How To Make Money At ClickBank For Free? {5 Clever Ways}

Wish to know how you can make money on ClickBank for free? Indeed, you’ll learn how to do that in this review but, first things first.

  • Do you have a YouTube channel?
  • Or have you started a blog?
  • Maybe you’re thinking about using a landing page?
  • Are you new to affiliate marketing?

Regardless, your situation, you’ll need one of the ​the above options to get started promoting products with the ​ClickBank marketplace.

​ClickBank Overview

Nonetheless, since, I’ve started online and worked from home, ​ClickBank is one of the first affiliate programs that I came across.

I’ve a​lso learned after reviewing over 100 products ​with most of them coming from the ​ClickBank marketplace, that their products are either a hit or miss type of deal.

Either way, in my opinion, most of them are on the miss side of things though.

However, not all products, on ​ClickBank, are horrible. Therefore, I have come across a few products on ​ClickBank marketplace that I can honestly recommend.

I must admit my most recently found product on ​ClickBank, had me floored because guess what! The product worked, and I ​was impressed with it.

It’s the new Conversiobot.

I provided an image below so you can see what I’m talking about. That product is fantastic, and even more importantly it works. Regardless, ​ClickBank is more than just an affiliate program.

Not only can you promote products, but you can also create your own products and have them placed on the ​ClickBank platform.

Selling products, on ​ClickBank would give you lo​ts of exposure, but, you will need a website to do this.

If you need to learn how to start a website, you can check out my tutorial on how to start a blog with Bluehost.

Anyhow, I’ve had mixed feelings with this platform​; experiencing good and bad.

This platform has many low-quality products that I usually end up requesting my money back​.

However, while I​’m talking about refunds, that brings me to ​ClickBank refund policy.

The best part about ​ClickBank is, they offer a 60-day money back guaranteed refund policy. So, if you’re not satisfied with a product don’t hesitate to ask for a refund.

Of course, terms and conditions are always subject to change so, make sure you read over the refund policy before buying into any products.

What Is Clickbank?

​ClickBank was founded in 1998, boasting over 6 million clients. They are an extensive affiliate program that many beginner and veteran affiliate marketers use; to both sell other people’s products, or they create their own products and sell them through the business service side.

Either way, it goes ClickBank is a place to promote or sell eBooks, digital or physical software, and membership programs.

They offer many different categories such as:

  • ​Arts
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Careers
  • Games
  • Health & Fitness
  •  Home & Garden
  •  Parenting
  • Self-Help
  •  Sports
  •  Travel,
  • ​And many more…

Example Of ClickBank Marketplace

​How Does ClickBank Work?

Besides, ClickBank being free to join.

​It’s also one of the most accessible platforms to join. So, let’s go over some actionable steps that you can take to get started with this marketplace.

Step​ 1:

Visit and create a ClickBank account.

You’ll be asked to create a “Clickbank ID.”

The Clickbank ID is unique to you only, and it’s considered to be your account nickname.

Therefore, your account nickname will be the same name you would use to login into your account.

Now that we’re on the same page, you’ll need to choose a niche or a product that you have some interest in.

Step 2:

Choose a niche.

Why? Because the more focused you are on one target audience. The easier it is for you to solve your audience problems, and the easier it is to solve thier problems, the easier it is to make money.

However, it’s not a requirement to stick with one particular niche or product. ​If you can make it work promoting anything and everything go for it.  Although, I must admit it’s not recommended.

Regardless, After choosing your ​ClickBank product you’re ready to put some work in and make commissions.For example, if you want to promote a beginner course for beginners. You Would select the product by clicking the red button promote.

​After have clicked on “promote a hoplink will appear.

By the way, to track your affiliate link, ClickBank uses links called “HOPLINKS”.

The HOPLINKS are the links that will track your sells, your future clicks, or any transactions that are associated with your account.

Beginner Product For Photography

5 Ways To Promote Clickbank Products For Free

As you already should know, you’re either going to market for free or you’re going to put money into your marketing.

Both ways, in my opinion, has its advantages and disadvantages.

​Paying for traffic or marketing can cost lots of money if you have no idea what you’re doing. ​On the other hand, free marketing can be time-consuming.

So, at the end of the day, it’s what you can deal with.

I prefer using my time, rather than shelling out money. I’ve come up with 5 ways, that you can promote your Clickbank products for free.

#1. Forums

Sign up to different forums, such as Quora​, Warrior Forum, or Yahoo Answers. Although th​ese aren’t the only forums that you can join in on a discussion. This is where you will link ​a customer back to your product​.

However, you must do it right.

Once you’re on one ​of the platforms, you’ll answer people’s questions that are related to your product and niche.​

When responding to the person who asked the question, you will provide the member with a valuable answer.

After you have provided value to the person. Then you can link the customer to the ClickBank product that is relevant and will resolve their situation to the current conversation.

#2. Start​ A Blog​

You can write a review on each product that you decide to market. Here is a miniature course that will teach you the benefits, of leveraging product reviews.

Starting a blog is beneficial; it’s considered ​virtual real estate.

Plus you can create multiple streams of income with it. Is it easy? Nope, it’s not easy but, well worth it in the end.

#3. Medium ​

​Another platform where you can publish your articles or blogs. So, that you and other people can read information from all kinds of writers, thinkers, or storytellers.

The difference here is Medium, is a free account with an option of $5/month membership.

Not bad at all; however, I don’t trust rented land.

What I mean by this is, if Medium shuts your account down. Then all of your hard work is gone and gone forever.

So, Medium is a great place to post your blog articles, because, it reminds me of Bloglovin, which is an account that I recently started using but, I wouldn’t rely solely on the platform.

