Is Rakuten A Scam?

I would definitely understand if you were questioning yourself about Rakuten.

So, today in this review we’ll find out the big question of the day…

…Is Rakuten a Scam? 

What Is Rakuten, Anyways?

Before, I go into detail about this company, I just had to look up the meaning of this word, Rakuten. According to Google, Rakuten is a Japanese term meaning, “Optimism or an Easy going person.” I thought that was pretty cool to know.

Okay moving right along…

Rakuten, is a cash back program.

In fact, their original name was eBates. Have you heard of eBates?

If so, then you’re all ready familiar with this company because Rakuten is the same exact company. 

Some where along the way, they decided to change the company. It’s something that I’m still trying to get use to. I myself still refer to them as Ebates.

How Rakuten Works?

Assuming you already know what Ebates is.  And if not, it’s one of those websites where if you purchase something online.  Assuming your favorite merchants are a participating partner or brand with Ebates now known as Rakuten. Then you can earn cashback.

So in very simple terms, Rakuten is a cash back rewards program. You activate the Rakuten offer at your favorite store. Shop as usual, and earn money back. 

Rakuten is different from places like Swagbucks and My Points Rewards because, although those platforms offer cash back rewards as well. Rakuten offers strictly cash back.

The other two platforms offer surveys and many other ways to earn money.

So whenever you plan on shopping always take advantage of Rakuten.

It’s a lot easier if you download their browser buttons. Here is the Rakuten Cash Back Button for Microsoft Edge. And here is the one for Google browser

The browser button is good to have without it, you could easily forget that earning cash back is even an option. 

The image below will show you how your button appears.

Is Rakuten A Scam

As you can the button show, that I recently visited 4 stores. Each retailer has a different cash back offer. My pending cash back money is $12.80. 

No matter what you plan on buying, you’ll always want to activate your offer with Rakuten used to be Ebates first.

By the way, I’ve been a member of this program for almost 5 years. Clearly as you can see in the image, I have not fully taken advantage of my cash back offers.

Reason being is because, I always forget to activate my offer before making my final purchase. This is the reason I’m encouraging you to get it right the first time by downloading their button.

Ever since I have downloaded the Rakuten cash back button, I’ve been able to fully utilize the account. 

Here Is How You Can Start Earning Cashback.

Step 1:

Sign up with Rakuten; it’s 100% free. You’ll need to provide an email account. Once logged into your Rakuten account.

The first thing you’ll want to do….is set up your preferred way to get paid.

Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the steps.

Click on your name.

A drop down will appear. Once it appears find the word ” Account SettingsClick on it…

After you click on “Account Settings“.

Look at the right side of your dash board. You’ll see an option to update your payment option.

There are 3 options to receive your payout.

  • PayPal
  • Big Fat Check
  • American Express

Second, you’ll want to update your cell phone because, if you get locked out of your account. Rakuten can unlock your account by your cell phone number.

Finally, you’ve completed the most important parts of the account. Now you’ll want to shop as usual.

After you’ve made a purchase, Rakuten will send you a payment via the option that you chose. The only negative is that is takes months for them to send you a payout.

The image you are viewing below. That money was earned in Jan. 2021. Rakuten is basically telling me on my dashboard that they will send a payout to me in May 2021.

Is Rakuten A Scam?

Well, after learning that is takes almost three to fours months to get a payout you wonder is Rakuten a Scam? I get it…it’s definitely a long time to receive a payout.

And although Rakuten is a favorite of mine, this is another reason why I keep my free membership with places like paid, swagbucks, and

They take no where near as long as Rakuten to send you a reward. Either way, Rakuten isn’t a scam. They’ve been around for at least the past 7 years.

In fact, I received my first check in May 2017 via PayPal. It took what felt like a lifetime but, I did receive big fat check.

​But, Rakuten Didn’t Give You Your Cash Back Reward. What To Do Now?

No worries, this recently happened to me. I ordered a printer an Hp instant ink. I activated the 1% cash back offer. And then checked out.

Typically, when you activate your cash back offer with Rakuten. You’ll receive a notification within 48 hours saying your cash back reward has updated.

Well, it didn’t happen.

I went over to their contact us page.

