Send Shark Autoresponder Review 50,000 Subscribers

Name: Send Shark


Price: $25.00 per month

Owners: Joel Therien

Update as of 02/11/2019 I no longer recommend this service, if you are searching for a stand-alone autoresponder. Find out why, by reading my updated post.

Click here to read the updated post!

Send Shark Autoresponder Review 50,000 Subscribers

Send Shark is an autoresponder offering you 50,000 subscribers just for $25.00 per month. It was created by the CEO and President of Now Lifestyle and GOV company. So, in other words, Joel Therien owns all three companies, which happen to be very successful.

When you sign up to this autoresponder, you’ll receive emails from Joel himself, welcoming you to Send Shark. You may also notice that the emails that are sent from Joel may be branded with the Now Lifestyle company. Don’t worry, no way are you obligated to join the Now Lifestyle opportunity if you choose not too. I mention this because, I was really confused at first when I signed up to this autoresponder, and I was being sent Now Lifestyle offers. Anyways, my sponsor who shared this opportunity with me has been an excellent help, in explaining what was going on!

If you don’t know what Now Lifestyle is I have written a full review over it, and you can go here to read it. In short, they’re a health and wellness company.

In this review, you’ll find out why I joined Send Shark.

Anyhow, Send Shark was being advertised as an autoresponder that will change the industry. Of course, that caught my attention. Besides, it was created by a successful internet marketer, which is Joel Therien the owner of Send Shark and many other successful businesses.

Joel has been dealing with technology for about 20 years, he owns his own hosting company, email servers, and IP addresses. In fact, Therien is very confident is guaranteeing that your email will hit your subscriber’s inbox every single time. I can attest to that, not once, has Joel’s emails went to my spam, social, or promotional inboxes.

Indeed, this is an excellent opportunity! Who wouldn’t want to sign up for something like this? Especially, when other autoresponder companies would cost you the following if you were to have 50,000 subscribers.

Send Shark Autoresponder Review 50,000 Subscribers For $25.00

Check Out Other Autoresponder Prices

So, I did a little research to share the different prices that you would pay once your list hits, 50,000 subscribers. In the past, I have personally dealt with Aweber, Getresponse, Convertkit, and MailChimp. Their getting started cost was close to $25.00 just for 1,000 subscribers.

Let’s look at what you would get for $25.00 per month on each autoresponder.

  • Getresponse is $25.00 per month for 2,500 subscribers.
  • Aweber doesn’t have a $25.00 option. A $19.00 option is available for up to 500 subscribers. Or $29.00 for up to 2,500 subscribers.
  • MailChimp Pro would cost $30.00 for 1501 subscribers. MailChimp does have a free account with 2k subscribers but, I’ve also heard that MailChimp does not like affiliate marketing and they have been known to shut your autoresponder account down without notification.
  • Mailer Lite is $30 per month once you hit 2501 subscribers. A $25.00 option is not available.
  • Active Campaign is $29.00 per month for 1,000 subscribers.
  • iContact is $32.00 per month for 600 subscribers.
  • Infusion Soft which has now been renamed to Keap, their pricing is $199.00 per month for 2,500 subscribers. Plus they offer a one-time coaching fee from $499.00.

Send Shark Autoresponder Review 50,000 Subscribers_Get This Deal

This Is What You Could Be Facing In The Future If You Let Send Shark Pass You By.

  • GetResponse – would cost $370 per month for 50k subscribers.
  • Aweber – you’ll have to get a quote from their customer support because, 50k was not an option on their website but, I do know for sure it will be over $149 per month.
  • Convertkit – you’ll need to get a quote as well; however, their 5k subscribers cost $79 per month.
  • MailChimp – would cost you $250 per month plus a $199 fee for pro subscription and emails still won’t be unlimited. Instead, you’ll be allotted 672,000 emails per month. Plus I’ve heard MailChimp doesn’t even like Affiliate marketing (or affiliate links.)
  • Mailer lite – will cost $260 per month for 50k subscribers with the limited ability to send 720,000 emails per month ( that’s like 14 emails per subscriber)
  • Active Campaign – cost $239 per month for 50k.
  • iContact – is $299.00 per month for 50k subscribers.
  • Infusion Soft – if you’re over 10k subscribers it will be $299 per month so you’ll need to contact Infusion Soft for a quote.

Anyhow, after getting started with your Send Shark autoresponder, there may be a little confusion, because, Send Shark is new software, that was originally created for Now Lifestyle members. However, recently, Joel has expanded it’s email marketing services to the public. So, once you login into Send Shark you notice that there are training videos, that discuss a little bit about Send Shark and more about the primary business Now Lifestyle.

I am going to admit that I was really confused about this at first but, later found out by my sponsor that “you’re no way, shape or fashion, obligated to sign up with the Now Lifestyle,” At this time, I have not joined the Now Lifestyle business opportunity, regardless, I am using Send Shark for my primary recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate. In other words, Send Shark is a stand-alone email autoresponder and it can be used for any business.

