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Price: Free To Join

Owners: CEO is Jack Pratten

Best For: Qualified Research Participants. Must be over 18+

SUMMARY: is an online paid research study website. They pay qualified participants to participate.

Welcome to the Review!

While searching for legitimate ways to earn money online, I came across a site named

I was surprised to discover this site because I’ve never heard of it before. Nor, have I previously seen it on the internet.

So, if you’re here and want learn about this site, which claims that you can participate in high-quality research studies and get paid a decent amount.

Then stay tuned this review is for you. Review Join For Free

What Is is a company that recruits individuals for third party companies.

The third party companies are considered researchers, sponsoring companies, or interviewers.

Anyhow, you or I as a participant would be considered the Respondent.

Therefore, is just a platform that helps the interviewers host and share their high-quality research projects.

The projects are displayed on a dashboard allowing you and I to participate in a paid research study.

I know it’s a mouthful.

The bottom line is, there are studies on all sorts of topics that you can potentially earn money with.

Each study pays different amounts.

Various requirements are expected for each study.

I’ve seen studies pay as high as $350.00 for an hour of your time.

How Does Work?

Still, a little confused on how works, no worries here is a breakdown.

Step 1: You Must Join

It’s free to join the platform. By the way, you can join using your Facebook account or Linkedin profile.

However, Respondent prefers you to use your Linkedin account.

Either way, it makes sense because having a Linkedin account looks professional and it tells them you’re serious.

When you join, you’ll see two options.

The first is for participating in research interviews as a respondent.

The second option will be for scheduling research interviews.

You’ll select the first option, become a respondent. You Are The Respondent

Step 2: Fill Out Your Demographics

When filling out your demographics, make sure you provide correct information.

Respondent is a zero tolerance platform. Providing false information is undoubtedly against their terms of usage.

If you provide incorrect information, you run the risk of being removed from further participation and even worse you may not get paid.

Step 3: Apply To Participate In Studies

After you have completed the account set up. You’ll immediately see all the paid research opportunities available to you.

You can read through the studies and see which one best fits your situation.

If you apply to a study, the sponsor of that study will send you a personal invitation either by email or text message, if they think you are one of the best fits.

Step 4: Receive An Invitation

Not everyone that applies to a study will receive an invitation, but if you were one of the lucky ones that do.

Then you’ll accept the invitation. Set up an available time that is convenient for you and complete the study.

Step 5: Paid For Your Time

After you have successfully been invited, completed the study, you’re now on your way to getting paid for the study.

You’ll receive the amount that you saw on your dashboard when you applied to the study. However, there will be a $1.00 or 5% fulfillment fee whichever is higher, that will also get deducted when you cash out.

Is A Scam?

No, this company isn’t a scam. The CEO of this company is Jack Prattern, who is also a real person. works sort of like any other study that you come across. Have you ever seen paid clinical studies in your area? Or have you heard about​ market research?

Well, the studies are similar except these studies cover many topics, and most are completed from your home. However, there are some done in person if you choose a study with that option.

Anyhow, the only reason why I could see anyone seeing as a scam is that, you must qualify for the research studies to be considered for any of the opportunities that you see on your dashboard.

With that said, not everyone will qualify, and if you don’t qualify, you can get paid but, worry none. is always updating and offering different studies. So, you could be eligible at a later date.

Can You Really Make Money With

Yes, indeed you can really make money with this program. There are reports of people getting paid directly to their PayPal account.

However, as mentioned, you must qualify for a study.

Although, I’ve seen some studies pay as high as $350.00. It doesn’t mean you’ll get rich in completing these studies. It’s just a way for you to earn a little extra income.

By the way, you can only apply to 3 studies within 24 hours.

Plus, you’ll need to wait for your invitation from the sponsoring company. The invite itself could take time to receive. It all depends on the company and if they see you as a good fit. Research Studies

Not only can you earn money by taking the paid research study. You can refer other members to this program and potentially get paid up to 2 different ways.

#1. First, you’ll need to become a member yourself.

You’ll then browse projects, or refer people to a study you have just taken. If your referral completes the survey on any of your browsed projects, you can earn $50.00 per referral.

#2. Just Refer members to participate

Okay, with this option, you don’t have a particular study that you want to invite people too. Therefore, you can still earn $20.00. So as soon as your referral participates in a completed survey, you’ll get paid.


