Is Copy My Email System A Scam? (Close To It)

Welcome to the Copy My Email Review!

Name: Copy  My Email


Price:  $34

Owners:  Bobby Jones

Best For:  No One

SUMMARY: Copy My Email System is supposed to a simple email system that you can use to send emails to people who have already requested information.

Recently came across the Copy My Email system? Want to know if it’s a scam or legit?

Before I go any further, I want to applaud you for during your research before making a final purchase. There so many scams out there, it gets hard to decide what’s legit and what’s not.

If you’re considering this program, please read this entire review because it will help you in deciding if it’s for you.

Anyhow, today, I opened up an email that I received from a guy named Brain. He’s also the guy who sends me information about

By the way, if you’re new to this blog, I’ve done a review over Instant Email Empire. You can read that review once you’re done reading about Copy My Email.

They both appear to be the same system, just under different domain names. On top of that, the creator name to the product is Bobby Jones.

  • So, is Brian Jones and Bobby Jones, the same guy? 
  • Is the real owner going by a fake name?
  • Who is this guy?

In this review, you’ll learn why I don’t recommend this to anyone

copy My Email Guarantees 100 Within 24 Hours

What Is Copy My Email?

As mentioned earlier Copy My Email system is supposed to be a simple email system that will allow you to make money with it, by sending emails to people who supposedly have already asked to be emailed by you and this Copy My Email system.  

With that said, these unknown people that are asking to be emailed, have also requested to be emailed every day.  According to the guy in the sales videos, the people have filled out a mysterious form, which wasn’t mentioned during the sales video so, I have no idea what kind they filled out or where they even filled out the form.

  • The question is, what form did they fill out?
  • Does the form have anything to do with what you’re going to be emailing them about?

For example, I certainly would hate to see someone request more information regarding dessert recipes, and you’re emailing them something about making money. 

Above all, you’ll be emailing people about a making money with a program that we don’t even have a clue if it works. 

However, worry none, Copy My Email system claims this isn’t spam but, oh it may be borderline spam though because you don’t know what form they filled out.

You don’t even know if you have permission to email the subscribers.

Anyhow, when Brain sent me the email, it was titled “Partner With Me” (I’ll Pay).

What will he pay for, my membership, or what?  Because clearly on the front of the sale page I am shown a $34.00 access fee. Where was Brian then? He claimed he’d pay but, nothing was paid for on my end.

Then on top of that when I open the email, it states, “Boom You Just Earned A Commission.” I’m not even a member of this system. So, there is no way possible for me to earn a commission.  

Copy My Email System Email Sent By Brian Jones

I’m going over this information, because, when it comes to making money online, there are laws and rules, that you must learn.

Email marketing is no different, and Brian was considered to be violating the CAN-SPAM Act…Rule #2, which it  clearly states by the Federal Trade Commission, “Email Subject Lines Must Not Be Deceptive.” 

I’ll give Brain the benefit, of the doubt, he may still be learning these laws. I happen to learn them myself through research.

So, no hard feeling there but, when I checked my ClickAggregator account. It still sits at $0 commissions. I clicked the link myself several times, and it has now earned me $0.20. 

Commission Stats For Copy My Email

How Does Copy My Email Work?

The idea behind this system is to help you skip the learning curve of email marketing; that way, you can start making money right away.  

I mean right on the sales page it guarantees that you can make $100 within 24 hours. Red Flag, not even a billionaire, can ensure that you’ll make money within 24 hours. It’s not possible.

  • Another question, how will you make $100 within 24 hours?
  • What product are you selling?

Is it the Instant Email Biz? Or Copy My Email System also known as (CMES)? Or is it a different product that is being sold?

What makes this program even worse is, they claim you can join this for free.

You can’t access this system without paying $34.00, so would I join for free. 

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Copy My Email Dashboard

Back to Copy My Email, system so, how exactly does this work? 

First, Copy My Email wants you to team up with them. So, they can get you making money within the next 24 hours. How would you do this? You’ll need to pay their $34.00 fee. Worry none, it’s a Clickbank product, so if you feel like this system doesn’t work out, you can get a full refund within 60 days.

Although, in the sales video Copy My Email encourages you to give it a 90-day tryout.

Of course, they want you to try it out for 90 days, because, my guess is it doesn’t work.

Listed below is briefly what you’ll do. Plus, what you can expect.

  • Step 1: Log into the member’s area. 
  • Step 2: Click on “Send Your Email” Tab.
  • Step 3: Push a few buttons and send the email to your list.

When you have all that set up, which isn’t much. The toughest part seems like it would be to pay for this account.

Anyhow, your first 500 subscribers will automatically be loaded onto your list, and every seven days you’ll receive 500 more subscribers to your list.

On average, according to Copy My Email, you should gain 15 to 30 clicks per day when you send out the emails. 

By the way, Clickaggregators pays you $0.20 per click within your Instant Email Biz account only.

Please note, that you’re encouraged to send emails out to your list every day. Every time someone from your list clicks on a link, You…Get Paid! Baam… that’s it…

No wonder!

