Hover Domain Registrar: The Pros & Cons

Hover Domains was founded in 2008. It’s a branded company of Tucows Inc, almost an invisible company, that’s just now shedding light.

Tucows is a company that has been trying to make the internet better since 1993, and surprisingly they are the second largest domain registrar.

What this means to you is that the CEO of Hover is not a rookie when it comes to selling, and providing domains to the public.

So, is a Hover domain right for you?

Let’s find out…

Priding themselves into sticking with what they know best, and that’s providing domains and branded emails.

In other words, if you purchase a domain called yourdomain.com.

You can also buy a branded email with your specialname@yourdomain.com

I’m going to go over all the pros and cons of Hover shortly but first.

What Is Hover?

First and foremost, you should understand that Hover doesn’t offer website hosting.

If you’re considering this company because you need to host a website, unfortunately it’s not an option.

They focus on managing your domains, branded emails, and providing high-quality customer support only.

Their goal is to be the best provider for this type of service.

You can find a domain, transfer a domain, renew a domain, and purchase branded emails for your new URL.

What you can’t do with this company is buy hosting.

Domain Vs. Website

A domain isn’t a website. Instead, it’s an online address, just like a local business would have a physical address.

The problem with this is if you were to purchase a domain without hosting. Your domain would be parked until you redirect the domain to a destination.

For example, I recently purchased a brand new domain with Hover, and I currently do not have a website attached.

So, the image below shows you how your domain will appear on Google.

If anyone were to search for the domain without a website attached to it, they would get this message.

Hover Domain Parked

Not really a good user experience in Google’s eyes or a customer’s.

So, it’s vital that you understand that you can not host a website at Hover but, you can purchase as many domains as you would like.

Now, that we have that out of the way, let’s go over what you’ll be working with.

Here’s the Hover Domain Dashboard

As you can see, the dashboard of Hover is clean and free of clutter. On the left-hand side of the panel, you’ll see your domain details.

The details of your domain include the amount of time that your domain is registered. Typically, a registered domain lasts a year.

You can also activate the Whois Privacy, which protects your personal information from being exposed to the public.

By the way, Whois Privacy is good to have if you operate a business from your home.

Also, you’ll have the option of Transfer lock, and auto-renew, which can be activated or deactivated with a click of the button.

Hover Domain Dashboard Overview

Hover has partners, and if you would like to connect your domain to their partners, you’ll have the option to do that.

At the time of this review, they have about 46 partners listed for your convenience.

For instance, one of their partners is Leadpages. If you want to connect your domain to Leadpages, you could easily do that from your Hover account.

Connect Your Domain With LeadPages

The Pros of Hover Domains

High-Quality Customer Support

Hover’s customer support is excellent. They’re prompt, and professional.

I’ve seen a few negative reviews that stated Hover didn’t have a customer service number. They also stated that the customer support was horrible.

However, from my experience, I couldn’t agree.

In fact, Hover can be contacted by phone, email, and live chat.

Hover Customer Support Information

Before I joined Hover I decided to test out their live chat. I was impressed. The rep answered all of my questions within minutes before I even decided to become a customer.

Tiered System Discounts

One feature that really makes Hover stand out to me is that the more domains you host with them, the less you will pay in renewal fees.

However, this feature will not benefit you unless you plan on purchasing more than ten domains.

Either way, I still believe it’s a great option that many domain registrars don’t provide.

Top-Level Domain Access

You can get over 400 top-level domains with Hover. Plus, the Whois Privacy is included at no extra charge. Again, this protects your private information.

As you can see, Hover doesn’t believe in having you pay to protect your personal information.

Yes You Can Get Top Level Domains With Hover

Although this is a Canadian company, all prices are in USD currency; what you see as far as pricing is what you will pay for your domain.

Please note that what you’ll be charged a small fee of $0.18 for Can-Spam, and your typical taxes. Regardless, that’s the norm.

No Pesky Up-Sells

Since we’re talking about fees, you’ll be glad to know that Hover doesn’t try to up-sell you on any other offers.

They strictly assist you with a domain, email, and support that’s it.

They don’t even try to push their email services on you.

Three Domain Email Services In Reach

As I mentioned earlier, Hover’s email service is optional.

