Is Tori Belle Affiliate Program Legit? Or Think Twice?

Name: Tori Belle


Product Type: Cosmetics, Lipstick, Foundation + more

Niche: Beauty

Price: $129 + $9.95 per month for Tori Belle branded website + any additional cost

Co-Founders: Laura Hunter

Launched: June 2019 and Spring 2020 Canada launching is coming soon.

Best For: Direct Seller who has a passion for beauty products, and would like to recruit others to do the same.

Summary: Tori Belle Affiliate program claims to be like no other. They have a hip business practice, and their innovative products have set them apart from all the others in the beauty industry.

Don’t want to become a direct seller? If you prefer not to recruit others and build a team. Then this program may not be for you.

For this program to work, it’s best that you put yourself out there.

So, if you are the complete opposite, and don’t like to recruit or approach people.

Then you may want to check out affiliate marketing where you don’t have to build teams or seek out customers.

Welcome to the Tori Belle Affiliate Program Review!

Have you heard about the patent-pending magnetic eyeliner?

I can only assume that you have since you’ve landed on this page.

So, you may already be familiar with this company that has had an explosive affiliate program launch.

In fact, it’s done more sales within nine days than any of the most popular direct sells companies have ever done, in a short time.

Today, in this review, I’ll be going over what all the hype behind Tori Belle affiliate program is about.

So, if you’re wondering if this is an excellent opportunity for you or one that you should think twice about?

Fantastic because this review is for you.

By the way, I recently wrote a review of Farmasi, and they are also are a direct sales company that offers beauty products. I found them to be pretty impressive as well.

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What Is Tori Belle Affiliate Program?

A cosmetics program, that was launched on June 2019 by Laura Hunter.

So, if you’re passionate about beauty, and looking for a unique business opportunity, this exciting new adventure may be perfect for you.

According to the CEO and Inventor of magnetic eyeliner, who is Laura, she loved direct sells but, there were also things that she didn’t agree with.

So, her intentions with Tori Belle affiliate programs is to try and remove some of the barriers that usually keep people from succeeding.

Who Is Tori Belle Founder?

As you learned earlier, the founder is Laura Hunter.

For twenty-five years, Laura has been a photographer and makeup artist. So, it’s safe to say she’s an expert when it comes to cosmetic products.

This would explain how she came up with this fantastic idea of magnetic eyelashes.

So although I don’t wear makeup, I still think it’s impressive.

Anyhow, these amazing eyelashes are supposed to be designed even for people who aren’t beauty gurus

Laura knows the struggle with fake lashes, and while magnetic eyelashes didn’t live up to her expectations. She decided they weren’t going to work for her.

So, she invented her own.

The exciting thing is that Laura has two daughter’s Victoria and Isabelle, which is how Tori Belle name was born.

Meet Tori Belle.

Can You Make Money With Tori Belle Products?

Before, Tori Belle affiliate program launched. Laura also owned a company called LashLiner.

LashLiner has done well.

They even offer an affiliate program, that’s free to join.

The products that Tori Belle is offering are products that many women are looking for; therefore, I would say yes, you could make money with this company, if you have what it takes to drive massive traffic to your website.

Watch the video below, so that you can get a better understanding of Tori Belle compensation plan.

Is Tori Belle A Scam Or Legit?

No doubt, Tori Belle affiliate program is a legitimate opportunity. Many of her representatives are excited and proud to be a part of what they love to do best.

So, worry none, this program isn’t a scam. Also, it safe to join.

Have you ever thought about building your own beauty website. There’s tons of beauty and makeup affiliate programs?

Just thought I asked…

Is Tori Belle Affiliate Program A Pyramid Scheme?

No, I can’t say this is a pyramid scheme.

See What Others Are Saying: Tori Belle Complaints And Reviews

I know many people like to consider what others have to say.

So, I’m excited to announce that they weren’t too many complaints.

There were a few concerns that others mentioned.

Firstly, they fear that Tori Belle affiliate program is an MLM due to its members getting paid on several tiers. Since the program is still new, it’s tough to tell if Tori Belle is an MLM. I do know that when you reach the Nano Influencer status, then you’ll have to start building legs.

