NeVetica Pet Business Opportunity: Worthy MLM Or A Scam?

Welcome to the Nevetica Review!

If you’ve landed on this post, then I’m sure you’re interested in the NeVetica Pet’s Lovers business opportunity.

I recently wrote an article over iBuumerang, and while researching, someone asked, “What is NeVetica all about?”

So, today, in this review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about this multi-level company to help you make a decision on this opportunity.

Name: NeVetica or NeVetica International, Inc


Product Type: Pet

Niche: Pet Niche

Price: $199.99 to $698.00 + $24.99 per month + any additional fees

Launched: January 15, 2019

Nevetica Founder & Owner: CEO, Dr. Lance London

Best For: Pet lovers who enjoy building teams

​​Summary: Nevetica is a company that allows you to share your passion for pets with other retail customers and recruits. This company’s goals is to become a one-stop-shop for pet care.

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​What Is NeVetica?

NeVetica is an MLM business opportunity founded by Dr. Lance London.

His primary focus is to promote positive health and longevity for pets while providing individuals, who are looking for more time freedom; a business opportunity.

So, NeVetica has combined two billion-dollar industries, the pet industry, and the network marketing industry.

They’ve also fused health and wellness, along with the technology industry.

With all the above industries combined, NeVetica claims to be the first full-service company that has created a customized regime designed specifically for your pet’s health, and of course, longevity.

Above all, they offer a wide range of products to include but not limited to a pet assessment app, vitamins, oral care, hygiene, and more.

What Is NeVetica All About

Who Is The Founder or CEO of NeVetica?

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Lance London is the founder of Nevetica.

Due to the tragic situation of his beloved pet, Rocky, Dr. London was inspired to start educating pet parents on the best way to care for their pets.

His goal is to bring quality products to the marketplace.

He also wanted to ensure that it was convenient for all pet parents. With that said, this is how the NeVetica app was born.

It’s a pet portal for innovative products, services, and quality pet educational resources.

The love that Dr. London, had for Rocky, has inspired him to help others change the way that they care for their fur babies.

By the way, Dr. London is also the same guy from Carolina Kitchen.

How Does NeVetica Work?

In 2017 – 2018, according to the National Pet Owners Survey, there were about 85 million families who owned pets.

As you can imagine, it has been a billion-dollar industry since 1994.

Just like any other pet MLM company, it won’t be as easy to sell the products as the NeVetica team has made it seem because 99% of MLM participants tend to lose money.

Either way, the idea is to share your website with anyone willing to listen.

Meaning you’ll need to get to know the products that NeVetica has to offer and you’ll need to learn how to attract a ton of people.

The NeVetica App

​NeVetica has used technology to create an app.

As a pet owner, your customers can take a free health assessment for their pet’s health.

They’ll be able to log onto the app and enter information that pertains to their pets; breed, age, temperament, activity level, bone health, and the environment.

After the assessment has run its course, the owner would see a short 1 – 2-minute video and a regime of vitamins that are customized to meet the specific health needs of their pets.

So, according to the team, this app has closed the gap for most pet owners.

They are conveniently shipping pet vitamins directly to the customer’s doorsteps every month, which they call this NeVetica nutrition.

Not only does the app deliver vitamins directly to the doorstep. There are other services that the app can send directly to the pet owners home.

Anyhow, by following the regime that the NeVetica app has provided for the pet, your pet’s health is supposed to improve within as little as 90 days.

The most exciting thing about this NeVetica app is you can order certain services that would usually cause you to leave your home but, with the impressive NeVetica app, it can come right to your doorstep:

  • Order a veterinarian that will go directly to your home
  • Need a dog walker they can come to your home as well
  • A certified groomer who also can meet you at your home
  • The app also has a Rocky amber alert which will send out alerts when your pet is missing.
  • You’ll get free training videos for your pet.
  • A social media app for your pets, and it’s called my paw connect.
  • Plus, the app will help you count your calories and your pet’s calories

It’s unclear how much any of these additional app services would cost you.

What About The NeVetica Product Line?

​It’s interesting to discover that NeVetica company manufactures their own products.

