What is Aspire Digital Altitude? – Read this Before You Join!

What Is Aspire Digital Altitude?


Name: Aspire Digital Altitude

Website: www.digitalaltitude.co

Price: up to $56,988

Owners: Michael Force

Overall Rank: 0

Aspire Digital Altitude Overview

Digital Altitude is a digital educational training platform that claims to teach entrepreneurs how to start, grow and become a profitable online business. Not only would you have access to training and products. There are coaching and live events available too. The platform teaches how to survive in the internet marketing environment.

Most of the courses offered at DA are digital. Meaning you will get access to them online in digital format.

Other courses are offered, which are live events. The live events can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days long, and they are usually not local.

How Do You Get Started?

To get started with this program, you can hop on board for just a $1.00 trial. The $1.00 will last for 14 days. This program is claimed to be like a franchise, kind of like McDonald’s, but in digital form.

It also claims to give you the six steps to earn 6-figures online within a whopping 90 days or less.

Digital Altitude was started by a former U.S. Marine, by the name of Michael Force. Michael built his first multi-million dollar business by the age of 27.

Very impressive, I know! Michael is claiming to offer his entire online business to you with no strings attached. The digital altitude sales systems are called Aspire. With an elite community, all the tools provided, and the ability to work towards making money online.

Let’s dive into this program and see how impressive it gets.

Good and Valuable:

  • 14-day free trial
  • Coaches are provided and they make sure you stay on course while answering your questions as accurately and honestly as they can
  • The coaches will call your potential referrals so that you do not have to
  • The system is already set up, meaning you do not have to build the business from scratch
  • A sales funnel is built for you which does a lot of the selling for you
  • If you don’t like sales, there is a team of experts that will do all the selling for you
  • Through coaching and webinars, it will help you build a positive mindset
  • Opportunity to make a residual monthly income
  • High Ticket commissions
  • Live Chat
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Daily motivational calls
  • Monthly Conference Calls
  • Coaching
  • Traffic packages can be purchased, if you can afford them

 The Good And The Bad

Bad and Ugly:

  • Hidden fees
  • There will be a 2 to 3% processing fee whenever a purchase is made with any product on the digital altitude system
  • Affiliate fee, which is $17.00 a month at the time of this post
  • Can not sell the program without paying the additional affiliate fee, plus pay a monthly membership fee and own the rights of the product you are trying to earn commissions on
  • You can end up spending a lot of money
  • Have to know how to generate leads and traffic or
  • Be ready to purchase traffic if you do not know how to generate leads
  • If you do not own one of the higher education courses you’ll have to pass up your commissions, if one of your referrals fully upgrades
  • You’ll need spendable cash
  • Live events could cost an additional fee, you’ll have to cover travel expense
  • Entire program could cost well over $56,988

Digital Altitude In Action

Once you sign up to the $1.00, the 14-day trial you’ll get assigned a welcome coach. There will be 18 steps to complete. Also, if you ever have any questions, your appointed coach can be reached by Skype or email.

During these steps, you are taught how to promote a product online, which is, in fact, nothing simple, if you do not know. You’ll also be coached and mentored to help you change your mindset.

A lot of inexperienced marketers get intrigued with high ticket commissions because they think promoting products online is something simple. They also like the fact that they will potentially get paid big bucks. Also, of course with Digital Altitude you’ll have the potential of getting paid big bucks.

Who is Digital Altitude For?

Digital Altitude is said to be for any level marketing, beginner to the successful. Truth is this platform is for anyone that is willing to work the system, learn it and handle anything that comes with it. You’ll also have to be financially prepared to invest in this business.

Digital Altitude Tools & Training

The training that’s provided with this platform is you’ll get access to the complete Aspire video training. The training videos will guide you through the process of launching your online business from start to finish. You’ll get daily motivation calls, weekly training webinars from the top earners in Digital Altitude.

Digital Altitude Support

There is one-on-one private coaching, community support via a Facebook group, forums, sponsor support and live chat available. Oh yeah! Also, live events are an option as well.

Digital Altitude Affiliate & Processing Fee

  • $17 monthly affiliate fee
  • Plus 3% admin fee if not paying with check or wire

Digital Altitude Course Pricing

  • Base: Digital Business Mastery Course (free Bonus included with Rise) normally $597
  • Rise: Digital Business Mastery Course $1997
  • Ascend: Digital Business Profit Workshop $9,997
  • Peak: Digital Business Prosper Retreat $16,997
  • Apex: Digital Business Legacy Experience $27,997
  • Grand Total: after you have upgraded to Apex $56,988

Compensation Plan

I mentioned earlier that you had to purchase the rights of reselling the product that you want to make commissions on. Well, this is where buying the resell rights come into effect. There are three levels of monthly membership. So I will discuss them below:

3 Membership Levels

  • Walker: $37 monthly membership fee which starts after the 14-day trial ends. It pays a 4% commission on tier 1 level
  • Hiker: $67 monthly membership fee that pays 50% commission on tier 2
  • Climber: $127 per month membership fee that pays 60% commission on tier 3

Commission Breakdown

I know this is a little confusing so let me break this down a little further. Members that choose to purchase Rise which is the first high priced digital product that you will be introduced to you. It is $1997.00 one-time fee. You’ll also have to be currently paying your monthly membership fee, whether it be walker, hiker, or climber.

As a walker or hiker, you’ll receive an $800 commission after you sale the same product (Rise) to someone else. If you are a climber, you’ll earn a bigger commission of $900.

What If Your Referral Sales To Someone?

In the commission breakdown, you learned how you would generate a commission if you sold a Rise to someone else. If that same person or any of your other referrals sold Rise to someone else, you’d receive a $200 commission from their sale only If you are a hiker or a climber member. Hiker and climber receive what is called a tier 2 commission.

