Cash Gem Review

Name: CashGem


Price: Free

Owners: unknown

Best For: Absolutely no one

SUMMARY: CashGem claims to be a cash flow solution for everyone. They boast that they’re the #1 cashing platform. They also claim to have big named influencers working for them.

Welcome to My CashGem Review!

You’re probably wondering if this is legit or a scam? Can you really make a lot of money with this app?

Some things tells me that it’s just like all the others to get rich opportunities.

Such as EasyCashJob, Earn Bucks, and Cashooga. Either way, let’s find out if we should trust these guys.

What Is CashGem?

CashGem is claiming to be a money producing platform, where you can earn money from anywhere.

  • Work from your home, car, school, or the store.

It doesn’t matter. They’re pretty flexible.

It appears that they’re sister company has been in business for over 10 years, and they been in business since 2020

Either way, this CashGem user says he’s made over $900 with this CashGem app. Can you believe that? $900?

I would be excited too, if I was racking in almost $1000 for doing barely any work.

CashGem User Review #HpComic – YouTube

How Does CashGem Work?

First off, this isn’t going to work and I’ll explain why throughout this article.

According to they’re website there is no age limit, anyone can join but, as you read within my Read Flag section, you do have to be a certain age to join this program.

When you find out the age that you must be to make this work, you’re going to be shocked

Either way, they claim all you have to do is sign up. After you join, you’re supposed to receive $30.00. Plus, you’ll get $15.00 for each friend that you invite.

Oh but, wait there’s plenty of other ways to earn.

  • You can go use they’re Cash Wall and earn $45.00 for each task that you complete.
  • You’ll get $100 if you post a testimonial video on your Snapchat story, then upload it to your YouTube, plus send it to all of your contacts.
  • In addition to that, you’ll get another $100 if you make a TikTok video talking about CashGem App.
  • $50.00 for YouTube video
  • $50.00 for Facebook video
  • $50.00 Facebook post
  • $50.00 for Instagram post

No doubt, after you complete all the tasks. CashGem will add the amount that they owe you to your

CashGem dashboard BUTmost people have found out that they will not pay out. By the way, they never have.

Is CashGem A Scam?

After watching a few of the CashGem users video reviews it almost sold me. But, nah…I been chasing scams for the last 3 years. All those video reviews mean is that they’re getting better at scamming people.

Sad but, true…

In my opinion, CashGem is certainly not legit. Cash Gem is a scam, just like all the other ones I reviewed in the past.

Check out the CashGem reviews on Trustpilot.

As you can see most of the people that tried this app, are confessing the truth.

The system acts like it will pay you. You’ll see money stacking up like you’re going to receive a fat check.

Then suddenly, when you go to cash out. You receive nothing. NADA

So, don’t waste your time.

Can You Really Make Money With It?

No, you can’t make money with it.

If you need further proof check out what this family had to say.

According to this family, it did not work. They show you proof of they’re PayPal balance.

The bottom line is you can’t make money with this app. It’s not going to happen because it doesn’t work.

Cash Gem Review: Make MONEY From Phone – YouTube

5 CashGem Red Flags

#1. The Payment Proofs Are Fake

Making money online is legit but, it’s certainly not this easy.

You’ll always have to put in some type of effort into it. You’re definitely going to need more effort than just sharing your link and uploading videos bragging about how CashGem made you in an instant baller.

Either way, with a little bit of effort you can earn some money with surveys like Swagbucks or SurveyJunkie but, you will not make hundreds of dollars within 30 days.

Also, as you can see in the image below you have a middle schooler claiming he’s making money with this app. That’s a lie. Then you have Megan Viola who states she loves this affiliate network. An affiliate network doesn’t work this way. So, that’s a bigger lie.

Middle Schooler Claiming He Making Money With CashGem App

#2. Their Promotional Post Are Always The Same

All these scams have the same look, feel, and wordings.

CashGem Promitonal Post

Take a look at my EarnBucks review, as you can see in the image below, the promotional posts are about the same.

Earnbucks and CashGem Promitional Post Are Similar

#3. Location Is Dang Near The Same

The location address for CashGem is almost the same as EarnBucks. They both seem to be located in the Netherlands.

The difference is CashGem address is Willem Barentszstraat 68, Utrecht, Netherlands, 06-98533124

And EarnBucks address is Laan van Langerhuize 1, Amstelveen, 1186 DS Netherlands.

Is it a coincidence that they are both located in the Netherlands? Or what?

#4. CashGem Affiliate Program

Okay, so as I was reading they’re Terms and Conditions page I came across the wording where it says thank you for considering they’re affiliate program.

First of all, CashGem never warned anyone that you would be signing up to an affiliate program. Secondly, an affiliate program doesn’t work that way. Third, with an affiliate program you’ll have to learn affiliate marketing.

It’s all a lie, just stay away from this palace.

#5. All CashGem Users Must Be 99 Years Of Age

If this piece of evidence doesn’t convince you that this CashGem site is basically useless.

I don’t know what else to say.

Look at the image below.

All CashGem Users Must Be 99 Years Of Age

Do you see what it says?

It says, you must be 99 years old to use this affiliate program. If you’re under 99 years old you are warned on the Terms and Conditions page to not use this program. Must I say anymore.

I think that proves that this CashGem program is not legit and we should all just forget about them and no longer waste are time.

My Final Opinion Of Cash Gem Review

By now, I hope you understand that the CashGem website is not a money producing platform. It’s far from it. It will produce zilch. As we have discovered you must be 99 years old to use this website. So, even if it was a money producing website the terms and conditions of the company has automatically excluded almost all of us on the internet. Basically, no one can use this website.

With that said, my question to you is do you still think CashGem is legit? Have you came across any other scams lately? When you share your story it helps a lot of people on the Internet.

What has been your experience with CashGem?

Either way, thank you for your support. I wish you the best and continued success…

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