Is iBuumerang A Scam? Or Worth A Try?

Name: iBuumerang


Product Type: Travel

Niche: Travel Industry

Price: $49.95 to $1000 + any additional monthly cost

CEO: Holton Buggs

Launched: March 2019

Best For: This opportunity if best for people interested in the Travel industry, and enjoys recruiting.

Summary: iBuumerang, is a travel business, where you’re supposed to have the ability to save money while traveling. Plus, earn money while your customer books travel from their own customized iBuumerang replicated website.

Don’t Like To Recruit? If you prefer not to recruit others into a Multi-level business opportunity. Then this program may not be for you.

It would be best if you were a people approach-er for this program to work.

So, if you’re more of an introvert than an MLM business opportunity seeker, I’m afraid to say this would be a challenge.

Introverts tend to do better with programs that do not require requirement. Therefore, you may want to check out affiliate marketing where you don’t have to build teams or seek out customers.

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​iBuumerang Membership Classes and Cost

Standby – (Everyone Starts Here)

This is where everyone typically starts, which is $49.95 per month, and to my surprise, you’re considered a buumerang customer with extra benefits.

Those extra benefits are you’re supposed to give you a 25% referral commission when you refer other customers that books travel from their site and joins.

Furthermore, as a standby, you’ll get 1 buumerang customer site and 5 buumerangs that you can throw. Plus, the decide interactive presentation and the TSA online management system. All for $49.95 per month.

Coach Class

  • Allows you 10 buumerangs
  • 50% Savings
  • 10% Dual Team commissions

$250 investment + $49.95 per month

Business Class

  • 25 buumerangs
  • 100% Travel savings
  • 12% Dual Team commissions

$500 investment + $99.95 monthly

First Class

  • 50 buumerangs
  • 100% savings
  • $1000 investment + $99.95 per month

​iBuumerang Support

On Saturdays mornings, there is training done via Zoom and Facebook live. They call it the iBuumerang Flight School. Here is a link to an example of their live training.

It also looks like you’ll be able to join their private Facebook communities. I found a few of them online, and each community had about 1500 + members.

Moreover, some teams offer additional training to their members as well. So, if you’re a person who needs lots of practice, you’ll want to join a team who is giving out lots of training.

Can You Earn And Save With Ibuumerang

​iBuumerang Marketing Ideas

Although, it seems like iBuumerang, can be a great opportunity.

It also seems like it would be tough.

Especially for those members who are new to network marketing, introverted, or strapped for cash; I don’t recommend this opportunity to people who are new to the industry.

Either way, if you insist on proceeding, I would suggest that you start a YouTube channel, which is free.

Make most, if not all, of your videos geared towards traveling. Don’t forget to add your links in the description of your YouTube video.

By the way, YouTube is a search engine. So it’s best to use Keywords in your YouTube Titles, and here is a free keyword tool for that.

Another option is to start your own self-branded website.

Out of all marketing strategies, I believe this is the best strategy ever because, a self-branded website, represents you. It’s an asset you’ll earn.

Not only that you can have multiple income streams by adding different travel affiliate programs.

Along with your self-branded website, you’ll also want to have a self-branded domain name, hosting, and a reliable keyword tool.

To get that started, I do recommend this community which provides all the tools, resources, high-quality training, and live interactive support that you need under one roof, for a fraction of iBuumerang cost.

Final Conclusion of iBuumerang

​In this review, you’ve learned about iBuumerang, and what it takes for you to become successful, with it. I’m not saying iBuumerang, is the worst company out there.

However, I am saying after learning what all is involved; I wouldn’t join this company myself.

So, therefore, I couldn’t recommend anything that I wouldn’t join.

Now, what you do from here is totally up to you! I wish you the best in whatever you decide.

Either way, you made it this far in the review. So, it seems to me that you’re interested in making money online and maybe you’ve decided that well recruiting or MLM is not for you.

I would suggest that you learn how affiliate marketing works, build a brandable website and get the proper support that you need along the way, and for that, I recommend this community.

With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to recruit or build teams, and to me, that’s the beauty of it.

If you enjoy travel, there are tons of travel bloggers that are making a successful living from starting their own website and joining affiliate programs.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn how to do all of this, and that is why I recommend them.

Either way, it’s your choice.

So, if you decide to join iBuumerang, this affiliate marketing training would still teach you how to build a self-branded website and promote any company.

I encourage you to at least, check out the first 10 lessons. There free!

Plus, there is no credit carded needed. So, you put it away. Therefore, you have nothing to lose.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below. I would be glad to hear from you.

Thank you for reading my iBuumerang review. I wish you all the best.

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