7 Ways To Spot A Scam Online

Over time the art of scamming online has evolved into many types of different scams. In fact, scammers have become more and more sophisticated in the way they present themselves. In case, someone ever contacts you unexpectedly via email, your cellphone or home phone, through e-mail, social media, or on a website. Always assume that …

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Thejobpaid.com| Is It A Legit?

Name: thejobpaid.com Website: thejobpaid.com Price: Free Thejobpaid.com Overview If you have never been scammed online. You definitely don’t want to start with this program. Thejobpaid.com is not for you if you are trying to avoid scams because that’s what it is. A scam. Recently, I reviewed a system similar to this. In fact, they both …

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Thejobpayment.com | Stay Far Away From This

Have you come across thejobpayment.com program? Are you wondering if you should sign up and try it out? Today, I was asked on Quora.com. If this system was a scam. In fact, I received a Quora violation for telling the member the pure truth. Regardless, I will give you an in-depth review on why you …

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Did FTC Halt And Shutdown Digital Altitude?

Did FTC Halt and Shutdown Digital Altitude?

Last I heard this system has been shut down.  Word on the internet is that FTC has sued and halted Digital Altitude business coaching scheme. Although I have heard both great and bad things about the Digital Altitude program,  I really can’t believe that this has happened. With that being said, I’ve heard that their …

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