My Lead System Pro Review

Welcome to My Lead System Pro Review….

Full disclosure I am an actual member of this community, so keep reading if you would like to learn if this community is for you or not.

If you’re not familiar with my lead system pro, after running strong for 15 years, they’ve recently rebranded to “Digital Mentor.” In other words, Digital Mentor and My Lead System Pro are the same online business.

What is My Lead System Pro?

My Lead System Pro is an all-in-one solution for the attraction marketing community, – full of ambitious network marketers. The reason for their rebrand is simply because, they have served well over 150,000 customers, which resulted in helping to develop some of the biggest leaders that you and I see online today.

As a result, they have proven over the last 15 years that their software works, well enough to serve an even larger marketplace, with the hopes of helping more business owners and course creators.

If you were to join this community, you would have a ton of training, especially, if you’re interested in attraction marketing, course creation, and they do offer a My Lead System Pro Affiliate program

Who Created My Lead System Pro?

The training is not only offered by the CEO, Brian Fanale, and his brother, James Fanale; they are also the creators..

Does My Lead System Pro Work?

Of course, I’m sure it does work!

For one, they are still in business. Secondly, many of the community members are receiving results. And three, they teach lead generation, so once you learn to attract leads to your home business, I’m sure that you’ll see the value of MLSP.

Honestly, I haven’t been a member myself long enough to give you my personal results. However, that does not ever determine anyone else’s results. And I specifically joined the MLSP program because I like the idea that their capture page or lead generation system which was more affordable then Click Funnels, which I wanted to try out.

Who Is My Lead System Pro For?

Either way, the people in the community come from all walks of life. You have people from being stay at home moms, MLM business owners, and even a real estate agents.

As a new member you could attend a webinar called “New Member Orientation”, which I am yet to attend.

Therefore, at the time of this article, I have no clue how the new members orientation works. Once I do attend, I’ll be sure to update you. But, obviously no one knows that I’ve even joined because, not one member has reached out.

After a month of being a member myself, I’ve realized that most members in the community enjoy participating in some sort of multi-level-marketing company. So, if you are the type of person who likes MLMs opportunities, then this is definitely the community for you.

In addition to people who enjoy MLM’s businesses, I’ve seen many course creators join because, MLSP does have a pretty cool way for you to create your own course and gives you the option to recruit your own affiliates for any of the courses you create.

… Of course that comes with one of the highest level memberships.

Who Is My Lead System Pro Not For?

The bottom line here is, they offer a ton of internet marketing training, to teach people how to make money online. If you were to ask me if I think it’s for beginners, honestly, I don’t think so! And there are several reasons for that.

If I were to put myself in a beginner shoes, and I had absolutely no idea how the internet works, I don’t recommend you starting with this program.

For example, in the “Get Started” section where all new members are supposed to start, the training starts off with teaching you how to clean up your Facebook profile and start promoting your business opportunity.

However, if you do not have a business opportunity then they recommend to set up a “Done For You Funnel”, which is basically a funnel that is all ready put together with a lead magnet teaching people 5 ways that they can start making money from home.

So, say you take that done for you funnel and start reeling the leads in. Which can work if you get out there on social media – as in making videos and just showing your face and lifestyle everywhere.

Hence, this is why they call it Attraction Marketing…You are attracting people to you by showing face, lifestyle, and anything you can think of to get people know, like, and trust you.

For example, if you were interested in Apartment Locating, many of those people have to market themselves to the public, because, it is a public business.

Nevertheless, I’ve seen many members reel leads in and then, they don’t know what to do with them after they have gotten into the community.

….Which is absolutely fine because, again we’re talking about a beginner here.

One of the negatives I see with allowing a beginner to stand on his own two legs, instead of a community helping make the new comers feel welcomed is this can cause procrastination, paralysis and or confusion, which makes people quit and never think about doing that again.

So, it tells me if you are brand new to online marketing and don’t know how to navigate yourself through challenging situations you may not want to start with this program. Also, if you prefer  not to participate in attraction marketing at the moment, this is definitely not the place for you.

Another point, I’d like to add and which is tremendously annoying to me as a member. Every time I log into the system, to see if I can learn anything new within this training, I am constantly sold too. I kid you not!

Many of the members in this community have created their own courses in addition to the initial training, which is understandable but, what is not understandable, is those same course creators will come back within the community and sell to you the moment you join.

Therefore, as a beginner or someone who has struggled to make money online, distractions is the last thing that you need.

What Type Of Training Does My Lead System Pro Actually Have?

Again, there’s tons of training. So much training that there’s no way I can actually list it off. But, I’ll give a snippet of what I think might be the most important to know.

