Money Genie Review: Legit Money Or A Fat Scam?

Hey, Welcome to Money Genie Review!

If you’ve been searching all across the web for ways to make money.

Then, you know that there’s scams being promoted all across social media.

People are showing insane payment proofs. Sharing their referral links freely. Hoping to earn easy money.

Is Money Genie really granting wishes? Or could it be one of the fastest growing scams?

Today, we’ll go over if this money maker is something you should stay far away from or hope that all your wishes get granted.


Brief Money Genie Review Summary

Website Name:

Price: Free

Product Type: Get paid to site…

Owners: It’s a mystery

SUMMARY: Money Genie is supposed to be one of the highest paid social media networks worldwide. According to a video I watched cash will literally just start pouring in.

Do I recommend No! It’s a Scam.


What Is Money Genie?

As I mentioned in the summary.

Money Genie claims to be one of the highest paying social media networks in the WORLD. They also claim to be the #1 influencer network.


It’s odd to know that Money Genie considers themselves, as the #1 influencer network.

Because,, and told the same story.

Anyhow, according to Money Genie, you’re able to make bucket loads of money without doing absolutely Nothing.

How Does Work?

Before I disclose all the red flags to this program.

Let me explain, how this program should work.

Joining Money Genie is free.

After you’ve joined, you’ll see a $35 credit applied to your account balance.

So far Money Genie is appearing to be the highest paid social network. and were only offering a $25.00 sign-up bonus.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, just yet.

Whenever, you refer people to Money Genie, you’ll earn $1.00 per click plus an extra $5.00.

Download apps you’ll get $15.00.

Complete Surveys, and upload a YouTube video. Receive $50.00 each.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Money Genie Claims You Can Become A Future Millionaire

By the way, Money Genie is not the way to become a future millionaire. Becoming a millionaire requires hard work.

How To Get Paid On Money Genie?

According to you’ll get paid instantly when you request for your payout.

However, there are requirements that must be met first.

You need to have 20 clicks, which will total out to $20.00

Also, you’ll need 5 referrals, meaning you would have earned $25.00.

If all the above is met. And you’ve made sure that you’ve completed 5 tasks on the wall. Then that would add an additional $250.00.

When your account reaches $295.00 you’re eligible to cashout.

The problem that you’ll face with cashing out on this account is you won’t be able to.

Yes, you’ll see your account balance increase every time you complete an action.

However, programs like Money Genie, typically have excuses for why they can’t pay you. Usually, they’ll lock your account out, or they’ll say they found fraud on your account.

So, this brings us to the next question.

Is Money Genie A Scam?

There’s no doubt about it.

Money Genie is not granting any wishes. This money maker will not work.

Instead they are wasting your time, and placing your personal information at risk.

In other words, Money Genie website is a scam.

Money Genie Cute Name But An Ugly Scam

Making money online doesn’t work this easily. The payment proofs are fake. If you watched my YouTube video, I show you where one of the payment proofs images has a image.

Either way, let’s look at all the red flags and see what Money Genie is really about. By the way, I don’t recommend you promoting Money Genie to your friends, families, or even strangers.

Data Collection Website

Websites like this are built to collect your personal data, and help the owner of the site make money.

Let’s say you were to sign up to the account.

You’re asked for your: name, email address, password, and a username.

Keep the above in mind.

Once you log into the account and set up a payment option.

You’re asked for more data.

Such as your PayPal account information.

Your home address, if you choose to cash out that way, and other payment details.

Let’s go further!

When you’re asked to complete certain wall task.

Some of the task walls are asking you for your credit card or debit card details.

With all of this in mind.

You’ve potentially given up vital information, that can be used for other opportunities.

Therefore, I don’t recommend you signing up to this program.

You Will NOT Get Paid (Red Flag)

Now you’re probably asking yourself, what’s the point of the site?

Why would they want to collect your personal data?

The reason why they’re collecting your personal data is because the information that is given to Money Genie can be sold to third parties.

The point is you won’t make one cent with this website.

Instead the owner of Money Genie will make all the money with your personal data. They also can make money from the task wall.

The task wall is real. They are called CPA offers.

Bottom line, is you won’t make Anything. The site owner will though.

Money Genie Payment Proofs Are Fake

If you look closely to all the payment proofs on Money Genie, they all appear to be bogus.

The checks are fake with a Money Genie logo attached.

The Business Address Has Drastically Changed

When I first viewed the Money Genie website the business address, that they had on their contact us page was:

1295 Northland Drive, Suite 300 Saint Paul, MN 55120.

That’s a real address.

However, it belongs to a company called InboxDollars.

For some reason, Money Genie address has drastically changed locations.

Relocating themselves from Minnesota to Schadijk 94, Veenendall, Utrecht, 3905 XA

The business address that’s provided doesn’t belong to Money Genie.

Social Media Affiliates

First and foremost, this isn’t how a social media affiliate program works.

A social media affiliate program require pre-approval, and in some cases you’ll need to purchase the product. And in many cases you need a website, plus social media accounts.

Send Social Media is an example of a legit social media affiliate program. On their affiliates pages, you’ll see that you have the potiential of earn 10% per sale.

Meaning if you can get someone to purchase Send Social Media account, you’ll receive a commission.

The point is, you won’t make money with Money Genie program.

It’s not legit.

Money Genie Is This Genie Granting Wishes

Wrapping This Money Genie Up

As you can see in today’s Money Genie Review this program is indeed a scam. The worst part is after you’ve done all the hard work. You will not get paid.

This is definitely not the way to make money online.

If you’re searching for quick and easy money. Try Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, or Paid Viewpoint. They all are legit, and pay via PayPal.

If you’re searching for serious money then I would recommend a training program called Wealthy Affiliate, they teach people how to make money online with websites.

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