6-MakeUp Affiliate Programs For A Beauty Blog

You’re into beauty, makeup, personal care, or maybe even fashion.

A beauty blog would be perfect for you, especially if you haven’t started one.

There are tons of makeup affiliate programs, for a beauty niche website.

The cosmetic industry is huge.

Experts believe that this industry will only increase from it’s now $532 billion dollar industry.

The audience would love to hear all about your latest tips of makeup hacks.

When choosing a product, you want to find one that you trust, pays well, and fits your style.

On your niche website you could create content that offers “how to” tutorials“ and “’Product reviews

You could also share makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Teaching beginners all about makeup.

Just like this everyday makeup tutorial.

Below you will find a list of MakeUp Affiliate Programs that you can apply to your website.

Who Can Join Makeup Affiliate Programs?

Anyone, who is interested in beauty can join, the programs listed below.

While it helps to have a website. In many cases it’s not always required.

The programs can be promoted on social media, YouTube, a website, or to an email list.

If you have a following in the beauty niche, then half your work is done.

Either way, it’s never to late to get started. Even, if you have no following, website, or email list.

Bh Cosmetics

Commission Potential: 8% on the order

Cookie Length: 60 days

Cost To Join Bh Cosmetics Program: Free.

Where to Join: BH Cosmetics

Coupons And Banners available: Yes

BH Cosmetics is all about affordable, cruelty free makeup. You’ll be able to add coupons, and banners to your website. Start promoting this program upon approval.


Website to Visit: Nanshy

Commission Potential: 10% on entire cart (doesn’t include shipping)

Cookie Length: Lifetime

Coupons And Banners available: Banners are available, while coupon options are not disclosed.

Although, Nanshy has somewhat of a low commission rate. It’s still worth mentioning. They offer lifetime cookie commissions. Meaning if your customer doesn’t make a purchase for a year or longer, you could still receive the commission. Plus, you’ll receive 25% off all of their products when you make a purchase. It’s free. And easy to get setup


Website to Visit: Sigma

Commission Potential: 10% on all sales

Cookie Length: Lifetime

Coupons And Banners available: Banners are available.

Sigma influencer program, is completely free to join. This program will not cost you a thing. Share Sigma Beauty products on social media, YouTube, or a blog. With this program, you’ll have the opportunity to not only earn cash prizes. But, you can also earn a chance to receive free products. Participate in exclusive contents and campaigns. The best part is there is no sales quota to meet.

Madison Reed

Website to Visit: Madison Reed

Commission Potential: up to $20 for new customer transactions, and $10 for every friend that you invite to join Madison Reed affiliate program.

Cookie Length: 30-days

Coupons And Banners available: Not disclosed

Madison Reed is an excellent affiliate program. So, give it a try. They accept bloggers, hair enthusiast and of course, beauty influencers. Everytime, a new hair color arrives, take advantage of their free trials. It’s free to join. After your site has been reviewed and approved. You’ll receive a notification.


Website To Visit: Sephora

Commission Potential: 5-10% commission on all products

Cookie Length: Not disclosed

Coupons And Banners available: Not disclosed

Yes, this is the Sephora located inside of JcPenney stores.

Sephora, gives their affiliates different benefits. For example, you’ll receive free shipping for orders of $50.00 or more. Plus, you’ll get free samples. This program is free to join.

Mommy Makeup

Website to Visit: Mommy Makeup

Commission Potential: 10% per sale

Cookie Length: 60 days

Coupons And Banners available: Not disclosed

All the ordering, shipping, and billing is handled for you. Receive affiliate only special promotions and offers. You’ll even receive help in choosing what to promote on your site.

Natural / Organic Makeup Programs

The Detox Market

Website to Visit: The Detox Market

Commission Potential: 10% on all sales (except gift cards).

Cookie Length: 30-days

Coupons And Banners available: No

Just like Farmasi, The Detox Market focuses on free beauty and wellness products. Cruelty-free. If you have a love for purity this program could be for you. To join this program, go to The Detox Market. Scroll down to the bottom of the website. Find affiliate programs. Click on it. You’ll then be redirected to Share A Sale. It’s free to join.

100% Pure

Website to Visit: 100% Pure

Commission Potential: 8% for each sale

Cookie Length: No disclosed

Coupons And Banners available: Coupon availability not disclosed. Banners are available for your blog.

According to 100% Pure all products are free from artificial fragrances, colors, and any toxins. Their products are made with high quality ingredients. It’s free to join. Once approved you can start promoting immediately.

Starting A Makeup Affiliate Niche Site

As mentioned earlier the Makeup industry is huge. That also means that the competition in the markup industry is huge. Competition is good and challenging.

Competition means there’s money to be made, but at the same time, you’ll need to stand out.

To start a blog in this industry, you’ll need to niche down.

For example, you can focus on

  • Natural products only.
  • Makeup on a budget.
  • Travel makeup kits.
  • Or magnetic eyelashes, just like Laura Hunter did with Tori Belle.

The list of Makeup Affiliate programs, is just a pinch of what’s possible. There’s certainly tons of other programs that you can promote as an affiliate.

At least now, you have an idea of what’s possible. There’s no need to be restricted to one product or company. Explore your options because, the opportunities can be endless.

To learn how to start a website, get affiliate marketing training, plus support. Check out Wealthy Affiliate.

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