  • Social Media Marketing for all platforms including Pinterest.
  • Closing the sale marketing
  • Zero rejection training
  • Email Marketing Training
  • Facebook Ads (basic training)
  • Weekly webinar training
  • Vision Meditation Mindset Training
  • Copywriting Training

In addition to that MLSP has a full schedule in store for you so that you never feel left out.

  • On Mondays – is their new member orientation @ 8pm Est
  • On Tuesdays – is their Marketing & Funnel Mastery @4pm Est
  • On Wednesdays – is their Weekly Marketing Webinar @8pm Est
  • On Thursdays – is their Social Media Marketing @6pm Est
  • On Fridays – is their Affiliate Happy Hour @6pm Est
  • And every morning is their Daily Morning Calls @11am Est

I don’t get to make these calls or webinars too often.

At best I’ve attended one because, for one they are challenging to find, and for two I usually forget that MLSP even offers a daily morning call or webinars.

Thirdly, Facebook is a huge distraction to me so, I try to avoid that place like the plague. But, when I do get the chance to attend, they are pretty cool and motivating to hear.

What I Like About MLSP

I’m not saying MLSP is totally bad – there are some things that I like about the program.

  • The back office is sleek and pretty cute.
  • The self done funnels along with the done for you funnels are really easy to create.
  • There is a lot of training if you like to market on social media and are struggling to make it work.
  • I do like the fact that there is live training daily, and you get to hear from different creators.
  • Also, I guess $49 per month isn’t half bad compared to what you would pay for some other courses.
  • Another positive is MLSP teaches email marketing, which I am learning after a few years online that email marketing is probably one of the best options for you to maintain in addition to a website.

What I Don’t Like

There is only a few things that I find wrong with this program.

  • It has way too many up sales, which causes a huge distraction to me. Not to mention the upgrades, can get a bit expensive.
  • The community interaction seems to be all over the place. You definitely have to be able to swim within this community or your may sink…
  • And lot of the support, trainings, and webinars is on Facebook, which is kind of confusing to me knowing they’ve been in business for well over 15 years. Most big companies like this take their community off of social media, but – I guess because, its attraction marketing everything is done in the right place.

Does My Lead System Pro Offer Community Support?

MLSP offers a community with Facebook support. If you don’t get support from the Facebook community no worries, there is support within your MLSP back office, you chose either the live support or the contact us page.

By the way the live support is offered Monday through Friday during certain business hours. And the contact us, is a page located on their website.

You’ll fill out a form and wait for someone to get back to you. So, if you need support immediately hang in there, someone will be with you as soon as they can.

My Lead System Pro Cost

There are 4 membership tiers.

  1. Starter Level $49.00 per month this is the level I am on…
  2. Professional Level $119 per month which is supposed to be the most popular level
  3. Premium Level $179 per month
  4. Enterprise Annual Membership you’ll need to contact sales for pricing

Is My lead System Pro A Scam?

No, My Lead System is legit. I mean recently they did go through a re-branding so they changed their name from MLSP to Digital Mentor, I was on their webinar the night that Mr. Fanale and the team said their final farewells to 15 year long strong and successful years.

Do They Offer Free Training?

I know a lot of readers ask me about the free trials or the try before you buy type deal. Well, those are far and in between. What you must understand is a course creator puts a ton of behind the scene work into their products.

So, not too many people will give you access to a program that has something of what they call value for free. However, on the other hand, once you join there are free trainings, in the form of a webinar that will most likely end up selling a new product to you. So be careful and don’t get sidetracked.

My Lead System Pro Alternatives

The only alternative I can think of if you are wanting a capture page system is Click Funnels, Lead pages, Groove Funnels, or any others.

However, if you are interested in attraction marketing, I do not know of any other company at the moment that solely focuses on attraction marketing in the way they do.

So far, they are the only ones that come to mind.

However, if you have patience, and are willing to give yourself time to learn with consistency, you might want to check out this community. It’s a community where we learn how affiliate marketing works.

The majority of the people in our community has previously struggled online. Want to learn how to make money online? Or has been scammed by other make money online opportunities. Blogging isn’t for everyone. So, I’d recommend you at least try out this 7-day free trial—no credit card needed!

Conclusion: My Lead System Pro

After going through this review, I hope you have a better understanding on how this system works. As a member myself, at this time I don’t feel comfortable sharing this opportunity to others due to the overkill in up sales.

Its a huge distraction for even me. I  know from personal experience that the shiny object syndrome is a real thing and can get you way off track, which causes many of us delayed success.

What do you think about MLSP PRO now Digital Mentors? How do you like the community? I’m still learning so it would be great to hear from you…

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