CashChase Review: Is It Legit Or An Unbelievable Scam?

I’m glad you’ve landed on this CashChase Review.

Today, you’ll learn if you can really make $500 with this program.

Making that much money within a day is pretty exciting, right?

According to their website their the #1 influence networker.

Giving people the opportunity to make tons of money simply by using their social media accounts.

Now it makes you wonder is CashChase legit or a scam?

I’m not sure what you’re thinking, but it certainly sounds skeptical to me. 

CashChase Review Quick Summary


Price: Free

I have no idea

Best For:
No one

CashChase is a website that claims to help you make tons of money using social media. Their the #1 influence network, according to their site. They also are free to join.

Do I recommend it? No

What Is

It appears that promises to pay $500 today.

There’s no requirements to join.

You’ll get a $25.00 activation bonus and earn money for every person you invite.

According to this company, it’s as easy as completing simple task.

This Is CashChase HomePage

Such as surveys. Uploading YouTube videos. And sharing your referral link on social media.

They claim all you have to do is get people to click the link. And join the program.

All the members on the website appear to be happy affiliates. So, we can only assume they’re enjoying this new source of income.

The company doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Allegedly their parent company has been in business since 2008. But, if we’re on the same page. Then you may be wondering who is the parent company?

I have no clue, they weren’t mentioned.

Anyhow, their network has grown to over 730,000 members.

Forbes publications is one of their biggest achievements, which I could not prove.

Since then, they’ve formed exclusive relationships. Expanded their teams on a national scale.

And now has partnered with more than 300 companies to bring you some of the best paying offers.

After learning all the above.

One would have to applaud them.

All their work has paid off.

They’ve received invitations to over 30 award-winning summits. And, it’s all do to being the best and highest paying influencer network. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

How Does Work?

CashChase seems easy. But, in reality it’s not. In fact, it doesn’t work at all.

See the image below.

In that image, they use emotional triggers.

Did you notice how in small print, it says.

“This is your dashboard the one that will make you a lot of money.”

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking that doesn’t mean anything. You’re right.

Hang tight, I’ll go into further details.

But, first let’s make sure you understand what you’re required to do with this account.

  • They claim you’ll get paid $2 for every click.
  • Plus, earn $10 when someone joins CashChase.
  • Complete a task and earn $30.
  • If you were to upload a YouTube video, you’ll immediately earn $50.
  • Oh yeah and not let’s forget the $25.00 activation bonus.

Complete all those task. You should be eligible for a payout.


It doesn’t work this way.

This sites works like, Money Genie, ShareCash, and Earn Bucks. The logos, colors, fonts, functionality it all appears legitimate but, they’re not. It’s a scam.

What You Need To Know About CashChase?

It’s like a data mining site.

For better terms, you can refer to it as a spoofing website.

Does that term sound familiar? It’s was a new one to me too.

Website spoofing is a misleading attempt to collect personal data.

In the case of CashChase, their attempt would be to collect all your information via their sign up form.

If you were to back track your steps.

They asked you for:

  • your name
  • username
  • password
  • email address
  • and payment address

So, What Exactly Is CashChase Doing?

Their goal is to get as many people as they can to join and submit their information.

By collecting all your information.

They can sell it to third party websites for profits.

They can also use the information to send you spam emails.

Or worst case scenario, they can attempt to put your identity of finances at risk.

Having access to this type of information. There could be so much at risk.

After surveying 2,000 Americans, it was reported that 59% of people, use the same username and password for every single account.

This includes, Facebook, PayPal, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, and so on.

Sure, reusing the same password is a lot easier but, it’s also risky if left un-managed.

The point here is, CashChase has easier access to hack other personal accounts. Especially, is you use the same username and password for any of your other important accounts.

This website is a scam, and a waste of time. We have no idea whose behind it all.

If you’re still in doubt I’ll show you a few red flags that you should be aware of.

Red Flags Of The CashChase Scam

The two people in the image below, giving a testimonial.

These two people are paid to act for CashChase

They’re real people but, have never used their selves. Many programs like this hire paid actors and actresses to do this type of work.

Usually, they’re hired from They don’t cost much to hire and anyone can hire them.

Remember the happy affiliates. 

Well, Simon, Devon, and Jasmine all seem to have the same profile image. Why is that? Sure, it could have been a mistake but, I highly doubt it.

CashChase Testimonial From Simon Is The Same Person On Earnbucks
EarnBucks Testimonial From Devon And Jazmine Appears To Be Simon On CashChase

Not only that.

If you look a little closer, one image praises Earnbucks.

While the other image praises CashChase.

By the way, Earnbucks is a scam too.

If You Are Under 99 You Are Not Allowed To Use CashChase

Also, you’re not even allowed to use this site unless you’re 99 years old or older. So, anyone under 99 doesn’t qualify.

This brings me to the next red flag.

I’ll assume that you’re under 99. And, if you are, then this is one reason proving why you won’t get paid.

The requirements weren’t met.

Within you’re CashChase dashboard, there are Cashout Requirements.

And although, they don’t go into too many details. The terms and conditions page has voided any and all chances of profiting.

Did you know that the address for and are the same?

CashChase Address
Tap 2 Earn Address

Laan van Langerhuize 1, Amstelveen, 1186 DS Netherlands

Tap 2 Earn Has The Same Address As CashChase

It may not mean much to you. But, Tap 2 Earn isn’t legit either. So, they’re both scams.

Final Judgment – Is A Scam?

After all of my findings, I would definitely say that CashChase is a scam. There’s no doubt about it. I don’t recommend it, and would stay far away from it. .

If you’re seeking legit easy ways to earn money online. I would suggest Swagbucks, Paid Viewpoint, or Survey Junkie. They’re definitely legit, and payout.

Either way, making $500 online. It’s possible but, not with this program. You won’t even make a dime.

Affiliate marketing is the only way, that I’ve learned to earn more than survey money. It’s also my all time favorite method.

The best part is with affiliate marketing, you can earn as much as you like. If you’d like to also learn how to get started, I would recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s a free training, that caters to beginners. It’s the same place that taught me. I was floored when I earned my first dollar.

Making money online isn’t easy but, with the right training, and support it’s possible.

I know they can do the same for you. Check out the free training, and see what you think.

Whatever, you decide. I hope that my CashChase Review was helpful to you. And, it keeps you from getting scammed. I wish you the best.

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