Amazon Mechanical Turk Review

Amazon Mechanical Turk Review: What Is It?

It’s a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence, which gives businesses access to a diverse, on-demand scalable workforce.

Workers are also known as “Turk’s.”

As a Turk you will have a selection of tasks to complete.

By the way, MTurk is a work from home job that almost anyone can earn extra income from if you put in the time and effort.

The idea of the platform is that humans, like you and I, can still perform a specific task more efficiently than the technology itself. Such as viewing photos, identifying objects in videos or pictures, surveys, receipts, transcribing, etc…

Being a Turk means that you will perform a specific micro-task and get paid for the task that you perform.

The reason why a platform like this was created is traditionally, if a business were to complete the work themselves or even hire a temporary workforce to perform the task.

It would be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult for them to scale.

How does Amazon MTurk work?

As a Turk worker, there will be questions that need to be answered. These questions are called Human Intelligence Task or a HIT.

A HIT is one single task that you must perform for a requester.

A requester is a person that is requesting a task be performed by you the Worker or Turk.

Once a task is available you will be completing the job for the requester.

Meeting HIT Qualifications

When choosing to complete a HIT there are specific qualifications that you must meet to complete a task. It can be as simple as having a particular rating of approval or even taking a test to see if you qualify for the HIT.

Test have to be performed within a specific time frame.

When a Turk first gets started, you’ll be placed on a 10-day probationary period. Which means a few restrictions will apply. Those restrictions give you a limited quantity of HITS during the 10-day time frame.

During the 10-day probationary period, you will only be able to perform 100 HITS per day. After probation is over you can perform up to 3800 HITS per day…Always perform at your best ability me.

3 Turk Forums

To learn what HITS are high paying, what works for other Turks, and which ones to avoid. It is highly encouraged to join Forums and Facebook groups. Here are some MTurk forums that you can join.

  • MTurkGrind
  • MTurk Forum
  • Turker nation

What is Amazon MTurk Scripts?

Using Scripts on Amazon MTurk can be one of the most useful tools in your possession. Scripts can make your life a lot easier when working with MTurk.

They give you access to automating a specific task which helps you complete the HIT even faster.

Alternatively, they can tell you simple things, like how long It would take for the HIT to be approved before it is submitted.

2 Turk Browser Extension

In most cases, to get started with using Scripts, you’ll have to download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Browsers. Each browser requires an extension that will allow you to use the Scripts.

  • · Mozilla FireFox Browser you’ll need Greasemonkey Extension
  • · Google Chrome Browser you’ll need Tampermonkey Extension

2 Turk Scripts

  • HitScrapper is a handy tool that will help you find batches that are not posted in the threads.
  • TurkOpticon can help you keep your approval rating percentage up. Always read instructions and reviews before accepting a HIT from a requestor.

Who Is Amazon Mechanical Turk for?

Anyone can work with MTurk platform; however, only the United States and India can withdraw cash to their bank account.

Everyone else that isn’t located in the United States or India your pay will be deposited to an Amazon Gift card, and you must use the money on the Amazon website.

So, no matter where you live it can still be an excellent way to earn extra income.

The MTurk platform is suitable for students, stay at home mothers or fathers, and anyone who has an internet connection and a laptop.

You’ll also have to dedicate your time to perform the many tasks in the Amazon MTurk platform.

How Do You Sign Up?

In order, to sign up all you must do is:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the link that says Find HITS now.

Step 3: Complete your profile tasks to qualify for more HITS. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you will be prompt to set one up.

Step 4: Select a HIT, that appeals to you

Step 5: Accept the HIT

Pro Tip: Amazon MTurk is not a referral program. It is a work from home position.

What Are The Cons?

  • Some requesters or businesses with unethical business practices have been known to not pay Workers and they have been known to automatically reject your work. A Worker can perform work, submit the HIT for approval and find that a requestor rejects the work.
  • A HIT can be rejected by a requestor because either the answer was wrong, instructions were not followed, or work was incomplete.
  • The pay per hit is low, it can range from 0.01 cents up to $5.00 or more.
  • Generally, the HITS that range higher sometimes, require you to meet certain types of Milestones. You must complete a certain amount of HITS to get access to the higher paying HITS. The more task you do, the more HITS you’ll qualify for.


As stated earlier, consider joining MTurk forums and or MTurk Facebook groups to help avoid these types of working with unethical businesses.

It will also help you learn what works and what does not work. The pay may be relatively low, but it can add up.

You can also work from home, choose your hours, and potentially make a decent amount weekly. It is a work from home job position.

However, if you are planning to replace your day job with a Full-Time income, you may want to keep considering better options. 

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