What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You

Have you received an invitation to Webtalk?

Do you even know what Webtalk is? How does it work? Is it a scam?

What can you expect from the platform? Can you make money from it?

Have heard that it’s way better than other social media? Do you want to know if it’s just another platform to waste your time? More importantly, why should you even join Webtalk?

Recently, I was invited to Webtalk by a colleague of mines. The reason why he invited me. Was because I was complaining about how Facebook and I don’t get along.

What I mean is, Facebook has mood swings every now and then. For this reason, they blatantly disable people’s accounts. One of those disabling accounts happens to be mine.

In return, Facebook had no explanation. Therefore, this has caused immediate frustration. Especially, when there is no cause for doing so.

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Facebook Jail It Sucks

More importantly, I have followed their rules. I never spam others. In fact, when I was placed in Facebook jail. I was trying to reshare someone else’s post.

After taking all the required steps of submitting my identity to Facebook, upon their request. I never got a real solution. In fact, they never even responded.

To me, that is so unprofessional. After all, I did send in my most valuable information. A driver’s license and military identification card. And, we wonder why are identities are being stolen.

Regarding this situation, how else can I prove my identity? When in fact, I have sent in two forms of my legal identification.

Subsequently, this is the reason why Facebook and I don’t get along.

My Invitation To Webtalk

After expressing my frustration. My colleague suggested taking a look at this new social media platform, called “Webtalk”. Umm…I immediately thought. I have never heard of them. And, I am almost certain neither have you.

Consequently, my curiosity got the best of me. So, I had to go and check it out. After initially signing up, I began to wonder what exactly did I get myself into.

In this review, you will find out.

What is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a new social media platform. That allows you to manage and communicate with others. Whether it’s your personal contacts. Or professional contacts. More importantly, you can filter the two from each other.

No longer do you have to feel awkward after adding friends, family, and colleagues to the same online network. Nonetheless, if you choose to add people to the same network. It’s your choice.

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You Here Is Your Profile

For example when adding a personal contact. You can add them as a friend, acquaintance, professional, or family member. Webtalk allows you to fully control your social network. Determine, who sees your post. And who does not?

When you invite someone to the platform. Adding them as a friend or follower. Which is called “connecting”. You’ll just place them in a particular group or category.

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You And Control Your Contacts

Separating them as you please. And controlling what they can and can’t see.

Considering this, its similar to adding friends on Facebook or Linkedin. You accept a friend request on Facebook. In a like manner, you accept connections on Linkedin. Well, Webtalk has combined both features. Except there is more…keep reading…

Over the last 8 years, this is the technology stack that they have built.

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You

Who Created Webtalk?

The founder, chairman, and CEO of Webtalk is RJ Garbowicz. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida. After the beta launch in July 2018. The platform grew at a skyrocketing rate. In October of 2018. Webtalk reached its amazing milestone of 1,376,494 million beta users. That is an 80% growth spurt.

Webtalk Top Recognition

  • Voted Top 100 Global Start by Red Herring Magazine
  • Featured in the 2017 Grammy Magazine
  • Voted Top 10 for Florida Startup by TIE Florida
  • Featured in 2017 Top 100 Innovative Companies in Tampa Bay book

Even better the growth of the platform is increasing every day. As of November 2018. The platform has reached 1,645,844 beta users. Amazing, right? Well, I certainly think so myself.

What Webtalk Is Not?

First and more importantly, it is not a scam. Webtalk is legit. More importantly, if you are trying to build a successful business. Without all the worries of being violated by Facebook. Or drama that you can find on other platforms. Webtalk is the place to check out.

Facebook Will Meet Its Competitor

Five years from now, the owner RJ. Is confident in Webtalk being the next Facebook. Or even better. With this being said, Webtalk is not a get-rich-quick opportunity. There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick opportunity. And, if there is. It won’t last long. Every website takes time to grow.

For example, Facebook. It took some time for it to grow as big as it is today.

How Does WebTalk Work?

It’s a social media site that is currently in beta testing. Meaning, this platform is in its second phase of software development testing. Allowing the audience to test it out. Without you having to pay a dime. You can learn more about user acceptance testing here (UAT).

Even better, you’ll have the ability to reap the benefits of where being social can pay big. By simply sharing and inviting your friends. Family, or professional network to the community.

Webtalk is a big data management and search company. That is built on helping the world create success. In other words, it is a social media marketplace search engine. Plus it has ways to pay you, simply by inviting others.

Are You Selling Anything On Webtalk?

You’re not selling physical products on Webtalk. It will be a digital form. You’ll make money on Webtalk by one of your referrals upgrading to the premium package.

In addition to this, you’ll be paid if any other digital product is purchased. Such as premium advertising, premium user upgrades, and many other ways are being added to the platform.

