Review of Fiverr: Is Fiverr Safe?

On a mission to change how the world works together – in this Review of Fiverr.

You’ll learn why this place is not only for doers but, for people who need affordable services completed.

Whether you’re a fearless freelancer or a shopper looking for quick quality services this platform could be for you.

Review Of Fiverr Quick Summary


Founded by:
Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman

Best For:
Shoppers and Sellers

Summary: is a place for almost anyone who is looking to buy quick services. Or for people who would like to sell their skills.

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What Is Fiverr All About? is the largestest online marketplace for digital services.

Created by two young entrepreneurs named Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman.

It launched on February 1, 2010. So, it’s been around for at least a decade.

The creation of Fiverr was so that people wouldn’t have to leave their homes to make money.

Instead they could sell their skills or services from around the globe. For as low as $5.00. Right from the comfort of their homes.

The services that’s offered on this platform are called “Gigs.” Each gig or service starts as low as $5.

Fiverr not only offers the opportunity for freelancers to sell their skills.

What Is Fiverr All About

They also offer gigs for ordinary people to buy services.

I’ll explain how that works in the next few paragraphs.

How Does The Fiverr Platform Work?

When you first arrive on, you might click away.

I know I did.

They have a landing page that won’t resonate with everyone. It states” Find the perfect freelance service for your business“.

Wait...what if you don’t have a business? Is Fiverr still for you? Is it even safe?

Worry none! I’ll cover all your answers in this review.

While most services offered on Fiverr are for freelancers.

Anyone can benefit from I’ll explain more shortly.

Fiverr offers over 250 categories.

So, whether you’re joining as a seller or a buyer. It’s free to join.

To proceed with either roles you must register first.

In other words, you can not sell or buy anything on the platform without registration of your account.

To cover how you as a buyer could use Fiverr. I’ll give real examples below.

Using As A Buyer

As a buyer it’s pretty straight forward.

You’ll register a free account. Browse through the categories.

Once you find what you’re looking for you can buy within a click of a button.

The best part is you don’t need to own a business or become a freelancer to make a purchase.

In fact, Fiverr offers services to people who are looking for resume help.

Fiverr Freelancers Can Help You With Your Resume

Or you might need a professional cover letter.

They also have freelancers that will build up your Linkedin Profile.

All the above services that I mentioned, is to help you land that perfect career.

What if you need a document edited? They’re freelancers who offer that services to you.

It can be particularly any document too. All you need to do is find the right freelancer to your problem.

You can even have your next tattoo designed right from a Fiverr artist.

The point is even as a buyer. Fiverr can come into handy.

It’s not only for business owners or freelancers. It’s for anyone that’s seeking a service that needs full-filling.

How To Place An Order As A Buyer?

You’ve found the gig that you want, now what?

Before proceeding, read the gig description.

You may also want to comb through the customer reviews. And sometimes, a freelancer may have sample work that you can view as well.

Now that we’ve covered all that.

You should be on the order page. Find the package that you want. Usually, there’s three.

Click continue, and add your payment details. Some gigs come with additional instructions. So, be on the lookout for those.

Does Fiverr Have A Service Fee?

Yes, Fiverr does have a service fee whenever, you’re making a purchase.

If your order is under $40 all purchases are subject to a $2.00 service fee.

And, any order over $40. You may incur a 5% service fee.

The only way to avoid the service fee is to have money in your Fiverr balance.

Either way, the fee is to help maintain the platform and provide 24/7 customer service.

At any rate, always contact the person you’re making the purchase from first.

Using Fiverr As A Seller

As a seller, you can also join for free.

You’ll have many options to sell your skills. The best part is you’re in control of your money.

You can choose to have one single price point or multiple price points.

The multiple price points is what Fiverr calls “Gig Packages.

For example, you can have a basic package for $5.00. A standard package for $15.00. And a Premium package for $25.00.

Each package will offer different options.

When a buyer chooses the package that fits their needs. You’ll provide the service on the level that the customer has paid for.

Do You Need A Website To Join Fiverr?

If you don’t have a website, worry none because it’s not a requirement. However, if you plan on offering services to others. It’s a good idea to have a website where you can showcase your best work.

It helps with credibility, and future opportunities.

Either way, it’s not a requirement like with most affiliate marketing gigs.