The Send Shark Is Insane

This autoresponder can send unlimited emails, plus track them, and their deliverability rate is 99%, which is phenomenal. Of course, many things can factor in, on why your email may not arrive in your reader’s inbox but, Joel has you covered for the most part.

Why does deliverability matter anyways? Simple because your email is supposed to hit the subscribers inbox every single time. If not, your readers may never get your important message about, the next biggest sale, or your greatest product reviews. Besides, Send Shark couldn’t give you all of this, if they didn’t own their own servers, and if they didn’t own and maintain their own IP addresses. By owning everything, the corporate entity of Send Shark Autoresponder has a great relationship with top email service providers like Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL which gives Send Shark a lot of power to be able to work properly and accurately.

Lead Capture Pages Vs. Send Shark AutoResponder

Okay, so you’re aware that this software was originally for Now Lifestyle members before being released to the public. With that being said, there are lead capture pages available with the dashboard. The lead capture pages are totally separate from the Send Shark Autoresponder. Lead Capture Pages within the dashboard of Send Shark are strictly for the Now Lifestyle Opportunity.

Lead Capture Pages Within The Back Office Of Send Shark

Send Shark gives you everything, as far as a massive massive mailing list. Plus, there’s no coding or technical skills required. There is also an option of using HTML code if you need to display an opt-in form on your WordPress blog. Plus, you can market, sell, and build your business by generating hot subscribers.

50,000 Subscribers

For $25 per month or $197 yearly, you will get an autoresponder that is cost effective and it will help you build your business.

Send Shark Autoresponder

You’re able to create campaigns for any business, add subscribers and follow up with them. Plus send out broadcast emails. Hence, Joel has created a business in the box for the Now Lifestyle members, now that the Send Shark autoresponder is open to the public, this is an email marketing system that is claiming that they are killing the industry right now, as far as price and the number of subscribers that you are going to get.

You Can Create Squeeze Pages

Send Shark PageBuilder

Your squeeze pages can go to any business opportunity that you are involved with.

Good and Valuable:

  • 50,000 subscribers
  • Pagebuilder
  • Lead Capture System if you choose to promote Now Lifestyle
  • Ability to track forms
  • Ability to send broadcast emails to your list
  • You can search the subscriber’s list
  • Block any subscriber
  • Ad Banners are available
  • Load Images and Video within your emails
  • HTML emails and Text called actions
  • Drag and drop template but not available at this time
  • You can send unlimited emails
  • Add a domain name email
  • Really easy to write an email
  • Earn a 50% commission
  • Import and Export Subscribers
  • Live chat is responsive and fixes issues immediately
  • Page Builders are easy to create

The Good And The Bad

Bad and Ugly:

  • There was an email marketing course that was a bit pricey. Regardless, you can decline the offer.

Who is Send Shark For?

Send Shark is for network marketers that want the option of having many subscribers at a low price. It is also a newbie-friendly system where you can create emails with ease.

Send Shark Tools & Training

There are training videos within the Send Shark dashboard but, 90% of them are about selling the Now Lifestyle products. The training and tools that are provided were impressive. Mainly, you’ll see video training done by Joel explaining how to get started with your business. Send Shark is still a new software to the public, however, it was easy to create a build a page after watching the videos.

There are 4 Steps To Get Started With Your Business

Step 1: Start Here First has 6 videos

Step 2: Mindset has 5 videos

Step 3: Grow Your Business has 10 videos

Step 4: Webinars and Live Training had one video but, it didn’t work at the time.

Send Shark is the only company that I came across that gives you so many promotional tools. They had many banner ads, 4 webinar videos, ad copies, email copy, articles copy, and various landing pages.

Plus, they have different Facebook groups that you can connect with, such as the Private Ladies only group, the private Now Lifestyle group, and of course the CEO Joel Therien fan page. If you research on YouTube, you’ll be able to find many training videos as well. However, the majority of the training videos are about the Now Lifestyle home based business opportunity.

Send Shark Autoresponder Training And Support

Send Shark Support

The support is done by either live chat, submit a support ticket, or you can contact you success coach to help you get your autoresponder up and running. There were also video trainings to help you support you along the way.

At any rate, you’ll have the ability submit a support ticket or join their Facebook private group, and you may get support from there but, when I was in the group, I noticed that there were many members confused.

Another option, for support, is to call Now Lifestyle direct number which is 210-651-4487 or you can send them an email directly to If you live in the San Antonio, Texas area you’re able to meet and greet at the Now Lifestyle office which is located at 6701 Guada Coma Drive, Schertz Texas 78154.

Send Shark Price

Since we are talking about Send Shark autoresponder, at the time I signed up, the pricing was $25.00 per month and or $197.00 per year, which is still available.  I signed up for the year option because I like to save money and prefer to get things out of the way.

