7 Ways To Spot A Scam Online

Over time the art of scamming online has evolved into many types of different scams. In fact, scammers have become more and more sophisticated in the way they present themselves.

In case, someone ever contacts you unexpectedly via email, your cellphone or home phone, through e-mail, social media, or on a website. Always assume that there’s a possibility of being scammed. Don’t get me wrong not every random person contacting you will be a scammer but, it’s important to be on alert.

Recently I was asked if Craigslist was safe and my immediate response was “No”. Please don’t get me wrong, everybody on Craigslist is not a scammer but there are many people on Craigslist that are out to scam others by obtaining your personal information or by getting money out of you. Above all, their sole intentions are to receive something valuable from you to use for their benefits, while you get nothing in return.

In fact, I’ve experienced running into many scammers on Craigslist, Social media, by email and recently they have been calling my personal cell phone. So, I thought that it would be a great idea to share with you on how to spot scams online.

In this review, you’ll learn how to spot scams online, but first and foremost you’ll need to learn what a scam is.

What Is A Scam?

In my opinion, a scam is when you are encouraged to sign up to a product or services, expecting something in return, whether it’s a product, service, or money. Therefore, something should be given back to you in return if it was promised.

At any rate, whenever you agree to follow through with an offer, and nothing comes back in return. Then it is safe to automatically assume that you have been scammed.

Nonetheless, that is my opinion so, let’s look at what dictionary.com has to say about a scam.

7 Ways To Spot A Scam Online, Here Is The Definition From Dictionary.com

How To Spot A Scam Online?

As stated earlier scammers are getting smarter as time goes on. They know people love connecting on the internet with friends and family. They also know that there is a good amount of people that are just now learning about the untold make money online opportunities. Because of this, it has caused a darker side of scammers to come out and trick people into, either giving up their hard-earned money or personal information.

Of course, there are many software’s out there that are supposed to protect us but, they all can not protect you, in the same way as you can protect yourself. However, if you were more aware on how to spot an online scam, it could potentially help you stay away from these sticky situations.

Here Are Some Ways To Spot A Potential Scam Online

1. Make $$$ in the next 30 days

The main scheme I see online has the same pattern. They usually start off with make X amount of dollars within X amount of days. Hence, if you’re promised quick fast and easy money for any make money online opportunity then, more than likely it is a scam.

I mean think about it, if they were making so much money. Why in the world would they be popping up in your Facebook inbox with very limited information, pressuring you to join? These type of people usually bug any and everyone they come across.

Most of the time, it’s because they need more people to join their opportunity, in order to make their promises and dreams that they are trying to sell you, come true. Nonetheless, in the real business world, it does take a lot of time, hard work, and strategic planning to make a lot of money.

Above all, it most certainly will not happen overnight and it’s even more unlikely to happen within 30 days. On the other hand, if you were able to generate income almost instantly, usually that type of income does not last long. Regardless, have you ever heard of the saying, “fast money is not good money.” It’s the same with business.

Conversely, there have been very rare cases where results did come fast while lasting but, that’s the same reason, why entrepreneurs will say “results aren’t typical” because it’s really out of the norm and I do mean really out of the norm to earn money fast online. In all honesty, there is no quick route to riches.

2. Harassment or Pressured Into Something

If you’re being pressured or even harassed, assumed it’s a scam. Anytime a product that’s worthwhile or of any quality, there will be no need to add pressure tactics, to entice you. Don’t waste your precious time or money on being pressured into something that you’re are not comfortable with.

Besides, you deserve the right to always make informed decisions. You also have the right to think things over. If someone is harassing or pressuring you to the point that it’s unbearable, you need to just walk away or ignore them going forward.

3. The Offer Is Not Clear

As you look for online opportunities, always make sure you understand what the offer really is about. If you can’t understand what the offer is all about, then back away. Any make money online opportunity should be clear and understandable.

By the way, if you’re not able to ask further questions so that you can make an informed decision. Then do not make a decision at all, until you’re able to come to clarity.

4. Jargon or Gibberish

Whenever people are trying to dazzle you with their smooth talking or jazzy words. They’re usually hiding something. That’s when your scam alert antennas should go up and investigate. Jargon or Gibberish is a technique used in a way of confusing you, which causes many people tend to make a mistake or make an uneducated decision.