How Fiverr Works For Sellers?

The cool part about Fiverr is almost anyone can find a skill to sell on this platform.

Join for free. Browse through the categorizes and see what you may be good at.

After you’ve choosen an area that you can sell in. You’ll want to make sure your profile is impressive, plus complete.

When describing your Gigs or Gig Packages. Make sure the description is accurate and follow through with your services.

If you decide to showcase any of your prior or current skills. Make sure that they’re accurate.

Whenever you can meet or exceed a buyers expectations.

They’ll usually reward you with an excellent review. Or they may spread the word.

As they say word of mouth is the best advertising.

It’s also a great way to get more customers checking out your profile.

So, now that you know how Fiverr works for sellers. You’ll need to be aware that there is a fee. When you’ve successfully completed an order.

Fiverr, keeps 20% and you’ll receive the other 80.

For example, if your order was set to $20.00. Fiverr will keep $4.00, and you’ll receive the rest, $16.00.

Fiverr Is It Safe Or Legit

Who Can Benefit From Fiverr?

I provided a few examples above, and as you can imagine anyone can join Fiverr.

So, no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert. Fiverr could work for you.

If you want to set your own hours, you can benefit. Want to provide a service to others, you also can benefit. Also, you won’t have to wait on a paycheck, once you’ve completed orders.

If you can bring the skills, makes earning money easy. Of course, it’ll still takes work.

But, what doesn’t.

With the world’s largest growing community of freelancers. Your chances of earning money is high.

Every 4 seconds a gig is purchased. There’s been over 50 million transactions and the price ranges on Fiverr can be as low as $5.00. And as high as $10k.

And, if you’re serious about making money with Fiverr. Especially, as a full-time Gig.

They even offer on-demand courses from elite experts. Plus, in certain sub-categories, helps sellers increase their trust. By allowing you as the seller to take skills test.

Having verified skills, your profile increases not only the trust with buyers. It also increases your exposure on the Fiverr platform.

How Much Money Can You Make?

It’s totally up to you how much you make. You set your prices and your hours.

At first, you’ll work more hours due to you being a beginner but, over time it’s like any other job. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t.

And, although, there are services offered as high as $10k. When you first start out, you’ll want to start your services anywhere from $5.00 to $995.

This gives you a better chance to get orders.

Fiverr: How Long To Get Paid?

Unlike many freelance opportunities. Fiverr pays on time, all the time. Once your order is complete, your payment is also transferred to you.

How To Delete Your Fiverr Account Permanently?

If for any reason, you find that this platform isn’t for you.

It seems to be a bit of a hassle to remove the account.

According to Account Killer, a Fiverr account can’t be deleted.

Instead it can only be deactivated. There could be good logic behind this.

It’s recommended that you leave the account dominant before making a final decision.

Once, you delete the account. It’s been reported that you can not ever re-activate your Fiverr account.

Regardless, if you would like to deactivate your account.

You’ll click on your profile image. Scroll down to settings.

Then on the right at the very bottom, you’ll see an option that says, “I’m leaving.”

Just select the reason why you’re leaving and your account will go into deactivation mode.

But, before you decide to deactivate your account.

Make sure you have withdrawn your funds.

If you do not withdraw your funds before deactivating your account, you could risk losing it all. Customer Reviews

Everyone has an opinion and when it comes to Fiverr it’s no different.

The people on Fiverr are selling their skills.

So, sometimes, you may end up with a finished product that don’t meet your needs.

Whenever you’re buying a service on Fiverr.

Make sure you’re comfortable with the seller skills. The price, their profile, and previous customer reviews.

This can help you avoid from being upset about your finished product.

Final Judgment – Is Fiverr Safe And Legit?

In this review of Fiverr I’ve covered many topics. One thing we have not covered is, is Fiverr safe and legit?

Fiverr is safe.

Whenever you pay for a service. Fiverr doesn’t release your funds directly to the freelancer.

They hold it until, you’re completely satisfied.

So, rest assured it’s a legit platform, that can help you purchase affordable services.

Plus, if you’re up for making money, it can help you in that way too.

If I were you, I would head over to Fiverr and check them out. If you found this post helpful, please share this post.

Thank you, for reading my review of Fiverr.

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