From there, as your success increases, you’ll go from building 1 leg up to 3 legs, which sounds like an MLM to me. With affiliate marketing affiliate programs, we don’t build legs at all.

Secondly, another concern that others had is Tori Belle’s products truly vegan? According to some vegans, they disagree.

What Did I Like?

This Isn’t Laura’s First Commission Earning Opportunity

Since Laura has a previous program, called LashLiner, that has done quite well. I have no reason to believe why the Tori Belle affiliate program won’t do as well.

However, the first program, is free to join, while this program has a start-up cost, which I don’t understand why that would be.

Small Start-Up Cost

The startup cost for this program isn’t half bad.

Branded Sites Are Appealing

Although, I can’t entirely agree with having a stand-alone replicated site. I do find that the branded sites are appealing. Therefore, they go perfect with the products.

What I Didn’t like?

Although the Tori Belle website and products are impressive, some of their terms and policies as an affiliate are not okay to me.

Below, you will find the Cons that I didn’t agree with.

These are also cons that I haven’t seen as an affiliate marketer, who has and still works with multiple affiliate programs.

You Can’t Sell Any Other Products Or Can You?

I noticed that as a person with interest. The information on joining is limited.

Here is one thing, I can’t wrap my head around.

As a Tori Belle affiliate, according to the terms and conditions you’re not able to sell your own or any other companies products while participating in the Tori Belle affiliate business.

However, according to a participant in the program, she states that you can sell other products

So, which one is it?

Let’s assume that you can’t promote or sell your own products.

As an affiliate marketer myself, I don’t agree with not selling other products.

It’s like your limiting yourself to one company.

I understand, to be loyal and be passionate about what you do.

However, I’ve been online for a while now. So, I’ve seen many companies come and go.

Therefore, if anything were to ever happen with the Tori Belle affiliate program, you could lose everything. I’m not saying it will though.

Another thing!

Not being able to create and sell your own products makes me wonder how much does this program genuinely care.

Why wouldn’t they want to see their members excel by creating their own products?

In most cases, that’s an ultimate entrepreneurs goal.

Everyone knows if done correctly, this is where the most profit is made.

You have control of your own brand, and the sky’s the limit.

Either way, not being able to sell other products or your own products, can genuinely limit your income potential.

Did you know there are thousands of beauty affiliate programs, that are absolutely free to join?

However, since the Tori Belle program offers you a replicated site.

You won’t be able to add additional beauty products to that site, which can be a bummer.

However, there’s a solution. You can have the Tori Belle site and build your own branded beauty site. Then interlink the two.

You Must Be A Seller

Either way, as the name implies “direct sales.”

In short, you must be a seller, which means you’ll have to drive a massive amount of traffic to your Tori Belle website, to be successful with direct sales.

You need to get out there and make it happen.

If you can’t do that!

You’ll have to resort to paid ads. Approaching people everywhere, friends, family, strangers, neighbors, social media, forums, email list, and the list goes on.

Another concern is if there is no training on paid ads. Then you could lose a lot of money if you attempted it without the correct training.

Worst-case scenario if you can’t do either.

You might as well look for other solutions now!

Not A Seller Look For Other Solutions

Replicated Branded Websites Can Be Disastrous

If you’re new to online, you’ll want to pay close attention to this, having a replicated site, is not a stable way to do business.

I remember the day; my MOBE replicated site was immediately taken offline.

Why and how, I thought?

The reason being is that, with a replicated site, you have no control over the website.

The company that you’re promoting does.

In other words, you won’t own anything this way.

When I first started online, I didn’t see anything wrong with replicated sites.

However, a replicated site is good and bad.

It’s good because it’s up and ready for immediate usage, but that’s about the only benefit.

However, it can be disastrous because, if the replicated site was ever taken away. Your entire platform and paycheck are gone.

Furthermore, you’ll never own your own brand.

You won’t stand out from the other Tori Belle affiliates, which is essential in a competitive industry.

Therefore, you’re site will appear just like everyone else’s.