Moreover, in my opinion, it’s always best for you to own your own domain name and website, which is a property that no one can take away from you unless you stop paying your required fees.

Hence, if it were me making the decision.

I would start a blog before, I decided to solely post all my hard work on a platform, that could potentially shut me down.

After I have my own blog. Then, I would consider posting to these types of platforms.

​#4. Create YouTube Videos​

​Creating YouTube videos is very valuable as well.

As stated earlier, you don’t want to rely on rented land. So, I would still recommend having your own property by investing in a self-hosted blog.

Regardless, YouTube is the second largest search engine, right behind Google which is the first and largest search engine.

Here are some facts, that I found interesting to read, regarding YouTube.

If you want to start a YouTube channel but, rather not be on camera, or you don’t have time. You can always experiment with video creation in other ways.

#5. Social Media

You can also promote your product on Social media.

However, I would be cautious about how you promote your products on social media.

As mentioned earlier, social media is also considered rented land, meaning your accounts can be shut down with no notice.

​Imagine what that can do to your business.

I’ll tell you; it can wipe you clean out.

Look, I don’t mention this to discourage you from social media. I want to help you avoid future problems when it comes to social media. I can’t tell you how many times my Facebook personal accounts have been shut down.

The problem is I never sent out affiliate links or any links at all.

​So, be cautious with promoting affiliate links on social media. The social platforms prefer you to use your ​own domain names.

Here are some ideas

  • ​You can pay others to make your videos for you. Go to Fiverr and check out what they have to offer.
  • Create videos with Lumen. Besides, it’s free to create an account and make videos with them.
  • Animation videos get a lot of attention; with this resource, you can create up to  5 videos per month.

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How To Make Money At Clickbank For Free 5 Clever Ways


  • ​It’s free to join ClickBank
  • ​Not all products are bad.

  • It’s ​legit.
  • ​Some Vendors provide you with lots of ​affiliate resources. 
  • You may find some use ​in some of the products.
  • ​Both affiliate and Vendors help each other


  • You will not be able to make money overnight.
  • ​It takes time to learn.
  • ​There is no community support if you need help.

Who is ​ClickBank For?

​ClickBank is for anyone interested in affiliate​​ or internet marketing.

Would I recommend it to a beginner?

Yes, I would recommend ClickBank to a beginner however, there is a learning curve with affiliate ​marketing.

You can master affiliate marketing by spending lots of hours, weeks, months, or even years by jumping here and there picking up what you can from everyone. Or you can take a proven course that works.

​What Should You Not Do?

According to most internet Guru’s you don’t want to drive traffic straight to the product offers original page.


Because, there are thousands of internet marketers, all around the world trying to drive traffic and make commissions ​to the same offer.

So what happens is most people have seen the offer page that you are sending traffic to, which can cause no one even to check it out.

What do you do in this case?

Simple, you will have to stand out from the crowd, and add value to your offer. Instead of just sending traffic straight to the offer, people will need to know like and trust you first.

In my opinion, you can do this by building a relationship with your audience.

You can build out a blog and attach an autoresponder to your website.

That way you can follow up with your customers, and eventually​ your customer will get to know you.

On the other hand, many Guru’s will tell you the best thing to do is build out a sales funnel or landing page with Clickfunnels.

However, Clickfunnels is pretty pricey, and it may be a bit overboard for beginners.

So, I recommend building your landing pages with either your email provider. I don’t know about Aweber but, I do know you can create landing pages with GetResponse.

By the way, I would suggest checking out, thrive theme landing pages. It’s simple to use, high quality, and conversion rates have been known to increase.

Landing Pages for WordPress

​​The Bottom Line ​

Although, Clickbank is ​easy to sign up with and promote a product.

It doesn’t work that simple.

I can’t stress this enough, because, I see people talk like it’s ​easy to get on the internet throw some links out there and Baam.

You’ll make money. Wrong! Doesn’t work like that.

Surely, it took almost a year for me even to understand what to do with the account. With this in mind, you’ll have to learn how to market the product, which can take time to learn.

Above all, there are different techniques; you have to learn. The ends and outs. ​It’s a whole lot to soak in with affiliate marketing training; this is why I chose not to jump around with affiliate marketing courses.

Instead, I joined an entire community, that provides 24/7 training, coaching, and mentoring​. Therefore, I believe in paying it forward, and I am willing to help and support you along the way. Check out my #1 recommendation here.

As this is equally important, you’ll need to learn how to get eyeballs on your offer, which is your product.

We call this driving traffic to the product. At any rate, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Indeed, this business model called affiliate marketing does take time and patience.  However, after you’ve learned the right methods to make, it’s all worth the hard work.

By the way, if you have both, time and patience, then I do not doubt your success.

In conclusion, of which way you decide to go. I wish you all the best.  I hope that this review has helped you understand how making money with Clickbank for free works.

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  1. Thank you La’Kisha for an honest opinion and guidance on this ClickBank platform. I didn’t know all these need hard work, time and money. So all the talks from those half cook gurus gave me wrong impression concerning these looks and sounds easy technic or platform that earn good money easily.
    Everything needs effort, sweat and brain power to drive and get results. There is no instance success even through internet, I reckoned.
    So, thanks again for your well structure sentences and notes. I greatly appreciate them. God bless you, my friend.

    • You’re welcome Nach!

      The Clickbank platform or any make money online platform does take time, effort, and lots and lots of learning. Even Guru’s that have done this for decades still learn new methods and skills everyday. Usually, when a system advertises a company as it being simple, a few clicks, and bam you get paid type of deal. It’s usually all just marketing hype. Trust me you can make money online but it does not come that easy but, it is possible if you have the right training. I wish you the very best and have an amazing day ahead!


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