My Traffic Business Review | 5 Red Flags

Name: My Traffic Business


Price: $47.00 one time fee

Owners: James Wendell

Best For: Not recommended

SUMMARY: My Traffic Business is a sales funnel to a membership site that claims to help you earn $500 a day with email marketing.

Welcome to My Traffic Business Review!

Based on the new activity, you may have been selected for this opportunity?

Well, at least that’s what My Traffic Business tried to tell me through an email.

So, are you wondering if this is a scam, or worth your time? I know it’s hard to decide.

Today, in this review, I will go over what the system offers, and then you can decide if it’s for you.

By the way, there’s additional names that this company goes by:

  • My Traffic Biz
  • My Traffic Biz v2.0
  • Wake Up To Cash Now
  • And probably many more.

Your Wanted For My Traffic Business Email Senders Opportunity

​What Is My Traffic Business?

By looking at the landing page, you’ll be led to believe that the information contained within the sales video, could help you make $500.00 per day. All you have to do is complete simple tasks. Such as sending out emails.

I’ve reviewed many sites like this before; such as Instant Email Biz and 5-Minute Profits, They all said the same thing.

But, that’s not the point. So, with this system, you’re supposed to be mere minutes away from getting a turn-key money-making program.

By the way, the creator of this site goes by the name James Wendell. I highly doubt that this is his real name. Anyhow, James claims all you have to do is take about 1 hour to set up this system and work approximately 30 minutes per day.

Either way, James is bold enough to guarantee that you will make at least $10,000 within your first 30 days. Why? Because, he went from being fired by a post it note, to making hundreds of thousands of dollars of month.

So, now worrying about money is never an issue.

Anyhow, I hear this same story over and over again by just reviewing “make money online” programs. Usually, with programs that use the emotion grabbing tactics, hyped income claims, and it’s all done for you type deal- it ends up being garbage.

Precisely what is it then? Worry none; I had to do a little digging to find the information for you because, the sales video does nothing but throw money in your face, and simplicity tactics so that you join thinking that it will all be easy.

Therefore, they claim that you can stop wasting time and finally build that responsive list that you have been desiring.

After joining My Traffic Business program, you are placed in a sales funnel that could lead to additional up-sells. So, at first it would seem like your purchasing an e-book and then from there, you’ll be offered other products.

Thank You For The My Traffic Business Purchase It's An E-Book

How Does My Traffic Business Work?

​As you know, the sales video encourages you to join right away because they only have 100 positions left but, at the same time, they never disclose what the program is about. However, they do stress that making money will be fast and easy.

Anyhow, at first, when you hear the name, my first thought was, oh, they will teach about traffic in this program. That isn’t the case, and it’s far from it.

When you go to the check out page, you’re encouraged to not only pay the $47.00 but, to also sign up for the VIP email support. If you arrived at the same landing page, that I reviewed, you wouldn’t have a clue what the $47.00 is for but, after doing a little digging, I discovered that the product is an e-book.

Well, that certainly threw me off.

The e-book is called “List Building Excellence” It claims to teach you the fastest way to make money online. Therefore, they claim you can make money in any niche, with your own products, or from promoting high ticket products. It doesn’t matter.

Will You Make Money With It?

​The only reason you may be able to make money with this program is that there will be people online that have no clue how making money online works.

Plus, when those people see that this is a simple done for you, fast cash machine, they will want to join. So, in short, yes, you could make money with it. I can’t say it will last. Get-rich-quick systems never build you a sustainable income.

Why would you want to invite people into a program that won’t give them long term success? I certainly wouldn’t.

Anyhow, I want to warn you about sites like this, although they have a 30-day icon saying you could get your money back. There’s no guarantee that you will get a refund. So think about this before you decide to join.

Is My Traffic Business A Scam?

​I won’t call this a scam, but it certainly seems borderline… and I have plenty of reasons why.

For one, I received this offer through an email from another product that was also borderline scammy. So, it appears that the owner and its affiliates are mainly promoting this offer through emails.

