Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate?

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If you ever read my blog articles before, you already should know that I recommend Wealthy Affiliate almost all the time. Of course, I review many products while giving you my honest opinion.

I try my best to never down right bash any company. My intentions are always to deliver you with the best information on what I have experienced personally by joining some of these programs or what I have found during a thorough research. Wealthy Affiliate is a Winner

So, far nothing has come close to changing my mind about the value you’ll receive by joining Wealthy Affiliate. It’s like an affordable affiliate marketing university.

If you want to turn any passion into profits and you just don’t know where to start, I highly recommend you looking into that awesome community. Today, I will give you 10 reasons why you should take that leap.

Effective Low Startup Cost:

If you been online for a few months now, you might already know that joining a program does cost money. Whether it is a yearly fee or a monthly, there is always some kind of fee. And, in some cases you’ll need other tools to make the program work to its full potential.

Sometimes, the cost of a program can be low while other times the cost can be outrageous. To join Wealthy Affiliate, there are two levels. The first level is where most people start and it cost nothing to become a starter member.

In fact, I recommend you to start out as a starter member and see if the program is for you. It is absolutely free to get started. The best part is, there is no credit card or any type payment information needed to take a shot at this community.

However, there are some stipulations, if you live within any of the following countries starter membership may not be an option for you.

  • India
  • Philippines
  • Pakistan
  • Vietnam
  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
Unfortunately, due to continuous hacking also spamming, coming from the above countries.  Premium membership is the only option. It also is important for you to know that Wealthy Affiliate pays via PayPal.Pays via Paypal

For those that have to start as a premium member, the membership is still a very low effective cost of $49.00 per month or you can take full advantage of paying a full year in advance and receive $229 discount. The yearly membership is $359.00. There are many benefits that come with being a premium member as well.

24/7 Support

When I say you’ll get 24/7 support. I truly mean that. There are not too many communities out there where you can actually communicate with someone and ask questions, get opinions, get feedback, or get advice from experts.

The support is real-time support not, an email or some kind of waiting for turn around. You’ll be dealing getting support from real people.

The support offered within the community is like no other. Wealthy Affiliate members actually help each other out. We truly love to see everyone succeed,  from small successes to unimaginable success. The owners themselves are also in the community, helping members out.

Support is offered on the Wealthy Affiliate platform by chat or by simply asking the community a question.

WA Blog

Now, this was pretty amazing to me. As a member, you will have access to a WA blog. The WA blog can be leveraged. In fact, one of the co-owners Kyle, highly recommends all members to leverage the WA blog. Why? Because, these blogs get ranked into Google search engine, which simply means when someone comes across your WA blog within Google and when they click on your article to read it and sign up to Wealthy Affiliate from that blog, you’ll get credit. How cool is that? I must say it is pretty cool.My WA Blog


Wealthy Affiliate does have an affiliate program. In fact, they have one for the WA community itself and one for the keyword research tool that we as members use.

You can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community! Even free starter members can earn commissions. Again, you can become a free member without a credit card you’ll simply just sign up.Starter Member Commissions

Ready to get started for free Click here….

Two Free SiteRubix Websites

Once you join WA you will have access to two free websites. The SiteRubix websites are from the WordPress platform, so your site will be quality material. As a starter member, you’ll have access to several different theme options. And, as a premium member, there are over 2500 free theme options.

Pay it Forward

WA is a pay it forward community, this is why there is so much support. There will never be anytime in your online journey that you feel alone. Paying it forward simply means, that when you have a question, need help, or need advice. A WA member will come to your rescue.

Pay it Forward

Watch our Pay It Forward Video…that was credit by one of our WA members

We also help each other out by providing comments and feedback to your site. It works like this, a member will provide two comments or two feedbacks to another members site first, and in return that member will get one comment or one feedback for their site.

The owners had an excellent idea when they implemented this pay it forward strategy. It really does help each and every member out.

Not, only does it help build your business, paying it forward will allow you to network with many experts, build and get respect from others, and of course, help you learn along the way.

Action based Step-by-Step Training

You’ll receive action based step by step training, right from the start. The video training that are provided are done by Kyle the co-owner himself. He is very easy to understand while you follow along. If you stick to the training and implement what you learn success is sure to follow.

In most platforms, you get a limited amount of training. There are two paths you can take within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. One is the certification course, meaning you want to create a business out of your own idea.