They claimed to have high in quality and manufactured in the USA.

Anyhow, after taking the free pet assessment, the pet parent receives their customized regime, which is specially tailored to fill the gaps in their cats or dogs lifestyle.

With having said that, there are several products that you will be working with, and they are as follows:

Some Of NeVetica Product Line

6 NeVetica Nutriceuticals

  • Nevetica Nutriceuticals are vitamins and supplements that are tailored to the pet.
  • Claiming Nutrient which helps the pet claim down.
  • Hip & Joint supplements for the large and small dog. The hip and joint vitamins are the number one seller in the pet industry.
  • Skin and Coat helps the pet improve their skin and coat issues
  • Multi-Vitamin that helps with digestion.

All supplies come in a 30-day supply, which is ordered right from the NeVetica app, and of course, delivered directly to the customer’s doorstep.

Aromamizer (An Air Fragrance Scent Cone)

A 30-day supply to help the pet lover’s home smell beautiful again.


As pets get older, or even baby pets, they tend to have a bladder problem. So, what do they do? They have accidents and urinate all over the furniture, the car, or the carpet.

Anyhow, with Wet-away, this issue is supposed to be solved.

The way Wet-Away works is you sprinkle it on the urine, and within 60 seconds or less, the urine will turn into a solid form.

The Wet-Away product isn’t only limited to work on urine. It will also work on other liquids.

Rub Tub (Waterless Shampoo)

If you need to clean your pet up between washes. The Rub Tub has got to be the solution. It cleans the coat plus heals it at the same time.

NeVetica Scents

If the Rub Tub wasn’t amazing enough, there’s even perfume for the male and female pets. Who doesn’t want their pet to smell amazing?

Oral Care System (OCS)

Available for small and large dogs, NeVetica has an oral care system to help maintain the teeth of cats and dogs, which comes in dental chews, and they have a mouthwash.

NeVetica Compensation Plan

So, what I found to be a bit confusing was the compensation plan.

According to a presentation that I watched – There are many ways to rank within the NeVetica company, and they are listed below.

  • #1 You can become a NeVetica Pet Consultant
  • #2. Senior Pet Consultant
  • #3. Area Pet Consultant
  • #4. Regional Pet Consultant
  • #5. Director
  • #6. Area Director
  • #7. Regional Director
  • #8. National Director
  • #9. Vice President
  • #10. President
  • #11. International President
  • #12. Diamond
  • #13. Blue Diamond
  • #14. Black Diamond

Due to the limited information, the requirements to hit each rank could be onerous. There wasn’t too much information disclosed as to what it took to even advance within the company.

I believe that NeVetica has overly excited their presentation video. They made it seem like it’s easy to become successful and easy to reach all the levels that they presented.

Anyhow, there are nine ways that you can get compensated. These commissions are also activated at the company’s discretion.

  • Personal Sales Bonuses up to 35% cash bonus on every customer sale that you receive (weekly bonus)
  • New Customer Bonus – up to 15% received on three levels deep
  • Unilevel Bonus up to 10% six levels deep
  • The Turbo Infinity Bonus this bonus guarantees you receive a bonus on all of your team’s sales value
  • The Income match Bonus – up to 25% bonus
  • The Leadership Bonus – cash bonus that can lead up to 100k depending on your rank
  • Global Pool Bonus – a pool of cash split between all the top leaders in the company.
  • NeVetica Sponsored Incentive Trips – all-expense vacation paid
  • The Executive Leadership Counsel – company flies you to a private meeting, with all expenses paid.

By now, you should get the idea.

Is Nevetica A Scam?

​Well, I can’t say it’s a scam. Although, I didn’t find payment proof. I did come across a few members that stated that NeVetica had changed their lives financially.

One confusing thing, I noticed is none of the people who lives were changed financially ever talked about owning a pet.

Furthermore, they also never mentioned if the products worked or were even worth it.

So, from my findings, it seems like anyone can become a NeVetica consultant.

 NeVetica Has A Huge MLM Business Compensation Plan

Want To Build A Pet Niche Website?

Is NeVetica A Pyramid Scheme?