Depending on what your domain email is used for, you can pick from any of the three options. Or you can purchase a branded email elsewhere.

Hover Email Service Package Options

Hundreds Of Extensions Available

Hover has hundreds of domain extensions available.

Usually, a .design domain would roughly cost about $39.99 per year.

Sometimes, you’ll find that Hover offers this deal at one of the lowest prices.

Please note prices are always subject to change.

Every Design Deserves A Great Domain Name

Top Level Security

Whenever, Hover notices an unusual sign-in attempt to your Hover account. You’ll be notified by email.

They will provide you with the time, date, IP address, and even browser that was used to access your account.

If you’re account has been or is ever compromised Hover, encourages all their users to immediately lock their accounts.

After locking your account, no one can  access to the account again without the customer support team.

Therefore, security is not an issue.

The Cons Of Hover Domains

While I didn’t find too many cons, it’s important for you to know the things that I found that could make or break the deal.

Customer Support Isn’t 24/7

One of the disadvantages of Hover’s customer support is that they’re not available 24/7, which can be frustrating for some.

However, if you need immediate answers, you can always check out their knowledge base, which is very useful.

I have yet, to not find any of my answers within the knowledge base, in fact, their knowledge base is pretty valuable, that I believe you’ll learn a thing or two.

Plus, their dashboard is so user-friendly, and straight to the point, you may never need support after hours, even for a beginner.

No SSL Included

Depending on who you purchase your hosting with this may not be a problem.

Places such as Siteground or Bluehost, give you the option of purchasing your domain and hosting all in one place. By the way, both places provide SSL for free.

Meaning you can purchase hosting and your domains right from your preferred hosting company and get the SSL for free.

If you ever have to pay for an SSL, you might want to think twice about going with that provider. You could be getting ripped off.

Either way, you can also use your Hover account to store any of your domains. Then purchase hosting separately and add SSL for free with your preferred hosting company.

Regardless, Hover doesn’t recommend bundling your website hosting and your domains altogether. Of course this depends on your preference.

No Introductory Pricing

Usually, a domain registrar offers new customer introductory pricing.

Some even give you a domain for free.

However, with Hover, there isn’t an initial offering. At least not at this time.

If you’re searching for a discount, you can do as I did.

I searched for a promo code by going to Google and typing in “Hover + promo code.”

Eventually, I found a 10% discount.

So, my first year will be $12.99. After that, the pricing will increase to $14.99 per year.

Either way, it’s still cheaper than what I pay at NameCheap.

Are There Hover Complaints?

Okay so, before I purchase anything, I’ve learned to research the product, just as you are doing.

With that in mind, I’ll admit I’ve come across a few negative complaints. views, I still decided to purchase my domain with Hover.

The reason why I chose to purchase with them is because of two reasons.

I needed to test the service myself.

The second reason is that a very successful marketer recommended them to me during a course I was taking.

He states that he has been using Hover for years and has had no issue with them. I trust him. So, I purchased a Hover domain.

If I have any negative experience, I’ll be sure to update this article.

Common FAQ’s For Hover Domains

Is Hover Domains A Scam?

No, Hover’s domains is legit. I’m a current customer of theirs so, I know.

Can I Redirect or Forward A Hover Domain?

Yes, Hover gives you the freedom to do what you want with your domain name. You can also use any site builder, hosting, or other services.

Can I Transfer Domains To Hover?

Yes, as with any other domain registrar, you can transfer domains to Hover, as well. You won’t pay a transfer fee but, you will pay for one year of additional registration, which is the norm.

Does Hover Over Charge You?

No, not from my experience. In fact, they charged me less than what the check out cart stated. So, that’s a plus.

Is Hover Beginner Friendly?

Most definitely!

They have the most user-friendly domain registrar account that I’ve ever used.

So, user-friendly, I’m thinking of transferring all my domains over to them.

Conclusion of Hover Domain

Overall, Hover’s a great place to purchase your domains.

They do have strict guidelines put in place for their sales team, ensuring you get the best service. Plus, they abide by their no up-sell policy.

Therefore, the process of your domain name registration will be simple and easy.

You Can Claim your Hover Domain Here…

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