Is There A Mobile App?

As of right now, there is no mobile application. However, in 2019 the plans are to have both mobile applications for Android and iOS. The mobile app is called Event Wave.

WARNING: If you come across any other mobile app within app stores. They are fraudulent. DO NOT download them. Wait until you have joined Webtalk. It will be announced to all its users. Once the mobile app has been released.

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You And Event

The 4 Phases Of Webtalk

#1 The smartest way to manage your relationships.

#2 An even smarter way to grow your business.

#3 More importantly, it’s a smart way to get paid.

#4 It happens to be a world-changing search technology.

Comparing Webtalk To Other Networks

Webtalk, is not a thrown together social media platform. In fact, it was built because people on the other social media platforms were asking for more privacy. Plus more convenience. And, a better way to manage their social networks. Well, you got it.

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You And Newsfeed

Webtalk also takes and implements the best features from every other social media sites. With that being said, at the time of this posting. Webtalk is an invite-only platform.

Not only are they a new social media platform. They are the first social media platform that is going to share their revenue with you. In short, it is like a Professional social media platform.

Kind of like Linkedin. Where everyone is liked minded. It also has features of Facebook, where you have the ability to use groups and business pages. Plus the chat features.

Except for Linkedin, nor Facebook, or any other social media has an affiliate program. An affiliate program that is willing to pay you, just by inviting others to join the platform.

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Other Social Networks

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, or Instagram. Everything is in your control. Even better, it’s a place where publishers, influencers, network marketers, digital marketers, and journalists.

Network and share whatever they like. You also have the ability to invite your friends and family.

Webtalk, is kind of like Facebook or Linkedin. Except is way more entrepreneurial friendly.

Connecting With Professionals

Have you ever had the feeling that it would be cool to be buddies with your Boss or Manager? On social media. But, you don’t want them to see what you’re posting. Well, there is a solution, when you join Webtalk.

Here is what Kevin Harrington Former Shark on ABC’S Shark Tank has to say: Kevin Harrington (1) What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You

What Is The Cost Of Webtalk?

Webtalk Basic is free and always will be. If you choose to remain a basic member. That is absolutely fine. There are excellent features still available to you, even as a free member. In fact, Webtalk is still in beta testing so, the entire platform is FREE currently.

Premium Pro Features For Webtalk SaaS MVP

On the other hand. There are three other membership levels that you can take advantage of if you choose to.

Besides, you can’t upgrade until the platform is out of beta testing. In all honesty, if you choose to upgrade, which you don’t have to. But, if you choose to do so. Keep in mind you are not paying to be a social media member.

You’ll be paying for features that no other social media platform can offer you.

Such as:

  • Advanced search which allows you to filter people by age and gender.
  • Virtual meetings will be added for free and premium members.
  • Spy mode is going to be a feature.
  • Having the capabilities of removing a few sponsor banner ads.
  • Pro spotlight post. Send out emails and push notifications
  • Messaging to non-connections (Pro)
  • Contact Management (Extra CRM features)

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You And Imagine Your Perfect Networking App

An additional feature right now, that Webtalk offers. Is it has blog features. Unless your involved in communities like Wealthy Affiliate or maybe Quora, which are also wonderful communities. However, they are not social media communities. One provides affiliate marketing training. While the other provides information to the world.

The features in Webtalk are pretty darn amazing in itself. I know from personal experience that Wealthy Affiliate and Quora drive a lot of traffic to your business. So, I can only imagine how much more traffic Webtalk will drive.

What Does Having Blog Features Mean?

Meaning you can write a post within Webtalk. Then share the link on other platforms. Once those people click the link you shared. They won’t be able to view your information. Unless the person signs up to Webtalk. In addition to your Webtalk blog. There will also be HTML coding features that can be used on your personal blog. Consequently, bringing in more traffic.

The Cost As A Premium PRO

If you or someone on your referral list were to upgrade. Here is a look at the cost of the membership. I think they are pretty fair pricing. Compared to the awesome features you will get.

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You Premium Pro

Why Should You Become A Beta User?

You’ll be merging the best and fixing the worst. By utilizing patent-pending technology.

  • Basic Level is FREE
  • Patent – Pending Free SocialCRM
  • NewsFeed (Patent-Pending)
  • Get synced FREE cloud storage
  • Referrals Incentives

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You And Pages

Features Coming Soon For Business & Entrepreneurs

  • Built-in Stores
  • Reviews will be built in as well
  • Product importer from other stores (Built-in)
  • Contact Management will be built in
  • You will never have to pay to reach your followers
  • Virtual meetings
  • Mobile app (will be called EventWave.co)

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You And Marketplace Search

Your Webtalk Profile includes:

  • Custom headers and taglines
  • The ability to add photos, videos, and files
  • Built-in privacy display contact. Based on your contact filters
  • Customizable HTML
  • Recommendations to establish credibility

Webtalks Patent-Pending Newsfeed

  • Post with built-in blog features
  • The ability to post to a personal, professional network, or private groups
  • Filter your news by networks, media, and group attachments

SocialCRM Patent Pending

  • Simply and quickly segregate your friends, families, and colleagues
  • Micro CRM built-in
  • Add searchable keyword tags
  • Searchable time-stamped notes
  • Add values to show more from people who matter
  • Built-in file tree “Rolodex” contacts page

What’s In It For You?

