What Is Easy 1 Up? And How Does It Work?

Easy 1 up Review

Name: Easy 1 up

Website: easy1up.com

Price: $25 | $100 | $250 | $500 | $1000 | $2000

Owners: Peter

There’s a lot of hype behind this Easy 1 up system. In fact, I have constantly heard about this program ever since my early online adventures with Motor Club of America. In all honesty, most of the people I see hyping this system up comes from MCA or other business opportunities that didn’t work out.

Needless, to say, I wanted to check it out for myself and see what all the hype is about. I’m sure you are here for the same reason, so in this review, you’ll learn:

  • What is Easy 1 Up?
  • How Does Easy 1 Up Actually Work?
  • Can You Make Money With it?
  • My Personal Opinions And What I think You Should Do

Easy 1 up Overview

Easy1up is an educational platform, where you will learn as an entrepreneur how to create an online business. The idea of the system is to one-up your competition by continuously learning and developing new strategies. From generating leads to obtaining blog authority with your website.

Okay, so this is where I am confused. As you already know, I am a blogger. So, I definitely know about obtaining blog authority. I’m not the best expert but, I can tell you, that you need an actual blog to obtain authority. The confusing part is, all members were offering landing pages. So, how can one obtain blog authority without a blog?

Indeed, you will have a website but, it is not a website like mine per se. It’s more of a landing page. A landing page, is basically, a sales funnel, that people set up and collect leads with. (leads are you).
What Is Easy 1 Up? And How Does It Work? It's An Online Marketing Educational Platform

So, How Do They Do This?

Easy, they place catchy text on the landing page that will resonate with you. Consequently, you’re wanting to make $25 -$1000 per week from home. Whether you’re looking for an online business or just extra money. So, this entices you to enter your email. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to check it out. Plus the free video reveals to you how to put an additional $25 to $1000 in your pocket.

Say, what? Who wouldn’t want that….

Anyhow, you end up placing your information into that fancy form. (Like featured below) And BAAM! You have now been sucked into a sales funnel.

What Is Easy 1 Up? And How Does It Work? Here Is A Catchy Sales Page

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with a sales funnel because, hey even McDonald’s tries to upsell you when they ask if you want to “Super Size Your Order.”

Nonetheless, this is how the Easy 1 up system works. I never once came across an Easy 1 up member that had a real WordPress website like the one you are currently reading this article off of.

My only concern about that is, Easy 1 up has affiliate marketing training, in their packages. However, the best way to do affiliate marketing is by a WordPress Website or video marketing.

No Physical Product Is Offered

Anyhow, don’t worry you won’t have to hold any physical products with Easy 1 up because all products are digital. In other words, you’re buying into a membership which is digital and you’ll receive training only at the level you purchase.

In addition to this, it’s the same product that you’ll be offering to others. At any rate, members are claiming that Easy 1 up teaches you from A to Z marketing, which may be true. However, I found the A to Z marketing can only be offered to you, if and only if, you buy all levels.

I personally, tried to sign up to the program so, that I could give a more detailed review and I received a message saying, that I couldn’t join because it appears that I came to Easy 1 up uninvited.

So, in order to join this program, you must find a sponsor. Please don’t just find any sponsor though. It needs to be someone that truly cares about your success.

What Is Easy 1 Up? And How Does It Work? You Must Be Referred By A Sponsor

Easy 1 Up Offers 5 Courses

More importantly, there are five different courses offered, with over 40 hours of training. These video trainings are supposed to help keep you up-to-date on the latest market trends. I certainly hope they are updating those training videos.

Once you have your business launched you will simply invite others to the system. The person you invite will choose which level they would like to start. They’ll have the options of joining the $25, $100, $250, $1000, or $2000 level.

  1. Elevation $25
  2. Elevation Elite $100
  3. Vertex $250
  4. Vertex Elite $1000
  5. Vertex Pro $2000

How Does Easy 1 Up Actually Work?

After doing some intense research I found that Easy 1 up, is almost like the same business model company called MOBE, that I happen to join in the past. In fact, the company MOBE was shut down by the FTC in 2018. Nonetheless, many people lost a lot of money.

The concept of Easy 1 up is to share the digital product with others, which happens to include the Easy 1 up membership and the choice of one of the 5 training packages. Once you share the product with someone else.

