How To Stop Spam Calls?

Receiving unwanted calls can be annoying.

Don’t they get the picture when we don’t answer the phone the first time. The truth is no. They don’t care.

So they keep calling our phones, invading our privacy, and peace.

You’ve tried blocking them. That didn’t work.

Instead, the number you’ve just tried blocking. Calls again with a new number.

Some unwanted calls are done by auto-dialers.

So, How To Stop Spam Calls?

It’s  a question that many wonder.

Regardless of how many times you block the unknown callers, they can call again with a new number.

You’ve went days without answering your phone, and worst case scenario you may have even changed your phone number.

Nothing seems to work.

The spammers just don’t know when enough is enough.

By the way, the FTC receives thousands of complaints regarding unsolicited calls.

Now it’s getting to the point where many people dread to answer their phones.

Is This A Spam Caller Or A Scammer?

You may think that both spam calls and scams are all the same. I thought so, too but, there’s a difference between a spam and scam call, this article explains in great detail.

Did you know that scammers tend to target mobile phones more than they will a landline? In fact, it’s estimated that the average victim loses around $430 per phone scam.

Today, we’ll go over what you can do to get the unwanted calls to stop. You’ll no longer feel powerless. Nor will you need to determine between the two. Let’s fight back, and put a stop to it.
Fight Back Against Spam Calls

Below you will find options that you can use right now.

Unknown Caller Don’t Answer

First and foremost, don’t answer calls that you do not recognize.

If you do answer the phone, which isn’t encouraged. Never give out vital information. Ever.

Hang up the phone immediately.

If the caller has legit intentions, let them leave a message. Analyze the message first. Then make the decision to proceed with contact or not.

If you don’t understand or recognize the person or company that just left a message, don’t call back.

Also, if a known caller happens to call you from an unknown number. Typically, that person will call more than once. Especially, if it’s an emergency.

If neither of these happen don’t answer the call. It’s best to protect yourself first and foremost.

Add Your Phone Number To The DNC Registry

Adding your home or cell phone number to this list will not stop the spam calls immediately.

Truth is this might not stop the calls at all. This list wasn’t created equal. It’s not made for all calls.

The faster you get added to the National Do Not Call Registry, the quicker action can be taken.

By the way, you can also call the National Do Not Call Registry directly at 1-888-382-1222.

If you decide to call instead of filling a complaint online, then you’ll want to call from the phone number that you want added to the registry.

Either way, your number must be on this phone registry for at least 31 days before you can take further action.

If you receive any spam calls, after 31 days and you’re sure you’ve been placed on the DNC list. It’s time to take further action. Contact the FTC and file a complaint.

Will The “Do Not Call Registry” Work For You?

There’s never a guarantee for these types of services. However, I do know that the government works hard to make things a lot safer for consumers.

This registry was created to stop unwanted sales calls from real companies that actually follow the law.

As we all know, not all companies follow the law.

Therefore, adding your number to this list will not stop debt collectors, charities, surveyors, and other organizations.

Sadly this registry can not stop scammers completely either.

A scammer can call from anywhere in the world, at a very affordable cost.

There’s so many apps out there that allow scammers to pick and choose random numbers. Such as the wow app. The wow app itself, isn’t a scam. However, there’s an option to purchase random numbers.

Those numbers can be easily thrown away, and recreated with a totally different number.

So, the best way to handle a scammer is to block the unwanted call directly from your mobile device. Yes, I know it’s annoying but, for right now this is the best way to stop a scammer.

The bottom line is DNC may not be able to block the unwanted call completely, but it’s still worth a try.

Stop, Don’t Press Any Numbers

Have you ever answered the phone and heard a recorded message? These are called robo calls. Not all robocalls are illegal though. Especially if you’ve given a company permission to call you.

On the other hand, there are some robo calls that try to sell you things. Such as the robo calls that I and many other people receive from True Profit Machine.

These may be considered illegal types of Robocalls. If you receive a call with an unrecognized recorded voice trying to sell you something, hang up immediately.

Here’s the important step that you don’t want to miss. Don’t press any numbers while on the call. Report it to the FTC immediately.

Pressing any number on your phone can lead to further robocalls. You don’t want that. So, just hang up.

Just Hang Up The Phone

Your Cell Phone Provider May Have Options

Your cell phone provider may have tools, and resources for this situation.

Check with them first. See if you can block unwanted numbers, or text messages directly from your account. This could come with a fee, then again it could be free. I know with many major cellular companies, it’s free.

Some mobile companies also have an affordable monthly service, that can assist you in detecting spammers, scammers, debt collectors, and unsolicited calls.

Download A Mobile App

There are several apps that block unwanted calls. These apps can help with unsolicited calls too.

Most are free while others may cost a fee.

If you need to stop robocalls from your landline, try it’s free.

Forward Spam Text Messages Immediately

If you receive a spam text message forward it.

You can forward the message to SPAM or 7726. It’s a free service that is provided to you.

Your cell phone company will then report the message on your behalf. After your wireless company has received a forwarded message, you’ll receive a message back thanking you for the report.

Take even further action by filing an online complaint with the FCC or the FTC.

If you prefer to call, no problem.

Call the FTC at 1877-FTC-HELP or call the FCC at 1-888-CALL-FCC.

Your Local Authority May Have Options

Check with your state, they may have options. Some states have a dedicated website that helps their residents avoid certain calls.

Note: This option may only stop telemarketers. Either way, it’s still good to know your options.

To take advantage of this option go to Google.

Type in your state + Do No Call.

Several options will appear. Pick the option that best suits your needs.

Try Your Local Attorney General 

Contacting your local attorney general may seem strange, especially when it comes to complaining about unwanted calls. I didn’t even know this was an option until I called Department of Consumer Affairs.

The representative from DCA advised me to report unwanted calls, scammers, and unsolicited calls to my local Attorney General.

To find your states, attorney general website go to Google. Type in Your State + Unwanted Calls. Select the option that is best for you.

Wrapping It Up

Mobile phone spam, is annoying. However, there are many options that you can take to stop it. Take advantage of the list above so that you can stop spam calls once and for all.

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