Although, NeVetica is an MLM doesn’t mean that it’s a pyramid scheme.

MLM companies must guard against being classified as a pyramid scheme on both federal and state laws.

Plus, each state does have it’s own definitions of what they consider to be a pyramid scheme.

Therefore, it is tough to determine when there is an official pyramid scheme being operated because there is no formal federal definition for it.

Nevetica Complaints, Reviews Or BBB Ratings

​With a sigh of relief, I didn’t find too many complaints, and no negative BBB ratings at all. However, I did come across a few conversations where people were going back and forth about the NeVetica opportunity. Some even thought their pets would die.

Heres What Other Have To Say About The NeVetica Business Opportunity

​Source: Reddit

​And the only other reviews that I’ve come across is where someone’s friend went the business meeting and felt pressured into buying the program.

Move Of What Other Have To Say About The NeVetica Business Opportunity

​Source: Reddit

What Did I Like?

Refund Policy

According to NeVetica terms and conditions, as a participant, you may cancel your contract for any reason, within a specific time, depending on the state you reside in.

Anyhow, if you were to cancel your contract, the company can repurchase your products at a determined percentage.

Pending Direct Sales Association

I did like the idea that NeVetica is a pending member of the DSA which means that if they are approved, the DSA protects consumers and independent salespeople by ensuring a direct sales company is following specific rules.

As a DSA member, they are also required to honor the repurchase policy of any unused products within 12 months at a 90 percent or more rate.

National Animal Supplement Council

I also found that NeVetica is an NASC member meaning that they are committed to the highest standards of quality, plus safety when it comes to your animal friends.

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What I Didn’t Like?

Requires Massive Recruiting

The downside to MLM’s is that they need a massive amount of recruiting.

As mentioned earlier, it’s been reported that about 99% of people who are involved with MLM’s tend to lose a lot of money.

Of course, with any business, there is always a risk.

However, with an MLM, the risk of success is drastically decreased when you can’t recruit as many people as you would like.

So, the main issue here is you’ll soon find yourself running out of what they call your warm market.

If you have no idea what your warm market is, it’s people you know. I also found a list of ideas that can help you come up with ways to connect with potential contacts.

Either way, the point is you’ll need leads, without leads, you’re a business can and will fail.

Of course, you can always buy leads, with programs, like My Lead Gen Secret, and even then it’ll still be a challenge.

Dietary Supplements Are Questionable

I came across a study written by Dr. Lisa Freeman, who is a veterinary nutritionist and professor at a Veterinary Medicine University.

Anyhow, according to her article, a pet owner needs to know that while it is tempting to believe miraculous treatments or even cures are possible by taking a few pills.

You should also know the real facts.

The fact is that you need to determine what supplements are useful, and which ones are useless for your pets.

As a result, I can’t say that the supplements provided by these companies are either.

Enrollment For the USA + A Few Others Only

Another concern is that the opportunity isn’t available to everyone.

According to the enrollment form, this business opportunity is available to people within the United States, America Samoa, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

Therefore, you’re limited to individual recruits, which can make the chances of succeeding even tougher.

Distributors Are Limited

While filling out the enrollment form, I was searching for a distributor near my area.

The city of Houston is the 4th largest city in the USA. Yet there are only five distributors within 500 miles of my area.

Not Too Many NeVetica Reps Within 500 Miles Of 77040 Area Code

​So, then I looked up the largest city in the USA, which happens to be New York City. According to NeVetica there are only seven distributors within 500 miles of the 10090 area code.

Not Too Many NeVetica Reps Within 500 Miles Of 10090 Area Code

Okay, so if that wasn’t alarming enough.

I looked up Austin, Texas, which is a pet lover city for sure. I’ve also included areas where the military bases are located, and surprisingly I couldn’t find any distributors within a 500 miles radius.

In my opinion, those numbers are alarming in itself. This could also explain why there is not too much hype on YouTube channels about the NeVetica program.

$100 Sponsor Transfer Fee

If you decide to join NeVetica, make sure you’re absolutely comfortable working with your sponsor because, if you ever want to change sponsors then you’ll lose all rights to your future commissions, and you must proceed adequately to execute the process.

