Review: 8 Reasons It’s A Scam

In this review you’ll learn if it’s possible to make $500 today.

This #1 influencer network claims to give you an easy option.


Before we get into the nitty gritty.

I want to make sure we are both on the same page.

In this review we’re discussing and not

They’re two different companies.

Ironically, both companies claim that you can make money.

ShareCash Earn 500 Online Today, Reviewed And Its Not Possible

Brief Summary

Website Name: or (they’re the same sites)

Price: Free

Owners: It’s a Mystery

SUMMARY: claims that you can make $500.00 today for free. Complete wall task, upload videos, and download apps.

Do I recommend No, it’s a scam!

Either way, let’s find out how this money sharing app is supposed to work.

What Is And How Does It Work?

As mentioned earlier, there appears to be three websites with the same name. The website we’re referring to today, works like this.

You join for free. Receive a $25.00 bonus just for signing up.

After that you’re encouraged to share the site with your friends, families, and strangers. If you’re lucky enough to get someone to sign-up then, they claim you can cash out your earnings instantly. Payment Methods

The payment methods for this program really doesn’t matter.

What should matter the most is if the program will pay you.

I would be very careful when entering your payment method on any program that looks like this one.

Most usually are scams.

The payment methods that claims to offer is

  • PayPal
  • CashTag
  • Venmo Number
  • Bitcoin Wallet
  • Or Your Mailing Address

ShareCash even has a plugin that helps them display, these enormous payouts. Such as the image below, where Maria was just paid $4254.00 via CashApp.

Maria Just Made 4254 Via CashApp With ShareCash

How To Make Money With ShareCash?

Don’t get your hopes up. This will not work.

According to the Tutorial, it’s easy peasy though.

Making $500 per day completely for free is outstanding, right?

Overtime, you share the site.

If someone joins through your referral link you’ll earn $10.00.

The exciting part is, if the person just even clicks on your link. You’re supposed to earn $2.00 per click.

That’s not all.

  • Download apps.
  • Complete surveys.
  • And submit a YouTube video.

You’re supposed to earn easy money with all these options.

Man Asking Would You Like To Make Money As An Influencer, ShareCash Review

Is Safe, Legit, Or A Scam?

It’s none of the above.

I have no reason to believe that is safe, or legit.

This site is no different from Cashooga, Tap2Earn, and if you’re wondering, no Paidleaf isn’t legit either. Nor is Kashtree.

This site is just another scam like all the others.

You’re better off trying Swagbucks.

8 Scam Reasons


1. The Biggest Reason Of Them All, also had a site domain named For some reason that site no longer exist. has now been changed to

Google it for yourself, you’ll see.

2. ShareCash Payment Proof It’s A Joke

With over $158,670,000 paid to over 730,000 happy members. How can the payment proof not be legit? That’s an easy answer.

They’re just made up numbers.

The testimonies are by random people. They probably have no clue that the site is not legitimate.

The bottom line here is the payment proof is not real.

By the way, the site was created on November 24th, 2019.

How can any company pay out millions of dollars, if every member did absolutely nothing?

3. Don’t Download The Tricky Apps

Some of the apps that you’re encouraged to download, are actual paid services. Meaning they’re services that you will pay for. Out of your pocket.

Regardless, I wouldn’t download any of the apps. It’s not safe.

4. By The Way Their Story Line Is Fake

As you just learned the company website was created 2 months ago.

On their storyline they claim to have started the company in Amsterdam, March 2015, which makes me wonder why you they have a section on their site that states “Find Us” in Houston, TX.

5. Bogus Forbes Publications

Also, they boast about being mentioned in one of the top online publications, “Forbes”. Indeed, it’s an accomplishment to be proud of.

One would automatically assume that they were talking about “The” Forbes.

However, was not mentioned in Forbes by “Forbes”.

It didn’t exactly work like that.

A random member of took upon himself to share their referral ink to the Forbes Under 30 community.

The post still appears today, which gives fake Facebook social proof.

6. Their Email Address Is Fake

The company email address is

I emailed asking for help. I never received an answer back.

I also looked up the email address.

It appears to be an unknown email address.

7. Not So Happy Members After All

Right underneath the Tutorial YouTube video, just read all the comments. No further proof should be needed after you see all the upset people, that felt like they were scammed. I don’t blame them either for being upset.

8. No Scam Pays, Ever

Whenever a website claims they’ll pay you and never does. It’s automatically a scam in my book. This company will not pay you.

Yes, the dollar amount in your dashboard will increase.

But, after you’ve wasted countless hours, referring other people.

Completing tasks.

Uploading videos of yourself on YouTube.

And, finally reaching the $500.00 minimum payout.

You’ll never get paid.

How To Delete ShareCash Account?

Unfortunately, you’re not able to delete the account. That’s not an option.

The best recommendation, I can give you right now, is to change your password. The email address that you used to join the program.

Change the password.

There’s a reason for this recommendation.

Sites like this are used to collect as much information as they can from random people.

If you track back your steps.

Remember, you were asked for your name, user name, email address, password, and payment address.

All this information can be used or sold to third parties. In other words, your information could be at risk.

Wrapping Review Up

Seriously, if you’re looking for ways to earn $500 per day. is not the answer.

No survey company will ever pay out that much money in one day.

Not too many jobs pay that amount either.

In my opinion, the best way that I’ve learned is affiliate marketing, and blogging.

Blogging, you write targeted articles, and affiliate marketing, It’s basically when you share other people’s products or services, and get paid commissions in return.

It’s not as easy as it sounds but it’s pretty cool when you learn.

It’s actually how I make most of my income.

If you’re interested in learning more, head over here to my Wealthy Affiliate review.

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