LiteBucks Review: Make $300 Instant Cash Or A Scam To Avoid?

Imagine making $300 per day instantly by using social media.

Posting links on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even Instagram would attract a lot of attention to LiteBucks.

I took a look at this offer. It’s a brand new website that was recently created, promising people a fast and easy way to make money online.

Fast and easy money is what people are searching for, right?

Of course…

Who would want to work hard?

When you can share a link, do simple tasks, and get paid.

I’m glad that you took the time to read this LiteBucks review.

After looking over the site, I can already tell that this site is something that is nothing that you want to be involved with, and I’ll explain in more detail shortly.

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What Is LiteBucks?

As I mentioned above, LiteBucks is a website that boldly claims to be the ONLY influencer network.

As you can see on the home page, they promise to pay instant money.

LiteBucks Review They Promise Instant Money

They also state you can sign up for free and get a $25.00 bonus. Invite your friends and receive $10 per friend.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that making $300 per day + $10 per friend sounds like it’s too good to be true.

Making $2100 per week would equate to $8400 per month. Who would need a job?

How are they able to pay out that amount of money for people to do almost nothing.

If we’re on the same page, then I think you’ll agree when I say this sounds ludicrous.

How Does LiteBucks Work?

As you already know, you join the program for free. Receive a bonus, share a link, and invite as many people as you can. Complete a few tasks and get paid.

It almost sounds like Swagbucks but, it’s not…

Anyhow, they also encourage you to upload a video to YouTube.

The truth is that’s not how this really works.

The way LiteBucks works has nothing to do with you earning money.

Sites like this are built to collect your data. They call this data extracting. Once your data is collected, the site owner can do many things with it. Meaning your information could be at risk.

Instead of LiteBucks owning up to their promises. They do the complete opposite.

On the about page, they did say they were trying to help as many people as they can change their lives. Well, they aren’t changing people’s lives for the better.

If you were to sign up for this scam, you’d have to provide a name, email address, and a password. After entering all the details, you’ll be excited to share your referral link with many others.

Once you shared your link with other people, they join too.

So, what this means is hundreds, maybe even thousands of people’s information is being collected during the process.

The most dangerous part is your information could be sold to third party marketers or worst you could be hacked.

If your data is sold to third party marketers, you could receive unsolicited emails. And, if they use your information to hack any of your important accounts, the situation could get out of hand.

By the way, I’ve seen these types of scams before, KashTree and

So, Can You Make Money With LiteBucks?

I’ve briefly touched on this subject above. So, I’m sure you’ll agree by now that you can not make money with this program.

The money that LiteBucks promises you is not real. In addition to that, it’ll explain why they claim to pay you insane amounts of money for doing simple tasks.

This will also explain why the cashout option is a $200 threshold.

Meaning, you can’t get paid unless you earn $200.

If this were a legit way to earn money, I’d admit the threshold, is ridiculous. Thankfully, this is not real.

While I’m covering the money topic, I also want to point out, if you were to enter your payment details, you’d expose even more data.

For example, there are four payment options:

LiteBucks Payment Details

Each option requires details. Let’s use a mailed check for our example if you were to enter your home address, who knows what could come out of this. What I can assure you of, it’s nothing good.

The point is I don’t suggest that you enter your data.

LiteBucks Hidden Truth

As we both may agree, this program sounds half-baked. Not only will LiteBucks not pay you for your efforts but, I’ll show you proof that they are hiding a lie right in our faces.

Firstly, if you go to the FAQ’s section, click on the “How do I earn?” tab, and you’ll see the image below.

LiteBucks FAQs How Do I Earn

Okay, click on “Will it cost me anything to join Paidleaf?” tab, and you’ll see this image.

LiteBucks FAQs  Will It Cost Me Anything To Join Paidleaf

Do you notice anything similar?

Both images say Paidleaf, which is another one of their scams.

Also, the testimonies on LiteBucks aren’t real.

Let’s go back to the about section. LiteBucks claims they were founded in 2015. Well, according to the image below, they have been in business for less than a year.

LiteBucks Was Created On September 16 2019

Here’s the kicker, if LiteBucks were to pay you the amount shown below, that would be an awful lot of people to recruit.

To Make 300 Dollars Per Day You Need 1310 Friends To Invite

If you can recruit that many people, I would suggest that you start making money in a more stable way because this isn’t legit.

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Here’s more proof that this site is a bit off.

Meet the LiteBucks team.

Meet The LiteBucks Team

You may be wondering the same thing, I’m wondering.

Why in the world, are these women all showing us the back of their heads? I understand that some people are camera shy but, doesn’t it seem odd that all 4 women would take an image without showing their face?

It’s almost as if their hiding something.

Final Verdict – Is LiteBucks A Scam?

After reading through this entire review, you may have already concluded that LiteBucks is a scam. It would have been nice to make $300 per day, completing simple tasks, but it’s all a trick.

Not even Swagbucks pays $300 per day, and they’re legit.

As I mentioned previously, LiteBucks is a scam, just like the others.

It’ll do nothing but put your data in danger. You won’t get paid. So, you may want to reconsider joining.

Therefore, I can not recommend this to you. If you want to make money online with a proven method that actually works, I suggest that you check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s free to join, and they cater to beginners.

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