A Daily Cash Siphon Review (Easy Daily Cash)

Welcome to the Daily Cash Siphon Review!

Name: Daily Cash Siphon

Website:  www.dailycashsiphon.net

Price:  $37.00

Owners:  Chris Parker (Spokesperson is William Fairbrother)

Best For:  (Beginners) It’s for anyone who wants basic information about starting a WordPress.

SUMMARY: Daily Cash Siphon claims to show you a weird trick to make you money every single day. As a beginner, you’ll learn to build niche websites through this step by step training method.

I’m sure you arrived here because you’re searching for legitimate ways to make money online. Or you may have received an email, just like I did, and someone is trying to sell this product to you.

Either way, I applaud you for doing your own due diligence before, making a final purchase.

Today, you will learn about Daily Cash Siphon. What is it? Is it a scam? Then you can decide if it’s for you. Sounds, good…Okay, then let’s get to business.

What Is Daily Cash Siphon?

Daily Cash Siphon is an online money program that claims to teach you how to siphon money legally. How will you siphon money legally?

It’s all due to a simple weird trick that Daily Cash Siphon claims they learned over the last nine years of working online.

Anyhow, according to Daily Cash Siphon, it would only take you about 30 minutes of your time daily, to earn more money than your regular job can ever give you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to working online, a busy person, or even lazy. In other words, everything is done for you, and you’re supposed to learn how to build a niche website using WordPress.

William, the spokesperson for this product, claims you could start today, with no experience and under 7 minutes with about 19 clicks. You could be making stacks of money — more than you could ever imagine.

By the way, William Fairbrother is not the creator of the product; he is just a spokesperson.  It tells, you on the sale page, the sales video is using a “pen name.”

At any rate, before proceeding, there are some rules that you need to agree with before joining this program.

Later in this review, I’ll discuss in further detail who this system is for and who it’s not for but, first let’s find out what their weird trick they claimed to have found.

Below Is The Sales Video

How Does Daily Cash Siphon Work?

Not only does William claim you can start within 7 minutes, and click about 19 times, but, he also claims you won’t have to do any of the tedious research because it’s already done for you.

Here is what they claim you need to do. All you have to do is copy their step by step method, and you’ll be making money fast.

Look it supposed to be so simple that even William’s mom, who is 74 years old, knows what she is doing; this almost sounds like the Grandpa that was used in a  review that I previously wrote about called 5 Minute Profits.

Daily Cash Siphon Says Any Age Can Join

On top of the 5 profits method is a rehashed program of Profit With Alex.

Those were two programs, that I didn’t recommend due to several reasons.

Anyhow, so here is what you’ve probably been waiting for; the weird trick is blogging. Blogging is not something new, and it certainly doesn’t work overnight.

The training that Daily Cash Siphon gives you within their product is not the worst training but, it is also not the best training. We’ll go over the training concerns soon, so keep reading.

Anyhow, I believe you could learn some necessary information that you would need to know as a beginner. However, there is training missing that you’ll need to learn to continue blogging and making it useful for you.

Especially if you’re trying to make $395.00 per day with blogging, that certainly can be done, but, it does take time and work.

Most People Fail According To Daily Cash Siphon

Here Are The Things I Didn’t Like

#1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In training, you’re taught to drive traffic not only by Social media methods, and solo ad training, but, with SEO as well. SEO is a legit method of driving traffic. However, it’s also a method that you need to learn correctly. If SEO isn’t done correctly, you could lose your rankings or even worse; you could never get ranked.

No rankings = No traffic. No traffic = No revenue.

The search engines, especially Google, is always updating. With this training, I’m not positive that you’ll receive the most updated information that you need to keep up with all the changes that SEO involves.

Of course, you could always do research and stay up to date on what works and what doesn’t work. For example, there free information on other peoples blogs, plus you have YouTube.

Regardless, learning SEO takes time, and I didn’t feel like 30 minutes of training was sufficient. In addition to this, it’s essential for you to know that you won’t gain traffic as soon as they are making it seem.