And if they happen to sign up underneath you. Consequently, you’ll make commissions on the first sale. The person you referred will then have access to re-seller rights. But, only with the product level that they purchased.

For example, if you were to join Easy 1 up and your sponsor is on the Vertex Pro level.

This does not mean you will have access to the same training. With that being said, if you were to join the Elevation level which is the basic package of $25. Consequently, that will be the only training you will have available to you. Unless you join the right team who provides additional training.

Hence, it’s recommended that you position your self at the highest level possible. For example, if you buy into the $250 level, you’ll earn any commissions for people, who are buying at the $25 or $100 level.

So in other words, the higher you’re positioned the better you commission.

Watch The Easy 1 Up Presentation To Get A Better Understanding

Can You Make Money With Easy 1 Up?

Above all, you can indeed make money with Easy 1 up, depending on what level you decide to join at. And what training you are offered outside of your level. Nonetheless, if you’re truly serious about creating an online business Easy 1 up members have encouraged others to join at the $100 level (Elevation Elite).

Why? Because they claim it will help you get started with an online business without having to pay thousands of dollars. They as stated that it would cost you a lot more to start a brick and mortar business. Well, that is certainly true.

So, how do you make money? Well, you earn at the level your at, as I said earlier. If you join at the $25 level you will earn commissions at that level only. Needless, to say you will receive 100% commissions, which was kind of a shocker to me. I have dealt with many affiliate programs, and never have I come across a system that pays you at a 100% commission rate. So, this was pretty alarming to me.

I then began to think about, what happens when a person joins the program. Then they decide, hey this is not for me.

After all, Easy 1 up has already paid you your 100% commissions.

Despite that, all commissions are paid instantly. In other words, there is no waiting for your money. Once you make your first sale, you are paid.

Well, no worries about owing a lot of money back to the company because Easy 1 up doesn’t offer any type of refunds at all. Consequently, meaning you will not have to owe anything back.

In fact, according to Easy 1 up, all sales are final. So, if you’re not sure about joining then don’t waste your money because it won’t be refunded.

The reason being is that you’re buying into a digital product. Easy 1 up does give you good advice though. They do tell you on their website, to make sure you are truly ready to join before making a payment.

One thing that bothers me, is you will be paying your sponsor directly, along with a small administrative fee.

Watch The Video To Understand How A Pyramid Scheme Works.

The Good and Valuable:

  • 24/7 Opportunity hotline 718-887-9581 used for postcards and more
  • Discounted leads done for you by text blasting 1-800-348-4460 Open Mon-Fri 9 am to 5:30CST
  • Marketing tools as the presentation system
  • Training and team support so they claim
  • Some teams provide a webinar or YouTube training to help you further.
  • You can upgrade your position at any time.
  • After a few quick payments, your site is set up instantly.
  • Unlimited customer support is provided, as long as it is within reason.
  • You get paid immediately and directly from your sponsor. On any payment method that you two agreed upon.

The Bad and Ugly:

  • The company charges you a one-time administration fee to maintain your platform.
  • Sales are passed up if you are not positioned at the right level.
  • According to the Easy 1 up members, there are fees for each sale you make. ($25 level fee is $5 | $100 level is $10 | $250 level is $25 and $500 level is $50)
  • Members pay you personally so, you will have to handle all of those transactions.
  • If you don’t want to handle a team member paying you personally, Easy 1 up charges 20% to handle the fees for you. This can add up once you start making the big checks.
  • If you only have on payment processor, your site will show this. (In other words, if a member wants to join you but, you have not signed up to all payment processors then they won’t be able to join you because you don’t offer all forms of payment.)
  • In order to allow members to pay you in all forms of payment. It is highly encouraged of you to join all payment processors. Some are free while others are not. (Hence, additional fees)
  • There is no actual product to sell. It’s just digital, therefore you may be putting all of your eggs in one basket if you don’t add on another product with a different company.
  • You must join the right team or your online business could fail.
  • PayPal has been known to either ban or limits the accounts of Easy 1 up members. (Which is nothing I ever heard of.)

What Is Easy 1 Up? And How Does It Work? Well, PayPal Is Having Issues With Their Commissions.