It’s like a cookie-cutter site, where you had to put no work into it.

Sure it saves you time!

However, will saving you time really be beneficial to your success.

The bottom line is that there are reasons why you should avoid replicated sites.

In addition to this, the first three months of your branded site is free.

However, after that, you’ll pay an additional $9.00 per month for a branded website.

Also, will you get a branded business email address along with your monthly paid website?

Most reps that I see promoting this offer have Gmails, which isn’t good for business. Unless you use the business Gmail version, which is a paid service. 

Provide A Resignation Letter, Say What?

Another thing is according to Tori Belle affiliate terms you must provide a resignation letter to the company which will take effect on the first day of the following month.

I guess this is why I prefer affiliate marketing because there is no such thing as providing a resignation letter to an affiliate program.

If I decide to not work with one affiliate program.

I just stop working with them and vice versa.

If I decide to stop working and start promoting a new affiliate program.

It’s really that simple.

Providing a resignation letter to any business opportunity almost puts me back into a 9 to 5 environment, which I haven’t worked in a decade.

No, thank you!

Direct Sales Vs. Affiliate Marketing

I prefer affiliate marketing because you don’t have to build a team. It seems to be less intrusive and less risky.

Plus, I never have to chase people. I’m an introvert and don’t like to be an in your face type of person. Furthermore, I drive traffic to my site for free by writing articles.

It’s really that simple.

However, with Direct Sales, you’ll have to build a team. Train and keep tabs of your team members, because, then you could lose affiliates left and right.

Once you lose affiliates, your check starts to dwindle. It’s just too much hassle.

Oh yeah, while I’m talking about team building. I noticed on one of Tori Belle affiliate sites that you don’t have to build a team to have a successful business.

Instead of recruiting, you can earn money, and credits off of your own sales.

Makes me curious to how would that be a successful business because, Walmart can’t buy products from itself, and call themselves successful.

It takes us, consumers, to buy from Walmart for Walmart to be successful.

Right or am I wrong? Let me know….

Tori Belle Products And Start-Up Cost

The startup cost for this program is affordable. There are two options that you can choose from when deciding to become an affiliate of Tori Belle.

9 to 5 Affiliate Starter Kit 2.0 @ $129.00

This a starter kit, which includes:

  • Magnetic Eyeliner (3mL)
  • 9-5 Magnetic Lashes
  • P3 Pore Perfecting Primer
  • Brow and Liner Kit (select one of 4 shades)
  • 3 months personal branded website
  • Quick Start Bonus Program
  • Social Sales Training

Ladies Night Affiliate Starter Kit 2.0 @ $129.00

  • Magnetic Eyeliner (3mL)
  • Ladies Night Magnetic Lashes
  • P3 Pore Perfecting Primer
  • Brow and Liner Kit (select one of 4 shades)
  • 3 months personal branded website
  • Quick Start Bonus Program
  • Social Sales Training
Pin Me Please! 😀

Make Money With Tori Belle Affiliate Program But Also Build Your Own Website

Alternative To Tori Belle Affiliate Program?

In this review, you learned about Tori Belle affiliate program, and what it takes for you to become successful with it.

I must admit there are things I did like and other things that I didn’t agree with.

If you decide to join Tori Belle affiliate program, it’s your choice.

However, keep in mind that it’s always best to build your own foundation, which is a branded website for yourself. Along with a branded domain name, and email address, for that I recommend this program.

It’ll teach you how to build a website within any niche.

So, if you’re passionate about beauty products, great!

Here are two ideas:

Join Tori Belle affiliate program. Then start building your own branded website.

Promote Tori Belle products on your branded website, as your main offer. At the same time, you can join other relevant affiliate programs.

The second option is to build your own branded website.

As you can see both options boils down to building your own solid foundation; a website.

It helps brand yourself. It expands your market for free. And improves your productivity.

A personally owned website can be updated, deleted, or removed. You are in control.

I would genuinely suggest that you learn how affiliate marketing works, build a website and get the proper support that you’ll need along the way, and for that, I recommend this community.

Thank you for reading Tori Belle Affiliate Program review. I wish you all the best.

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