#2. Blogging Takes Time

According to the sales video, Daily Cash Siphon claims that they found a weird trick, which is blogging and promoting Clickbank products. In other words, you’ll be doing affiliate marketing from your blog.

Neither of these is an unknown or weird trick. It’s the same business model, that I use today. Maybe to an online newbie, this money making method could be new, but, this method has been around of years.

On top of that, they make it seem like you will log in and create stacks of money right away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Even if Daily Cash Siphon did all the research for you and found all the profitable products for you, you still won’t make money overnight.

#3. Typical Sales Tactic

Land on the sales page, you will see a statement that says  “It’s new! Plus, they have a weird trick that exploits a $480 million glitch, where you can legally siphon $395 per day.

If you’re new online, there is no way you will be able to make $395.00 per day consistently without putting in work and learning the techniques that require you to make $395.00 per day.

You will have to work and learn the techniques; there is no way around that.

Daily Cash Siphon 395 Per Day Is It True

#4. There Is No Trick To Making Money Online

A lot of the Clickbank products, use this same line, there is no trick to making money online. You have to work, learn the techniques, and stick with it.

Clickbank is one of the first affiliate marketing platforms that beginners use because, it’s free to join. Plus,you can start promoting right away. However, there is a difference, yes you can join for free and promote products immediately but, you won’t make consistent money right away.

#5. Additional Investments

If you never heard of affiliate marketing and blogging, then, this may be a surprise. You will have to purchase hosting, and Daily Cash Siphon recommends Hostgator.

Hostgator has different packages that you can choose. Most people will see the $2.75 introductory pricing and go for it. However, the $2.75 introductory pricing is only available if you lock arms with Hostgator for 36 months. Other than that, you’ll need to pay about $10.95 per month for hosting.

In addition to hosting, you’ll also need to buy a domain name. Domain prices can range as well.

Regardless, you’ll be taught Solo Ad Traffic, which can be risky if you don’t have the proper training. The best part is Daily Cash Siphon has provided short training videos that will walk you through the process. I can’t promise you that they’ll help you succeed with Solo Ad Training, but, at least they did cover some of the information for you.

#6. No Community Support

I was not too fond of the idea that there was no community support. I wish I had community support when I first began online. I never knew the real benefits until I joined a community full of like-minded entrepreneurs. Without having community support, when you come across a road bump, it’s hard to know which direction to go in, especially when you have no idea on what you’re doing.

Here Is What I Did Like

#1. Mindset Training

I liked the fact that mindset training was mentioned in this training. Many programs don’t go over mindset training, and in my opinion, that is vital information, that should be covered when you have decided to become an internet marketer.

#2. It’s Risk-Free

At any rate, Daily Cash Siphon is considered risk free because it’s a Clickbank product. With Clickbank products, if you were to cancel and request a refund within 60 days, you would receive your money back. So, if you decide that you want to check this product at, you could try it, and if you don’t feel like it’s for you, you will request a refund.

#3. It Teaches Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

I did like that Daily Cash Siphon taught the blogging and affiliate marketing method. Today, blogging, YouTube marketing, and Podcast are supposed to be the top 3 ways to earn a passive or residual income.

#4. Good Basic Training

The training was okay, but not the best. The part I liked the most is you were given a task to complete after each lesson. In my opinion, that’s the best form of learning. First, you go through the training course, then you take action on what you learned.

Is Daily Cash Siphon A Scam?

No, I wouldn’t say this is a scam, but, as you read previously, there are some reasons why I wouldn’t recommend the product.


  • Mindset Training.
  • Low Initial Investment
  • It’s Not A Scam.
  • 60 Day Money Back, No Questions Asked. 
  • Blogging Can Pay You Over Time If Done Right. 
  • Some Of The Training May Be Useful.


  • Blogging Is A Long Term Business.
  • It Takes Time To Drive Traffic.
  • Blogging Doesn’t Work Over Night.
  • SEO Is A Technique That Requires Proper Training.
  • There Is No Community Support.

Who is Daily Cash Siphon For?

Daily Cash Siphon wants the right kind of people.  Without having a targeted audience, they claim you could lose your income, and so would they. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen, nor do they.

Here are the rules want you to agree with before joining.

