Copy and Paste Ads Review {Legit Or Not?}

Name: Copy and Paste Ads


Price: $149.95 one time fee

Owners: It’s a mystery

Best For: It’s hard to say

SUMMARY: ​Copy and Paste Ads is a marketing tool that claims you will never have to bug or talk to anyone because the system does all of it for you. Therefore, all you have to do is copy and paste the pre-written ads and start earning within the next hour.

Welcome to the Copy and Paste Ads Review!

Wondering how this marketing tool works? Or is it another scam that you should stay far away from? Regardless, this system sounds exciting and easy to make money with but, what is the catch if any?

Anyhow, they claim all you have to do is work a few minutes a day grab your ads and baam, you’ll earn commissions.

With all the excitement going on, I decided to look a little further into this program. So that you would have a better understanding of how this works, keep reading this review to find out what I discovered.

Copy And Paste Ads Review

What Is Copy and Paste Ads?

​Copy Paste Ads is a marketing tool that is supposed to help you with building an online business.

Therefore, once you purchase the system, you’ll take the pre-written ads copy and paste them all across the internet and pray for someone to buy the program.

Anyhow, this system also claims you can start earning up to $300 per day by completing the above simple task of placing your ads on all your social media profiles, Craigslist, or you can even start running paid ads right to their given landing pages

How Does Copy And Paste Ads Work?

Step 1: You Join ​& Pay $149.95

How this works is a $100 commission will be paid directly to your sponsor (a.k.a the person who recruited you). Then the remaining $49.95 is sent to the admin of the system. (whoever owns the program.)

Step 2: Grab Your Affiliate Links

Once you have completed the purchase, your given default landing pages and an autoresponder for any messages. Plus, you’ll see many more tabs within your dashboard. Your dashboard is where you’ll find your affiliate link. 

Copy And Paste Ads Dashboard Tabs

Step 3: Copy And Paste The Ads

Here is the process where you’ll take your affiliate link.

Plus, your pre-written ads. Therefore, you’ll then go and place your ads and affiliate links all over the internet. Once someone comes across the ad, and if they text your tracking id to the 24-hour hotline, then your prospect will receive an auto-reply.

If the prospect responds to the auto-reply message and joins, then you will earn a $100 commission.

The bottom line is your recruiting people from ads. A prospect joins. Then the cycle repeats. That person then goes out and paste the same ads all over the place and recruits others into the program. Makes sense?

Is Copy And Paste Ads A Scam?

​I can’t call this product a scam because you will get as they say.

Therefore, ads are provided to you and whoever that joins you in this adventure. Anyhow, some people have made money with the system; in fact, the testimonies on the sales page are real.

I want to inform you that this system doesn’t have an actual product that provides people with value.

In short, there is no way to tell you how long this program will last. There is also no way to say if you join that you will make money.

Here Is What You Should Know

#1. PayPal Doesn’t Agree With This ​

Copy and Paste Ads claims on their sales page that you will be paid directly to a visa card, which is a better option than PayPal. I can only assume this Visa card will be provided to you after you have joined. 

The point here is, according to the YouTuber, he has decided to quit Copy and Paste Ads because nobody is responding to the offer. Furthermore, he has invested money on paid traffic. That isn’t what I’m trying to point out here.

What I’m trying to point out about this YouTuber is, that his PayPal account was shut down, and he believes it was due to violating PayPal terms. Anyhow, the guy did an excellent job in explaining how his experience with the system went.

Either way, PayPal doesn’t agree with multi-level marketing or Ponzi schemes. It’s something to think about before you make a final decision in joining.

#2. No Refunds

Copy and Paste Ads, clearly states several times on their terms page, and check out page. If you aren’t sure that you want to join this program, then don’t because they do not offer a refund.

With that said, if you can’t risk any money, and you’re not sure if this program is for you, then don’t join at all.

#3. This Is Not A Job

The pre-written ads are worded like this is a job. By the way, this is the same way; I got involved with Motor Club Of America. I thought it was a job too because it was positioned that way.

Anyhow, this is not a job.

You will never have to pay first to apply for employment. With that said, the Copy And Paste Ads system is an online business opportunity.

Not even the Federal Trade Commission agrees with paying for employment; they are totally against it.

So, if you’re looking for employment, this is not a job. Instead, it’s a home-based business marketing tool.

#4. There Is No Product

Okay, so here is the kicker, according to a Copy And Paste Ads member, you’re not selling anything but, ads. I’m not sure how far you’ll get with this opportunity.

#5. Link Spamming

As a Copy And Paste Ads Member, you’re encouraged to go out and spam your links everywhere. I can only imagine how many people will get their links blocked from social media.

Either way, this is one reason why Jeff Long, the owner of Abundance Network, has tried to create the idea of a phone funnel. 

Can You Make Money With ​it?

​Yes, I believe you can make money with this program.

However, I do not believe that you will be able to purchase this product and generate an income on your first day — especially not $300 as a beginner.

On the other hand, as an experienced marketer, I believe they will be able to generate up to $300 a day because they know what they’re doing.

So, with that said, Copy And Paste Ads has gone a little overboard with the income claims. Most people who join this program will be new to internet marketing. Therefore, this program is being presented as if it’s a get-rich-scheme.

Either way, to build a long term sustainable business, you must learn what you’re doing first. It is highly unlikely for a beginner to generate an income on the first day, especially without a following. 

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 Can You Really Make 300 Per Day Coping And Pasting Ads


  • ​Done For You Sounds Good
  • No Monthly Payment


  • ​No Refunds
  • ​Not Much Training
  • ​You Could Get Your links Blocked Due To Spamming
  • ​Hyped Income Claim

Support, Tools & Training

​The company will email you once you have purchased the product. However, you can not reply to that email.

The best part is that they do have an official Facebook group, and if you join, you’ll also want to join that group. Anyhow, if you need further assistance in the back office, you’ll have the option of submitting a ticket.

After you submit a ticket, Copy And Paste Ads should respond to you as soon as they can.

Additional Account Features

Copy And Paste Ads also have an option for you to create multiple streams of income. Joining the multiple income streams is optional.

However, if you decide to join one of the multi opportunities, keep in mind it is an additional home-based business opportunity that you’re adding to your plate.

I think it’s best to master one first, and then move on with additional income streams.

​My Final Opinion Of Copy And Paste Ads

​I can see why Copy And Paste Ads is an appealing system. It’s all done for you, not much work to do, and it may be one of the easiest ways to earn money.

However, the fast money systems a.ka. get-rich-schemes. I noticed that after being online for over a year, they tend to get shut down. So, with that said, it may not be sustainable for long term success.

Now, what you choose to do, is always your choice but, if you want long term success, I recommend you build your own website. If you rely on a company’s website that you don’t own by the way, and they get shut down, your entire paycheck is gone.

If you have any questions or comments about Copy And Paste Ads, please leave them below.

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