My Morning Mentor

Name: My Morning Mentor


Price: $29.97 per month | $269.64 per year

Owners: Mary Morrissey


My Morning Mentor, Product Overview

My Morning Mentor is e a 3-minute uplifting video message sent to you on a daily basis — no need to leave the house because it will arrive right in your email inbox. The videos are meant to be inspirational, uplifting, and empowering.

Mary Morrissey which is the Dream Builder, life success coach behind this mastermind has spent the last 40 years studying the principles of how universal success works and how it can help you transform your life.

She is the author of many books. Two of them are best-selling books, “Building your field of Dreams and No Less Than Greatness: The Seven Spiritual Principles That Make Real Love Possible.” Mary has also been featured in the following films, “The Moses Code, Beyond the Secret” and several others.

Anyhow, paralysis of Analysis is a to overthink and hold you back from what you know you should be doing. This is where Inspirational Videos come in. Instead of moving forward with your dreams, they are to help an individual from getting stuck.

My Morning Mentor Free Yourself From Fear

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In the video course you’ll receive simple but, highly effective strategies that can help bring you closer to your dreams. They are supposed to help you from drifting back to old habits.

Putting your mind into the channel of success. While helping, you eradicate limiting beliefs, focus on your inspired visions, and moving towards the right direction of a newly inspired life. The life you truly would love to live.

There are many programs out there that promise to help people with success and change their limiting beliefs. They are also quick to inform you how and why you’re not happy with life.

Why you’re not successful or wealthy, and why you have not found love but, do they honestly care? So, let’s dive right into this life coaching program and see if it is worth it.

Good and Valuable:

  • It has a Low cost to get started (less than a dollar a day)
  • A payment plan is available
  • There are program options for everyone from the unemployed to CEO
  • Complimentary 3 video email course that lasts 110 minutes just for entering your name and email address
  • 3- day Complimentary ticket for the Dream Builder Live Event when you sign up for the discounted yearly price. Valued @ $1495.00
  • Mary Morrissey is very soft-spoken, not aggressive, and the information is explained in an easy way to understand, which can be a plus.
  • Information is broken down into daily videos sent to you straight to your email so, that you do not have to leave the house.
  • Daily morning mentoring and life coaching by Mary to help you progress towards the life of your dreams.
  • Encouraging and supportive messages, that can help you make massive sweeping changes in your life through daily micro activities.
  • The daily activities are simple and easy. Most of them are things that will stop little actions that go unnoticed in our daily lives.
  • The best part is the videos can fit into anyone schedule, even if you have the busiest life.
  • 90 days money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you’ll get a full refund immediately no questions asked.
  • Helps you from having limiting thoughts, limiting ideas, dis-empowering thoughts and re-pattern them so that you can be all you can be.


Bad and Ugly:

  • Without preregistering for a year there is no complimentary 3-day live event
  • If you feel like you have no control over your life, this requires discipline to see any kind of results
  • This is not a push button or a miracle, you’ll have to do some work
  • 3-day DreamBuilder Live Event may not be in your area so, you may have to travel
  • There is a possibility of an upsell at the DreamBuilder Live Event, hard to tell.

Who Is This For?

If you have been dreaming of increasing your health and vitality, becoming closer in your love relationships, giving back to organizations that you are passionate about. Alternatively, maybe you even want more time, money, and freedom in your life.

Whether a mentor is needed in life or business. “My Morning Mentor” could be a solution.

My Morning Mentor Ready To Free Yourself From Fear

What Tools Or Training Does My Morning Mentor Offer?

My Morning Mentor will help you stay on track with your life, goals, and visions via a daily email mentoring course. It is a year-long mentoring support program, where you will be asked to perform daily micro activities.

Every morning you are to sit at your computer or smart device and listen to the daily mentoring sessions that will help and support you to get closer to your dreams. Mary Morrissey herself does these mentoring sessions.

Is There My Morning Mentor Support?

The support that Mary Morrissey offers is very supportive, and she does stand behind her beliefs. Plus, she has helped millions of dream builders around the globe, from all walks of life. Confidently move towards creating an experience you’ll love.

When you pre-register for the year-long program, whether you chose the monthly payment option or the yearly subscription, the daily mentoring videos are not the only thing that you will receive. You’ll also receive your 3-day complimentary Dream Builder live event ticket.

At DreamBuilder Live event Mary will guide you through 3 stages of dream building (blueprint, Bridge, and Build) It is a system that is claimed to be proven, reliable and have a repeatable formula, to create a life that you love and enjoy living much faster and easier than you have ever imagined.

My Morning Mentor Out or Pocket Cost Expense

My Morning Mentor is $29.97 per month $269.64 per year; if you register for a year subscription, you’ll also get the 3-day complimentary DreamBuilder Live Event.

My Final Opinion Yay Or Nay

The daily content is sent via email, and it’s very inspiring, plus motivating. It can help you move in the right direction, if and only if you practice what is taught. I recommend Mary Morrissey programs, I have never attended her events but, I do listen to Mary Morrissey, and she is a very motivational speaker. The way she teaches just has you thinking deep within.

My Morning Mentor is a program for anyone who would like to make a change in life. You’ll have a little task to complete, which are going to help you get to where you would want to be.

Mary states that over the course of a year you’re going to be creating tiny shifts and improving your life at very cost-effective, which I agree. It is very cost effective. I like to think of the “My “MorningMentor Program” as a replacement of the DreamBuilder Live Event. Although it can’t replace that event, the My Morning Mentor is just another way to get valuable information from an expert, when you’re not able to attend the Live event.

 My Morning Mentor Three Proven Ways To Overcome Fear

Here is the Value breakdown

You’ll get 1,095 minutes of My Morning Mentoring which is less than a full 24 hours.

That is absolutely a fantastic price to get mentored. I’ve heard of many outlandish pricing when it comes to mentoring.

So, I give My Morning Mentoring a Yay. Plus, it is deeply discounted by one of the world’s foremost experts on dream building. So, in the end, It could be a win, win situation.

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Name: My Morning Mentor


Owners: Mary Morrissey

Price: $29.97 per month | $269.64 per year


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