  • Rule# 1 No Controversial People – If you’re a controversial person, this is not for you.
  • Rule #2 Only Available in Qualifying Countries – According to Daily Cash Siphon, if you were able to watch their sale video, then you reside in a qualifying country.
  • Rule #3 – Passed Both Rule #1 & Rule #2- If you passed both rule number one and rule number two, then you can proceed with this product.

In other words, this system is for you if you are looking to build a WordPress website. Plus, you’re looking to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, and you’re new to the online world.

This product is not for you if you already have a WordPress website, and you know a little about affiliate marketing.

Daily Cash Siphon System

Daily Cash Siphon Tools & Training

Compared to other products that I’ve reviewed Daily Cash Siphon did have a decent amount of training videos. There are about 60 videos that will cover the basics of getting your website up and running.

A Brief Overview Of The Training Course

  • Finding Inspiration.
  • Details on What Makes A Good Blog Post.
  • Short Video Covering Keyword Research.
  • How Long Your Post Should & Keyword Density.
  • The Frequency Of Blog Posting.
  • Outsourcing Your Content To Others
  • Guest Blogging
  • How To Add Blog Post Part1 & Part 2
  • How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
  • 3 Training Parts Of Using Twitter Effectively
  • Email List Training
  • Using Udimi
  • Using Clickbank
  • Driving Solo Ad Training

Although I would have rather seen longer training videos on all the many subjects that were covered within this program, I must admit that if you are beginning and new online.  It could be possible for you to learn a few things.

Training is laid out in a not so complicated way. Plus, after each lesson, you’re given a task to complete, which I find is helpful not only to learn but, to take action on what you learn.

Another thing I liked about the training is William (Chris) talks about the mindset, which is essential when you begin working for yourself.

Daily Cash Siphon Review 1

Daily Cash Siphon Up-sells & Down-sells

The initial investment is $37.00. If you opt-out of that offer, you’ll then be given two different proposals.

You’ll either see the offer for a 7-day free trial with a payment of $7.00 per month until you cancel. Or you’ll see the offer that gives you a $10.00 discount off of the $37.00 initial investment.

Of course, as you may know by now, most products, come with Up-sells.

Here is what you can expect.

Up-sell #1:

You’ll get a done for you website, which will be $197.00. The quality of this site is unknown. Anyhow, if you decline, you’ll receive a down-sell and be offered a 7-day free trial. After that, it’ll be $17 per month.

Up-sell #2:

Additional Site Built for you $187.00. In other words, if you pay for the first up-sell and the second upsell you’ll have two sites.

Up-sell #3:

Daily Traffic Siphon, which is $97.00 – which shows you how to get traffic to your website. As mentioned earlier, without traffic, you can’t make a revenue.

My Final Opinion Of Daily Cash Siphon

Above all, you should understand what Daily Cash Siphon is; I wouldn’t buy this product myself, so, I couldn’t recommend it to anyone else.

Overall, this was a tough system to review because, at one point, I thought I would recommend it due to the training. The training was decent, but, as mentioned earlier, it’s not the best. In my opinion, the videos were too short. The most extended training video was about 14 minutes long.

Don’t get me wrong; you could learn something from the training, but, I genuinely believe you’ll be buying additional training to fill in the gaps that weren’t covered. My point is proven by the up-sells that are offered to you within the program.

In the end, this could leave you confused and out of money. Plus, there isn’t a community to support you, which is a considerable concern, especially when you’re a beginner.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend it because of the hyped up income claims. They make it seem like the money will flow in stacks overnight. It doesn’t work anywhere near like that. Also, they make affiliate marketing look like it a scam which, it isn’t.

Yes, indeed, blogging and affiliate marketing can be a lucrative way of making a full-time income, and beyond. However, it does take time, consistency, and hard work. None of which will happen overnight.

As I mentioned earlier, Daily Cash Siphon isn’t a scam but, unfortunately, I couldn’t recommend it to a beginner. I’ve given you the reasons why I wouldn’t recommend it but, of course, it’s your choice on what you decide. Either way, I wish you the best in whatever you chose to do.

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