Is Profit With Alex a Scam

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Profit with Alex Review

Name: Profit with Alex


Price: $37 + $7

Owners: Alex Goodwin

Overall Rank: 71 out of 100

Profit with Alex Overview

Today I’ll be doing a review on profit with Alex. I came across this product through an email I received. Initially, I tried to dive deep into the program and perform an investigation to get the information. Profit with Alex

Well, that did not work out too well. I read numerous of reviews and watched many videos but, kept getting mixed reviews. Some people said it worked. While others said Profit with Alex was a complete scam. So, I decided to purchase the product and see for myself.

Is Profit with Alex a Scam?

I don’t know, we will surely find that out in this review today. Profit with Alex claims that you can make a website within 5 minutes after signing up. I thought this was alarming but, still proceed with the purchase because, hey I was able to build my site within 30 seconds. Of course, there was no content on my site. And, my site was not built with this product. So, let’s see how true this 5 minute claim is.Profit with Alex Review

The initial sign up cost was a one time fee of $37.00. Then I was offered a one time fee of $7.00 which was supposed to be a special offer to place my website on the Profit with Alex faster hosting, which I declined the additional charge.

After I signed up for the Profit with Alex software, I was welcomed with a message that says “Welcome New Members”. Then I was instructed to fill in a form so, that a success coach can review it and get in contact with me.Profit with Alex

On the form I was asked personal information such as, my name, email address, physical home address, phone number, how much I wanted to make this year, the best time to call me, my current annual income, and they also ask are you wanting to start a Full-time or Part business of your own.

Why Does Any of This Matter?

Okay, so after being asked all of this personal information. I still wonder why they needed to know any of this. I have not received any calls from a success coach, not even an email. With further ado, I still filled out the information so, that I could proceed and get the scope of things.

After filling out all my personal information, I then arrived at the member’s area. In the member’s area, I was greeted with a short training video about 2 and 1/2 minutes long by a guy named Luke. Luke I would assume is like a very short-term personal video trainer. He walks you through the steps of setting up your first website. Don’t get too attached to Luke he doesn’t stay around long.

Live Site Or Demo Site

Before you set up your first website, you’ll have the option of building a live site or demo site. It’s your choice so, just choose one. The difference between the two is: a live site is available immediately to the public. It’ll be ready for viewing and people can order from your site. If someone orders from your site, you would get the commissions because your affiliate links are already set within the site.

A demo site is not live and people cannot view the site. Your affiliate links are not automatically placed on the site and if someone happened to find the site, you will not receive any commissions if somebody made a purchase.Profit with Websites

The only purpose of the demo site it is to allow you to organize your products on the site. Luke then claims that a demo site can be transferred to a live site at any time. I still was not able to figure out how to arrange my products on the site.

Going with Live Site

I chose to go to a live site.There was no, time to waste on a demo site. I had to get this review out to my readers before, you decided to purchase a product like this. During the process of setting up your site, the first thing you’ll have to do is set up your domain.

In order for this product to work, you’ll have to have a domain or be willing to purchase a domain. Luke suggest that you purchase the domain from NameCheap. The best part of this situation is I had already had a domain with NameCheap. So, I did not have to go and purchase a new domain.

Do You Have a Domain?

If you have no idea on what a domain is, then you’ll have to watch YouTube videos of some sort to educate yourself a little further. Luke does not give training on anything dealing with a domain. After getting access to your domain, you have to change the CNAME records within NameCheap to If you do not know how to do this, NameCheap customer service can help. Again, there is no training on how to do this within the Profit with Alex member’s area.Website Domain Name Check

After setting up your domain, you’ll then need to do sign up with an eBay developer account and eBay affiliate account which are both free.

You’ll be asked some personal information from eBay as well. Please note that the eBay Developer account and eBay affiliate account are two different accounts.

Setting up Your Website

Once all the above is completed. Luke then walks you through the steps of setting up your website by selecting your products that are congruent to each other. You’ll be prompted to name your store and set up some SEO settings. And, that is it, your website is done!

Now, that you have everything site up and your website is ready to rock. Luke expects you to learn a few marketing skills by watching three videos that are provided within the member’s area. He also advises working at least 15 minutes a day, to help generate more traffic to your site.

It took me a little longer than 5 minutes to set up my website. In fact, it took me almost an hour to have the site set up.

The Good and Valuable:

  • Site was built within an hour
  • Products were automatically on the site
  • Low cost to get started
  • No up-sells
  • Several websites can be built after the first site is built
  • Hosting was supposedly included

 The Good and The Bad

The Bad and Ugly:

  • Products are hard to choose and arrange on the website
  • There is no control on how your site is laid out
  • SEO technique is totally false
  • Training is not sufficient
  • The site is not secure
  • I would not recommend this route

Who is Profit with Alex For?