Besides Webtalk being a social media platform. It is also an affiliate program. Their affiliate program is called SocialCPX

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You Join Webtalk Revenue Sharing Affiliate Program

As a beta user, you will have access to a free lifetime opportunity to share in Webtalks success. They are sharing up to 50% of all revenue for life with you and me.

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You

What’s the catch? There is no catch. By signing up and sharing with others. This is a thank you, from Webtalk for helping them grow the community and generating revenue early.

Not only, will Webtalk share up to 50% of its revenue. Provided that you use Webtalk. More importantly, you’ll be making a positive impact. Because they are the first community that has committed to donating 10% of its revenue back to charity.

Sit Back And Imagine

Imagine all the people that you have connected with on Facebook and Linkedin. And, they paid you for it. Well, the sad truth is they didn’t pay you. And they probably will never pay you. However, Webtalk wants to share their revenue with you so they claim.

How Does WebTalk Pay?

The pay is up to 5 levels. People who you invite. Who you referrer invites. Who that referrer invites all the way through the 5th degree.

Compensation will be 10% of all revenue generated. Including ads, subscription or the marketplace. That’s up to 50% of revenue for life. Anything that is ever generated for the business. You will get 10% for life. You’ll learn more in-depth about the pay once you are signed up.

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You And Affiliates

The only thing that is required of you, is to have at least (1) of your referrals upgrade to premium subscriptions. And, your purchase does not count. Although, you do not have to purchase anything.

All funds are directly deposited to PayPal or Webtalks visa card. You’ll be paid once a month. On the 28th of each month.

Take a look at this following table as an example. Based off of 10 referrals. The company and the new members will earn $1.00 if ad revenue per user.

What Is Webtalk? Social Media That Pays You And Team Trainer Income Calculator

Note: That market average suggests that for every 20 people you were referred. At least one will upgrade. This is why it is important to refer as many as you can. It’ll give you a better opportunity to earn the bonus.

What Are The Qualifications or Requirements?

First, you must set up a profile. To its full completeness. In a 100% meter. This will include adding your real name. A real photo of you. And you’re up to date work or education history. Ensure, everything is real because it will be verified.

Is Webtalk Easy To Use?

Don’t get me wrong. Webtalk has a really clean and sleek look. Your contacts are organized really well.

However, it was a little bit of a learning curve. But, after 24 hours and watching a few videos. I was able to maneuver around in no time. If you were to join with my invitation link. I will send you the same videos that were sent to me. They really did help.

In all honesty, although I signed up to Webtalk, I do not know how this platform will go.

However, their growth stats are pretty amazing. Over the past few months, it has grown outrageously. I don’t plan on neglecting other social media sites.

I feel like Webtalk will be more stable than my Facebook Fan Page.

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My Final Opinion Of Webtalk

I personally, do not like MLM structure businesses. Therefore, I do not actively recommend Webtalk, as far as business, but, it is a great account to have if you want to network with other Entrepreneurs.

I really like how organized and professional the platform is. At this moment, my network is not that large so, I don’t see a lot of action but, over-time who knows where this will go.

More importantly, as far as I can tell, this is not a scam and it is legit.

Of course, there are many other social media platforms that were started and never made it. However, with Webtalk, there have pretty cool features within the platform.

That can help you grow your business. Or just grow your network, period.

People who are growing the community now. Will keep their referrals once the platform comes out of beta testing.

Hence, the more people you invite. The better the opportunity that you will have to make some real money.

More importantly, Webtalk is very entrepreneurial friendly. There is no cross-promoting within the platform. It’s like a lottery ticket. You can either win big or get left behind. Your choice.

The decision for me to join was a no brainer. It is absolutely free to join. There is no credit card needed. Free can never hurt you from taking a peek.

For these very same reasons, I decided to join. And, take my chances at winning it big. So, we will see how this platform goes.

Join now and invite all your friends and family. Before, they invite you. Being that Webtalk is Invite Only. You are welcomed to use my invitation link….

Turning The Mic Over To You

Have you had any success with Webtalk? I would like to know. Chime in with any thoughts, suggestions, complaints or compliments.

On more favor please, could you share this post?

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