Filled out the form.

I basically told Rakuten that I was a little frustrated because I haven’t received my cash back for my last two orders.

Surprisingly a member emailed me immediately. To make make a long story short.

The Rakuten Team Supervisor fixed everything for me.

At the end of the day. It was not Rakuten fault.

I didn’t read the entire cash back condition.

Printers at HP Do Not Qualify for a cash back offer.

Either way, Rakuten Team went above and beyond to fix my frustration. I’ve also learned to make sure you read all conditions when it comes back to the Rakuten cash back offers.

So, do I still recommend Rakuten?

…. You bet I do.

​15 Additional Ways To Earn Cash Back

1. Ebates Rotating Selection ​

​You can earn twice the amount of cash back. It’s called the Rakuten Ebates Rotating Selection. Over 150 stores available, ranging in many different categories, with an opportunity to make a whopping 12% cash back.

2. Save On The Go ​

​There is an app available on iPhone, iPad (available in the iTunes store), and Android(available on Google Play) if you want to get the phone app. Rakuten will send you a text with a downloadable link so that you can earn on the go. Plus, you’ll be able to get in-store coupons. Earning you even more money.

The mobile phone app really does come into handy.

I was very skeptical about adding my card to this account. Of course I had to test it out. Every time the card on file is used, you have the chance of earning additional cash back, each time that card is used.

3. Share Rakuten With Your Family And Friends

​You may be surprised about this one, but, you can share Rakuten, with anyone. And the best part is there’s no limit on how many people you can share this cash back opportunity with.

By the way, I invite you to Rakute.

You’ll get $20.00 just for joining Rakuten as a new member.

Plus, I’ll get $20.00, if you were to make a purchase within 90 days.

Regardless, if you make a purchase or not you will still get $20.00 as long as you join Rakuten before March 31, 2021.

It’s a win for the both of us…

This offer will be valid until March 31, 2021.

Warning: If you live in the US or Canada, and you have never signed up to the platform you qualify for $20.00 at Rakuten, take advantage of it while their giving it out.

After you join, you’ll get your referral link.

Take that referral link and go share it. You can share your referral link on

  • Social media
  • By email
  • Or on your own blog.

By the way, if you’re interested in starting your own blog, I used this community. They help beginners get started. Without that community, I don’t know if I would be here writing this article.

Anyhow, after someone joins Rakuten through your referral link, you just repeat the cycle.

I just thought about it.

If you can get a few people signed up to this platform you may also be interested in affiliate marketing.

4. Apply And Use The Rakuten Credit Card​

With the Rakuten credit card you can earn an extra 3% cash back for qualifying purchases that are made with the Rakuten Cash Back Visa Card.

But…that’s not all…

On top of your 3% cash back for qualifying merchant’s. You can also earn the traditional cash back reward from your favorite retailers.

Pretty cool…

5. Hot Deals

In this section of Rakuten, you’ll find the top deals, whether they be:

  • Promo codes
  • Coupons
  • Daily deals

For example, in the past, you could take advantage of the Shoe Carnival Deal.

Buy 1 pair of shoes and get the other pair ​50% off.

Plus, you’ll get a 12% cash back discount for using Rakuten.

​On top of that, this isn’t advertised and it has nothing to do with Rakuten. But, taking the retailer Shoe Carnival as an example. They will give you an additional 10% discount if you have a military ID.

Woot! Woot!

It seems like you’re almost getting free shoes. If you needed to buy shoes for your children, or even yourself, that’s a super deal.

Also, it doesn’t matter if Shoe Carnival is all ready having a sale. Shoe Carnival will apply every discount available to you.

Because, of that Shoe Carnival will always be one of my favorite shoe stores…

Shoe Carnival Discount With Ebates

6. In-Store Cash Back Offers

​Remember earlier, we were talking about adding your debit or credit card to your account.

Well, not only can you earn online but, you can earn in-store. For the in-store cashback offers, there aren’t too many offers available.

However, if you have a card linked to your account, you’ll be able to earn cash back when you shop at participating stores and pay with your eligible card.

7. Travel & Vacation​

Do you need a hotel room? A rental car? Maybe you need an airplane ticket or a vacation package?