Second, there are too many red flags, and I will point them all out here shortly.

Thirdly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable placing all my information into a product that you have limited information on it. Plus, there is no contact number on some of the landing pages that are being promoted.

So, if something goes wrong, you would have to know how to get in touch with the support team.

Worry none, I have the contact information and I will provide soon.

5 Red Flags

#1. Testimonies Aren’t From Real Users

I don’t understand why, if the system works so well, the owner doesn’t use real members who have profited from the system. Anyhow, the testimonies aren’t real they came from paid actors from a site called Fiverr.

Furthermore, two of the testimonies that were given are from paid actors. The first guy claims that James system can work for anyone. He is also the same guy on my Home Income Millionaire review.

The second guy claims that he is a little embarrassed to admit that he and his wife were on the verge of bankruptcy. Bill collectors were harassing him and her at home and work.

Therefore, they desperately started looking for ways to make money, and My Traffic Business supposedly put them both at ease.

Anyhow, this is another paid actor, who also was featured on the same review. The point is that neither of these paid actors has actually used or made money with this program.

My Traffic Business Guy Claims He Claims This Is For AnyoneMy Traffic Business Guy Claims He Was Facing Bankruptcy

#2. No Support Number

The landing page that I initially reviewed didn’t have a support number.

As I was reviewing the product, I came across many people searching for the contact information. The good news is My Traffic Business does have a support number. I called it, and someone will answer the phone.

However, I still would tread lightly with this program.

Anyhow, the number is 971-239-1611, if no one answers you’re encouraged to leave a message and someone is supposed to get back to you as soon as they can.

#3. Refund Within 30 Days

As mentioned earlier, just because a company says they offer a money-back guarantee. It doesn’t mean they actually abide by those rules. Some companies make it quite challenging to get your money back.

Anyhow, according to My Traffic Business, the worst move you can make is to dispute any charges with your bank because it hurts their business. Therefore, they claim the fastest way to get a refund or any support is to send an email to

Either way, if you have tried to contact support for a refund by email within 30 days of purchase, with no luck. Then I would suggest you dispute the charge with your bank.

#4. Hyped Income Claims

During the entire sales video, you learn nothing about what you’re joining. All you hear is how everyone made all this money for practically doing nothing. Building an email list with responsive leads can earn you a substantial income; however, it takes time and lots of learning.

#5. They Claim It Will Be Easy

The entire program claims you will make money and it’s supposed to be easy. My Traffic Business won’t be as easy as you think. I also thought this when I first started out, and it’s far from the truth.


  • ​MTB Has A Support Number
  • They Claim 30 Days Money Back


  • ​Unknown Up-Sells
  • ​Testimonies Are Fake
  • ​Hyped Income Claims
  • ​It Won’t Be Easy As They Say

​Up-sells And Down-sells

The initial cost of the e-book is $47.00. Plus if you choose to purchase the VIP Priority Support, it’s cost you an additional $9.95.

If you decide to decline that, then you will be offered a 50% discount which brings your investment to $23.50. Once inside the sales funnel, you may receive additional unknown up-sells,

Can You Make 500 Per Day

​My Final Opinion Of My Traffic Business

My Traffic Business does offer you some training by an e-book. However, that is a tactic to get you to join the program so that you feel comfortable with them.

After they have earned your trust and you’ll start to believe that that is teaching you how to make money online, and suddenly you will discover that they the program owners and its affiliates are trying to become rich off of you. What you do is your choice but, I don’t recommend this program.

The bottom line is, in the end, you may not learn anything that will teach you how to make good money online, and this is why I recommend a legit proven training Wealthy Affiliate, that will teach you how to make money so that you don’t have to try out all these get-rich schemes.