After signing up to Send Shark autoresponder, you will be offered an email marketing course that is originally $997.00 but, has been reduced to $497.00 for a one time fee if you choose to go with the course, excellent. If you don’t want to purchase anything else, that is fine too, decline the offer. In other words, you do not have to purchase anything else, if you just prefer the autoresponder.

My Final Opinion of Send Shark

Send Shark autoresponder has worked out for me so far and this is the reason. It would not only save you money, now and in the future. You will also get 50,000 subscribers, I can tell you that Send Shark is an excellent opportunity for those that find use in it.

Do you have any questions regarding Send Shark to be sure to leave your comments below? I would be glad to help you out.

Update as of 02/11/2019 I no longer recommend this service, if you are searching for a stand-alone autoresponder. Find out why, by reading my updated post.

Click here to read the updated post!

Send Shark At A Glance…

Name: Send Shark


Price: $25.00 per month

Owners: Joel Therien


8 thoughts on “Send Shark Autoresponder Review 50,000 Subscribers”

  1. I have been both a member of Sendshark alone and Nowlifestyle I think you have miss read how it all work

    If you signed up for the autoresponder only you get 50k subscribers for £25 a month unless you got in during a promotion you get full access to the page builder,autoresponder with is all you really need for sending email.

    But if you want to you can sign up for nowliftstyle and promote all that too but it is by no means a requirement,
    You do not have to buys any updates or training is you choose not to and you get full access to the autoresponder.

    What can get a bit confusing if that in the back end that have some Nowlifesyle videos and training, just ignore them if you don’t want to promote it, also don’t use the (Lead Capture System) if you dnot want to promote Nowlifestyle as it have a follow up sales sequence for NLS

    Instead all you have to do is click on Product Suite, build a squeeze page with the page builder and set up a campaign with a welcome email and short follow up series and send your traffic to that page and make money

    If you want to promote Shendshark autoresponder only you can ($25/Month is all you will ever have to pay)

    • Hi and thank you for stopping by! I am glad that you stopped by and advised me of the proper information. You’re right I was confused at first when I joined but, after having awesome support from my sponsor and the Now Lifestyle chat team. I am more than excited that I have decided to remain a member.

      At first, I had no idea that Send Shark could be used for any business, so, I have updated the article to let everyone know that the Send Shark Autoresponder is and can be used for any business. After experiencing this myself, becuase, I have used it on other business like Wealthy Affiliate.

      Anyhow, it’s always great to hear from an actual user of the product, so I am really pleased that you have stopped by. I have to agree to, Send Shark is a great deal for only $25.00 per month with 50 thousand subscribers. I don’t know of any other autoresponder that is doing this right now.

      In fact, I looked into Getrepsonse today, and they charge $280 per month for 50k subscribers. Who knows though because GetResponse does offer some awesome features as well.

      Once again, thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!

    • Hi Gilberto,

      How are you?

      When I wrote this Send Shark Review, List Leverage and Send Shark were not linked together.

      I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly. So, I’ll assume you’re wondering where your list is, or how to generate a list of leads. Please correct me if I’m wrong. And I’ll be glad to further assist.

      I guess the question to you would be.

      Have you collected any emails yet? Did you send traffic to your landing page?

      I ask this because, if you don’t even have leads yet. Then you won’t be able to introduce your list to Send Shark. Collecting emails is your first step.

      I’m not a member of List Leverage but, from what I understand, your list should show on your dashboard.

      On the top banner of your dashboard, there should be a tab that says “Leads” have a look there. Your list of leads should appear there.

      I’ll assume you’ve all ready purchased Send Shark, right?

      So, as far as introducing your leads to the email autoresponder (Send Shark). The system is supposed follow-upw ith your list automatically. When your lead joins your email list, they will receive a series of emails automatically. Within those emails, your Send Shark affiliate link should be in them.

      How are you driving traffic? Paid or free? I’ve seen many List Leverage members highly recommend using the traffic source that List Leverage recommend because, their supposed to be high quality. Does this help? If not, let me know and I’ll as much as I can.

      Have an awesome day ahead!

      • Yes i have an account in the sendshark autoresponder but i does not collected any emails yet, like you say. Your response clarify my mind to how to use the system . My little situation is that my language is the spanish and some things are new for me.
        Tks for your help

        • I do understand Gilberto, you’re doing awesome if Spanish is your first language. So, wonderful job there. I would’ve never known. Anyhow, I’m glad to hear that you’re able to understand a little more on how the system works now. I wish you all the best with the program. Have a wonderful day ahead…

  2. I am working around to using my Send Shark account, but meantime, being unaware of pages inside it, I build an opt-in page with Instabuilder. Can it’s exported HTML be used as a Send Shark page?

    • Philip, I’m sorry you are having trouble with Send Shark. Unfornately, I no longer have service with Send Shark and I have never used Instabuilder. So, I’m not able to help out in that area. Maybe you can contact support if you still need further help. Either Send Shark or Instabuilder should be able to assist. I hope you can get this issue resolved.


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