Or if you prefer you can follow the affiliate boot-camp course where you will share the opportunity of Wealthy Affiliate to others. No matter which route you choose, both routes are available as a starter member.

As a premium member you will have full access to all the training, plus any other training that a WA member has provided, and weekly Live training by the WA trainer Jay.

On the Friday weekly training, you are able to ask Jay the expert any questions about the subject of the webinar and he does his best to get to everyone’s questions. These webinars last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.

A To Z Affiliate Marketing Training 

The training within Wealthy Affiliate covers everything from A to Z affiliate and internet marketing. In fact, it is the same training that a lot of platforms will charge hundreds and well up into the thousands for.

If you are skeptical, no worries, there are many members that arrive at Wealthy Affiliate as a skeptic. I was one of those skeptics but, I am here to tell you after experiencing many other platforms, that the training within WA is awesome. Hands down it is the best.

What you will receive for the cost cannot compare to any other platform that I have joined. Here is why. With most platforms, the training is limited and will not let you go any further unless you pay more. Your price at wealthy affiliate never changes after you have become a premium member, regardless of what level of training you receive.

Have you ever heard the saying, you’ll get a bang for your buck? Well, if you haven’t. It means that it’s a deal! You will get more than what you pay for, plus more. Everyone likes deals, right? I know I do!

Earn Credits When New Members Set Up There Account

Another cool opportunity to earn a little side money with Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to earn credits. When the people you refer set up their personal bio and set their goals. You’ll earn $1.00. Wealthy Affiliate Credits

Okay, I know what you are thinking. A dollar is not much, Kisha. You’re right it isn’t much but, trust me these $1.00 credits add up over time. You’ll be able to turn them into real cash, buy domains with them, receive site comments, or site feedback.  It’s like free money.

Check out my credits that I have earned in the last couple of weeks and I didn’t have to lift a finger….

Here is how my Wealthy Affiliate bio looks, click here to connect directly to me.….

Here is how we set our goals within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Click here to check it out…

The purpose of this is not to just earn credits but, it gives everyone in the WA community the opportunity to get to know you. It also helps every new member to receive help when they need it. Setting goals are important because, this leads to growth and that is what you are after, right? Of course, you are…So, we highly encourage you to set your goals which can lead to mental, financial, and successful growth.


Regardless, of what online marketing gig you get involved with you will always need a domain name. I personally have domain names registered with NameCheap, GoDaddy, and now Wealthy Affiliate. Out of all three of the companies, Wealthy Affiliate is the cheapest.

When I registered with GoDaddy and NameCheap, I was introduced to their first time low price of a 0.99 cent domain names but, after that introductory pricing, my domain name will be going up to $23.99 per year. My domain names also did not come with privacy or an email addresses. I had to purchase those separately. So, my introductory pricing was around $25.00.

Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more

Can you imagine what my price will be next year if I re-register with them, which I have no plans to. My introductory pricing will be around $45.00 for each domain name that I have with either NameCheap or GoDaddy.

Affordable Yearly Domains That Never Increase

On the other hand with WA, the domains are $13.99 – $15.99 per year, plus the government wants their portion so there are taxes added on. The WA domains are fully functional with Privacy guard, SSL, and unlimited email addresses which is included in the $13.99 -$15.99 pricing. This price never changes and will always remain the same each and every year.


I have only dealt with one other hosting company in the past. And, it was Yahoo Small Business, I do not recommend them to anyone. My site is always down and the customer support or tech support is so hard to reach. In my opinion they just completely suck.

With Wealthy Affiliate, your hosting is included in your premium membership at no additional cost. In fact we have many members that joined Wealthy Affiliate because of the hosting and they transferred the files of their website over to WA hosting.

Shared Hosting - from $2.88/mo

There is 24/7 Site Support for your site. If you ever have any questions about your website, hosting or just need help. Site Support is always there to help. In the cases where I needed help they responded to me within 5 minutes.


Well, I have given you 10 very good reasons on why you should join Wealthy Affiliate if you are truly serious about starting an online business. You will get direct support from me whenever you need it. I can be reached directly by clicking here…

And, you will also get support from other WA members as well. Even the co-owners help out premium members. The owners are actually in the community helping and answering questions on a daily basis. What more can you ask for?

What do you say? Let’s get you started on the right road to success today...Click here to join now! See you on the other side.

Read more about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here…

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below. I will definitely be in touch with you. No matter what route you chose to take, keep your head up and never give up! As always have an awesome day!

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