12 thoughts on “My Traffic Business Review | 5 Red Flags”

    • Ms. Mattie, I apologize that you paid and received nothing in return. I would be upset as well if that happened to me. Unfortunately, you have reached the wrong destination. I am not associated with My Traffic Biz. I only reviewed them to let you all know what to expect from them. I have noticed that getting a refund from this company seems to be one of the many task to complete. According to their BBB page, some customers are getting refunds, while others are still waiting. Have you contacted My Traffic Biz customer support line?

      If not please go ahead and contact them at one of the following contacts. You can call customer support at 971-239-1611 and we can only hope someone answers and responds to your request. Or you can contact them via email at I recommend doing both, call and email, that way there is no excuse that they did not hear from you. I hope this helps.

  1. I Want My Refund Now !! Please give My Money Back I’m Overdrawn At My Bank And Now Have An Overdraft Charge Will You Pay That $35 Dollar Fee Also Please,?!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH….

    • Hey Wendy,

      Sorry to hear about the overdraft fees. Have you contacted My Traffic Biz?

      The last number that I found for them was 971-239-1611. If you need help or have any questions regarding this company, especially when it comes to refunds you’ll have to contact them. I am not associated with My Traffic Biz.

      Send them an email at or call them. Don’t forget to check your spam folders. I hope this issue gets resolved. Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much for this review! You have validated my suspicions! After years of using the internet to help clients make better profits online and other sales mediums, I saw this company advertised and thought I’d check it out to see what they’re doing to supposedly get better results. I made a minimal purchase to get started and soon ran into a problem and could not finish a particular technical step as the necessary access was not available. Upon contacting the service provider, I was informed the application version My Traffic Business had provided did not include necessary access. When I called a Luke Darling, who had left his number as my company contact and asked how to resolve this issue, instead of helping me, “Luke” (if that’s even his real name) proceeded to talk down to me, was very abrupt and demanded to know who gave me permission to complete the training modules. I asked to speak with someone else, which after arguing with me for several minutes, finally transferred me. Unfortunately, this person treated me the same way. The individuals at this company are very arrogant. They were threatened with my statements about the experience I have in the digital marketing industry, indicating to me they were obviously used to taking advantage of people with very little experience with internet sales. One the final comments made to me was, “Well you can ask for a refund if you want to.” I asked this person’s age, which he stated as somewhere in his thirties, so maybe this rudeness is either due to the generation gap (I’m in my 50s) or maybe this person has had so little customer service experience that he literally has no idea how to deal with angry, frustrated customers. And by the way, the real reason they keep their “student” population low is because if more experienced participants got wind of this scam, the company would go bust from all the bad publicity!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with My Traffic Business. I’m sorry they treated you like tehy did. That is way out of line and very unprofessional. I have to agree with you. You’re right the reason why the student ratio is due to veteran marketers joining all ready know how the game goes. It’s usually the unexperienced that does not know how things work. So big gurus take advantage of that and that is how beginners end up losing a lot of money. Either way, I’m glad you discovered at least one company that you should not deal with. Now you can warn your friends and family if they ever thought about joining companies like this. Whatever happens don’t let companies like this stop you from venturing off into the online world. There are many legit companies out there. I wish you the best of luck and continued success. Have a great day…

  3. I wish to CANCEL this. There are too many different amounts to purchase this. I purchased for $23. Then I saw $47 and $97.

    Cancel this please.
    Veronica Dixon

    • Veronica,

      I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble canceling your program. Unfortunately, you are contacting the wrong person. I am not associated with this company. I am just a person who wrote a review. If you wish to cancel your account or receive any type of refund or response, please reach out to Traffic Business themselves. The contact information that I have found online for them is or call 971-239-1611. If all else fails

        contact the BBB

      maybe they can help out.

  4. I want to cancel my program. Too little training or poor quality and me to purchase products. Too many costs involved. I’m taking this to Better Business Bureau if not resolved.

    • Joy,

      I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems cancelling your program. Have you contacted the Traffic Biz company? I am not associated this company. Either way, I encourage you to take it to this issue to the better business bureau if your issue is not resolved.


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