Ebates Does It Work? Yes, I Made $10.00

Assuming you already know what Ebates is, and if not, it’s one of those websites where you purchase something online, and if the merchant is a participating partner or brand with Ebates, you can earn cashback.

However, you view it, whether it’s helping you earn or save money, Ebates can help you save money or receive money. Regardless, I consider them both a hobby that I am almost obsessed with.

​Ebates Overview

Have you ever seen the Ebates commercials, that they consistently play on TV and thought to yourself, that has got to be a scam? Well, if the answer was “Yes” I can relate.

Furthermore, when I first heard of Ebates, I thought for sure this is a scam. Meanwhile, 3 years later, I must admit that Ebates is far from being a fraud.

Even though it took a thousand commercials before I was convinced to join, today, I can admit that now, I tell everyone about Ebates. Why? Because, I love sharing information that can help others out, and Ebates can do that if you learn how to use them correctly.

Learning How To Use Ebates Is Beneficial

Do You Get A $10 Cash Bonus?

You may know, and on the other hand, you may not know that Ebates gives out a $10 cash bonus. However, if you’re like me, that still sounds like it’s too good to be true.

In truth, let’s face it, the real reason I joined was that Ebates advertised a $10 cash bonus, and I wanted to know if it was legit.

At any rate, I guess you could call me a non-believer. I thought eBates was a scam, and that they were never going to give out $10 cash for free without having something attached to the offer.

Anyhow, I joined, and all the skepticism went away. Indeed, eBates gave me $10.00 just for signing up to them. So, yes it’s real.

Although, in 2016 when I first joined there was a stipulation; and in fact, it’s still a requirement. There needs to be a $ 25.00 purchase made, to receive the $10.00 cash bonus. In my case, I needed to buy diapers so, that was an easy fix. I purchased what I was already going to purchase; plus earned money for it.

10 Cash Back Bonus

How Does Ebates Work?

Here is the easy part, and this is how you’ll get the best advantage out of the Ebates account. You’ll want to download their, Ebates Rakuten cash back button, from Google. This browser button is a lifesaver; it will help you remember to use your Ebates account every time you’re ready to make a purchase.

No matter what you plan on buying, every time, you make an online purchase, you’ll always want to head to Ebates first. You do want Ebates to send you fat checks.

Here is how you can start earning cashback.

Sign up with eBates; it’s 100% free. All you need is an email account. Once logged into Ebates, you’ll need to find the store that you want to shop.

Second, you’ll shop as usual. Here is a tip, you don’t want to get on Ebates and buy anything.  Instead, it would be best if you bought what you already needed for the month.

Finally, after you’ve made a purchase, Ebates will send you a check or cash via PayPal. I always get my deposits via PayPal; it’s fast and easier for me.

​15 Ways To Earn Cash Back

1. Ebates Rotating Selection ​

​You can earn twice the amount of cash back. It’s called the Ebates Rotating Selection. Over 150 stores available, ranging in many different categories, with an opportunity to make a whopping 12% cash back.

2. Save On The Go ​

​There is an app available on iPhone, iPad (available in the iTunes store), and Andriod(available on Google Play) if you want to get the phone app. Ebates will send you a text with a downloadable link so that you can earn on the go. Plus, you’ll be able to get in-store coupons; earning you even more money.

3. Share Ebates

​You may be surprised about this one, but, you can share Ebates, with anyone. You’ll get $25.00, and they’ll get $10.00.

4. The Ebates Credit Card​

With the Ebates credit card you can earn an extra 3% cash back for qualifying purchases that are made with the Ebates Cash Back Visa Card.

5. Hot Deals

In this section of Ebates, you’ll find the top deals, whether they be promo codes, coupons or daily deals. For example, until tomorrow, you can take advantage of the Shoe Carnival Deal, where you buy 1 pair of shoes and get the other pair ​50% off. Plus, you’ll get a 12% cash back discount for using Ebates.

​On top of that, this isn’t advertised but, Shoe Carnival will give you an additional discount if you have a military ID.

Woot! Woot! It seems like you’re almost getting free shoes. If you needed to buy shoes for your children, or even yourself, that’s a super deal.

Shoe Carnival Discount With Ebates

6. In-Store Cash Back Offers

​Not only can you earn online but, you can earn in-store. For the in-store cashback offers, there aren’t too many offers available; however, if you have a card linked to the account, you’ll be able to earn cash back when you shop at participating stores and pay with your eligible card.

7. Travel & Vacation​

Do you need a hotel room, rental car, airplane ticket or a vacation package? If so, Ebates can help you receive cash back on all these events. Did I mention that you can earn some money back on cruises too? Well, it’s true, this even works with sails.

8. Military Discounts & Deals​

As a way of saying thanks Ebates partners with retailers that give the special military discounts.

9. Food & Restaurants​

Love to eat? Well, take advantage of the cash back that you could earn with Ebates.

10. Baby & Kids Gear​

Here you will find fabulous deals, with coupon codes, where you can take advantage of all your shopping trips.

11. Health & Beauty

​Get coupons or cash back on your favorite health and beauty products.

12. Shoes & Handbags​

Ladies there is no more fun than shopping for a handbag or shoes. So why not save money on them.

13. Electronics ​

Yes, they have discounts on electronics. You may find everything you need so, check Ebates out.

14. Home Improvements & Appliances​

Do you need to revamp or refurbish your home? Check Ebates before you make a huge purchase.

15. Clothing & Accessory​

Before shopping for the latest fashion trends, check out Ebates. Don’t miss out on big fat checks.

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Ebates Does It Work


  • ​You can cash back on most purchases.
  • ​It’s free to join and it’s legit

  • ​$10 Cash back bonus
  • ​You can ​cash back in many ways
  • ​There is no risk


  • ​It won’t ​make you rich

​Who Should Use Ebates?

I think everyone should use Ebates, especially if you do a lot of online ordering. This website will work well for you. So, whenever you need to make your next online purchase make sure you order through your Ebates account.

​How Does Ebates Make Money?

You may be wondering the same thing that I was wondering for the longest. How does Ebates make it’s money if you’re not ordering from Ebates?

​Great question, it’s understandable to be curious about the process.

Well, it’s simple, Ebates is paid by sending you to the retailers that they partner with; once you have purchased with the retailer, Ebates then comes back and shares commission with you. It reminds me of affiliate marketing, the business model that I do.

​Ebates Will Become Rakuten

Not that this matters at all, but, for some, it could. Ebates will be changing its name to Rakuten but, worry none; everything will remain the same. The team nor the service will change.

​The Bottom Line

Although Ebates will not make you rich, it is a fun way to earn money. Ebates was one of the first ways that I learned how to make money online from home. Indeed I was excited and proud of my $10.00 PayPal deposit.

The only downside about Ebates is you’ll have to remember to go to Ebates.com every time you make an online purchase. I’ll be the first to admit; I used to forget to go through Ebates before, I made a purchase.

So, I would recommend that you download the Ebates browser extension which can help you remember when making a purchase. Ebates has become a feature that I enjoy using every month, in fact, I look forward to using my Ebates account.

Besides, it’s not only 100% free to join, but it’s also quick and easy to get your account activated. So, wait no longer, head over to Ebates.com and start earning cash back now. Don’t worry; you can thank me later. Let Ebates send you a big fat check.

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