In fact, this is what I feel like when I go to an auto dealership. Most car salesmen just want a sale, so they can move on to the next person but, do they really care. In most cases, no, they just want you to put your credit application in so, they can see what they can sale you. Even if it’s nothing that you’re interested in.

They don’t care about your feelings, your money, or your situation. In my opinion, if they cared, they would let you test drive the car for more than 15 minutes. In other words, they will allow you to take your time to make an informed decision. Rather than rushing you through the process.

In addition to this, they wouldn’t smoothly tack on all the additional packages when you’re in the final stages of signing your car contract. Only for you to realize later, that you really didn’t need whatever they sold you.

At any rate, if don’t understand what’s going on. You need to back away from it. Even the most complex things should be broken down for you to get a better understanding.

5. Be Aware of Telephone Scams

Who is better to know than yourself what you have applied for or inquired about. You’re the only one who knows that type of information. Furthermore, if some unknown stranger randomly contacts you via cell phone or even a house phone and you don’t recognize the person. Almost 95% of the time that is an attempt to perform some sort of scam.

Recently, I’ve been receiving not only call after call but actually text message and voicemails regarding work from home opportunities. I know personally, I haven’t inquired about any work from home opportunities lately. With that being said, I automatically assume it’s a potential scam.

The best suggestion, that I can give you when you’re contacted in situations like this, do not respond. Especially, if you weren’t the one to make the initial attempt to contact the person or company.

Ivory Mix

6. Randomly Contacted Through Email Or Hangout

This is one of the biggest scams out there. I’ve been contacted via email about scams for years now. If someone contacts you by email and promises you thousands even millions to be wired to your bank account do not respond and certainly do not give out your bank or personal information out.

Lately, not only have I had to deal with potential scams via email, but they also come to utilize my Google Hangout. I know it’s a scam because I never use Google Hangout. Plus, it’s some random women contacting me about a dating services. (What in the World, is going on here?) My initial thought, this is definitely a scam.

I’m certainly not involved with no type of dating service. Plus I’m happily married so, why in the world would these random ladies be on my Google Hangout. Duh, because it’s a scam, that’s why?

At any rate, I did further investigation and it seems that Google has been having this problem for a while and it has not been fixed, yet. Could this be why they are terminating Google Hangout and Google Plus?

7. Social Media Beware

Above all, social media is where I have the most and sophisticated potential scams. Especially, Facebook. This could be the reason, why I do not spend too much time socializing on Facebook. I’ve also found a few on Twitter so, they will not escape. However, I have found that Twitter is not as bad as Facebook.

A few scams I came across, that you should be aware of are if anyone randomly contacts you on any social media account and says “ We have government grants available to you and the public right now. We’re trying to help out as many people as we can. The money is free for all but, the only thing you have to do is pay a shipping fee.” Don’t fall for it.

I remember being invited by another Facebook friend to this program. Once the person, invited me the representative of this company bugged the heck out of me. I kept telling her, I knew it was a scam and I’m not interested. All the lady could say in return was “are you ready to receive your free money? Why would you pass up free money?” Eventually, I had to ignore her but, she still insisted on offering me this fake free money. Next, I blocked her.

Regardless, government workers are never going to contact you personally. On the other hand, if they do, you’ll be sent a letter in the mail with a government official address. Nonetheless, the letter or website of a so-called government website will definitely not look or sound cheesy. Above all, government websites, usually, if not all end in the extension of .gov.

The Bottom Line

As you can see scammers have a way of getting their message across but, as you become more informed, you’ll be able to avoid this heartbreaking situation. Please keep all the above in mind when being approached by random people. Besides, the above information can definitely help you save time and lots of money.

By the way, if you happen to be looking for a legit way of earning money online, I encourage you to start your own blog. It’s one of the best ways to earn money online without being scammed.

After being scammed several times online, I actually, learned the legit way to create income online. In fact, I will share the same opportunity with you. It’s certainly not a scam, and it’s a legit way of making money online. If you would like you can read my article about Wealthy Affiliate, if not that’s fine too. Above all, always be safe while searching the web.

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