  • It’s Free
  • Not A Scam
  • High Paying Studies
  • Paid By PayPal
  • Many Professional Paid Opportunities


  • Isn’t Responsible For Your Payout
  • Not Everyone Will Qualify
  • There Was An Unethical Incident Reported

Any Complaints Reviews?

Yes, I did come across a few complaints about

#1. An IT Professional Felt Like He Was Scammed

A member of which happens to be a professional IT director says he qualified for a study, completed the research and never got paid.

Therefore he feels that as if he was scammed, and I can’t blame him for feeling that way.

Either way, in this case, the interviewers were not following an ethical protocol. The guy that participated did what he was supposed to.

On the other hand, the interviewers who were from India had other plans. Instead of them asking questions related to the study, they flipped the script and tried to sell the guy products and services.

I’m not sure if the interviewers misunderstood how the platform worked or if they intentionally sold products to a Respondent.

Either way, here is the problem.

The platform itself isn’t held responsible for your payments.

The interviewer is supposed to confirm your attendance and process your payments, and if they don’t do this, unfortunately, you can’t get paid.

However, there is a process that you might be able to take. provides an email to you if you experience anything of this nature.

From there if you aren’t able to get a resolution, then encourages you to contact support. Complaint

Source: Reddit

#2. Many People Won’t Qualify

My main concern about this platform is that many members won’t qualify for the studies itself.

The studies go off of your skills: which include your work life, life in general, and education.

Therefore, you may never see a dime, if your skill set isn’t up to par for the companies.

I wouldn’t expect an 18-year-old to have a skill set of a 50-year-old.

Therefore, many people won’t qualify due to specific requirements that the sponsoring companies are seeking.

It’s important to understand that each study has different requirements.

For example, I just saw a pregnancy study. Well everyone hasn’t experienced pregnancy. Therefore, everyone won’t qualify for this type of study.

However, if you can refer members that do qualify, you still have a chance of earning a little bit of money. Makes Sense?

#3. The Response Time Is Unknown

I found that the response time to see if you qualify or if you can get accepted to participate in a study aren’t immediately approvals. I applied to two studies, and I’m still waiting for a response of approval or declination.

The bottom line here is some members have experienced the bad side of, due to shady companies, and not qualifying for many surveys.

While many other members have no problem at all, so, the choice is yours if you decide to join this company.

You can only apply for 3 studies in 24 hours.

Who Can Join

Respondent accepts anyone age 18 and older.

You also must have a PayPal account. So, if you don’t have a PayPal account and would like to give them a try, you’ll have to set up an account with PayPal. It’s free.

How Do You Qualify For More Invites?

If your already a member and would like to know how you can get more invites. Here are a few steps you can do.

#1. Expand Your Profile

Always make sure your contact, demographics, and employment details are filled out correctly and keep them up to date.

#2. Boost Your Social

As mentioned earlier, Respondent prefers members who sign up with their Linkedin profile.

So, if you don’t have a Linkedin profile, it’s free. Therefore, you’ll want to set up your account with them.

By the way, don’t just open an account and do nothing with it. You’ll want to add your work history, an updated photo, and start adding connections. You can connect with me on Linkedin as well.

#3: Keep Trying

As mentioned throughout this entire review, everyone will not qualify, and that is okay, don’t give up though keep trying.

Either way, always take the screener surveys before you attempt to apply to any study.

Another thing you can do is to apply for studies that most people wouldn’t be interested in.

For example, there are reports from other members that have seen opportunities that pay as high as $750.00. They aren’t often discovered though.

So, the highest, I’ve seen lately is $350.00, which is where the crowd will be first attempted to apply.

Instead, go for the lower-paying surveys, it’s less competition and may be easier to qualify.

Get Paid To Take High Quality Research Studies Alternatives

Okay so, if you’re looking for an alternative to

I’ll be straightforward with you; this is the only high paying online research study site that I’ve come across thus far.

Therefore my other suggestions are legit but, you won’t get paid the amounts that is offering.

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My Final Opinion Of is, indeed, a high-quality site. The best part it isn’t a scam.

However, due to the many skills sets and the specific requirements that you need to meet standards, I feel that there may be many people that will not qualify for the studies.

Therefore, most won’t make any money, but if you think you have what it takes to make money with don’t hesitate to sign up, it’s free anyway.

Do you have any further questions, or would you like to add to this discussion of What do you think about this company? Leave your comments below.

I look forward to hearing from you. Either way, I wish you all the best and continued success…

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