If you are a Climber, you can also receive an additional commission of $100, if that same referral sold Rise to someone else, this is a tier 3 commission.

If you don’t understand the commission compensation plan, you’ll understand everything if you decided to proceed with this business education platform.

My Final Opinion Of Aspire Digital Altitude

My final opinion on digital altitude is I’m not saying it’s a bad program but, if you do not have much money to start an online business, this program may not be for you. This program has many fees, plus upsells that you will have to be ready for financially.

Keep in mind that you’ll still have to get eyeballs on your offer. What does getting eyeballs on your offer mean? This means you will have to generate traffic by either paying for traffic or learning SEO. When you create traffic people have to be able to lay eyes on what you are offering them. So, the question is, are you ready to invest in yourself at this level?

To get the results that you want you’ll have to have the funds to invest, without the funds to spend you may not get the results that you expect.

Digital Altitude is a legit online business. It does take a lot of investment or capital. There is no promise or guarantee that you will make money with this program or any program online. If you are not ready to risk it all. I don’t recommend this product to people who are not prepared to spend serious cash. My best recommendation for working at home where you can get started for free. If you are serious about starting an at home business.

This Could Work If You Have Capital

If you have the capital to spend, then this program could work for you. You’ll have to make that decision for yourself.

One more thing that you should know before starting an online business. You’ll always have to invest in yourself and business. Of course, any company that you start online will still be a risk. If you are not ready to spend and make it work at this level. I would not risk all your saved money into any business whether online or offline.

Here is my recommendation If you want to attempt Digital Altitude and you have little to no money. Save as much money as you can, before you start. That way you will have the potential of seeing a return on investment. Proceed with caution, and you’ve been warned!

Digital Altitude at a Glance…

Name: Aspire Digital Altitude

Website: www.digitalaltitude.co

Owners: Michael Force

Price: up to $56,988

Overall Rank: 0


Okay well, that is all from me folks! That was a long post. Thank you for stopping by, If you have any comments or questions please leave them below. I would love to hear from you! ?

11 thoughts on “What is Aspire Digital Altitude? – Read this Before You Join!”

  1. hi
    that is an interesting post. I agree with you that you need to invest if you have to do the online business. investing is not always money but time as well
    well has done

    • Hi Kwacha, You are absolutely correct. And, I am glad you mentioned it, investing does not always consist of money. It can consist of time as well. Time is valuable so, we have to use it wisely. Thank you for stopping by!?

  2. I love this review. It is very comprehensive and in my opinion everything you said here is correct. I have looked at Digital Altitude on more than one occasion in my earlier quest to find a home based business.

    What I liked about it was its sales funnel and also the fact that the owner is a veteran, as I am a veteran myself.

    But, this business in my opinion is not for a newbie that has no understanding of what it takes to run a business. I say that because there are many upsells and it is not cheap to be a part of this business, which also can make it a hard to sell opportunity.

    I also believe it is a legit business but there are definitely better opportunities out there, especially for a new home business owner.

    • Thank you very much! I have to agree, I was impressed with the owner being a veteran as well. And, thank you, Nate for your service.

      Agreed! Nate, the reason I gave Digital Altitude a lower rating was because of the fact that it was not for a newbie that has no capital to invest. Or have no means of acquiring the capital.

      Indeed! It is a legit business, it just may not be for everyone. And, yes there are many other opportunities out there to get started as a newcomer to the online world. Thank you for stopping by! ?

  3. I have spent many hours doing just that & with each one turned out like this one right here. I almost gave up because if I had all that money to invest, I would not be searching for a work from home position. With every one I tried, I was left with $$$ out of pocket, many hours lost & absolutely not the kind of help they said they offer. I always walked away disappointed!
    I went through this very same thing myself so this definitely interested me & held my attention.
    This is a very good niche because people should know what the cost will be before they get hours into training & videos. Our time is precious & these people are not helping you to succeed but instead taking all your hard earned money with no guarantee of success of any kind of profit!

    Very Interesting

    • Hi HollyBird!, thank you for stopping by and reading my post. Yes, my intentions are to help my readers understand the programs they are signing up with. It is something that I wish I would have had before, I signed up with certain programs.

      I personally chose to disclose this information because, I did the same thing as you mentioned.Signed up and tried many programs and they left me out of money as well, with no information to succeed as a newbie online. I am glad that I did finally find something else that was not marketing hype! Thank you, once again for stopping by…Have an awesome day!?

  4. This looked like a great product at the start, but then when I started seeing the high price tags and fees you needed to pay, I backed off intensively. I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to start an online business, so thanks for pointing that out! I saw you had a review on Wealthy Affiliate. Is this more recommended for newbies?

    • Hi Brandon, you’re welcome, I am glad that you found the post helpful. It did look like an awesome product.
      I agree, the fees did start piling up and I thought it was bit much for anyone who is trying to start an online business.

      Great question! Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is highly recommended for newbies. Matter, of fact it is my #1 recommendation, whether your a newcomer, or struggling with your online adventures.
      I have tried many programs some cost little money, while others cost a lot. And, none of them came close to Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you, for stopping by! ?

  5. Hey Kisha, that is a nice, matter of fact review. However, the price tag of this program is very high and people who are looking out for an online business opportunity are usually those who do not have such deep pockets. Only if you are well established with constant income, you can look at this to further increment your income.
    Maybe, some time in future, this my look lucrative. 🙂

    • I absolutely agree Deepika. This program is suggested for a more established person, that has the financial means. Then and only then, can I see it being beneficial but, of course everyone is entitled to their own personal decision. Thanks for stopping by! ?

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