Firstly, you’ll need to submit a written request to

Let the company support know that you’re requesting a change of sponsor. You’ll also need to submit a transfer authorization form, which needs to be sent to your immediate five upline consultants along with a $100 transfer fee.

While it’s a good thing to have the ability to transfer sponsors, it can also be a sign that you may not be fit for an MLM company.

Automatic Cancellation For Less Than 300 PV

Also, according to the policies of NeVetica, your consultant agreement and NeVetica business opportunity can be canceled for inactivity.

If you generate less than 300 PV within 12 months, from there, you shall then be classified as a customer. So, in short, your business opportunity will end automatically.

​How To Join NeVetica?

To join NeVetica, you can either go directly to the NeVetica website and look up a distributor.

Or if someone has presented this opportunity to you, then you can join through their website.

If you choose to join through a distributor you’ll need their referral code and name.

Either way, after filling out all of your personal information.

You’ll select the rank at which you choose to join.

According to the enrollment form, I filled out there weren’t too many rank options to choose from.

So, the only option is the NeVetica Pet Consultant rank.

During the application process, you’ll also get an opportunity to purchase the NeVetica Product pack at a special rate of $475.00.

Plus, you can purchase the tech pack, which is free for 30 days and then a $24.99 monthly fee.

Either way, in the next few paragraphs, I’ll go into more detail about the investment of this business opportunity.

​NeVetica Cost

The entire investment of this business opportunity is unclear.

However, from my experience, you will be presented with the following:

NeVetica Business Builder Kit @ $199.99

This kit consists of the Training manual, banners, the NeVetica magazine, and other sales material.

NeVetica Products @ $475.00

It doesn’t seem like you can sell anything until you purchase this pack which contains all the products in the Nevetica Shopping portal.

It’s also unclear if this is a one time fee. Or something that needs to be purchased at an assigned time.

Techner @ $24.99 per month

When you initially enroll, you’ll get the Techner for free for 30 days only.

After that you’ll be responsible for paying $24.99 per month.

The Techner pack is automatically renewed month-after-month, and if you miss a payment, your business will be placed on suspension.

So, without this fee, you can’t run a NeVetica business.

NeVetica Grand Total = $698.00

After adding all the expenses, this brings your total investment of NeVetica to a total of $698.00. This does not include any additional advertising you may have to pay for, or any other marketing you may have to do.

 Can You Make Money With NeVetica

Can You Make Money With NeVetica?

T​​Indeed, you may could make some money with NeVetica. It all depends on how many people you can come into contact with.

However, if you run out of personal contacts, and have no idea how to approach strangers or market online, then making money with this company may be a challenge.

​Final Conclusion of NeVetica

Reviewing the NeVetica business opportunity was indeed impressive.

There were a few things that I found impressive about the company, and many things that were a significant concern to me.

Above all, NeVetica is a legit business, but may not be the best business opportunity.

The odds of succeeding with an MLM as a newbie are really against you.

To succeed in business, I genuinely believe that you need a few things.

One is to have a support system, with NeVetica the support system is limited.

Secondly, you’ll need proper training. Unless your sponsor is willing to train you, then you could be wasting your time and money.

Thirdly, I also can’t entirely agree with replicated sites.

You’ll need to have a website where you can brand yourself. It’s crucial to your success.

Either way, it’s your choice. So, if you decide to join NeVetica, you may want to learn attraction marketing. Either way, I certainly wish you the best.

​NeVetica Alternative

​If you’ve come this far into the review.

Then you may have enjoyed a few things about NeVetica as I did, but it’s just not for you.

The great news is that there is still a way for you to make a living, without recruiting, building teams, or buying products, and it’s called affiliate marketing.

The best part about this company and training is you can get started for free today. Many beginners that have joined, and are now making full-time incomes from it.

By the way, they are ordinary people like you and me.

If you have any further information about NeVetica, or would like to add comment’s that I may have forgotten to mention. Please do so in the comment’s area.

Thank you for reading my NeVetica review. I wish you all the best.

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