  • You’ll make commissions on every sale. Except for every second sale. ( Hence the name Easy 1 up. In other words, you bring in two people. They both buy a membership. You will only make commissions off of one of those people. The other person that you invited their commission will go up to your sponsor or anyone that is positioned at the amount that the member just bought into).
  • Basically, it’s like an MLM structure. (Most MLM structures are ridiculously confusing and I have seen many of them crash.)
  • If you don’t position yourself at a higher level and you decide to upgrade later. You will not pay the difference. In fact, you will pay the full price.
  • They have a financing program to help you get started. Keep in mind it has a 17% interest. (Terms are 12 – 24 months)(No credit nor SSN is needed) (If a member applies to the financing program underneath you and stops paying their bill you will not get paid in full. You’ll just receive the initial downpayment that they made plus any sales if they made any. In addition to this, you must also minus a $12 processing fee from each payment collected on financing.)
  • If members finance their membership, it can take a month and a half for you to get paid.

Who is Easy 1 up For?

Easy 1 up, in my opinion, is not for a beginner. They try to make it seem like it is just that easy to get a business up and running within a short period. However, it is not. There are strategies that must be done and I’m really not sure if they will teach you the techniques properly.

On the other hand, Easy 1 up themselves says, “it’s for anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and you’re willing to put in work”. In fact, they welcome members from all over the world.

Easy 1 up Tools & Training

According to Easy 1 up, you will receive training on the level you have invested in. In addition to this, if you have joined the right team, you may get further training but, it’s not guaranteed.

Easy 1 up Support

The only support that I found for Easy 1 up was Skype Support. It is offered from Mon – Friday from noon to 9 pm est.

Easy 1 up Price

There are 5 digital product membership levels offered:

  • Elevation $25 (Network Marketing Basics)
  • Elevation Elite $100 (Free Marketing And cash Generation videos series)
  • Vertex $250 ( Advanced Digital business video series)
  • Vertex Elite $500
  • Vertex Pro”connect” $1000
  • Vertex “Live” $2000 (All Vertex members get 2 entry tickets to the event of their choosing. Any additional events for members are $295 per person)

My Final Opinion of Easy 1 up

Easy 1 up is not the worst program that I’ve ever reviewed but, it is definitely not at the top of my best recommendations either. I personally wouldn’t join a company like this. So, of course, I would never recommend it to anyone else.

For one, I don’t like the way Easy 1 up passes up commissions. I need all of my money, please and thank you. I mentioned earlier about MOBE they did the same concept. If I were to sell a product that I wasn’t positioned at. I would’ve missed out on $2500 to $10,000 commissions, because, I was not positioned at the highest level. Consequently, all of my hard work would have been passed up to my sponsor, whom I never even talked with after signing up.

Secondly, there is no physical product to sell. I would never recommend anyone who is getting involved with an online business, to have just one income stream. With that being said never put all of your eggs in one basket.

In addition to this, their financing option is very alarming to me. Any company that offers financing options, just for you to get involved with their business, is always a red flag to me. It’s not like a brick and mortar business as they try to portray it.

A brick and mortar business applies for financing because they have multiple physical products to sell, property and land taxes to pay for. Plus a building to support, with electric, water, and so on.

On the other hand, when online businesses offer to finance, what exactly are you financing, just the membership or what? Because in Easy 1 up case there is no physical product.

The Bottom Line

Although, I don’t consider Easy 1 up a scam, because, you are receiving something in return, which is digital training and commissions, only if you are able to make commissions.

Above all, I’m no lawyer or judge but, I do know that this is something that I personally would never join myself and quite frankly I would never recommend it to anyone else.

On the other hand, I can only suggest that if you decide to join Easy 1 up, you’ll need to find the right sponsor. Do your research and study all of your options. See who is offering additional training and who seems to care about their team members.

At any rate, the FTC has been cracking down hard on systems like this. So, this is a program that I would advise you to tread lightly with and proceed with caution. You have been warned!

If you are a newbie online and would like to be guided in the proper way. You’re going to want to check out a less confusing way of making money online. It’s legit and there is no recruiting involved.

In addition to this, you will be able to sell multiple physical products online through affiliate marketing. Plus, you’ll have your own WordPress website, hosting, and training.

More importantly, you will never have to handle any type of payment. Let alone deal with customers or the product. Click here to read that article.

Turning The Mic Over To You

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Easy 1 up at a Glance…

Name: Easy 1 up

Website: easy1up.com

Price: $25 | $100 | $250 | $500 | $1000 | $2000

Owners: Peter


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