Profit with Alex is definitely not for the beginner. There is no sufficient training that will help you succeed online. You will be totally lost if you decided to purchase this product. There is no training, on even the most simplest things such as what is a domain name, understanding SEO for beginners, nothing. There are just roughly 6 very, very short videos that are supposed to get you on your way to the riches. Profit With Alex

A very skilled marketer may have the knowledge on how to make this product work but, I doubt, he or she will be wasting their time with this product. Most skilled marketers prefer to build out their own websites.

Profit with Alex Tools & Training

I believe there was a total of 6 videos. All of them were 6 minutes or less. That is roughly 30 to 40 minutes worth of training, in your entire member’s area. Affiliate marketing is a skill that has to be learned and you definitely will not learn it from these short videos.

Profit with Alex Support

The only support that was available was to submit a ticket and wait for a response. If you don’t have time to wait for a response there is a small FAQ’s section available.

There is no community support, no Facebook community support, no chat support, no forum, no tech support. Nothing!

Profit with Alex Price

Although, I was surprised that there were no upsells within this product. I was surprised that the product only cost $37.00 one time fee. I sort of was expecting an upsell somewhere along the lines but, to my surprise there were none.

When checking out you will be offered a faster hosting cost of a one time fee for $7.00. After that, there were no upsells within the Profit with Alex software.Profit With Alex Scam

However, there will be an additional cost, if you do not currently own a domain. A domain can be purchased through NameCheap or GoDaddy. In the member’s area, the training videos recommend NameCheap.

My Final Opinion of Profit with Alex

Profit with Alex is not a scam. It is a legit business, I received everything that they said I would get. My sites were set up with products on them and I actually have them available for you today. Below you will find the examples of sites that you would be setting up…

These are my live sites….

I was really curious if a site could be built. So, the first site I just threw something together about games. I seen that site was built so, I wanted to know how long it would take to put the second site together. It took about 5 minutes, I threw something together with baby gear. So, Alex was right you can build a site with products.Is Profit With Alex Scam

With that being said there are still some concerns that I need to mention. After going through the process of setting up my site with Profit with Alex. I realized that what he is showing you is the same thing I do, which is affiliate marketing.

The difference is Profit with Alex does not have enough training in order to help you succeed with a home based business. Your site is also said to be hosted for free when you sign up for this product but, you’ll have to purchase your own domain name from NameCheap. The Namecheap domains can range from $23.99 per year and up. After your first-year domain registration promotion discount is over.

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The domain and hosting that you will have, with this product is not a secured connection. Which is not good, you’ll want a secured site because, of the transactions that you will be completing between yourself and your customer. To activate a SSL with namecheap it can cost you an additional 8.88 per year to $29.88 per year.

Protect your Business with an SSL certificate. Order now for only $8.88/year at Namecheap!

SSL Certificate for just $8.88

If You’re New Online There are Easier Ways

I definitely would not recommend this product to anyone new online. After struggling online myself and running in circles, I learned that there is no get rich schemes. You won’t get rich overnight. Nor, will you make money right away by just setting up a site.

Any business that you decide to join will always require you to learn and work hard. Truth is there are no shortcuts. You will have to be committed to building a business and there is no, ifs, ands, and buts, about that.

Furthermore, there are SEO steps that you’ll have to learn in order for your site to generate free traffic. The way Luke shows you in his training videos is just another way to take your money and you’ll still be wondering why his methods are not generating free traffic.

Get the most advanced affiliate and internet marketing training in the industry

Luke himself, even admits that his training videos are short. He claims that they are short because there is not too much to learn. That is false! Of course, you may be able to make a few sells by sharing this site over and over again with others but, it won’t last too long.

Although, there will always be someone curious and still buy this product. I would highly recommend if you want to learn and start a legit home based business, to check out my #1 recommendation called Wealthy Affiliate. There you will learn everything you need to know in order to become successful online. The best part is, it is absolutely free to get started and you’ll be given two free websites when you join.

NOT RECOMMENDED…… Proceed with caution! You’ve been Warned!...

Profit with Alex at a Glance…

Name: Profit with Alex


Owners: Alex Goodwin

Price: $37.00 + $7

Overall Rank: 71 out of 100


Welp! That is all from me folks. It’s been a pleasure giving you this review. If you ever have any questions or concerns please do leave them below. I love to hear from all my readers and I definitely will respond.

One more thing, if you found this review helpful, please do share this post with your friends and family. As always have an awesome day!