and earn a commission, this is called affiliate marketing.

New Member Bonus

When you sign up as a new member you’ll earn a bonus. I believe the bonus amount varies by country. For me, I was paid  $1.00 to sign up. So, you could receive the same.

Is Paid ViewPoint A Scam


  • ​It’s free to join
  • Legit, Easy, And Worth it
  • They Pay through PayPal, Amazon, or Walmart
  • They do offer high paid surveys.


  • ​It’s Not Life Changing Money

Who Is Paid Viewpoint For?

I recommend this survey site to anyone who has a PayPal account and can take a few minutes out of their day to complete a survey.

I ​can’t promise that you’ll receive a survey every day but, anything is possible.

Besides, the surveys aren’t, timed.

​Sometimes, you’ll even receive confidential studies that involve things or products that aren’t, yet released to the public.

Nevertheless, after taking this survey site for a test drive; I can say I’m happy that I joined.

Update: Paid Viewpoint has recently added different payout methods. See the image below.

PaidViewpoint Payout Update Review

​My Final Opinion Of Paid Viewpoint

The bottom line, is I do recommend Paid Viewpoint. It’s free to join.

And above all, ​it​’s not a scam.

Paid Viewpoint might not replace your job but, if you’re wasting time on your phone and not getting paid for it, why wouldn’t you earn a little change here and there. ​

Unlike swagbucks, Paid viewpoint pays real money.

The downside to paid viewpoint is that they do have a threshold of $15.00 before you can cash out.

With that being said, I wouldn’t replace my full or part-time job with this; I would only use this as a stepping stone, ​which could possibly help you out in other areas.

With that being said, if surveys are your thing, then feel free to join Paid Viewpoint for free here. I still use them today, and will continue using them.

By the way, if you’re looking for more productive things to do with your time and would like to learn how you can earn a full-time income online then check out Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s a program that will teach you how to build your very own website.

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Your Turn

Do you have any questions about Paid Viewpoint?

Chime in, I would be happy to hear from you. If you need help let me know below.

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