Now the email that Brain sent to me makes sense, because, when I clicked on his link to view this bogus sales video, he must have earned a commission.

There’s more, so sit tight. If you feel like having 500 subscribers to your list every 7 days isn’t enough. Then you can always upgrade and email your list twice a day. Plus, you’ll receive another 5000 subscribers.  

The problem with this upgrade is not the number of subscribers; it’s more of the number of times, you’re emailing people. I know if I was emailed twice a day, I would have jumped off your list immediately.

However, there is no specific amount of times; you can or can’t email someone. It’s your choice.

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copy My Email 100 Within 24 Hours

Is Copy My Email that simple?

I don’t know about Copy My Email, but I do know from my personal experience with an autoresponder that’s it’s not this easy. Anyhow, the guy in the sales video claims, you’ll get paid regardless, if you make a sale or not. Interesting…to say the least….

How can you get paid by someone clicking a link? Well, that’s simple but, not as simple as the Copy My Email is explaining.

It’s called “Cost Per Click Advertisingalso know as “Pay Per Click”. Regardless, I never knew that CPC was allowed within an email. Anyhow, I’ve learned over time the internet is always changing, the technology always updating, and you’re still learning something new every day. 

The simple part is that they use a company called Clickaggregators is free to join. However, it only works with Instant Email Biz members, and this isn’t a company that you can join outside of Instant Email Biz.

Additionally, the clicks that you receive within your CMES account must have been sent and received from your Instant Email Biz Members area.

The more clicks you generate, the more money you’re supposed to make but, here is the kicker. You will get paid every month. On top of that if you don’t meet the $1000.00 threshold, for your account, then you won’t get paid.

You will have to wait until your account has reached the $1000.00 threshold. After your account has achieved, it’s required limit. Then CMES will contact you directly for your payment information, and if necessary they may ask for documents. 

copy My email Threshold Is 1000

I am involved with many Ad networks, Affiliate programs, and never once, have I’ve been required to show proof of documents unless they’re talking about writing a void check.  I have written a voided check to a company.

The only program that has requested a voided check from me is no longer in business. They were shut down by the FTC, and it was called the MOBE.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest red flags. I know it sounds all good to make your first $100 within the next 24 hours, but, it may not end all good. I would suggest that you walk away from this program.

Is Copy My Email A Scam?

As I mentioned earlier, I wrote a previous article over this system under the name Instant Email Biz. This is borderline tricky system (scam).  I can say that the system is so confusing, it takes you in so many circles, that I almost feel like I’m being scammed. 

I find this system under so many domain names it becoming worrying. I can also give you the experience that I had with Instant Email Biz.

I signed up to the program, and I didn’t get anything in return.  I was supposed to get an autoresponder full of hungry buyers with free access, and it didn’t happen.

I also see many signs that you should be aware of for your own well being, and I’ve mentioned them throughout this article.

On top of that their Clickaggerators website, has a terms and policy page, where a domain name is listed and it doesn’t exist. On top of that, their site is not secure.


Here Are The Complaints

Although, I found many complaints regrading this system, listed under either Copy My Email system or by another name. I’ve decided to share the reports with you here. 

Copy My Email Complaints


copy My Email System More Complaints



  • ClickBank usually allows refunds.


  • This System Has Too Many Concerns

Who is Copy My Email System For?

I wouldn’t recommend this system to anyone. I don’t trust it.

Copy My Email System Price

  • The first 500 subscribers are $34.00
  • Then you’re supposed to get the ability to email subscribers two times a day for $77.00, which also CMES claims you would receive an additional 5000 subscribers. 

My Final Opinion Of Copy My Email System

Above all, you should have an understanding of if this Copy My Email system is for you or not. I must admit I was confused with the Instant Email Biz and I’m still confused with Copy My Email system.  

So, rule of thumb that we have here on Online Money No Scams is if you don’t understand clearly what you’re buying or purchasing walk away from it until you can get a better understanding. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t and couldn’t recommend this to anyone.

I have never seen a threshold as high as a $1000.00. You won’t be paid after you have reached this $1000.00 threshold, this is almost like or

For a legit program, the threshold is never this high. The highest I have seen for a threshold was $100.00, and that is with Clickbank. Plus, if they call you on the phone to get more information out of you, they could be doing other things with your data.

I would stay away from this program.

Anyhow, if you’re tired of losing out on a lot of money and you don’t want to be scammed. I would suggest that you build your own business from scratch.

It’s certainly not the easiest way to make overnight money, but, your hard work will pay off over time, and at least you know you’re not about to scam yourself.

If you’re interested in starting a website from scratch within any niche you choose, I suggest you read my article that I wrote a while back about Wealthy Affiliate.

Questions Or Comments  

What do you think about the Copy My Email system?  Have they paid you your $1000.00? Let me know your story good or bad. I want to hear how things went with this program.

Please share this post… I would appreciate you helping me help others avoid scams online…  

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