If so, Rakuten can help you receive cash back on all these events.

Did I mention that you can earn some money back on cruises too? Well, it’s true, this even works with cruises.

8. Military Discounts & Deals​

As a way of saying thanks to Rakuten partners some of the retailers will give a special military discounts.

9. Food & Restaurants​

Love to eat? Well, take advantage of the cash back that you could earn with Rakuten. It helps a lot if you add your preferred bank card to your account.

10. Baby & Kids Gear​

Here you will find fabulous deals, with coupon codes, where you can take advantage of all your shopping trips.

11. Health & Beauty

​Get coupons or cash back on your favorite health and beauty products. By the way, Farmasi, is a direct sells company but, I’ve heard they have pretty decent beauty products too.

12. Shoes & Handbags​

Ladies there is no more fun than shopping for a handbag or shoes. So why not save money on them.

13. Electronics ​

Don’t worry Guys!

Yes, they have discounts on electronics. You may find everything you need so, check Rakuten out.

14. Home Improvements & Appliances​

Do you need to revamp or refurbish your home? Check Out Ebates now known as Rakuten before you make a huge purchase.


15. Clothing & Accessory​

Before shopping for the latest fashion trends, check out Ebates. Don’t miss out on big fat checks.

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Ebates Does It Work


  • ​You can earn cash back on most purchases.
  • You’ll receive a cash back bonus

  • You receive real cash and not points
  • They have 3 payout options: PayPal, Your Bank Account, Or American Express
  • There’s No Risk
  • They Are A Well Known Company


  • ​It won’t ​make you rich

​Who Should Use Rakuten Ebates?

I think everyone should use Rakuten.

Especially if you do a lot of online shopping. This website will work well for you.

So, whenever you need to make your next online purchase make sure you order through your Rakuten account.

​Ebates Has Become Rakuten?

Not that this matters at all, but, for some, it could.

And why they changed their name. I have no clue but, nothings has changed. I’ve been a member with them since they were publicly known as EBates.

Either way, although Ebates has changed its name to Rakuten. Worry none; everything will remain the same. Rakuten is a legit company. The team nor the service will change.

The Bottom Line Rakuten Isn’t A Scam

Although Rakuten will not make you rich. It’s a fun way to earn cash back. Plus, we’ve learned in this article that Rakuten is a legitimate company.

Ebates also known as Rakuten was one of the first ways that I learned…that you can make money using simple sites like this.

Indeed I was excited about earning $10.00 directly to my PayPal account.

The only downside about Raluten is you’ll have to remember to go to Rakuten website every time you make an online purchase, if you do not download their browser extension.

I’ll be the first to admit.

I used to forget to go through Rakuten all the time.

But now, that I am on a mission of getting rid of all my debt, I never forget.

So, I highly recommend that you download the Rakuten browser extension.

4 thoughts on “Is Rakuten A Scam?”

  1. Hi there! It really surprises me how many different options are out there to earn money on the internet. Thanks for this one – I have never heard about Rakuten before. I shop a lot on the web (well.. especially now it’s pretty obvious) so I will try it out.. thanks!

    • Hey there, Rakuten original name is e-Bates. Maybe you know them by that name. 

      Either way, I shop online a ton as well. And if I could remember to check if Rakuten has a cash back option for the particular store that I’m trying to shop with I’d probably save more money. With that said, if you decide to join Rakuten don’t forget to download their browser button. It will help you save time, and money.  

  2. I did not know about Rakuten prior to this. It may be worth a look. In my experience the selection of stores that qualify are usually limited. I also get most of my products from Amazon so I do not know if it would be much help there. But I can see the value in it, especially if you regularly shop at a store that they support.

    • I completely understand. You’re right usually these types of websites do have a limited selection. It’s kind of like Swagbucks or My Points Rewards. They have limited selection of stores that I shop at too. So I switch back and forth. 

      Great point! Amazon use to be affiliated with e-Bates which is Rakuten original name but, I’m not sure what happened. Amazon no longer is affiliated with the cash back program. Maybe they’ve outgrown this option, who knows. I love Amazon so, no hard feelings there. 

      I’m just glad to hear that you did see the value in it. Thanks for stopping by!


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